Monday, 2019-01-21

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mckoangood morning08:08
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mcfriskhi, some ptests are dlopening libs from .so symlink which is only in -dev packages. Are patches to switch loading .so.6 etc ok?10:20
kanavinhalstead: AUH is fine, however I would like RRS to be either fixed, or switched off, as it keeps sending outdated reports to yocto@ ML10:21
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kanavinRP: " Can't open file /home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/qemux86-64-x32/build/build/tmp/work/x86_64_x32-poky-linux-gnux32/perl/5.28.1-r0/image/usr/libx32/perl5/5.28.1/x86_64-linux/.packlist: No such file or directory at installman line 183."10:25
kanavinlet me check what that means...10:25
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malanecoraHi guys! Is it possible to select the GCC (GCC SDK) version for a single recipe? I just want to compile an older pkg that wouldnt compile otherwise11:16
kanavinmalanecora: you can patch the source in the older package instead, I don't think cherry-picking compilers is possible11:18
kanavinRP: patch for perl sent11:18
malanecorakanavin: OK, fair enough...I'll try to figure out how to do it. Ty!11:19
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malanecorakanavin: Could be possible to remove some compilation flags from the list (CFLAGS?)?11:29
malanecoraIf it is would be way more straightforward11:30
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rburtonmalanecora: absolutely11:51
rburtonwhat flag?11:51
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RPkanavin: thanks! :)12:02
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malanecorarburton: -lnsl12:11
malanecorarburton: but sadly, I think it won't do the trick :/12:11
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rburtonthat looks like something the makefile is doing itself12:12
rburtonif you pastebin the errors we might be able to help12:12
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malanecorarburton: Ty, I managed to solve if pathcing the in the sources13:43
malanecoraNow I'm getting "Error: No manifest generated from: wl12xx-fw " and it is weird, because this recipe worked as expected in Rocko13:44
malanecoraIs not the build system suposed to do that job?13:45
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malanecoraThe build of the standalone package doesn't break13:50
malanecoraBut it does when I try to add it to my image13:51
malanecoraWell, I get this warning: wl12xx-fw: /wl12xx-fw/lib/firmware/ti-connectivity/wl128x-fw-4-plt.bin is owned by uid 1000, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination [host-user-contaminated]13:52
malanecoraMay be it has something to do here...13:52
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prabhakarladHi, all is it possible to evaluate a yocto  variable (MACHINE) in a recipe, (I have a defconfig which is same for both the machines apart from one config), so I would like to check ${MACHINE} inside do_compile_prepend() and append .config file depending on the MACHINE is that possible ?14:18
LetoThe2ndprabhakarlad: its possible, but probably easier to do without code at all. i guess we are talking about the kernel config?14:21
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prabhakarladLetoThe2nd: yes the kernel config, (I dont want to have 2 copies of the config), could you please point me to some example.14:26
rburtonprabhakarlad: in shell just do ${MACHINE}, it gets expanded for yo14:27
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LetoThe2ndprabhakarlad: well we use two configs and SRC_URI_append_machine = "machine_defconfig", basically14:28
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prabhakarladrburton: LetoThe2nd: thank you for the pointers :)14:39
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RPjonmason: let me know if you're around15:13
jonmasonRP: I'm here, but just getting to my computer15:14
RPjonmason: ok. I tried the qemuarm patchset but couldn't get it to work, on the autobuilder or locally :(15:14
jonmasonis it the defcnfig?15:15
jonmasonthat is a second series I sent out first15:15
jonmasonit need that or it won't work15:15
RPjonmason: I have no idea. Doesn't show any signs of life under qemu15:15
jonmasonok, i'll take a look15:16
RPjonmason: Which second series? was this kernel changes Bruce merged?15:16
jonmason"[kernel-cache][PATCH 0/2] qemuarm: config changes needed for rename"15:17
