Wednesday, 2019-01-16

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nascentmindHi. I am trying to build Yocto Rocko core-image-full-cmdline for arm in Ubuntu 18.10 and experiencing build failures. Has anybody seen such failures?07:37
LetoThe2ndnascentmind: which failures? if its more than one or two lines, please put a log into a pastbin07:37
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LetoThe2ndnascentmind: hum. can you show a little more? so we can see which recipe fails, etc?07:43
LetoThe2ndnascentmind: and, is it a rocko poky without additional layers, on an otherwise standard 18.10?07:43
nascentmindLetoThe2nd, Yes it is rocko poky without any additional layers on a standard 18.10.07:45
nascentmindI see patches written for this by Khem Raj but I am not sure where it is being applied and it is incomplete.07:45
LetoThe2ndnascentmind: ok, i'll kick off a build to cross-check it07:45
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nascentmindLetoThe2nd, This is the recipe-> I have redacted my folder name with <...>07:52
nascentmindLetoThe2nd, I have also tried building using CROPS docker image. It has built properly in it but I am not sure how to do runqemu for the built image?07:53
LetoThe2ndnascentmind: no idea, i'm not using crops07:54
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LetoThe2ndnascentmind: just generally, while its possible to run graphical applications inside a docker container, its probably easier to just use the nographic option of runqemu in such cases.07:55
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LetoThe2ndnascentmind: kicked off a build, lets see what happens. will take some time, of course.08:09
nascentmindLetoThe2nd, thanks.08:13
nascentmindLetoThe2nd, using nographic option it runs but I cannot input any commands.08:14
nascentmindLetoThe2nd, basically I can see the cursor blinking but no inputs are taken.08:14
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LetoThe2ndnascentmind: no idea, given that description. i have personally used it successfully08:19
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LetoThe2ndbut i invoke my docker containers directly, so some script or crops speciality might be messing with it, maybe its misssing the -it flags08:19
LetoThe2ndnascentmind: do you have a link to khems patch that you mentioned?08:20
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epistaxI'm performing ETM tracing of an embedded system running a yocto-built kernel/BSP. I'm at the point where I'd like to understand the activity of running processes, such as systemd. I'm a yocto newbie; how do I configure the builds of these programs?08:26
epistax(The kernel is no issue--I have the necessary debug symbols in the vmlinux)08:27
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john_connorHi, "bitbake -c menuconfig linux-imx" fails with mconf.c:(.text+0x8a4): undefined reference to `stdscr'08:31
john_connorThis is bugreport which is set on hold due missing ability to reproduce08:32
yoctiBug 7609: normal, Medium, 1.9, saul.wold, VERIFIED WORKSFORME, menuconfig command fails due to missing symbols08:32
john_connorIt is not worksforme08:32
john_connorI found the reason08:33
john_connoryou need to install 2 packages to make it work08:33
john_connorlibncurses5-dev  and libtinfo-dev08:33
john_connorwithout it it will fail08:33
john_connorI don't have an account at bugzilla. So maybe someone can add my insight there08:35
john_connorI'm not allowed to comment to that 760908:35
malanecoraHi guys!08:36
malanecoraI am still stuck with "ERROR :cairo-1.14.12-r0 do_prepare_recipe_sysroot: The file /usr/lib/ is installed by both wayland and mesa, aborting"08:37
malanecoraI've checked bbappends08:37
malanecoraA searched for the library on the build dir08:37
malanecoraThere are several references to that library there08:38
malanecoraWell, instances*08:38
malanecoraAll meta-whatever are in origin/thud's last commit but meta-ti (which is in master last commit, due to a lack of thud branch)08:39
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building keras and tensor flow on yocto <>08:41
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PinkSnakeMorning all :) Someone here knows how to set a task (added by bbappend on recipe) as dependencies of an other task ? Of course do_postprocess[depends] += "virtual/kernel:do_task_added_by_bbappend" doesn't work, error is : depends upon non-existent task kernel:do_task_added_by_bbappend08:54
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john_connoroh I was talking to a robot (yocti) (facepalm)09:10
