Sunday, 2019-01-13

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mcccHi, I am considering including ${DATETIME} in my DISTRO_VERSION in order for each of my builds to automatically have a unique version, which matches between what's displayed in the distro's user interface (via /etc/os-release) and the generated filename of the images.03:30
mcccIs this a good idea or is there something else I should consider?03:30
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saraf__when I ran bitbake to build an image for the raspberry pi - bitbake core-image-base, it has ended up building an image for qemu instead ... I was expecting something in ls rpi-build/tmp/deploy/images/raspberrypi/*sdimg, however I have only a folder named poky/rpi-build/tmp/deploy/images/qemux8615:08
saraf__is this workflow correct? check out sumo branch in poky directory. check out the sumo branch in the meta-raspberrypi folder. run - source oe-init-build-env rpi-build. edit the bblayers.conf inside the conf in the rpi-build folder - append the path of the meta-raspberrypi folder to it. from inside the rpi-build folder run: bitbake core-image-base15:09
kroonsaraf__, you probably want to set MACHINE15:11
kroondefault is qemux8615:12
saraf__is that an environment variable to set before running bitbake?15:13
kroonyou want to set machine to one of the names in meta-raspberrypi/conf/machine/*15:13
kroonsaraf__, usually it is set in local.conf15:14
Croftonneed to source the oe-init-.... from oe-core15:14
saraf__aah I see. Okay - I had done source oe-init-build-env rpi-build-dir15:14
saraf__aah ... okay - local.conf the default machine is set to be qemux86 ...15:20
saraf__I see a raspberrypi2.conf in meta-raspberrypi/conf/machine15:20
saraf__so MACHINE=raspberrypi2 in local.conf should do it15:21
saraf__am I correct?15:21
saraf__okay ... cool :) thanks15:21
saraf__what is the difference between MZ15:28
saraf__oops MACHINE ?= and MACHINE ??=15:28
saraf__in local.conf15:29
saraf__Crofton: I see ... thanks.15:51
saraf__Is it necessary to delete the Downloads directory in the build folder before running bitbak core-image-base, after setting MACHINE in local.conf?15:55
saraf__I do not have enough space - so I have deleted everything inside tmp ... and am running the bitbake again. Let's see if it reuses the downloads from cache.15:56
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Croftonit reuses downloads16:34
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khemCrofton: napster ?17:54
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Croftonkhem, we are that old18:00
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khemCrofton: I saw the screeching servers in data center in Fremont, we should do a fund raising campaign so we can get some modern servers for doing CI18:02
RPnapster?! :)18:03
khemno you need to switch context RP you need to install go runtime or rust runtime where concurrency is handled in language runtime18:05
RPkhem: Can't process that on a Sunday! :)18:06
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pbbHi there, I'm trying to build a yocto-based project in a Nix FHSUserEnv. The problem I'm encountering is that while trying to configure m4, it fails a check. But when I run the command manually it works.19:52
pbbconfigure:4902: ./conftest19:52
pbb../m4-1.4.18/configure: line 4904: 24322 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) ./conftest$ac_cv_exeext19:52
pbbDoes anyone have a clue what could cause this? I suspect it might be related to some environment variables set by bitbake/yocto.19:53
derRichardwhat is a "Nix FHSUserEnv"?19:53
pbbThe Nix package manager usually doesn't use the FHS (filesystem hierarchy standard), so there's a function that creates a chroot and puts all the files into place.19:54
derRichardah, that thingy19:55
derRichardso, a test program of m4's configure fails badly19:55
pbbyeah, but if I do the same configure command manually, it works19:55
derRicharddid you try it in devshell?19:56
pbbnope, let me look at that19:56
derRichardalso inspect logs to get the command line19:56
derRicharddid you check the core file?19:56
derRichardusually it can tell you what went wrong19:56
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pbbwill also look at that, thanks for the hints19:57
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pbbhm, can not get a devshell. I added the INHERIT and ran bitbake -c devshell, but it doesn't change anything20:37
derRichardthe command is: bitbake -c devshell YOURPACKAGE20:38
pbbyeah, I did that20:38
pbbbut it just tries to build and errors as before20:38
derRichardand what error did you get?20:38
pbbsame ./configure fail in m420:38
derRichardwell, then m4 fails very early20:38
derRichardcheck the logs to find the right command line20:39
derRichardand as i said, inspect the core file20:39
derRichardsomething must be different20:39
pbbtrue.. I just tried to use the exact same environment variables when executing the command manually and it worked. I just tried to get some information from the core dump but the backtrace doesn't tell me anything. This must be something so fundamentally wrong with the environment bitbake creates under this platform. I think I'll give it up for now, thanks for your help.20:52
kroonIs the yocto sstate mirror not updated anymore ?21:15
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kroonOr if it is, which folder should one use together with "master" ?21:22
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