Friday, 2019-01-18

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malanecoraI'm using gcc and gccsdk 7.3% (in order to be able to compile linux-yocto_4.4% kernel) , in consequence gcc-sanitizers' build is crashing due to the non existence of sys/ustat.h. As far as I remember, sys/ustat.h has been removed from glibc07:37
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malanecoraMy glibc is on version 2.2807:40
malanecoraIs it worth using an older version of glibc or shouild I just disable sanitize features from gcc?07:42
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BlauskaerMI know there is a way to assign functions to a specific machine, like IMAGE_BOOT_FILES_machine1. But is there a way to assign the same function to two machines?08:34
BlauskaerMOr do I have to write it on two lines? IMAGE_BOOT_FILES_machine1 += "file" and IMAGE_BOOT_FILES_machine2 += "file" ?08:35
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JP4uHello guys, someone here knows how to remove task dependency in Yocto ? :) ( i have made a custom image class and it depends of do-image_cpio but i'm in a circular dependency :S Thx!08:46
BlauskaerMDont know if it works or if its recommended but could you try: do_image_cpio[depends] = ""08:48
JP4uBlauskaerM: Thx but i would like to remove a dependy or find how to change mine ^^ I have also try do_image_cpio[recrdeps] -= "do_image-custom"08:51
JP4ubut doesn't work :(08:51
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henriknjIs it possible to make a custom do_foobar() task depend on the src_uri file signatures - so it will run whenever any of the file signatures changes08:53
JP4uhenriknj: the do-fecth doesn't do that already ?08:54
BlauskaerMJP4u: Do you want to remove it all together or do you want to run do_image_cpio before or after do_image-custom ?08:54
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JP4uBlauskaerM: in fact do_image_custom needs cpio.gz as input ( in order to build a custom fit image) so i have added do_image-custom[recrdeps] = "do_image_cpio" but doesn't do what i want ^^09:04
BlauskaerM#Could you try: do_image-custom[depends] += ""09:06
BlauskaerMWhat's the name of your image recipe?09:06
JP4uimage recipe name : image-custom.bbclass09:07
JP4ui have also added do_image-custom[depends] with virtual/dtb:do_deploy / kernel:deploy and ${IMAGE_BASENAME}:do_build09:08
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BlauskaerMI had a simular problem the other day09:09
JP4uI don't understand why a task depends is between do_cpio and my custom image type :S09:10
BlauskaerMThe do_image function builds all image formats specified in IMAGE_FSTYPES and later moves them to the deploy folder with do_image_complete09:11
BlauskaerMDo you need the cpio file for the wik image creation ?09:11
JP4uBlauskaerM: it's a good info09:11
JP4uBlauskaerM: Yes I need to put the .cpio.gz output file inside my custom type so i will try to change deps09:12
BlauskaerMYou could make the do_image_wic function dependent on do_image_cpio. But keep in mind that the files wont be present in the deply folder at this stage. If you want to add the cpio.gz file you could add it to the IMAGE_BOOT_FILES variable.09:14
BlauskaerMIn your image recepie. Could you try to add: do_imace_wic[depends] += image-cusom:do_image_cpio"09:15
BlauskaerMAnd then09:15
BlauskaerMIMAGE_BOOT_FILES += "${IMGDEPLOYDIR}/${IMAGE_NAME}.rootfs.cpio.gz"09:15
JP4uBlauskaerM: I'm going to make a try09:16
BlauskaerMThe cpio is finished but not in the deploy folder. But you can still find it in ${IMGDEPLOYDIR}09:16
BlauskaerMUse IMAGE_BOOT_FILES += "${IMGDEPLOYDIR}/${IMAGE_NAME}.rootfs.cpio.gz;FILENAME"09:17
BlauskaerMThis will put the cpio file in to /boot with the name FILENAME09:18
BlauskaerMIm taking this from one of my own recipes so the names might differ from yours09:19
JP4uBlauskaerM: thx i will adapt that and keep in touch :)09:20
JP4uBlauskaerM: thx for your time09:20
BlauskaerMUse: bitbake image-cusom -e | grep -v "^#" | less09:20
BlauskaerMTo see your variables09:20
BlauskaerMGood luck o/09:20
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: configure: error: missing __attribute__ ((constructor)) support? <>09:21
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JP4uBlauskaerM: I have to double check some steps but seems work :-) Thank you guy ;)09:28
BlauskaerMJP4u: Live long and prosper09:30
JP4uBlauskaerM: thx Mr Spock09:31