malanecorajohn_connor: haha09:11
LetoThe2ndRP: who's currently taking care of old/stable? can we consider 95ca077ab871ceff46c2052f324f879a1d624ff4 to be backported to rocko?09:13
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malanecorajohn_connor: Yep, checked that one! That's why it seems strange to me...mesa does remove the installation of libwayland inside do_install_append()09:19
malanecoraBut the library installation is still under conflict09:19
nascentmindLetoThe2nd, does it crash on your end too?09:20
nascentmindLetoThe2nd, sorry... Fails to build.09:20
LetoThe2ndnascentmind: i could reproduce it and khems patch actually fixes that issue, but then it runs into another failure. my advice would be to stick to a stable buiold environment for now, or update poky altogether09:20
nascentmindLetoThe2nd, Exactly. I have not phrased it properly. It causes failures in other places.09:21
LetoThe2ndnascentmind: no, thats even more wrong. it does not case other failures. its just that more problems are present due to the glibc changes.09:22
malanecoraFurthermore, if I can build mesa in standalone mode. The crash comes when I build cairo, which thud's recipe makes little difference with the rocko's one (I'm upgrading my environment from rocko to thud)09:22
nascentmindLetoThe2nd, Thud seems to work fine in 18.10 and completes the build properly. Unfortunately I will have problems with the TI meta-layer which does not have Thud branch09:23
john_connorsry, I'm to far from understanding the whole system :)09:23
LetoThe2ndnascentmind: yeah because there have been updates all over the place in thud, thats why it works09:23
LetoThe2ndnascentmind: meta-ti's master does not apply to thud?09:23
LetoThe2nddenix: can you comment?09:24
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: I think it does, I'm currently working with Thud in all branches with the exception of meta-ti which is synced with master09:26
malanecoraNo issues coming from meta-ti up to this moment (I have not completed the full build because other issues arose)09:27
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BlauskaerMIs it possible to use/run uboot-mkimage that has been built by yocto from a image recipe?09:44
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BlauskaerMI need to attach a header to a cpio file and I would like to use uboot-mkimage that was built by yocto09:45
BlauskaerMI've seen that the kernel recipes use mkimage but I can figure out what I need to add to my image recipe09:46
BlauskaerMOr if its even possible?09:46
LetoThe2ndBlauskaerM: sure. the only question is if you need to come with the code yourself of if there is already magic for it09:46
LetoThe2ndBlauskaerM: technically it sounds like you are actually implementing a custom IMAGE_FSTYPE09:46
BlauskaerMMight be? I have added cpio.gz to my IMAGE_FSTYPE variable and later in the image recipe, added a function that runs mkimage09:47
BlauskaerMDont know if that is the way to do it09:47
BlauskaerMBut I use a static version of mkimage and I would like to use the one built by yocto09:48
BlauskaerM"come with the code yourself" - What do you mean?09:48
LetoThe2ndBlauskaerM: my $0.2 is that you need a IMAGE_FSTYPE like cpio.gz.blauskaerm that depends on cpio.gz and the uboot tools, and does the magic as needed. let me see if i can find an example09:49
BlauskaerMWould be gold LetoThe2nd09:49
nascentmindLetoThe2nd, I have not tried to apply meta-ti. Let me check that.09:53
LetoThe2ndBlauskaerM: sorry, nothing in reach :-( closest thing is but thats already pretty advanced09:53
LetoThe2ndBlauskaerM: but it gives you the ideas, hopefully09:53
PinkSnakeIs it possible to share a variable between bbclass and recipe ? I have tried d.setVar methode and export but the variable is empty during recipe process :(09:54
BlauskaerMLetoThe2nd: I take all advice I can get, thank you :)09:55
BlauskaerMIn shot, I should create a bbclass that describes a new "target" for IMAGE_FSTYPE?09:55
LetoThe2ndBlauskaerM: thats the general concept, yes.09:56
BlauskaerMLetoThe2nd: Do you think I can use this as a template?10:04
LetoThe2ndBlauskaerM: doesn't look bad10:05
LetoThe2ndyou'll have to check for the mkimage dependency, how to set it. but otherwise the core idea is the same10:06
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malanecoraWhen a recipe depends on other/s and executes do_prepare_recipe_sysroot (do_populate_sysroot of each dependency) does it take the files from the dependency_PN_PV/recipe-sysroot or from the dependency_PN_PV/image?11:10