jonmasonlet me update and see if he pulled it in over the weekend15:17
jonmasondoesn't appear to be in15:18
RPjonmason: ok, that explains it15:18
* RP will wait for that to merge and update then we can retest15:18
jonmasonbut in his defence, I sent out late on friday and this is a holiday weekend15:18
RPjonmason: right, I just hadn't realised the dependency15:18
RPjonmason: We're due M2 today but I'd really like to have this in15:19
jonmasonI debated putting that in the 0/2 patch, but since it was OE decided that it was unrelated.  poor decision?15:19
RPjonmason: a mention would have been helpful15:19
* zeddii is here15:20
jonmasonwill know for next time.  I'm still a bit confused about the relations between the projects15:20
zeddiiRP: I did test the series locally.15:20
zeddiiI can have the patch out to the list before the top of the hour15:20
RPzeddii: thanks, I can then test the next stage and see if this is good for M2 :)15:20
zeddiiI always want to run some of the beasties myself, everything looked sane here.15:21
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zeddiiok. I'll get to finishing it up.15:21
jonmasonworth noting, there might be an issue with the 4.19-tiny.  It looks to be referencing a 4.15 brance for qemuarm(v5)15:23
no_such_userAfternoon! Is there an easy way to get build details / status / summary after running bitbake from the command line, much in the way that toaster can show status? Wondering if its trivial to do this so I can hook into a notification API ...15:24
jonmasonno_such_user: there is a log file15:24
zeddiioh yah. armin pointed that one out to me. I can tweak it here.15:24
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no_such_userjonmason: Sure, but its not really in an easily parsable format - Im wondering how toaster gets its status summaries15:27
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RPjonmason: I'd wondered about that 4.15 reference15:31
malanecoraHave the WL12xx and WL18xx FW of meta-ti been replaced by linux-firmware of meta-oe?15:36
jonmasonRP: I'm seeing compile warnings on it too.  So, I think it needs to TLC.  I was going to open bugs to track all the qemuarm* kernel compiler warnings15:36
RPjonmason: We can't get the bitbake warnings 100% cleaned up yet but it is nice to fix these things...15:37
kergothno_such_user: toaster is a bitbake UI, so interacts with the server programmatically with python. it's not emitted in json or something15:37
RPno_such_user: have a look at bitbake events, you can drive things from them15:40
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no_such_userRP: Ah, that looks handy, thanks!15:52
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adelcastPiraty, thanks, just saw your message...that page is an archive, not the upstream. Up to v0.3.0, opkg code home was on google code, but then it moved to the yocto git servers (
Piratyi thought you still maintained it, because the mailing list is still active too (accoring to you)16:20
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kanavinRP: is once more ready for AB16:21
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kanavinhope it's more or less green this time16:26
adelcastPiraty: maybe we should put directions on that page to be explicit about were upstream is16:27
adelcastI'll look into it16:27
dkcif I define a SRCREV in a recipe and in local.conf, is local.conf supposed to take precedence?16:33
dkcI see that my override is parsed as expected, but it doesn't actually override the value, it's in the form of SRCREV_foo_pn-bar = "<sha1>"16:45
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kergothdkc: no, recipes override config metadata unless overrides are used. if overrides are used they take precedence. if an override is used by both local.conf and ther ecipe then it depends on overrides priority (order of items in the OVERRIDES variable)16:50
kergothyou sohuld use bitbake -e to examine both the variable and its value and where it was defined16:50
kergothbitbake -e yourrecipe, tha tis16:51
dkcyep, that's what I'm doing, let me paste you what I get16:51
dkckergoth: sorry it's slightly obfuscated but everything is there16:53
dkcso I have SRCREV_gin = "${AUTOREV}" in the recipe, and SRCREV_gin_pn-foobar = "<sha1>", so I would expect the override to... well override ^^16:55
kergoththat's.. odd. the listed operations from bitbake -e seem to indicate it should be the overridden value16:56
kanavinRP: thanks :) fingers crossed...16:56
dkckergoth: f* me, there was typo in my "foobar"16:56
kergothhaha, that'll do it16:57