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Guest59923Hi,  I hope somebody can help me with understanding my "problem" I want to add some files in my rootfs under /usr/bin If i compile my qt application it will be created under packages-split -> projectname-tools folder. If i want to add the same file in another location for instance /test/application The application will be created under packages-split -> projectname.  Can somebody help me understand this "issue"? It happend on a upg09:51
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JP4uGuest59923: Maybe add a .bbappend on the QT recipe ? do_deploy_append() { <do what you want here> } or set ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append ( dirty)09:56
Guest59923yeah, i can also add projectname-tools to the image_install part. But i want to know why i need to add the -tools part to the projectname to get the application in the /usr/bin folder09:58
JP4uGuest59923: Ok i told you all i know...09:59
Guest59923thanks :)10:00
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sarah_connorHi! "bitbake core-image-minimal" reports an error in do_package_write_ipk with "*** Error: Package name  contains illegal characters, (other than [a-z0-9.+-])". I just added "package_ipk" and "opkg" and "package-management" in my local.conf to trigger that error. Do you have an idea what is going on here?10:09
sarah_connorIt's suspicious that we have two spaces in the error message, as if there's an empty string10:11
JP4usarah_connor: a bad copy/paste from windows ?10:13
sarah_connorJP4u: in local.conf?10:13
henriknjJP4u: im sure it does, but I have a custom task to do some variable expansion in the files10:23
henriknjJP4u: but I might just take a look at do_fetch and see how it is done there10:26
JP4usarah_connor: maybe yes10:26
JP4uhenriknj: you can also play with time stamp, it's dirty but you can force the fetch for each build10:27
sarah_connorJP4u: I'm quite sure I haven't copied from Windows, but to get sure I reverted the changes in local.conf and did them again with a linux editor and also called "dos2unix local.conf", but it does not help.10:28
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JP4uhenriknj: Some tasks are marked as "nostamp" tasks. No timestamp file is created when these tasks are run. Consequently, "nostamp" tasks are always rerun.10:28
henriknjJP4u: yeah im aware of that, and already tried that - didn't really work though10:28
JP4usarah_connor: maybe pastebin some log :)10:29
JP4uhenriknj: how do you set SRC_URI var ? from Git or personnal repo ? local files ,10:29
henriknjjust local files10:29
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JP4uhenriknj: personally I put all sources in a git repo with ${AUTOREV} to track the last commit of a branch, if i made some changes in the repo do_fetch function is run again10:31
sarah_connorJP4u: this is how the error appears:
sarah_connorJP4u: this is my current local.conf:
JP4uIMAGE_INSTALL_append = " opkg mytest"  != IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "opkg mytest"  try that ;)10:36
JP4usarah_connor: I mean remove the first space after the = symbole10:37
JP4uor use +=10:37
sarah_connorJP4u: trying...10:37
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sarah_connorJP4u: no, it doesn't help. I wonder why the error message comes after "Subprocess output: kernel-module-snd-hwdep....", can you see a link between the error and that module?10:42
JP4usarah_connor: I'm not an expert sorry...10:45
sarah_connorJP4u: anyway, thanks!10:45
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JP4usarah_connor: maybe check kernel driver recipe, are you sure is needed ?10:45
JP4usarah_connor: have you made some changes inside meta-fsl ?10:46
sarah_connorJP4u: no, just added my own meta layer with just a helloworld.c10:46
sarah_connorthe rest is pure yocto + fsl stuff10:47
JP4usarah_connor: seems come from audio driver sound/core/snd-hwdep.ko10:49
JP4umaybe disable Alsa in kernel conf10:49
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto populate SDK - Receipe inherit from cmake <>10:51
sarah_connorJP4u: A strange thing is everytime I repeat "bitbake core-image-minimal" Subprocess output reports another kernel module10:52
JP4usarah_connor: issue in cache ? maybe try -c cleanall on the kernel and/or image recipe10:53
sarah_connorJP4u: trying...10:54
yacarHi there, I posted here yesterday about an issue I had with parsing stuff. I don't know if this is reproductible with standard yocto and devtool (I'm using a vendor release) but the issue came from the do_patch function.10:55
yacarfrom workspace/appends/linux-mainline_4.14.39-phy4.bbappend in the sdk, the do_patch function shall be replaced with do_patch[noexec] = "1"10:56