malanecoraI suspect that the aforementioned issue with libwayland-egl has something to do with that...11:12
RPLetoThe2nd: armin is looking after them but I think we may have has the last rocko stable release11:12
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LetoThe2ndRP: nvm, i've seen additional breakage after that patch anyways. sry for the noise.11:16
RPLetoThe2nd: stable series and additional breakage is always a great combination!11:17
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LetoThe2ndRP: yep11:20
* LetoThe2nd ponders faxing a mailbomb to some glibc maintainer11:20
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* RP congratulates LetoThe2nd on making watchlists11:22
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acrapHi, folks!11:45
acrapIs there any way to add kernel build artifacts to SDK?11:45
acrapI mean build directory from work/machine/linux/build11:46
RPacrap: kernel-devsrc?11:46
acrapkernel-devsrc consists only sources11:47
acrapit's not enough for kernel module compiling, for example11:47
RPacrap: we have tests which successfully compile modules with it11:47
acrapMaybe I am just using invalid KERNELDIR...11:48
acrapI use /usr/src/kernel11:48
acrapI mean crosscompiling modules with SDK11:49
acrapIt's not about compiling on target11:50
acrapCould you clarify that your test actually does, please?11:52
acrapIt would be helpful11:52
acrapTo compile module I need, at least - some binaries like fixdep and modpost. They must be compiled for the host architecture. Build directory I mentioned consists that, but sysroot/machine/usr/src/kernel - doesn't11:55
RPacrap: tests kernel module builds work on target. We don't have an SDK test but it should work similarly12:07
acrapI sure it works on target, but the similar instructions don't work with crosscompiling on host. "make scripts prepare" just doing something wrong and I get misconfiguration that causes module build errors.12:15
acrapI got warnings like "warning: "__LINUX_ARM_ARCH__" is not defined, evaluates to 0"12:18
acrapand then, obviously I get errors12:18
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acrapI can't get why it's not documented... It's a common thing to use SDK for building kernel modules, isn't it?12:19
rburtonkanavin: fancy a fun python bug? :)12:19
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acrapOk. I'll try to formulate a my question in a different way. Is there built-in feature in Yocto to add kernel artifacts, that necessary to be present on SDK to build kernel modules? Is it described somewhere?12:28
acrapto cross-build I mean. I am not interested in compiling on target12:29
rburtonkanavin: filed a py bug for you, if you're too busy then feel free to kick it back to me.  it seemed like something you'd be good at fixing though ;)12:33
malanecoraTaking a look over manifest-cortexa9t2hf-neon-mx6qdl-mesa.populate_sysroot I claim that is not being installed by the package, is there a possibility that the build system is taking manifest-cortexa9hf-neon-mx6qdl-mesa.populate_sysroot (mesa version from Rocko) instead, thus creating a flase-positive?12:44
malanecoraThis is the python fragment that throws the error (from cairo's recipe)12:45
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PinkSnakeHi guys, someone here could explain the best way to share a variable between 2 recipes ? I have tried export but ( bitbake option -e doesn't show me the var) :( thx.13:01
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: putting it into a conf file.13:03
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: thx for the tip, I have already tried in .inc, there is a diff between file extension ?13:07
malanecoraPinkSnake: do you mean .ini?13:07
PinkSnakemalanecora: no no .inc like include file :)13:09
malanecoraPinkSnake: .inc , as far as I understand, is a kind of "general basis" for a given set of recipes of the same PN13:09
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: well inc is just relevant if you actually include it in the recipes13:10
LetoThe2ndits basically just inserting its contents then13:10
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PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: malanecora thx for info guys, i'm going to take a look13:31
radsquirrelI just rebased and my native perl scripts started looking for modules in /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl instead of /usr/lib/perl5/perl/site_perl (where they are installed)13:34
* radsquirrel wonders if that is his bug or a regression13:35
RPradsquirrel: with master? perl just changed a lot13:41
