Saturday, 2019-01-19

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aehs29ds2: theres also a core-image-tiny which sets some of that (along with poky-tiny, the distro)00:05
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khemadelcast: another opkg issue
derRichardwhat is the suggested approach do deal with backports? for example, i'm on thud but need openssl-1.1.1a. so i'd backport the openssl recipe from openembedded-core master. to avoid a mess i'm thining of createn a new layer like "openembedded-core-backport" where i keep these backports10:20
derRichardwhat do you think?10:20
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RPkanavin: :(11:17
RPderRichard: that would seem reasonable11:17
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Piratyadelcast: still links v0.312:28
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Piraty(just fyi) ;)12:32
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mithroIf anyone is at 2019 I have FPGA Tomu boards and other give aways for people!20:31
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Crofton|workmarex-cloud, ^^^20:34
marex-cloudCrofton|work: I don't think I'd have any use for it20:35
marex-cloudmithro: would be nice to chat though20:35
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mithromarex-cloud: nrossi was looking into how to replace my current monstrosity of shell scripts with Yocto / OpenEmbedded.
mithroWould love help making that work...21:06
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kroonkhem: archlinux is nice. but shouldn't we be running self-built yocto dists nowadays ?22:48
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