Tuesday, 2019-01-22

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use openjdk-8-native as default java in yocto build? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54303461/how-to-use-openjdk-8-native-as-default-java-in-yocto-build>08:09
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moemoeCan someone give me a hint on how to install custom dtbo device tree overlays on the raspi boot partition when using mender? when using "inherit devicetree" in the recipe they appear in /boot/devicetree/, but not in /uboot/overlays/ where the raspi firmware blob needs them at boot time :/08:19
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PinkSnakeHi all, someone here has hint to build add a function/methode after the image build process ?08:35
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malanecoraWhat do you want to do in that method?08:38
mcfriskhmm, trying to switch to openssl 1.1.0 in sumo but bitbake claims I didn't set PREFERRED_VERSION_nativesdk-openssl = "1.1.%" correctly but I did according to bitbake -e.. any ideas?08:39
PinkSnakemalanecora: build a custom image ( in fact I need just to encrypt the Yocto image :) like a post process but i need to use the generated image as output08:40
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: yes but it's not used just to made modification inside the rootfs ?08:40
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: hm08:40
malanecoraPinkSnake: And what about using a script?08:41
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: possibly. well i still think that you should add a custom image tyoe08:41
LetoThe2nd(as you did ask about this already some days ago)08:41
PinkSnakemalanecora: LetoThe2nd Thx for info, i will double check image type :)08:42
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: Yes I have made the same thing some days ago in order to bluid a FIT image and all works like charme :)08:42
moemoeregarding my question above, looks like IMAGE_BOOT_FILES_append = "devicetree/foo.dtbo;overlays/" does the trick.08:43
mcfrisk"Initialising tasks...ERROR: Multiple versions of openssl are due to be built (/home/builder/src/base/poky/meta/recipes-connectivity/openssl/openssl_1.0.2p.bb /home/builder/src/base/poky/meta/recipes-connectivity/openssl/openssl_1.1.0i.bb). Only one version of a given PN should be built in any given build. You likely need to set PREFERRED_VERSION_openssl to select the correct version or don't depend on08:45
mcfriskmultiple versions."08:45
malanecoraDoes anyone know how to solve the "No manifest generated from: pkg_name" ERROR? It's driving me crazy since the manifest generation is done by the build system...08:46
malanecoramcfrisk: Which Yocto version are you using?08:46
mcfriskmalanecora: sumo08:49
malanecoramcfrisk: Set the preferred version in your distro configuration08:49
mcfriskI did, but it seems the packaging is changed from 1.0.2 to 1.1.0 since "NOTE: preferred version 1.1.% of openssl not available (for item libssl)" etc08:50
malanecoramcfrisk: However, if you're trying to build 1.1.x is highly likely that you'll expericence issues related to other packages' dependencies08:50
mcfriskyes, exactly. bitbake showed them as NOTE: when parcing recipes and the actual error message was bogus. But I know what to look for now08:52
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Jnu8Hi all,08:54
malanecoramcfrisk: Btw, I came here asking the same question as you a week ago. The recommendation I get here was to upgrade Yocto to Thud (basis openssl for other recipes is 1.1.x)08:54
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mcfriskmalanecora: ok, that's good to know. might have to do the same but it's a big transition on my project and will takes months..08:57
PinkSnakeThe main question is always, how to depends of the image name do_image_complete ( depends upon non-existent task do_image_complete...)08:58
malanecoramcfrisk: I know it can be tedious...but the most straightforward solution from my point of view08:58
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malanecoramcfrisk: You can always try to patch the other recipes as well :P08:59
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mcfriskyes, but things like separate binary packages for libcrypto may increase target disk usage with openssl 1.1.0. I thought both version would be kind of supported in sumo..09:11
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nayfeHi, I'm trying to use devtool (thud) on a git repo that does not contain master branch and it seems srcbranch option is not working: $> devtool add -B develop -S 902ceaf8a1d53ea1b70cf9f3f0302da87f5a7f8c sol2 https://github.com/ThePhD/sol2 fails with "Unable to find revision 902ceaf8a1d53ea1b70cf9f3f0302da87f5a7f8c in branch master even from upstream"09:50
PinkSnakenayfe: maybe set SRCREV on tag value ?09:59
nayfePinkSnake: I also tried -V option, tags, without specifiing revision and only srcbranch, all failed :/10:02
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prabhakarladHi all, how do I set up a default MACHINE variable when none is specified in a bitbake command ?10:33
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yoctonatorprabhakarlad: look into the script setup-environment. There's a line for the usage.10:43
yoctonatorThe script is called "setup-environment"10:44
kanavinprabhakarlad, you can do it in your local.conf, or directly in command line: MACHINE=<machine> bitbake <recipe>11:02
rburtonyoctonator: not everyone has setup-environment11:03
rburtonprabhakarlad: as kanavin said, the fallback default is in local.conf.11:03
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RPrburton: any idea why the axis fonts are corrupt in the perf list emails?11:07
rburtonRP: no, happens randomly11:08