radsquirrelRP: yep with master13:41
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radsquirrelI picked up ~100 patches in the rebase - noticed the perl changes in there.13:43
RPradsquirrel: Its likely related13:48
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retoatworkWhile measuring the number of bytes written to the filesystem is easy, I would like to analyze the number of written/erased flash (NAND) pages on my embedded device. Any pointers for this?13:50
Piratyhi. does anyone know where i can find sources for linux- , preferrably from official linux hosts ? doesn't have it unfortunately13:54
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malanecoraThis is not suposed to happen, is it? "mesa exists in sysroot, but is stale (mesa.f4c1120c4ffec527dd97ea458991107d vs. mesa.f4c1120c4ffec527dd97ea458991107d), removing."13:56
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malanecoraThe taskhash is the same...13:57
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RPmalanecora: partially installed? The code in staging.bbclass checks for a os.path.exists(depdir + "/" + c + ".complete") as well14:04
malanecoraRP: Hmmm...It shouldn't14:05
malanecoraRP: I'm building it separately14:05
malanecoraRP: Successfully14:06
malanecoraRP: As you pointed out, in {WORKDIR}/cairo/{version}/recipe-sysroot-native/installeddeps there is a file "mesa.{hash}" that lacks ".complete"14:17
malanecoraRP: And its content does makes reference to libwayland-egl.so14:18
Piratymckoan: unfortunately, as i wrote, this is the link iwas looking at, yet the isn't there14:20
Piraty(attention the fourth number)14:20
malanecoraWhat is quite strange having in consideration that mesa's manifest.populate-sysroot doesn't14:21
malanecoraSomething is tricking me14:22
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khemRP: i amseeing this error often especially on musl + kmods14:57
RPkhem: looks like the error message is getting lost14:58
khemxz is dying14:59
khemor opkg_build maybe14:59
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RPkhem: I think stderr is going missing15:07
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malanecoraMy suspects have been confirmed,Yocto was picking the wrong manifest15:50
malanecoraIn spite of building the right package version15:50
malanecoraIt was a false positive15:50
malanecoraThe build completed successfuly after remove the manifest files related to the rocko's mesa version15:51
PinkSnakeSomeone here knows how to add a recipe process after the image creation ? i don't know where I have to search this info :S15:52
malanecoraIs this the expected behaviour?15:53
malanecoraPinkSnake: What are you exactly trying to do?15:53
PinkSnakeI have to pack a FIT inside a custom container, but i have to build all the image before repack... Something like post process command but for an recipe image :)15:54
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LetoThe2ndsounds, again, like a custom IMAGE_FSTYPE15:55
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PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: for sure yes, my work is based on kernel-fitimage.bbclass15:57
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!~prabhakar@> has joined #yocto15:59
PinkSnakethe trouble is in this class we can only add initrd and i want to put all my cpio.gz and bitstream so I made a custom recipe to generate FIT image, but i can't share image output name because the variable is not set during this part of build process15:59
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: so then, introduce something like fit.custom that bundles the magic you need. do it as a class, respectively IMAGE_FSTYPE instead of bundling it into the image recipe15:59
kanavinRP: so tinfoil API has a global lock when used by multiple processes? :( I split the recipe upgrade status function to run from a process pool, and they seem to each take a turn, instead of actually running at once, so there is no speedup16:00
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: thx, i have already a fit-image.bbclass ;)16:00
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: The FIT image is correctly generated, the trouble may come from meta-xilinx but i'm not sure...16:01
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: usually digging through bitbake -e tells you pretty exactly whats going on16:02
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!~prabhakar@> has quit IRC16:03
RPkanavin: the multiple processes would have to be server side16:04