dkcas it was listed in my SRCREV_gin overrides, I just read it without paying attention16:57
rburtonhmm, gin16:57
dkcsorry for the noise16:57
RPrburton: have you tonic though?16:59
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rburtonRP: neat it is then17:18
rburtonRP: i do have frozen lime slices17:18
RPrburton: thats ok then :)17:20
rburtonRP: got a bottle of, practically a crime to mix that.  released on my birthday and only 500 bottles ever, couldn't resist :)17:22
RPrburton: I like like description too :)17:24
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khemfray: the submodule regression is not fixed with your patch17:58
khemfray I see it in three recipes17:58
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kergothheh, must be getting sick of mucking with gitsm by now eh17:59
kergothOT, but http://app.programmingfonts.org18:00
RPkergoth: he's braver than me, I hate fetcher changes as they have so much potential to go wrong :(18:01
kergothme too, makes me nervous every damn time18:01
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kanavinwe've hit gitsm issues too :(18:02
*** andrey_utkin <andrey_utkin!~andrey_ut@gentoo/developer/andrey-utkin> has joined #yocto18:02
kanavina colleague is looking into it, or will look tomorrow, as it's late18:02
* RP has tried to ensure we have a good test suite18:02
khemespecially gitsm18:02
khemwhich is beast in itself18:03
khemkergoth: handy link for fonts i use fira code18:04
kergothit's tough since the behavior changes with the state of DL_DIR, and trying to reproduce every possible state of that is non-trivial18:04
khemand noto mono18:04
kergothi'm using fira code right now too, experimenting, until then i was really happy with Input Mono Narrow ExLight18:04
kergothstill rather nostalgic for Terminus and Inconsolata, i loved those while i used them years ago18:04
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kergothInput's flexibility is nice, yo ucan tweak almost everything when yu download it18:05
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kergothother than some particular cases (i.e. distinguishing 1 and l and I) font seems to be mostly preference and just getting used to whatever it is. they're all pretty readable. personally not a big fan of ones that are too compressed width wise, like Iosevka18:08
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kergothi've been experimenting with fonts with ligature support, still not sure if i like themo r not18:11
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kergoththere's even stranger setups too like
khemInconsolata is good18:21
khemFira Code Retina is best for me18:22
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armpitRP I think we have an issue with the default testsuite. they assume sshd on the target, core-image-minimal does not provide that from what I can tell18:54
armpitthe old devtest suite bypasses the sshd pkg check18:55
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RParmpit: doesn't that mean the tests just get skipped for minimal though?19:02
RParmpit: this is why we need a final step of builds where we compare the test results against a master list19:02
RParmpit: for minimal we'd only ever expect the ping test to work (and serial login and any serial tests we add)19:03
armpitno, the build* ones try to talk to the target still in the setup and tear down19:03
armpitoutside the skip ckeck for the actual test19:04
RParmpit: so why aren't we seeing problems on the autobuilder?19:04
armpitI am.. via Thud19:04
RParmpit: ah, didn't I make some change in master that we need there then>19:04
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!uid218288@gateway/web/> has quit IRC19:05
armpitI have been looking. The one thing I need to do is double check master19:05
RParmpit: I'm sure I changed some of the setup/teardown due to this19:05
armpiton with the hunt ! then :)19:06
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khemwe can use dropbear19:19
khemactually just virtual ssh19:19
khemwould be nicer19:19
armpitkhem, sshd was used in the generic sence (openssh & dropbear)19:20
khemI See19:27
* armpit found it... 19:27
armpitkhem since you are here.. the "Upgrade to latest on 2.31 release branch", any reason why Thud should not get it ?19:29
armpitRP, I see 3 quick tests running.  should I wait to launch one for thud?19:33
*** JPEW <JPEW!cc4da337@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC19:34
khemarmpit: yes thud could get it19:34
*** JPEW <JPEW!cc4da337@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto19:34
armpitkhem, cool.. thanks19:34