boucman_workok, I was debugging with yacar, so here is a little more details10:58
yacarthanks @boucman_work :)10:58
boucman_workbasically, devtool generates a bbappend which contains "do_patch {:}"10:58
boucman_workwhich (semantically) changes the do_patch into a nop10:58
boucman_workproblem is, in this vendor distro, there is some code, somewhere that seems to do a do_patch_append()10:59
boucman_workso the nop wouldn't work.10:59
boucman_workThe situation is made worth because do_patch is actually python code, so the do_patch_append ends up adding python code to shell code (the ":" is the shell nop)11:00
boucman_workso by generating do_patch[noexec] ="1" we cleanly disable do_patch in a way that has much less chances to break exotic setups11:00
boucman_workremaining question (for us) : is there an upstream bug to fix :)11:01
RPrburton: -next ok with you? (I've dropped the bitbake.conf prefix change for now)11:03
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rburtonRP: i haven't built-tested it yet, have you buildhistory-diff'd the upgrades?11:06
RPrburton: autobuilder should have!11:07
rburtonhave you looked at the diff? :)11:07
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RPrburton: no ;-)11:07
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RPhmm, buildhistory is odd :/11:10
RPrburton: is the one we want I think11:12
RPrburton: Looks like a lot of debug files disappeared11:14
* RP reports that on the list11:15
RPrburton: apart from that the diff looked ok but I'll let you run your process. I've run the GL patchset on top on the AB in the meantime11:21
kanavinRP: I made a demo video for that
kanavinrburton: ^^^11:28
kanavinnot sure whe the video plays in 360p here, I did upload the HD version11:29
rburtonyoutube needs time to reprocess11:29
erboI see higher res versions, 720p + 1080p11:30
kanavinprobably missing codecs in browser11:31
RPkanavin: nice! :)11:31
kanavinRP: not sure if you noticed, v3 of the patch adds headless support11:31
kanavinso qemu renders into memory and makes that available via vnc or spice11:31
RPkanavin: I like that, we already use vnc on the autobuilders11:34
kanavinRP: I also added a couple of checks into selftest, so that gtk test runs only if DISPLAY is set, and headless test runs only if mesa drivers are available on the host machine11:35
kanavinRP: how is vnc used? is there a vnc client involved somehow?11:35
kanavinor just that qemu is configured to run a server, but nothing actually connects11:35
RPkanavin: we start a vnc server to make DISPLAY available for SDL11:36
RPwe can in theory connect to it to debug if we wanted11:36
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Jpu4hi all11:40
kanavinRP: right, I think gtk opengl test will not be able to use that, as it is using GLX11:41
Jpu4I have a package using cmake but my includes files is not shipped in SDK. Any recommendations ?11:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto parallel configuration packages files conflict <>11:51
BlauskaerMHow can I override do_image_wic with a machine value?11:59
BlauskaerMOr, can every variable be overridden?12:00
ernstpBlauskaerM: basically yes12:06
BlauskaerMSo its possible to override do_image_wic to apply to a specific machine with do_image_wic_machine1 ?12:07
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rburtonJpu4: you ddin't install the image into the image that the sdk is based on?12:35
Jpu4rburton: i described more my issue here :
RPkanavin: you probably need to look through
rburtonthose files should be in the -dev package for a start.  you still haven't confirmed that the image depends on your recipe.12:40
Jpu4i've set DEPENDS +="spdlog" in my recipe that depend of this package12:42
henriknjDo we have something like the wic templates ( for ordinary files?12:42
kanavinRP: yeah, has been watching anxiously for the past 20 minutes or so :)12:42
Jpu4in my I've set CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL +="mypackage"12:43
rburtonhenriknj: something like
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erboJpu4: only packages explicitly in IMAGE_INSTALL will get their -dev packages in an SDK, if I recall correctly. Not those who are only pulled in as dependencies to other packages in IMAGE_INSTALL12:43
RPkanavin: not sure I understand some of the things failing there :/12:43
rburtonJpu4: erbo isn't correct12:44
erbooh :(12:44
kanavinRP: some are obvious (musl compile failures), others can be tricky, like qemu failing to start against vnc with the new gtk frontend12:45
