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jae1Hi, Im seeing an issue with using esdk when built with autorev. I do see a bug that was filed in 2017 (, but we were not seeing this issue before moving to thud release.  The specific issue I am seeing is : fatal unable to acccess https://github repo :   error setting certificate verify locations.    If i rebuild esdk with pinned commit ids and reinstall esdk it works. any ideas here00:09
yoctiBug 11350: enhancement, Medium+, 2.99, paul.eggleton, NEW , eSDK should handle SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"00:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Failed when build qtwayland in Yocto <>03:50
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5: Error do_populate_sdk <>05:20
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kroonIs "" to be used with oe-core master ?09:03
kroon'Cause I get no sstate cache hits it seems09:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Failed to build yocto on ubuntu 18.04 <>10:21
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* kroon thinks it would be nice to have checksums of binaries in buildhistory when using reproducible_build.bbclass14:33
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RPkroon: that is an interesting idea16:04
kroonRP, I think it would make sense.. I'm a little surprised, is there an easier way of detecting indeterminism in the builds that I'm missing ?16:20
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kroons/indeterminism/binary changes16:27
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RPkroon: sadly the development of the reproducible stalled a lot when resources were pulled out the project :(17:16
RPkroon: we will move it forward but there are other priorities first (QA testing is the big one)17:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Flashing Beaglebone with a custom image problem <>17:22
kroonRP, ok17:28
kroonI'll see if I can do something to send in as an RFC at least17:32
* kroon heads out17:32
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derRicharda go project i'd like to build in yocto depends on, how do i set this as dependency?19:41
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khemRP: runit needs
khemRP: its not in master-next yet20:47
khemwould be great to see what you think about it20:47
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derRichardmeta/classes/go.bbclass is from *hell* :-(22:19
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robbawebbaderRichard: yeah it's not the easiest when you have external dependencies23:49
robbawebbaI think there is go dep support somewhere, but I've found a workaround where the number of dependencies are very few23:50
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Task 415 (virtual:native:/home/user/Yocto/Poky/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/automake/, do_compile) failed with exit code '1' <>23:53
robbawebbaderRichard: Say I have a package called helloworld at, and it depends on, Our goal is to make sure both of these packages are accessible from the GOPATH. This would normally be done with the go get command, but we're using bitbake to fetch the resources, so we need to use SRC_URI for all required packages instead:23:58
robbawebbaSRC_URI = "\23:58
robbawebba git://${PKG_gabs}.git;protocol=git;name=gabs;destsuffix=git/src/${PKG_gabs} \23:58
robbawebba git://${PKG_hello}.git;protocol=git;name=hello;destsuffix=git/src/${PKG_hello} \23:58
robbawebbaSRCREV_gabs = "7a0fed31069aba77993a518cc2f37b28ee7aa883"23:59
robbawebbaSRCREV_hello = "1150008e9f27c484b9ff7fd1ff0d41cab1adfecb"23:59
robbawebbainherit go23:59
robbawebbaS = "${WORKDIR}/git"23:59
robbawebbaGO_IMPORT = "${PKG_hello}"23:59
robbawebbaGO_LINKSHARED = ""23:59
neverpanicrobbawebba: don't paste directly, use a pastebin service23:59
robbawebbaneverpanic: ahh sorry about that!23:59

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