Friday, 2019-01-04

khemno order is then needed00:00
derRichardin my setup i need (ok, i want) IMAGE_FSTYPES in the image bb file00:00
derRichardkhem: are you sure CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL is good? just checked why i'm using IMAGE_INSTALL.00:02
derRicharddocs say: You should only set this variable in the local.conf configuration file found in the Build Directory.00:02
khemderRichard: yes it is. if you wan to keep using IMAGE_INSTALL you can just use IMAGE_INSTALL += ".." or IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " .."00:12
derRichardkhem: well, i do already IMAGE_INSTALL +=, but i need to do it _after_ the require line :(00:13
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khemuse _append03:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Failed do_rootfs for agl-demo-platform <>04:45
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ds2is there a recent image (or build point) for the later Sharp Zaurus like the C-3200?04:57
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khemand there is
khembut dont know if it builds may be it does05:58
khemall you need is to add meta-handheld to your bblayers.conf05:58
ds2hmm last date is 201306:00
ds2not a quick 2hr fun time06:00
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ak77anyone uses dbus-broker ?09:29
derRichardisn't this super bleeding edge?09:30
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ak77derRichard: that's why i'm asking :)10:05
derRichardak77: i'd ask bus1 folks. i don't know what the current state is.10:07
derRichardAFAIK they are on irc10:07
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kanavinRP: is again ready for AB after another round of fixing :)10:43
kanavinrburton: ^10:43
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rburtonthanks kanavin11:25
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rburtonkanavin: why the need to remove perl-native from RDEPENDS for native builds when there is a perl-native (bbclassextended, but it still exists)12:01
rburtonkanavin: quick build fired on the ab12:02
rburtonRP: fixed the epoxy thing by picking a meson patch from git12:08
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T_UNIXrburton: implies a dependency on gcc, g++, etc. via the `meson.cross` yet does not RDEPEND on it. I that correct?12:20
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T_UNIXit would actually imply a native+cross dependency. Meson needs both to do cross compilation.12:21
T_UNIXeither that or there should be like a set of meson classes to inherit from meson-{bare,c,cpp,java,d,...} to automatically add the correct compilers to the sdk?12:24
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T_UNIXor maybe each recipe that does `inherit meson` should explicitly depend on its compiler too so that the build system can infer the correct compiler tuple for the sdk?12:39
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Asa_hi all13:01
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Guest28452can anybody tell me what happened to scripts/contrib/ I'm following the quickstart tutorial and i can't flash my minnowboard13:03
rburtonwic has an efi command to do that13:06
rburtoniirc, if you build a wic image then you'll get something you can just dd13:06
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Guest28452thanks @rburton13:23
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Guest82498I tried wic, but it gave me the following error "ERROR: ("The artifact that couldn't be found was %s:\n  %s", 'rootfs-dir', '/home/holoplot/asalle/poky/build/tmp/work/intel_corei7_64-poky-linux/core-image-sato/1.0-r0/rootfs')"14:30
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derRichardwhich approach do you guys suggest to override a function in meta/classes/image-live.bbclass? i'd like to change do_bootimg()15:11
rburtonwrite a new class that provides the new implementation15:12
rburtonor better, send the patch15:12
derRichardrburton: well, when i create a new class which inherits image-live.bbclass, image.bbclass will still inherit the original image-live.bbclass15:13
rburtonbut if your image inherits your class atfter image.bbclass, it will override the function15:14
derRichardok, i think too much in c++/java i fear. bitbake "inherit" is different15:15
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kanavinrburton, any chance you could run perl-sanity branch on the AB?15:23
rburtonkanavin: already fired, nearly done15:24
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kanavincan I see?15:24
rburtonkanavin: i think the "perl-native doesn't exist' path can be dropped15:24
rburtonthe intltool change is still needed, but i'm not sure we want to get rid of the nativeperl wrapper15:25
rburtonah target perl failed on my other machine, lets get the log off that15:25
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kanavinrburton, not bad, there is one multilib failure (not a difficult one, conflicting -doc packages), and then one oe-selftest failed because it couldn't start qemu (unrelated to perl I guess?)15:30
rburtonmost likely15:30
thchi, i get following warning:  WARNING: networkmanager-1.14.4-r0 do_configure: QA Issue: networkmanager: invalid PACKAGECONFIG: bluez5glib [invalid-packageconfig] when building an image for my target, i think i spotted the problem had have a valid patch. It is for recipes-connectivity/networkmanager/networkmanager_%.bbappend in the meta-gnome layer. Where should i send my patch?15:32