henriknjrburton: yeah like that12:45
erboRP: But adding the missing -dev packages to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK should fix it, right?12:45
henriknjrburton: already implemented similar functionality myself, but would rather use something upstream12:46
rburtonhenriknj: feel free to copy that and send me any improvements.  as a proof of concept it worked well, but the todo is quite a big poblem12:46
rburtonhenriknj: get the todo sorted somehow and we can merge it into oe-core...12:46
henriknjrburton: alright, ill look into it12:46
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Jpu4I have to add something to export my includes files into SDK ?12:49
rburtonnope, if PN is in an image, then PN-dev will be in a SDK generated from that image12:49
rburtondid you check that the files don't exist, and its not cmake breaking instead?12:49
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Jpu4Yes. I checked. I installed the sdk and The file doesn't exist12:51
erborburton: are you sure the -dev packages for all packages in an image ends up in SDK?12:52
rburtonerbo:, line 571.  complementary packages are based on the actual list of installed packages.12:56
erborburton: and that list contains  packages pulled in as runtime dependencies too?12:58
rburtonits the list of packages *actually* installed in the sdk12:59
erboI know we have work-around for that behavior in a project currently on rocko, maybe things have changed12:59
rburtonnope.  if you can replicate that not happening then please file a bug with the example12:59
erboOk, I'll try it out using vanilla poky13:00
*** Piraty <Piraty!~irc@unaffiliated/piraty> has quit IRC13:01
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*** cquast_ is now known as cquast13:23
BlauskaerMHow can I override do_image_cpio with a specific machine? do_image_cpio_machine1 does not work =/13:26
Jpu4Yes. Files specified in FILES_${PN}-dev included in SDK13:29
Jpu4thanks all13:29
sarah_connorhmm... meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-bsp/recipes-kernel/linux/  contains 2 lines which could be the reason why do_package_write_ipk fails with "Package name  contains illegal characters, (other than [a-z0-9.+-])13:33
sarah_connorSRCBRANCH = "imx_4.9.88_2.0.0_ga"13:33
sarah_connorLOCALVERSION = "-${SRCBRANCH}"13:33
sarah_connorThat variable LOCALVERSION contains underscore then13:33
sarah_connorAnybody here who knows about that piece of code?13:34
sarah_connorThere was already a patch here but it seems there are more places of that type of bug13:35
sarah_connorWhat should I do now?13:36
*** yates_home <yates_home!> has quit IRC13:36
sarah_connorAny freescale gurus around here? :)13:42
sarah_connorThe problem is I could try to hack with my half-knowledge but I think I'd more break than fix things :D13:43
sarah_connorActually it would be nice if sources/poky/meta/classes/package_ipk.bbclass fixes the package name automatically and replaces the bad chars with e.g. "-" or at least outputs what the evil string is why things break13:46
sarah_connor...there in do_package_write_ipk()13:47
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meow`Hi, is there an equivalent to BBMASK to hide a bbclass and an .inc file ?14:35
*** stephano <stephano!stephano@nat/intel/x-qofmpspdokqkkgmb> has joined #yocto14:37
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lpapphi, why cannot use local git fetcher?14:45
lpappthis is my attempt: SRC_URI = " git:///home/lpapp/Projects/foo;protocol=file;nocheckout=1 \14:45
lpappSRCREV exists in /home/lpapp/Projects/foo14:45
lpappis it because it is looking for the commit upstream, why?14:46
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~Trevor@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto14:47
kergothyou havent' said what hte actual error is14:47
meow`lpapp: try to add nobranch=114:47
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC14:48
mihailpapp, maybe this can help you
rburtongit clones from local repositories work fine, no magic required14:49
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto14:49
rburtonplease say what the error is and people can stop guessing :)14:49
* zeddii blames aliens14:50
rburtonnah its never aliens.  its dragons.14:50
* zeddii nods14:51
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* RP likes dragons15:47
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meow`so no one knows how to hide a .bbclass and an .inc file ? :)16:09
