Tuesday, 2019-01-15

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Amit_Tfacing  Meson encountered an error in file po/meson.build, line 3, column 5:07:36
Amit_T| Can not do gettext because xgettext is not installed. while building json-glib_1.4.2.bb.07:36
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frscHow can I make bitbake print gcc warnings or even error out on warnings?08:03
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derRichardRP: found the problem with python-scons-native08:26
derRichardcustomer meta layer changed HOST_SYS to ""08:26
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sagnerThe Yocto Manual says: NFS does not offer full POSIX locking and inode consistency and can cause unexpected issues if used to store TMPDIR.09:24
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sagnerI use lockfiles in an image task. The location of the lockfile is on a NFS. Could i be affected by this?09:24
rburtonpotentially.  put the locks under TMPDIR?09:25
sagnerWe use ostree. We have two builders, both commit to the same ostree repository. To get mutual exclusion, we use lockfiles in the location where the ostree is stored.... which is on the NFS09:26
rburtonfingers crossed09:26
rburtoncurious if your ostree integration is public09:26
sagnerrburton: yes, it's the one in meta-updater: https://github.com/advancedtelematic/meta-updater/issues/41209:27
malanecoraHas anybody got into trouble trying to use meta-ti with Thud?09:27
rburtonsagner: ah, didn't know meta-updater used ostree, thanks09:28
malanecoraIt seems to use "deprecated" functions09:28
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sagnerrburton: what is strange though, so if in this case bitbake locking fails for some reason ostree's locking mechanism seems to work09:29
rburtoni'd be checking that the pseudo warning about fnctl is actually harmless09:29
rburton(and get it fixed in pseudo to shut it up)09:30
sagnerrburton: yeah did that yesterday, let me send out the patch for it09:31
sagnerrburton: looking at strace seems to indicate that its harmless09:31
rburtonok, it was harmless i presume then09:31
sagnerrburton: ostree uses OFD (open file description) locks (e.g. fcntl(7, F_OFD_SETLK, {l_type=F_WRLCK, l_whence=SEEK_SET, l_start=0, l_len=0}) = 0)09:34
rburtoni'd write a minimal test to verify that those locks work as expected09:40
rburtonjust to rule out 'my locks are magically disappearing' as a problem09:40
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tasslehoff_KERNEL_SRC = "ssh://git@bitbucket.my.domain.com:7999/imx/variscite-linux-imx;protocol=ssh;branch=${SRCBRANCH}"09:44
tasslehoff_this is apparently not correct :)09:44
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rburton_"free wifi" says the garage where i'm waiting for a MOT09:51
rburton_suddenly everything started saying https cert failure09:51
rburton_curl -k github.com09:51
rburton_<p>Your daily quota for this category of webpage has expired, in accordance with your internet usage policy.</p>09:52
rburton_<insert rage here>09:52
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PinkSnakeHi all, I have made some function in order to build a custom FIT image on Yocto, my question is : which is the better way to do that properly ? for the moment I have created an include file called by the image recipe. So include is good or I have to create class ? maybe a bbappend on the image recipe ? thx for your time :)09:58
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malanecoraCan an old kernel version be used instead of 4.18 set in Thud?10:10
rburtonPinkSnake: isn't the fit image class good enough?10:10
rburtonmalanecora: sure, if your BSP provides it, or you write your own recipe10:10
rburtonthud doesn't mandate a kernel, the bsp sets the kernel10:10
malanecoraI just upgraded to Thud10:11
malanecoraAnd now my kernel's recipe bbappend is throwinf an error10:11
malanecoraIt seems like Poky has overwritten10:12
malanecoraThe old recipe10:13
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malanecoraI can just add the old recipe to my custom layer to fix it I guess10:13
malanecorarburton: Thanks!10:13
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bernardoaraujohey everyone10:19
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bernardoaraujohow should I use VOLATILE_LOG_DIR? I've used it successfully in local.conf, but when I used in the image recipe the results were not as expected10:21
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PinkSnake>rburton Probably yes but i have to add several section inside the fit :)10:30
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PinkSnakebernardoaraujo: the results were not as expected ?10:37
bernardoaraujoberton: fala Fabio, beleza?10:37
bernardoaraujoPinkSnake: yeah, I'm using "journalctl --boot=-1" to test after a reboot... and getting an error means logs are still volatile10:38
PinkSnakebernardoaraujo: how did you use VOLATILE_LOG_DIR ?10:38
bernardoaraujoPinkSnake: first on local.conf, just to test it out, with positive results... but then in my image .bbappend, with negative results10:43
PinkSnakebernardoaraujo: how did you set the var ?10:43
PinkSnakecopy paste plz10:44
rburtonbernardoaraujo: don't set it in the image10:44
rburtonlocal conf or distro conf10:44
rburtonit impacts multiple recipes, so setting in the image won't reach those recipes10:44
bernardoaraujoPinkSnake: VOLATILE_LOG_DIR = "no"10:44
PinkSnakerburton: could you please tell us why ?10:45
PinkSnakerburton: thx ;)10:45
