Friday, 2019-01-11

eboltonrburton: lol, they work fine....but the whole point of what I'm working on is trying out ESDK, I guess they first showed up in krogoth so maybe not so much?00:00
halsteadmoto-timo, I meant when you open the link and look at the index. Are files there the only ones needed to save for YP in a drop?00:00
rburtonebolton: pretty much.  the flexibility is nice but they're a bit more fragile, especially in krogoth00:00
eboltonrburton: will do00:01
rburtonRP: fyi, mut was mostly green on the ab00:17
* armpit ab's of steel00:32
moto-timohalstead: oh duh. yes.01:02
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CoLa|workis there a way to deploy the full list of installed packages and their versions into the image (similar to image-buildinfo which seems to only do that for the layers)?07:25
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LetoThe2ndCoLa|work: i'm not aware of any readymade solution, but you can always crate a custom class that basically is image-buildinfo and adds the bits and pieces that you want07:43
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kroonJPEW, with the two package.bbclass patches applied that I sent to ml, I can do "bitbake busybox" from scratch with no changes in depsig.*09:41
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RPrburton: when you say mostly green, ok to merge? :)10:32
RPrburton: eclipse glitched10:32
rburtonyes, damned eclipse10:33
RPrburton: automate patch needs signoff and description10:34
* LetoThe2nd offers some eclipsing for you to cheer up:
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RPrburton: merged some of it, have questions on the rest10:39
rburtonoh just noticed i left the netbase one in there that i hadn't totally reviewed yet!10:40
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rburtonRP: yeah sorry, failed to prune sufficiently10:41
rburtonso we have lots of tasks that set +do_patch[umask] = "022"10:41
rburtonwhy not just do that on startup?10:41
RPrburton: we should probably add something which allows that to be configured10:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: IP Tables for Yocto Krogoth <>11:18
Isaac_If i wish to bake nodejs lighttpd and lftp into my bild does this all come under EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES?11:18
Isaac_Or do i use the IMAGE_INSTALL_append?11:19
LetoThe2ndIsaac_: usually one creates a new image recipe and adds it to IMAGE_INSTALL11:19
Isaac_IMAGE_INSTALL ?= "nodejs lighttpd lftp"11:22
Isaac_LetoThe2nd: Like so?11:22
LetoThe2ndIMAGES_ISNTALL += "nodejs lighttpd lftp"11:22
Isaac_LetoThe2nd: Ok i will try this.11:23
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rburtonkhem: thanks for the binutils patches11:45
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kanavinrburton: do you know if Martin Jansa is here?12:23
rburtonkanavin: he goes by JaMa12:26
kanavinrburton: basically I ran out of ideas about how to make qemu+virgl work12:39
yoctiBug 12938: enhancement, Medium+, 2.7 M2, Martin.Jansa, NEW , virglrenderer+spice support in qemu-native with accelerated GL12:39
kanavinwhat's especially annoying is that it does work for plenty of people, so it's probably some kind of user error12:40
rburtonwasn't it JPEW who also had it working?12:41
kanavinI don't really remember if it was12:41
kanavinat this point I would just try with a host qemu, but surprise, Ubuntu ships it with virgl disabled12:42
rburtonarmpit: did you get anywhere with nfs-ganesha?  I've a few patches to upstream but their contribution process makes me cry (gerrithub!) if you've got that setup, i'll throw you the patches :)12:45
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interruptguyI'm beginner in python and I would like to know if there is a way to debug step by step the bitbake server13:27
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JPEWrburton, kanavin: Yes, I have qemu+virgl working, but I use host qemu not the one from oe-core13:59
kanavinJPEW: right - I found what was the issue with qemu-gtk (seemingly random lockups)14:00
kanavinwe might yet get this into oe-core proper :)14:00
kanavinhost qemu is not really an option, as for example Ubuntu does not support virgl in qemu14:00
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RPkanavin: You probably noticed I merged perl. We'll see what that brings! :)14:11
kanavinRP: I sent patches for meta-oe that fix at least some of the damage :)14:11
kanavinbut basically yes, I'm (in)famous for such changes ;)14:11
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JPEWRP: Seen any strange bitbake crashes/hangs on the autobuilder? I think I have some proof that we need the fork handlers for persist_data :(14:12
RPkanavin: it brings us up to date which is good in many different ways14:12
RPJPEW: not really, no14:12
kanavinRP: I will also try to work on python, time permitting14:13
kanavinwith that in place, we should be again mostly updated14:13
RPJPEW: I really don't want to go there :(14:13