RPkanavin: a command along the lines of "for each recipe call this function"16:04
RPkanavin: would have to be a specific tinfoil command16:05
kanavinRP: yep, that's what I am trying on the client side, "for each recipe call this function from an available process in the pool". The function creates its own instance of Tinfoil every time, but they seem to mutually exclude each other, so only one process gets to execute anything at a time.16:07
RPkanavin: it would need to be a something run server side which holds the lock16:07
RPkanavin: having more than one server against a given directory would be carnage16:08
*** toanju <toanju!> has joined #yocto16:09
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!~prabhakar@> has joined #yocto16:09
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!~Will@> has joined #yocto16:09
kanavinRP: right, I guess tinfoil does not have any way to define and run 'tasks'?16:13
kanavinthis was sooo much faster using them16:13
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has quit IRC16:16
*** jmiehe <jmiehe!> has quit IRC16:19
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: i totaly agree but the output said: " your variable is not set "16:28
PinkSnakeit's normal in fact because I want to use the output of image name before the variable is set16:29
RPkanavin: well, we can go back to using a class but I still think we could create API to tinfoil to do this without that overhead. With a class you have to collect up the data somehow :/16:30
kanavinRP: no going back to class, that csv business was ugly :)16:31
kanavinand yeah, the only way tasks can communicate is via writing to files really, which isn't great16:31
RPkanavin: how about pulling the data stores out of tinfoil serially then passing them off to threads to do the tests?16:32
RPyou might have to copy the variables the fetcher uses locally I guess :/16:33
RPkanavin: I hated that csv code16:33
kanavinsadly, the 'pulling data out of tinfoil' is deeply embedded into the functions that do the upstream checking16:33
*** skynet <skynet!91fdde45@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has left #yocto16:34
RPkanavin: but you could create a local data store with the values the later (slow) code needs16:34
RPkanavin: those functions just need a datastore, it can be a thread local instead of remote one16:35
kanavinRP: ah, so a kind of 'fake' dict-based store, instead of actual data store?16:35
RPkanavin: well, doesn't have to be fake, just a local non-tinfoil one with a subset of values16:36
kanavinRP: so how does one make such a store?16:36
RPkanavin: ? :)16:37
RP(then setVar)16:37
*** ykrons <ykrons!~guillaume@> has joined #yocto16:37
*** sno <sno!~sno@> has quit IRC16:37
kanavinright. I guess that could work :)16:37
RPI'm thinking out loud, not sure how many variables you;d have to copy in16:38
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*** sgw1 is now known as sgw16:48
*** feddischson <feddischson!> has joined #yocto16:49
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:50
prabhakarladHi all, we have a common download location (/opt/yocto/downloads) for yocto, what I want is for specific recipes the download location to be something else for users is this possible ?16:52
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!~Will@> has quit IRC16:54
*** toanju <toanju!> has quit IRC16:58
*** paul_99 <paul_99!~paul@> has quit IRC16:59
sveinseI'm kinda stuck. I'm working on a local-only kernel patch and I want my kernel to fetch my local git repo. Isn't the syntax SRC_URI_pn-mykernel="file:///home/user/mykernel.git;branch=mykernel" ? I'm ending up with an empty ${MACHINE}/kernel-source/ dir after unpack. Any ideas anyone?17:02
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has quit IRC17:02
sveinseThe log.do_fetch are run without any errors / run.do_fetch, shows that bb.fetch2.Fetch() is used, althou it is suprisingly quiet in this instance17:04
RPkanavin: is the gl patchset on the AB17:06
kanavinRP: thanks, I am doing further work, particularly looking into egl-headless option, which would not require X, or gtk17:06
kanavinyou just vnc connect to qemu and voila, in theory17:07
RPsveinse: I'd check SRC_URI is set to what you think it is17:07
*** sagner <sagner!~ags@> has quit IRC17:07
RPkanavin: fair enough. I think there are some things in there like vte-native we may need to fix generally17:07
kanavinRP: ouch, a sea of red17:08
RPkanavin: right :/17:08
RPkanavin: didn't look too far but vte-native looks like its failing everywhere17:08
*** sagner <sagner!~ags@> has joined #yocto17:09
kanavinbut not here locally :-/17:09