RPmeow`: other than tweaking BBPATH so it can't see the directories, or adding a dummy copy somewhere higher in BBPATH, no16:17
RPrburton: I assume you reviewed buildhistory now?16:18
*** jostor <jostor!55a495f3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:19
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*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC16:22
rburtonRP: oh sorry, yes, fine16:23
rburtonRP: haven't reviewed the qemu pathbomb yet though16:23
RPrburton: it not ready yet16:24
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*** varjag <varjag!> has joined #yocto16:30
varjagis there a way to 'uninherit' in .bbappend?16:30
RPvarjag: no16:31
varjagor should one make their own .bb instead16:31
varjagRP: i see, thanks16:31
meow`RP: ok, thanks!16:38
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:33
kanavinRP: could be tested again, I fixed a few things, and there would be a clearer picture on what is still not working17:33
*** dev1990 <dev1990!> has quit IRC17:33
kanavinrburton ^^^17:33
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khemRP: that debug prefix map broke my nightly builds :)18:03
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto18:09
RPkhem: it wasn't so bad for ours, just go issues but it did beak the -dbg packages18:12
*** cquast <cquast!~cquast@> has quit IRC18:12
RPkanavin: after the AB maintenance window18:12
RPkanavin: halstead can probably trigger it, or I will later18:12
khemyeah so whole night is lost on me18:12
RPkhem: well, the point is to find these issues18:12
khemRP: I sent a patch to clean up STAGINGCC18:12
RPkhem: it didn't merge18:12
RPkhem: that is a win18:13
khemRP: yes thats right18:13
RPkhem: nice to get rid of those!18:13
khemRP: yes, they were adding directories to path which dont exist or are not needed18:14
halsteadRP, I can start it. Just default master settings otherwise.18:14
RPhalstead: yes please18:14
*** geissonator <geissonator!~geissonat@> has quit IRC18:14
khemRP: I am thinking of renaming glibc/binutils/gdb recipes to not have version in recipe name inside the recipe18:15
*** kroon <kroon!> has joined #yocto18:15
khemI am mean to move the PV into recipe18:15
RPkhem: why?18:16
khemmakes it easly to upgrade as they use git fetcher18:16
RPkhem: I'd much prefer we used tarball releases to be honest18:16
khemRP: it makes easy for me to maintain an overlay to switch to master versions of them18:16
RPkhem: its much less overhead for fresh builds18:17
RPkhem: how about we have git and tarball versions of the recipe?18:17
RPkhem: we could even bring back poky-bleeding to test them18:17
* RP needs to head afk for a bit18:17
khemI think that would work too but how these components have developed release overtime is that minor releases are a simple bump in SRCREV instead of having a lot of patches in metadata18:18
khemRP: before you go afk I have bsp patches held up on
kergothkhem: rburton's devupstream class may be of use18:25
halsteadRP, and perf-ubuntu1604 are attached. I skipped setting up KVM/qemu and the tun devices since they are not used.18:27
halsteadRP, I'm going to finish the rest of the machines now then start that build.18:27
*** geissonator <geissonator!~geissonat@> has joined #yocto18:30
aehs29RP: I got a question about the --with-sysroot=/not/exist configure opt to the compilers18:32
aehs29RP: in the commit you mention its purpose was to poison the build, to catch code that was making assumptions on the sysroot, that I get18:33
khemkergoth: good point I have meant to make is usable18:33
aehs29but also, Paul mentioned something on an email regarding that after using that option, we can share the same compiler per architecture, not per machine18:33
aehs29that I dont get18:33
aehs29is it just because the STAGING_TARGET_DIR will change per machine?18:34
aehs29khem: help ^^ hah18:34
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Build git directory is missing for Kernel <>18:53
khemaehs29: that option adds a default sysroot (internal) to compiler and will be used when its not specified on cmdline18:56
khemwhich in OE is machine specific18:56
khemso if we poison the internal sysroot then we open it up18:56
RPaehs29: It means that we always need to pass in a path as the default is never right. We moved on and have a sysroot per recipe now18:58
RPhalstead: sounds good thanks!18:59
RPkhem: queued in -next19:01
RPaehs29: we do only built the compiler once per arch and this means the compiler paths arent arch specific19:02
khemRP: thanks superb19:05
khemRP: yeah with RSS it should be automatically poisoned19:05