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kergothread the readme in the layer15:34
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derRichardrburton: works, thanks lot for the point!15:37
thcthanks and sorry missed it15:37
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rburtonkanavin: perl-sanity fails on my other machine with 'Can't locate in @INC' when building perl itself15:46
rburtonthis is an old ubuntu though, should get it upgraded15:47
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kanavinrburton: hm, I haven't seen that :( and neither has the AB15:54
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rburtonkanavin: nativeperl is useful because it lets you run the perl we built without needing to inherit perlnative.  why remove it?15:56
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kanavinrburton: complexity reduction15:59
rburtonneeds to be spelt out clearly that perl-native has different behaviour then16:00
rburtonalso different behaviour to py-native16:00
rburtonthere's an argument that perl/nativeperl is redundant with RSS, but that's orthogonal to the perl upgrade.  i'd prefer it the perl upgrade kept nativeperl, and perl in a subdir, then the native* debate can happen16:02
kanavinrburton: I basically wrote the perl recipe from scratch, adding pieces where necessary. Where the choice was between making the perl recipe more complex, and fixing other recipes, I chose fixing the other recipes (particularly not having perl-native as a separate recipe required some work).16:04
kanavinso it was not some evil plan :)16:04
rburtonhaving a single recipe is definitely good, the split in py hurts as we keep patching one but not the other16:05
rburtonbut just mving bindir/perl to bindir/perl-native/perl for class-native isn't hard16:05
kanavinbut what happens if some scripts want perl?16:06
rburtonthe point is that the move to perl-sanity shouldn't change behaviour16:08
rburtonremoving nativeperl wrapper, the bindir/perl-native folder, etc, can happen as a separate debate16:09
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rburtonkanavin: local testing says you can drop the RDEPENDS_class-native = "" chunks from the recipes patch, and just rename it to intltool: don't use nativeperl16:15
kanavinright, I can bring those back16:17
kanavinand then drop that as intltool would use nativeperl again? :)16:21
rburtonyeah :)16:22
rburtonhad a look at what still needs intltool, annoyingly quite a few recipes left16:22
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halsteadRP, rburton, armpit, AB updates and reboots complete.17:25
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Piratydoes anybody know off your head which kernel version the xilinx-linx releases are based on?17:55
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khemPiraty: look into meta-xilinx it seem 4.14 see
Piratygood hint, thanks18:45
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Croftonkhem, ++20:05
* Crofton curses XIlinx20:05
dkcis there a way to enable systemd "@.service" in yocto? For instance I would like to enable wpa-supplicant@wlan0.service20:09
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PiratyCrofton: :D yeah20:12
Piratydkc: ship the symlink along :D20:13
Piratywhy not. systemd is broken by design, why not play according to that philosophy?20:16
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dkctroll asides, Yocto has a way to enable systemd services so it would be nice to be able to cover all use cases20:19
dkcit actually works, not making typo would help me to not ask stupid questions20:25
Croftonwe need the fix-typo.bbclass that would greatly improve usability20:35
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khemdkc: usually u create needed symlink via a bbappend21:02
khemCrofton: do we need cross compilation frameworks anymore :)21:03
khemkergoth: ^21:04
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dkcfor some reasons it works to have SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = "wpa_supplicant@wlan0.service" but it creates wpa_supplicant@%i.service21:04
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khemyeah %i should be replaced with interface name21:05
kergothkhem: heh, same sort of thing scratchbox was doing yeras ago no?21:06
khemyes indeed, but I think qemu-usermode is interesting here21:06
khemthis is going to be near native performance21:06
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dkcit's weird, it's really systemctl that substitutes wlan0 for %i21:13
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dkcoh wait, of course systemctl is a custom Yocto shell script and not the tool21:16
khemright remember we are doing offline presets21:18
khemso its a cross tool21:19
dkcokay, the cross tool is confused by these lines:21:25
dkcwhat do you think? Should we try to make systemd-systemctl handle these cases? Or forget it and let people symlink?21:29
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kroonIs 'runqemu' supposed to work automatically when using INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE=1 ? It is complaining about failing to find rootfs.21:49
khemkroon: no, you have to call it with kernel parameter alone21:52
derRichardwhy is image-live.bbclass using grub-efi for efi and syslinux for pcbios? syslinux supports efi too21:55
kroonkhem, ok21:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Project Bitbake Unexpected Termination <>23:19
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