sveinseRP: I have. Is there a way to specify I want to use git against a local file? Because what I think is happening is that SRC_URI is interpreting the file as a file, not as a git repo and is ending up not using git.17:10
sveinseI tried setting protocol=git, but to no avail17:10
RPsveinse: oh, right, yes. you want git:///home/user/mykernel.git;branch=mykernel;protocol=file17:11
*** kroon <kroon!> has joined #yocto17:11
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC17:17
khemRP: i can reliably reproduce the problem with opkg backend17:18
sveinseRP: perfect, thank you very much. Appreciate it. -- If I ever so humbly may say so, I'm not too fond of the special SRC_URI syntax scheme. It is often confusingly similar to git URLs, but then again it isn't. When working with layers, the layer subrepos (which is not a bb thing) are configured, it is configured with git URLS, but in recipes one needs to change your mindset to the URLs. I mean this in best17:18
khemRP: I wonder if poky should change one of platforms to use opkgs17:18
sveinseintentions, its just confusing. Not trying to bite of the hand and so on...17:18
RPkhem: we do build them :/17:19
RPsveinse: I agree its far from perfect and its had a parallel evolution to other things in different spaces, its a tough one17:20
sveinseIt is17:20
RPkhem: is it worth putting a try:/except: around the subprocess call and put the exception into bb.warn() ?17:21
RPkhem: I'm sure we're missing data somehow17:22
khemRP: and its a new error, so maybe something changed in opkg in core17:25
khemI think we switched compression didnt we17:25
RPkhem: we upgraded and used their patch instead of ours17:25
RPkhem: you should talk to adelcast17:26
khemall the packages which fail in do_package_write_ipk17:26
khemfail at same place17:26
RPright, but what was the actual error?17:27
khemRP: you can reproduce it in poky too with opkg backend and bitbake cryptodev-module17:28
RPkhem: just tried locally, built fine17:29
khemwhich arch  ?17:29
RPkhem: qemux86-6417:29
adelcasthey khem, I am seeing your error this the error you are talking about?
khemI see, yes17:30
RPkhem: I maintain we need to fix that output so we get the real errors17:30
khemfor some reason its not able to build the ipk for kernel module other ipks in that recipe built ok17:31
khemyeah I think we need more debuggable info17:31
adelcastmmm, how can I reproduce it?17:31
khemadelcast: I use archlinux as buildhost which has python = python317:33
khemI wonder if thats in play but then I saw it fail on ubuntu 14.04 as well for qemumips and musl17:33
khemRP: maybe thats another test to try for you :) use TCLIBC = "musl"17:34
khemRP: and use qemuarm17:34
adelcastyeah, I am on arch too...17:34
khemadelcast: cool, first of all congratulations on using a proper distro17:35
adelcastah, I see, on poky and bitbake cryptodev-module17:35
khemsecondly, to reproduce it you can use Yoe Distro as well
khemand use . ./ && DISTRO=yoe-musl-sysvinit-wayland bitbake can-isotp17:38
khemRP: should I put try..catch around subprocess.check_output in meta/classes/package_ipk.bbclass line 23017:39
khemit does have stderr=subprocess.STDOUT17:39
khemso I wonder why its eating up info17:39
adelcastok, I am trying with Yoe disto....17:40
khemadelcast: cool17:40
*** sagner <sagner!~ags@> has quit IRC17:46
kroonnow i'm tempted to abandon debian for arch linux17:55
khemkroon: rolling distro is the future in my mind, time based releases are not scalable for todays connected world with chances of so much securities issues etc.17:59
khemask people who were involved in porting the spectre and meltdown to older kernels17:59
khemits a very expensive and regressive excercise18:00
khemthat money is well spent on testing and making sure that older hardware keeps performing on newer software18:00
kroonyeah, rolling distro is nice18:01
RPkhem: qemuarm musl built fine too18:01
sveinsekhem: what makes a rolling distro? Isn't an updated distro technically rolling as new updates are being pushed?18:01
sveinsekhem: them problem arises when a new version is released, then users are forked in two camps: The ones who dist-upgrade to newer version (=rolling-ish), and those who don't.18:02
sveinseHaving an rolling-update only would make it hard for the latter group.18:02
khemyes its a mindset18:05
khemcollect technical debt and pay off later, or pay now18:05
khembut when you pay now, its in small installments18:05
khemRP: so I introduce try except and it starts to work
*** cquast <cquast!~cquast@> has quit IRC18:09
khemwell no, it doesn't beging to build, but hide the existing error18:10