RPkanavin: yes, that is the next biggest piece, then we're looking pretty good14:13
RPJPEW: too many pieces to go wrong :(14:14
JPEWRP: Ya, I get it. Using sqlite as an IPC mechanism isn't as straight forward as I was hoping14:14
JPEWProbably means that persist_data needs to be compeltely redone to do something else.... what that is I don't know14:15
RPJPEW: agreed14:15
RPJPEW: probably more like PR server with a RPC call?14:16
RPsingle server started by cooker and connected to by the workers?14:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to include correct libssl version into yocto-build to run .net-core application? <>14:19
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JPEWRP: Ya. I'm a little worried about the I/O throughput, but probably best to start with the simplest implementation and run tests to see if it will suffice14:24
RPJPEW: we do occasionally still see PR server timeouts :(14:24
JPEWpersist_data is read mostly, so I think some sort of intelligent local caching would work (e.g. the server tracks what keys each client has "checked out" and tells them when they change, otherwise the client keeps using the local cache)14:25
RPJPEW: for the hash equivalence case there can certainly be optimisation as they don't change14:26
JPEWRP: Yet :)14:26
RPJPEW: hmm :)14:28
JPEWI though that was the end use case; trivially change a recipe and none of the downstream tasks have to re-run. AFAIK, doing that in a single invocation of bitbake will almost *have* to change the hash for running tasks.14:29
JPEWErr, change the unihash14:29
JPEWUnless you get lucky and someone made that *exact* same change to the recipe and reported it to the hash server14:30
RPJPEW: once a given worker has requested a hash, its not going to change in the lifetime of that worker's task execution14:30
JPEWYes, thats correct14:30
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JPEWI suppose if the persist_data server lived in the same process that manages the runqueue (bbserver?) it could access the persist_data directly to get the up-to-date hashes14:32
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JPEWAlthough, at that point I don't really see a lot of use in continuing to lump it in with persist_data; it should probably be it's own thing?14:33
RPJPEW: it may be worth making it its own thing14:33
RPJPEW: persistdata is horrible14:33
JPEWAgreed.... maybe we can just kill it14:34
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JPEWMight there be an easier alternative to BB_URI_HEADREVS?14:34
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RPJPEW: that code does need some store of data :/14:35
RPits all fairly simple and could be made PR server like14:36
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nxpHi! Anybody here having yocto linux on an imx8 board?15:18
kergothmeta-freescape supports imx8, should look at that layer and its maintainers15:18
nxpthanx a lot!15:21
nxpcoming back from #meta-freescape. There is no such chat on IRQ here.15:22
nxpI mean IRC15:22
kergothmeta-freescape is a layer, not an irc channel15:23
nxpuhm I was looking for someone I can ask a fast question about an NXP eval board with an i.MX8 running yocto linux15:24
fraytry NXP15:24
fray(I'm not trying to be a troll, but it's hard for most of us to comment about specific eval boards.. the semi vendor is much more suited to answering those types of questions.)15:26
nxpOK, yes. I just had a little hope to find another user of it maybe here in the chats. It's faster than email or forums.15:26
nxpThanks anyway to all15:27
paul_99Hi, i'm totally confused what yocto is for15:27
paul_99its basically a build system for embedded linux right ?15:27
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paul_99rather then a speific kernel ,its for putting together a choice of kernel root fs drivers etc in an easier way ?15:28
frayYocto Project is for building an embedded Linux operating system that meets your projects specific needs.  It is highly configurable, customizable and extendable.15:28
frayit's not just a kernel, it includes cross compiled toolchain, and user space applications (all compiled from source) meaning it's YOUR configuration that is used.. not some random configuration from someone else15:28
frayif all you want is a kernel, there are other options that are easier to get started.  However, if you are trying to build a project (hobby or commercial), the Yocto Project gives you all of the tools you will need15:29
paul_99yea ok, but in terms of porting linux to a custom board, the configuration of u boot and kernel is abstracted and done through Yocto ?15:29
paul_99with its build scripts15:29
frayuboot is often considered to be above the operating system.  Depending on your configuration, you may need to use the cross compilers and build it separately15:30
nxppaul_99: yes, it compiles everything from the sources the scripts find on internet GIT servers, even the toolchain for development. So you will get a consistent system that you can even reconstruct in 10 years when you may need to rebuild old firmware versions again for e.g. bugfixing support15:30
