Saturday, 2019-01-12

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kroonhmm I thought bitbake in server mode would monitor .bb files and reparse them automatically ?10:54
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kroonI see there is inotify code in bitbake..11:45
kroonoh i guess that is for disk usage monitoring12:14
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kroonafter doing "BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT=-1 bitbake --server-only", sometimes "bitbake -m" doesn't seem enough to kill the server16:33
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Dumas_WalkerHi I have an Intel Galileo Gen 2.  Was looking on Intel site for the microSD image of Yocto for the Gen 2.  It appears to no longer be on the download page.16:55
Dumas_WalkerDoes anyone know where to find the microSD image?  Thanks!16:55
khemGalileo died in 1640s17:13
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khemRP: I am thinking on encoding PV inside recipes for glibc/binutils since we fetch them from git, it will ease my work of upgrading them17:32
khemopinion ?17:32
khemI have scripts now to automate my updates for trunk testing and this will be great for that17:33
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derRichardwhen i want to submit new recipes. what is the right mailinglist? i'm not even sure what the right layer is. as example, i'm currently working on recipes for: libguestfs, easy-rsa, regina-rexx21:04
khemderRichard: hugetlbfs is on meta-oe others seem access related may be meta-security is better, always look at for pre existing recipes21:05
derRichardi'm working on libguestfs21:05
derRichardi checked already layers.openembedded.org21:05
derRichardnone of these exist21:06
saraf__I'm trying to build a basic yocto image for a raspberry pi - bitbake rpi-basic-image - however I get ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'psplash-raspberrypi'21:14
saraf__how can this be resolved?21:14
derRichardsaraf__: well, where do you have rpi-basic-image from?21:17
derRichardmaybe the recipe is broken21:17
derRichardrandom layers/recipes from the internet are often buggy21:17
saraf__okay - from ls meta-raspberrypi/recipes-core/images/*.bb21:18
saraf__we have - meta-raspberrypi/recipes-core/images/  meta-raspberrypi/recipes-core/images/  meta-raspberrypi/recipes-core/images/rpi-test-image.bb21:20
derRichardreport to the guy that maintains this layer21:21
derRichardit is most likely broken21:21
saraf__got that from -  git clone git://
derRichardin the meanwhile, try to disable the splash21:21
derRichardIOW set DISABLE_SPLASH = "1"21:21
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derRichardjust to make sure, are you using the right versions?21:22
derRichardnot that the layer is too new or such21:22
saraf__hmmm. I checked out the thud branch in both poky as well as meta-raspberrypi.21:24
saraf__(newbie here. first time trying to bitbake an image for a pi)21:24
derRichardi did a rpi build with this layer a few weeks ago for sumo, it worked fine21:25
saraf__(contents of
derRichardcan you give sumo a try?21:27
saraf__is this workflow correct? check out sumo branch in poky directory. check out the sumo branch in the meta-raspberrypi folder. run - source oe-init-build-env rpi-build. edit the bblayers.conf inside the conf in the rpi-build folder - append the path of the meta-raspberrypi folder to it. from inside the rpi-build folder run: bitbake rpi-basic-image21:34
saraf__even with sumo - it gives the same error. which leads me to think that something is wrong with this sequence.21:35
derRichardyes, if the layer dependencies are met.21:37
derRichardjust checked, i built my own image, without splash21:37
derRichardit was based on recipes-core/images/core-image-base.bb21:37
derRichardi guess this is why it worked21:37
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saraf__what does this mean - "Nothing RPROVIDES 'psplash-raspberrypi'" - there is a psplash folder in /poky/meta-raspberrypi/recipes-core21:38
derRichardthere is no recipe for something named "psplash-raspberrypi"21:39
saraf__aah I see - so a recipe is always in a .bb file?21:40
derRichardyes21:41 is a bitbake recipe21:41
saraf__er ... so should really not be referring to a psplash-raspberrypi if there is no .bb file for that21:42
saraf__it says .... SPLASH = "psplash-raspberrypi"21:43
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saraf__to be fair - it does say - bb.warn("The image 'rpi-basic-image' is deprecated, please use 'core-image-base' instead")21:44
saraf__okie - now I'm trying bitbake core-image-base and it seems to be running along just fine ...21:45
derRichardah, now i remember why i choose core-image-base as base :D21:49
saraf__perhaps - should be removed if it cannot be built anymore ... ?21:50
saraf__or somewhere in the git flow ... was lost21:51
derRichardreport this to the maintainer of this layer21:51
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saraf__and it should be brought back again21:51
saraf__okie - will do21:51
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saraf__I see that gerrit is being used for hosting the git repos -  but where do they track issues?21:55
derRichardi guess the layer has a readme file which will tell21:55
derRichardbut usually the mailinglists are a got place to rant21:56
saraf__found it.21:56
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