armpithalstead, can we archive build logs for 2018 since we are in a new year?19:36
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no_such_userHm, building an older bsp - getting an error fetching uninative / nativesdk. Googling I can see that it seems to have been a known bug but I cant easily find what the fix / workaround is. Any ideas where to look?20:14
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC20:18
* armpit launches thud AB build...20:29
khemno_such_user: you need to provide more info21:02
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC21:04
*** agust <agust!> has joined #yocto21:06
RParmpit: should be fine...21:14
RParmpit: sorry, was eating :)21:14
armpitRP, no worries21:19
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khemRP: is there a way to force fetch of SRC_URI without wget fetcher trying to understand it ?22:20
khemI have a url which results in a tgz file but doesn't end with tgz22:20
RPkhem: Is it unpack causing the problem?22:28
RPkhem: ;unpack=0 might do it22:29
RPkhem: or as kergoth says, rename it22:30
RPjonmason: backtrace from testimage now:
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto22:34
RPjonmason: serial console timeout and X didn;t start when I tried it here22:37
RPjonmason: serial console seems very slow too :/22:37
RPat least its showing signs of life I guess :)22:37
RParmpit: your build looks happier :)22:39
jonmasonRP: I've been testing with `runqemu qemuarm nographic`22:43
jonmasonI just did a fetch and build, and it is working the same for me22:43
jonmasonI'll look more at your use case to see what I missed22:43
RPjonmason: what about with graphics enabled?22:43
khemRP: yeah seems  that is going to work22:44
RPjonmason: we do use graphics support22:44
jonmasonRP: since that was failing with the legacy stuff, I was going to get around to it after getting this stuff in22:45
jonmasonit is on my radar22:45
RPjonmason: graphics works today but doesn't work after the patches22:45
jonmasonoh?  damn...22:45
RPjonmason: it doesn't work on 64 bit but 32 is ok22:45
RPjonmason: the other thing to get working is "bitbake core-image-sato -c testimage"22:46
jonmasonto clarify, it doesn't work any more on qemuarmv5 or the new qemuarm doesn't work ?22:46
RPjonmason: sorry, its going to need a little more work22:46
RPjonmason: qemuarmv5 today boots graphics into X22:47
RPjonmason: new qemuarm does not22:47
jonmasonok, so its the limitation of not having the virtio graphics then22:47
RPI think so22:47
armpitrp, happy good22:47
jonmasonthat is my next task, as I think the fix will match what is needed for qemuarm6422:48
jonmasonis this a show stopper for these patches?22:48
RPjonmason: autobuilder going red is show stopper22:48
RP(red == regressions)22:48
* armpit or too much beer22:48
* armpit kernel merging hurts22:49
RPjonmason: I think the duplicate console declaration is going to be problematic22:50
jonmasonRP: I'll make it my highest priority to get that working ASAP.  Do I need to push a revert?22:50
RPjonmason: I also had to tweak your patches to apply on top of zeddii's22:50
RPjonmason: no, its not merged, just in testing22:50
jonmasonthe double consoles is a bit ugly, but does allow for the virtio consoles to be used22:50
RPjonmason: its showing timeout errors on the console though22:51
jonmasonit doesn't show it if hvc0 is being used iirc22:51
RPjonmason: well, runqemu wasn't using it :/22:51
jonmasoni was just about to say that22:52
jonmasonI looked at adding it and it would be not too bad, but would take a little bit of work22:52
jonmasonif you want to open a bug to do this and assign it to me, then I can get to it eventually22:52
RPjonmason: can you sort the bug? I think this goes on the list of things that need sorting to get this merged22:53
jonmasonsure, I'll be happy to do that22:53
RPjonmason: this change was always going to be 'fun' so these gremlins aren't entirely surprising btw22:54
jonmasonI appreciate your patience.  Lots of learning happening in these patches22:55
jonmasonI'll do my best to get graphics working in the next couple of days (of course, that probably means end of next week based on past promises)22:57
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RPjonmason: I think I'll roll M2 without this but we at least have a V1 and an idea of where it stands so its demonstrable progress23:02
jonmasonthat's fair23:02
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto rebuild is not overwriting <>23:07
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