PinkSnake# If set to boolean true ('yes', 'y', 'true', 't', '1'), /var/log links to /var/volatile/log. # If set to boolean false ('no', 'n', 'false', 'f', '0'), /var/log is on persistent storage. VOLATILE_LOG_DIR ?= "yes"10:45
RPderRichard: that would do it!10:45
prabhakarladHi all, I have a base which works for a platform, we are expecting a new respin with some changes how is best way to add support for more targets (is it just adding the conf ??)?10:50
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PinkSnakeprabhakarlad: maybe put all your work inside a meta-work and yes add conf/machine.conf, i'm not an expert ;)11:03
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Sample program counter of thread <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54195673/sample-program-counter-of-thread>11:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto SYSTEMD_SERVICE to install a parameterized service ("@.service") <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54197951/yocto-systemd-service-to-install-a-parameterized-service-service>11:37
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sagnerrburton: FWIW, a basic test using lockfiles accross too machines seems to work fine (they mutually exclude each other).12:17
prabhakarladPinkSnake: thanks for the suggestion, but I want to use the same meta-layer for both the boards and use machine overrides to add to SRC_URI selectively, but by just adding conf I am still getting some errors similar to "packagegroup-base-extended not found in the feeds"12:23
PinkSnakeprabhakarlad: you should take a look to the raspberry pi meta, there is several board but one meta :)12:29
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sagnerrburton: I think you did not get this one... FWIW, a basic test using lockfiles accross too machines seems to work fine (they mutually exclude each other).12:48
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sagnerrburton: or do you have another testing in mind?12:49
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rburtonhaven't seen anything here since 10:45, so i have no context12:51
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malanecoraIs there a way to set the whole gcc packages (libgcc, gcc-runtime, gcc-cross...) to a desired version? Or should I set preferred version one by one?13:05
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rburtonmalanecora: have a look at tcmode-default.inc13:09
malanecorarburton: wow! That's just what I was looking for. Thank you dude!13:10
rburtonRP: pseudo patch on the list, verified it looks like its doing the right thing.  wait for seebs or shall i just push?13:12
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RPrburton: yours from Nov?13:17
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Piratycompany is considering moving to yocto, is there any documention available on intended / best-practice workflow for application development+deployment ?13:34
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kanavinPiraty: what is the company?13:40
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kanavinPiraty: depends on your existing process, but basically https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.6/sdk-manual/sdk-manual.html is not a bad point to start13:42
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PinkSnakeHi all :) Simple question, i would like to use fit-image class but i don't understand why I have to set KERNEL_CLASSES and KERNEL_IMAGETYPE in conf/local.conf and not in conf/machine.conf ? If I want the FIT format only for one of my target ?13:44
kanavinrburton: I dropped the removal of gtk-update-icon-cache alternatives, as you requested13:45
T1000Piraty: I can recommend you to attend such 4-days-training seminar: https://www.reliableembeddedsystems.com/index.php/trainings/embedded-training-overview/85-embedded-training/192-the-yocto-projetct-overview13:45
kanavinalso sent the qemu patch, but it's not showing up in ml archives yet, maybe they no longer moderate, and just reject13:45
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sagnerrburton: the ostree/lockfile problem on NFS. I did a basic test using task[lockfiles] += "on/nfs/lockfile", and it seems to lock correctly13:55
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rburtonRP: no, the lock on13:59
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prabhakarladPinkSnake: thank you :)14:00
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RPrburton: I can't find this patch :/14:07
rburtonRP: [PATCH] Handle OFD lock flags, went to oe-core.  oh, might be in moderation?14:08
RPrburton: I was looking for "pseudo" :)14:10
RPrburton: lets give seebs 24 hours :)14:10
PinkSnakerburton: after taking a look to the fit-image.bbclass and as you ask me I have some juste one remark about this class, why we cannot use our .cpio as ramdisk, seems only initramdisk is available ? I have forgotten something ? BC i just want to pack dtb+kernel+ramdisk+(bitstream)14:21
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JPEWIs there a way to optionally "inherit" a class only if it exists (like include vs required)?14:39
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kanavinthat would be a real mis-feature. it's difficult enough to understand how builds work from looking at recipes :)14:45
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sagnerCurrently, lots of recipe enable polkit if systemd is used14:54
sagnerHowever, systemd can run without polkit just fine...14:54
sagnerSo when I want to build an image without polkit, I can alter PACKAGECONFIG for systemd, but I then need to fixup multiple recipes...14:54