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kanavinRP: thanks, let me know :)19:16
kanavinRP: btw, slightly disappointed at lack of reaction to AUH19:17
*** rozachar <rozachar!~rozachar@2001:420:284a:1300:14a0:52cf:a9fa:69e0> has joined #yocto19:17
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halsteadkanavin, Are there changes that need to be pulled into the production AUH?19:24
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC19:51
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halsteadkanavin, Started
RPkanavin: yes, could be better. Just patches from you/I so far20:02
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aehs29RP: khem ok, thanks guys21:19
Piratyhi. where can i possibly find docs on how to create / manage opkg / ipk repositories (creating index, signing, etc) ?21:24
Piratyalso, can anyone elaborate on how much yoctos's opkg diverged from openwrt's ?21:24
Crofton|workmaybe adelcast21:27
adelcastPiraty: opkgwrt is based on an old fork of opkg, about 5 years old21:29
adelcast(last time I checked)21:29
*** marka <marka!~masselst@> has quit IRC21:29
Piratyat least they managed to move to cmake which probably makes some thing easier, but i didn't dive that deep to find out21:29
Piratyhi adelcast :)21:30
adelcastAll their patches were integrated into upstream opkg a couple of years ago...but then they didn't move to use upstream opkg21:30
adelcasthi, =)21:30
adelcastoh, I wasn't aware of that!, I need to check it out....I would LOVE to move opkg to cmake21:30
adelcasta year ago someone contacted me, wanting to collaborate on the project, then decided to take on the move to cmake....I have some guidance but then didn't hear back from him again21:31
Piratyi didn't check the build of openwrt yet, but my router runs it, so it seems to work :D21:33
adelcast**checking openwrt repositorty21:34
Piratyhow's the contribution process for yocto's ? mailing list?21:35
adelcastyep, opkg-devel@googlegroups.com21:36
Piratyg00gl3 yay21:36
adelcastwow, they have diverged a lot21:37
adelcastthey forked opkg on 2011-04-0821:37
adelcastthey backported some of the newer stuff...I have no idea why they just used the latest opkg and upstream their changes21:39
adelcastI need to contact them to see if we can plan on merging the branches, makes no sense to me to have a fork21:40
adelcastregarding documentation for creating indexes....there is no man page, but the script itself now has documentation (recent change), so running opkg-make-index (0.4) should give you instructions on how to use it21:43
adelcastfor signing you can follow the instructions here:
adelcastat some point that info should make it into one of the man pages21:44
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has quit IRC21:45
Crofton|workadelcast, tehy are the fork :)21:45
adelcasthehe, yeah, I meant: "make no sense to me that they forked while there is an active upstream"21:46
Crofton|workI wonder if we had ustream then?21:55
Crofton|workmaybe ask paulbarker if he knows history21:55
*** kristoiv <kristoiv!> has quit IRC21:57
kergothiirc opkg did lack a maintainer for a short time, no idea if it was when they forked, though21:58
kergothsurprised they didn't merge back when it was maintaineda gain, likely a lack of resources on their end21:58
*** kristoiv <kristoiv!> has joined #yocto22:05
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Piratythanks adelcast , will take a a look soon, and probably come back here for more ;)22:37
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has quit IRC22:39
Piratyat least #openwrt-devel doesn't seem responsive in regard to opkg22:39
*** NU-Slacker <NU-Slacker!~NU-Slacke@> has quit IRC22:41
RPadelcast: I keep meaning to ask you, would there be any objection to patches adding SPDX license headers to opkg?22:48
RPadelcast: I think its time we looked at this for various Yocto Project things22:48
*** mrk377 <mrk377!442d9918@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto22:58
adelcastRP: not at all,  makes sense to me23:05
*** aleblanc <aleblanc!> has quit IRC23:18
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mrk377QUESTION: If I have MACHINE_FEATURES += "efi pcbios" in my conf, but when running wic with a *.wks file line(part /boot --source bootimg-pcbios --ondisk sda --label boot --active --align 1024) it fails with "Couldn't find correct bootimg_dir, exiting".23:21
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has quit IRC23:23
mrk377I'm curious what could cause this failure, although I have migrated to some new hardware and slight changes to recipes.23:23