*** cquast <cquast!~cquast@> has joined #yocto18:11
adelcastalso, I have found arch to have way better quality than what I thought....I do system upgrades ~1 a month and they haven't been too painful (most times they are not painful at all)18:11
adelcastand when there are problems, the forums are really really good18:11
kergothoccasionally upgrades require a manual tweak, but not too bad, and usually the news on covers it anyway..18:12
adelcastyeah, or via the arch-announce mailing list18:13
sveinseAt least you're privileged with users/customers that are online all the time. We're operating in a marked where internet generally isn't available. This way once-a-month scheme goes south...18:13
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khemif you have no internet connectivity thats a different usecase but fading away case in future18:23
khemmost devices will be online and connected18:23
khematleast if iot has to succeed18:23
*** cquast <cquast!~cquast@> has quit IRC18:24
*** ebolton <ebolton!~ebolton@> has joined #yocto18:27
eboltonhey all, getting an error trying to build an SDK image with "dev-pkgs" enabled18:27
eboltonusbmuxd-dev             error: jsoncpp-dev-1.8.0-r2 conflicts with jsoncpp = 1.8.0-r218:28
eboltonneedless to say this makes no sense :)18:28
khemebolton: you can check the contents of these packages and their deps in build area for jsoncpp18:30
ebolton@khem: not sure how that helps....I think this is the root error, I have a recipe that DEPENDS on jsoncpp, and it generates this when I try to create the SDK image18:33
eboltonCan't install guidance-protocol-dev-git+0+0c4944dee7-r1@core2_32: Can't install jsoncpp-dev-1.8.0-r2@core2_32: no package provides jsoncpp = 1.8.0-r218:33
eboltonhow does jsoncpp-dev not know about jsoncpp?18:33
sveinseI'm currently running a concept evaluating if running docker on an embedded imx6 arm is a viable route. And to my surprise it works! I can pull stock docker images and run them on this yocto device.18:35
eboltonalso, don't mean to be terse...been a long week...I'm about to strangle bitbake18:35
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adelcastkhem: it reproduced, lemme dig19:12
khemRP: is still waiting19:12
khemadelcast: superb19:12
khemebolton: can you try adding ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1" to jasoncpp recipe19:13
rburtonebolton: sounds like that recipe is bust19:22
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ebolton@rburton: is a bit old...krogoth...could be @khem: will try, thx19:40
kergothkrogoth is more than a bit old ;)19:42
*** awe00 <awe00!~awe00@unaffiliated/awe00> has joined #yocto19:43
eboltonis amazing now long industrial hardware sticks around ;)19:44
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kergothHmm, seem sane? rburton? RP? i'll obviously send an RFC email, so feel free to ignore me for now, just looking to make sure i'm not crazy19:56
* kergoth gets more coffee19:57
adelcastkhem, the problem is that the package name is not adhering to Debian standards:20:00
adelcast*** Error: Package name kernel-module-can-isotp-4.14.73-linux4sam_6.0 contains illegal characters, (other than [a-z0-9.+-])20:00
adelcastIt has an _, which is not allowed (
adelcastthe dpkg backend should complain too20:01
khembut why does it not show20:01
khemon stdout20:02
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khemkergoth: I am on my 16th day without coffee, they say you need 21 days to shed a habit20:03
kergothI'm torn, I hate being hooked on caffeine, but i love the taste of coffee, and decaf limits a lot of your options..20:03
khemkergoth: you feel a lot better without caffaine20:03
khemI promise you20:03
kergothso i'm currently focused on just limiting the amount. one coffee when i wake up, one in the afternoon, tops. ideally just the morning would do20:04
kergothi wishi  liked the taste of tea better, its caffeine hits me less hard, no jitters20:04
adelcastopkg-build is sending the message to standard error20:04
adelcastecho "*** Error: Package name $pkg contains illegal characters, (other than [a-z0-9.+-])" >&220:04
khemI realised that you need to trick the brain, so the secret is, its the process which has a significant contribution to brain wanting it rather than the substance itself20:05
khemkergoth: so I do the same steps except I dont prepare coffee but herbal tea :)20:05
khemand my mind is tricked you see20:05
khemadelcast: do you see it on cmdline ?20:05