fraythe kernel is usually patches, configured and built as part of the Yocto Project builds.  However, this can also be avoided if you really don't want that..  but doing it in a unified method makes it easier to support long term.15:30
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kergothif all you're doing is bringup of a new board, building u-boot and kernel on their own during the development process is quicker, though I'd still use yocto to build and maintain the images and rootfs for long term maintenance15:43
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bernardoaraujohey everyone15:51
bernardoaraujoanyone knows how to use FILESYSTEM_PERMS_TABLES without host contamination? I know I can ignore this QA on local.conf but I need a permanent solution for my layer15:52
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frayI'm confused by 'without host contamination?' in that question15:55
fraythe permissions tables are a way to globally set what filesystem elements should be..  such as anything that creates '/bin' it should be set 075515:56
Piratywhere can i find prepared release tarballs for opkg ? if the answer is "nowhere, clone the latestt tag", what do i need to set in ACLOCAL_FLAGS ?15:56
Piraty(since yocto now hosts opkg)15:57
rburtonPiraty: SRC_URI = "${BPN}/${BPN}-${PV}.tar.gz" says the recipe15:59
rburtonreplace BPN with opkg and PV with 0.4.0, and you've got a URL15:59
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Piratyi didn't check yocto recipies in specific16:12
Piratyi have an old system where opkg-cl is installed, what is that about ?16:13
Piratywell, checksum for your download mirror was the same as the cgit link16:13
Piratyis still get ./configure: line 13311: syntax error near unexpected token `0.20'16:14
rburtoni'd have a look at line 13311 and see what bash is running16:14
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Piratygimme 1 sec16:16
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto16:16
Piraty./configure: line 13311: `PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG(0.20)'16:20
rburtonyou need pkgconfig installed16:20
rburton(autoconf should have thrown you some warnings)16:21
Piratyi don't have it installed, and no, didn't complain16:22
rburtonyay autoconf, its a bit rubbish like that.  install pkgconfig.16:22
Piratythat i already assumed, thanks ;)16:23
Piratyautohell being autohell i guess16:23
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Piratyautohell being autohell i guess16:25
Piratythanks rburton ;)16:25
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rburtonkanavin: did i mention to you before?16:31
rburtonwith a bit of fixing to the meson class and meson itself, we might be able to drop the qt/pkgconfig patch we carry16:32
rburtonarmpit: do you test apparmor with ptest?  it won't build here16:35
rburtonarmpit: (tries to run a target binary at build time)16:35
armpitrburton, I have not sure what is current state is16:36
armpitwhat machine?16:36
rburton| make: Entering directory '/data/poky-tmp/master/work/corei7-64-poky-linux/apparmor/2.12-r0/apparmor-2.12/parser/tst'16:36
rburton| LANG=C ../apparmor_parser -S -I errors >/dev/null errors/okay.sd16:36
rburton| /bin/sh: 1: ../apparmor_parser: not found16:36
armpitk, will take a look16:36
rburton(not found == loader not found, the file exists but its a target binary)16:37
rburtongot a slew of little fixes here too16:37
bernardoaraujofray: I was getting warnings with the message "host contamination"... I managed how to solve it though, thanks!16:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building Yocto Linux Image with my own program inside of Image <>16:49
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Piratywhere can i find more information on the configure flags of okpg ? for example --enable-fast-install16:56
rburtonadelcast: ^16:57
Piratyis there any source of information besides the super-old site?16:58
rburtonwell, that's a libtool thing16:58
rburtonoh wow thats a really old link, sorry16:58
Piratyah didn't know, thanks rburton16:58
adelcastopkg does have man pages for opkg, opkg.conf and opkg-key16:59
adelcastand yeah, rburton is right, that's not an opkg flag16:59
paulbarkerFor configure flags you'd just run './configure --help' I think16:59
Piratythat's where i got it from17:00
Piratylibtool specific stuff is not marked ass such17:00
Piratys/ass/as/ ;)17:00
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yates_homemy target gcc package (smart install gcc) did not provide gcc but rather arm-fslc-linux-gnueabi-gcc et al. is there a package which defines the standard (shortened) tool names?17:10
yates_homeof course i could just make symlinks, but just curious17:11
rburtongcc-symlinks, iirc17:14
yates_homeyes! thanks rburton17:17
yates_homeand g++-symlinks for g++17:17