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sagnerWould maybe a distro feature "polkit" in order?14:55
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mcfriskhmm, gcc 7.4 bug fix release came out in December. would/could it make sense for yocto 2.5 to apply such bug fix releases? I guess 2.6 and master are alread on gcc 8.15:02
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malanecoraGetting "The file /usr/lib/libwayland-egl.so is installed by both wayland and mesa, aborting" even when libwayland-egl.so is being removed in mesa.inc O.o15:41
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mcfriskmalanecora: check for bbappends15:45
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!~prabhakar@> has quit IRC15:48
malanecoramcfrisk: the library is not mentione din other bbappends15:51
*** jae1 <jae1!~jaewon@> has quit IRC15:51
malanecoraI'm suposed to be working with Thud15:51
malanecoraAnd that issue should be fixed reading the changelog15:52
*** jae1 <jae1!~jaewon@> has joined #yocto15:52
kanavinmalanecora: almost certainly a bbappend or a layer that pulls in an incompatible version of one or the other15:54
malanecorakanavin: withtout making an explicit reference to the library? (noob question)15:56
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kergothuse bitbake -e mesa to examine the final task. then you can see any other appended concatenations to the tasks15:57
kergothi.e. do_install15:57
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kergotheasier than digging through the recipe files and includes and bbclasses at times15:57
kanavinmalanecora: recipes rarely mention files that get installed by name, that's the job of build configuration files contained in upstream source15:57
malanecoraThank you both15:58
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armpitwho has admin access to patchworks? I need access to the "Yocto Project Layers" so I can manage patches accordingly16:23
T1000I've added my own meta layer following https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-331917. After that I ran "bitbake core-image-minimal" again, but it says there's nothing to do16:24
T1000How do I tell bitbake it should bake the new meta layer?16:24
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehs29@> has joined #yocto16:26
T1000All I did was:16:27
T1000cd <BSP_DIR>/sources16:27
T1000yocto-layer create <NEW_LAYER_NAME>16:27
T1000and added "BBLAYERS += " ${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-new-layer "" to conf/bblayers.conf16:28
kanavinT1000: you don't bake a layer, you bake specific recipes, or include them into an image16:28
kanavinsince core-image-minimal does not include anything from your layer, nothing gets build16:28
*** sagner <sagner!~ags@> has quit IRC16:29
T1000Oh I thought I've added the new layer to the build system...16:30
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehs29@> has quit IRC16:30
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehs29@> has joined #yocto16:30
kanavinyou did16:31
kanavinthat in itself doesnt change content of existing images16:31
T1000So you mean I also have to add the new layer to core-image-minimal, right?16:32
*** lusus <lusus!~lusus@> has quit IRC16:32
kanavinT1000: you need to add a recipe (or recipes) from your layet to core-image-minimal16:34
kanavinlayers as such cannot be 'built' or 'added to images'16:34
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T1000I wonder how I add a recipe to core-image-minimal16:43
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mrk377bbappend question:  I am adding many files to my lighttpd SRC_URI.  Can you use wildcards to set the SRC_URI variable for multiple files?16:50
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kanavinT1000: by editing the recipe of core-image-minimal16:52
kanavinT1000: or creating your own image recipe in your own layer that is initially a copy of that recipe16:52
T1000all right. thanx16:53
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mrk377bbappend question:  I am adding many files to my lighttpd SRC_URI.  Can you use wildcards to set the SRC_URI variable for multiple files?18:11
mrk377The SRC_URI in the lighttpd_*.bbappend file.18:11
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JPEWkroon: Sent a patch to the ML with the updated output hash algorithm if you want to give it a look19:40
kroonJPEW, will do, thanks19:43
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eboltonhey all, I've got an image recipe that includes an IMAGE_INSTALL line containing an entry for a packagegroup I wrote....all the recipes in the packagegroup build and deploy fine, but trying to bitbake the image generates an error: "no package provides <recipe name that builds fine>""20:52
eboltonthe packagegroup recipe was modeled after a few I found in poky/meta, it inherits packagegroup, and all the libs are under a single RDEPENDS_${PN} entry20:53
kroonebolton, can you bitbake the packagegroup recipe itself ?21:01
eboltonyup, error occurs during the rootfs step of the image21:03
kroonebolton, can you find the packagegroup package under deploy/ ?21:07
eboltonno, strange....the packagegroup appears to build fine (bitbake doesn't show any errors)....but the build folder under tmp is empty21:13
kroonI have my packages in "build/tmp-musl/deploy/ipk/"21:16
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eboltonyea, the packagegroup is generating...nothing...no idea...I'll keep looking21:20
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