kergothI enjoy the routine of it and taste of it. the warm beverage while relaxed in the early morning, looking outside if it's light enough. tea would provide that without the caffeine though20:06
kergothadding a proper morning routine to kick the day off with intentional slowness has been hugely beneficial in my life20:06
khemkergoth: yep, its the process that you need to keep intact not substance20:06
adelcastyeah, I bitbake -cpackage_write_ipk, then ran the opkg-build command manually20:06
kergothstarts without the "rushing" all the time20:06
kergothwhich i like20:06
* kergoth not a fan of pointless busyness20:06
khemadelcast: so we still have a bug in bbclass where this message is not pumped into stdout20:07
adelcastyes, I am looking at subprocess.check_output20:08
*** marka <marka!~masselst@> has quit IRC20:09
khemadelcast: it seems we need to capture the output and then send it may be20:09
khemkergoth: I see that writing it down helps to offload20:09
* khem is at verge of starting the preaching session20:10
adelcastyep, that is it, lemme confirm...20:10
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RPkergoth: that patch looks sane to me20:18
*** sagner <sagner!~ags@> has joined #yocto20:21
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RPkergoth, khem: I cut caffeine out for about 9 months but found I do miss the tea forcing me to take breaks and I just like drinking it.Don't like coffee though20:47
ebolton@khem @rburton: apologies guys, I thought jsoncpp was a recipe in poky/meta, it was in our own company layer, and the recipe was placing the headers in the base package, not the -dev package...20:51
eboltonproblem solved20:51
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mrk377I have custom BSP layer using a 32bit pentium-M with a custom recipes-kernel/linux/ and defconfig.  If porting all OS setup recipes to an ATOM-E3845 (keep 32 bit), is it recommended to just update recipes-kernel for latest kernel?  And what is recommendation to generated a new defconfig?  How do I acquire the default defconfig?  Thanks for expert opions.21:29
mrk377opinions. ;) I need coffee too.21:30
mrk377I want a newer kernel since it's been locked at 3.14 due to old HW constraints.21:31
*** nst^ <nst^!> has quit IRC21:32
*** kroon <kroon!> has joined #yocto21:39
eboltonthe defconfig for any kernel should be in the build dir under tmp/work....the source is kept elsewhere post-krogoth (work-shared, not work)21:45
eboltonmake sure to look for hidden files if using a GUI based file browser (the name should be .config)21:46
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto21:46
cdgarrenHas anyone been able to add config fragment support to kernel recipes that don't inherit from yocto-kernel?21:48
mrk377ebolton: Thx.  Do you agree with just updating the kernel recipe for this BSP layer?  The system is headless (no UI).21:49
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC21:49
*** sno <sno!> has joined #yocto21:50
ebolton@mrk377: depends on whether or not you've modded the kernel and what drivers you need, headless def makes things less complicated because video card drivers are a nightmare21:50
mrk377The kernel was NOT modified.  It was just locked to 3.14 for a vendor kernel module that had to be compiled.21:51
ebolton@mrk377: then you should be'll have to compare the configs and enable drivers you care about in the new kernel (a defconfig from 3.x almost certainly won't work unmodded in a 4.x kernel)21:53
eboltonother than that....bitbake core-image-minimal and give it a spin :)21:53
adelcastkhem, I think I have a patch ready, I'll send it to the list and you can comment there?21:54
ebolton@cdgarren: does the kernel recipe inherit from kernel.bbclass?21:59
mrk377ebolton:  Thx. I have a bitbake targets (i.e. core-image-xyx and core-image-xyz-dev).  Yeah, I don't want to miss some setting/options when jumping 3.14->4.14 in the machine xyz.conf file or other new options.22:02
ebolton@cdgarren: disregard, I'm not 100% sure where the config fragment code lives22:02
*** sgw <sgw!sgw@nat/intel/x-btsxptkxoguhxorl> has quit IRC22:02
cdgarren@ebolton: From what I can tell, the config fragment stuff lives in kernel-yocto.bbclass22:03
ebolton@cdgarren: I couldn't find the code in krogoth, but you may be right...can you not inherit that class?22:04
*** kroon <kroon!> has quit IRC22:04
cdgarren@ebolton: I'm working in sumo, not sure when it was added. Inheriting it wasn't just a drop in fix, so it may need some real work to make it happen.22:04
ebolton#cdgarren: it's an OLD feature...I was using it for a 3.10 kernel in dizzy :)22:05
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