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paulbarkerIs patchwork for oe-core playing up? Seems to be rejecting a lot of patches as not applying to master recently, mine included17:18
rburtonis what it thinks master is correct?17:20
paulbarkerIt thinks master is 65c419b8c4, can't find that commit in oe-core or poky so not sure where it's got that from17:21
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rburtonhalstead: ^17:24
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yates_homeg++ is complaining: g++: error trying to exec 'as': execvp: No such file or directory17:57
yates_homesounds like the assembler isn't installed (as)?17:57
yates_homedo you have to install this separately TOO?17:57
rburtonits prefixed  too17:57
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yates_homei'm not seeing a prefixed "as" either in either of gcc, g++18:01
RPkanavin: why do we see this now after the patches merge: :/18:02
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RPkanavin: also
yates_homeis there some other package i need besides gcc, gcc-symlink, g++, g++-symlink18:03
rburtonRP: i saw that once, disappeared if i cleaned/rebuilt18:03
rburtonassumed it was one of those things18:03
RPyates_home: yes, as is from binutils18:05
RPyates_home: maybe binutils-symlinks18:05
yates_homeRP: ok. binutils-symlinks was not required to get plain old "as"18:06
RPyates_home: sure but you mentioned the other ones ;-)18:07
kanavinRP: it's a parallel build race :( I had fixed a few of those with upstream, and though that numerous green runs of AB is enough proof18:09
kanavinRP: I will notify them again now, until then we may have to revert to non-parallel make runs18:09
RPkanavin: ok, thanks. At least we know what it is! :)18:11
* RP -> in search of pizza18:12
kanavinRP: let's see if they come up with a patch quickly (historically they did), if not, we can do non-parallel builds18:12
kanavinbasically building dynaloader ahead of other items should do the trick I think18:12
RPkanavin: sounds like a plan, thanks18:12
kanavinRP: cheers :)18:13
kanavinrburton: can you take that up (the meson thing)?18:13
rburtonkanavin: yeah18:14
rburtonkanavin: great to see the perl-cross people being proactive with issues18:14
kanavinI think perl upstream still doesn't support or test parallel builds, so we're just weeding those issues now18:15
rburtonwhen can we ditch perl entirely18:16
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kanavinI think it's worth it, from 4 minutes to 30 seconds18:16
rburtonalso, popt is now 9 years unmaintained, so people really need to start moving away from that18:16
kanavinrburton, what about python 2?18:17
kanavinwe have less than a year to drop it :)18:17
rburtonkanavin: so close to getting rid of that!18:17
rburtoni think mesa can use py3 in git now18:17
rburtonright dinner is done. have a good weekend all.18:17
kanavingood weekend to you too18:18
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yates_homeRP: yes, you were perfectly logical! i was just pointing out the inconsistency18:30
halsteadpaulbarker, Between Dec 19th and the 22nd something happened that caused patchwork's repo to get stuck. Maybe there was a non-FF push to oe-core that it couldn't deal with. It is fixed now.18:32
halsteadpaulbarker, rburton RP I'm taking a little time to see if there is an easy way to keep patchwork from getting stuck this way again.18:33
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kroonIs there a shortcut for "bitbake -c clean -c cleansstate <pkg> && bitbake <pkg>" ?18:41
kergoth"-c clean -c cleansstate" will do nothing, for one. or ather, it'll only run cleansstate18:49
kergoth-c only accepts a single task, it's not cumulative18:49
kergothbeyond that, no, any clean task really has to be done in a separate bitbake commandr ight now18:49
khemuse shell aliases18:49
kergothwe've discussed possibly adding a clean runqueue to get around it, but it's not done yet18:49
kergothyeah, i use a shell function for that18:49
kergothand if you use memres it's even faster18:50
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kroonalthough "-c clean -c cleansstate" does seem to do what I expected here ...18:56
kroonare there some deps between the tasks18:56
kroonaye, so I only needed cleansstate :-)18:58
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kergothyes, it runs cl eansstate, and cleansstate already encompasses clean19:01
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khemcleanall > cleansstate > clean19:03
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kroonnow I just need to find doc on how to use/enable memres19:10
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Piratywooot checksum for the opkg tarball changes within a few hours, wtf22:14
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kergothis it a github generated tarball by chance?22:25
kergoththose are known to be regenerated22:25
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Piratyehm, not that often. also, it is pulled from
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