ds2is there a small/tiny distro that defaults to everything being read only except for a ramdisk so it is completely powerfailure agnostic?23:25
kergothpoky-tiny could be a decent starting point. could adjust to use musl and then use one of the initramfs recipes and configure your bootloader appropriately for the hardware in question23:26
ds2so if I don't care about size, poky-tiny will meet the power failure agnostic part?23:27
ds2or do I still need the initramfs recipe tweaks?23:28
kergothnot sure what you mean. any distro can build a read only rootfs by enabling the imag efeature for it23:28
kergothdistro and image are independent axes of the build. any image can be built for any distro23:28
ds2hmm? thought most distros still want a writeable /var?23:28
mrk377I use: EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES =read-only-rootfs23:28
ds2no, not just readonly rootfs; no writeable media period.23:29
ds2just a ramdisk23:29
kergothds2: enabling a read only rootfs will automatically use tmpfs for certain areas, unless you use overlayfs or a data partition23:29
ds2kergoth: got it. ro rootfs on desktop is a weaker definition23:29
kergothtmpfs *is* a ramdisk. but booting an initramfs as your rootfs depends on the configuration of your bootloader for the particular machine/bsp, as i mentioned before23:29
kergothto ensure your kernel cmdline is set correctly for that configuration23:29
ds2not worried about bootloader bit... it is the userland blackmagic that I am unsure of23:30
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC23:31
ds2so I don't care about the distro. just need to add EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES=read-only-rootfs to whatever distro, right?23:31
kergothit's handled for you by the implementation of hte read-only-rootfs distro feature, generally23:31
*** ferlzc <ferlzc!~ferlzc@> has joined #yocto23:31
kergothsystemd tmpfiles configurations and/or sysvinit volatiles helps to populate any tmpfs areas, volatile-binds recipe sets up bind mounts to make other areas writeable without losing existing directory contents23:32
kergoththere's a varaiblke to control which areas you need to be writable for your userland apps23:32
kergoths/distro feature/image feature/23:33
kergoththe default setup assumes you don't need to persist any user configuration, if you do, you'll need to make some tweaks23:33
kergotharrange for the writable areas to be based on a user data partition rather than tmpfs, for example23:33
kergothdepends on your requirements, obviously23:33
ds2or I can do it as a custom thing like a script with mtools ;)23:34
ds2cool, this is easier then I expect23:34
kergothif you want ot do something custom, you can basically do whatever you want, the read-only-rootfs bits is just how oe-core does it23:34
kergoththere are minimal rootfs images suitable for initramfs usage in oe-core, though a couple of them make assumptions about how they'll be used. initramfs-framwork is avaiable, but of course that's more for a typical boot the initramfs to switch to a real rootfs use case. all you really need is a tiny rootfs image (i.e. core-image-minimal) with IMAGE_FSTYPES set to cpio or cpio.gz23:36
kergothsome folks sidestep all the read-only-rootfs logic and tmpfs mount symlinks and bind mounting in favor of an overlayfs-based setup, your call exactly how you want to make things writable23:37
ds2I want to avoid the kernel controlling a writeable FS. so the minimal seems to be what I want23:37
ds2using mtools to write out data to presist seems to be the simpliest way23:38
kergothof course, a full initramfs based setup probably doens't need any of that, obviously, i have no idea why i brought that up, probably due to the mention of read only. booting hte entire rootfs from ram makes it a nonissue23:38
* kergoth nods23:38
ds2outside of yocto, some of that gets hairy23:38
kergothusing a small distro can still be of use to shrink the image by removing features from installed packages, i.e. optional deps on x1123:38
kergothor use musl instead of glibc, etc, to reduce initramfs size23:39
kergothbut its largely independent of the image. machine/distro/image orthogonality is a core feature of the project23:39
kergothi think 90% of what i've written about in the past 15 minutes doesn't help you at all, but oh well, it's background if nothing else :)23:40
kergothshort answer: yes you can do what you want, just depends on your requirements23:40
ds2or depends on my yocto skillz :D23:40
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