rburtonmissing fonts on whatever builder send the mails, maybe?11:08
RPrburton: I guess at least we're getting them now. Are they ever legible?11:08
RPrburton: just wondering that, missing font would be deterministic though?11:08
rburtonyeah but i've never paid enough attention to spot if there's a pattern in the builder that sent the mail11:09
RPrburton: fair enough :)11:09
rburtonmight be better to see if we can remove the crazy generate-png-from-chart code with just embedding a svg chart11:09
RPrburton: One step at a time...11:10
* RP wants build perf data included with release builds for example11:10
RPmaybe even the html report since the release ends up on a webserver11:10
yoctonatorDoes anyone know why I don't have eth0 after booting my result of "bitbake core-image-minimal" on my eval board? Somehow the boot sequence doesn't show something like "attached PHY driver Atheros 8031 ethernet"11:14
yoctonatorifconfig only shows "lo".11:15
yoctonatorbut no "eth0"11:15
rburtonmissing kernel module?11:17
rburtonminimal means minimal, there's not a lot in it11:18
yoctonatorDoes it mean I should try to add it with "make menuconfig"?11:21
prabhakarladyoctonator: kanavin: rburton: thank you for the pointers.11:23
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moemoeyoctonator: they get built, but not installed. add to local.conf: IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " kernel-module-asix" (in my case)11:27
moemoedon't know what module is needed by your hw11:28
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: Create a New Directory in etcdir <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54307437/yocto-create-a-new-directory-in-etcdir>11:40
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rburtonRP: re fonts in charts, the latest build perf i saw 12 minutes ago from ypperf-ubuntu16 has legible charts11:45
RPrburton: its not an autobuilder one11:45
RPrburton: I need halstead to help fix the AB 1604 machine11:46
rburtonno, but i mean the charts *can* work in the mails11:46
rburtoni suspect its missing fonts11:46
RPrburton: oh, yes, agreed.11:46
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malanecoraMy system lacks of /lib/init/vars.sh (e.g. needed by gpsd)12:01
malanecoraIs this issue related with sysvinit in Thud?12:02
Tom_BuilderDear Yocto Team, I have practically no experience in yocto.I am trying to modify the snmp sources  to add a mib module and I have read that I need to install "devtool".  I execute the following commad.  $ bitbake fsl-image-gui -c populate_sdk_ext  Then  I get the following error message:  ERROR: Uninative selected but not configured, please set UNINATIVE_URL  I'm checking the mailing lists to find a discussion where the same probl12:07
Tom_Builderreviewed meta-freescale and openembedded core mailing list and now I'm going to review yocto-builds mailing lists.  Could you help me solve the error or give me some guidelines to do it?  Thanks.12:08
rburtonyou don't need to build a sdk to use devtool12:08
yoctonatorI wonder how I get to know what the name of the kernel-module for the Atheros ethernet driver is12:14
yoctonatorkernel-module-atheros doesn't work LOL12:14
yoctonator(Error: unable to find a match)12:15
Tom_BuilderThanks rburton, according to the Yocto Project Application Development and the Extensible Software Development  Kit (eSDK) manual I can download a tarball installer, but this is based off the core-image-sato and  core-image-minimal images.It would be a problem?12:18
Tom_BuilderDo I need to install eSDK to use devtool?12:20
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yoctonatorHow do I find what the name of my linux kernel recipe is for the call "bitbake <name_of_linux_kernel_recipe> -c menuconfig"?12:30
yoctonatorIs that a name of a subdir or is it mentioned in a config file somewhere?12:31
yoctonatorToday I'm totally stranded with Yocto again :-(12:32
yoctonatorI searched the whole internet for how to get that eth0 to work... In a GUI config tool, I just would select it from a combobox...12:33
yoctonatorfor including it into the distro. So I hope "make menuconfig" gives me a hint.12:34
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malanecorayoctonator: just write "bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig"12:40
malanecorayoctonator: anyway, you should have the preferred virtual/kernel provider set in yout machine.conf12:40
RPyoctonator: have a look at the files in tmp/deploy/*/kernel-module-* and see if you can spot the name there12:45
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yoctonatorhey, thanks malanecora! "bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig" opens the GUI and it has the label "linux-imx" which I think is the name of the linux kernel recipe :-)12:55
yoctonatoranyway "bitbake linux-imx -c menuconfig" works in the same way then :-)12:56
malanecorayoctonator: You're right, it is the same recipe indeed! virtual/kernel is just a placeholder to make recipes provider-agnostic12:59
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moemoeI'm trying to move the IMAGE_BOOT_FILES_append into the meta-package/recipe where the dtbo files to be included are generated - but seems like I didn't get the right location/file for this.13:16
moemoeinside local.conf it works fine, see https://paste.noname-ev.de/911013:17
moemoeany hints on where I should look?13:18
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RPzeddii: I merged those kernel patches but I think its broken qemuarm poky-lsb runtime13:40
RPzeddii: reverting 1873c9605dcfb0af6eb57936c8adf3a9e23dcfb0 does fix it13:48
yoctonatorThe subdir /etc/network is missing in my root filesystem. Do you have any idea what I'm missing in my configuration?14:06
malanecoraGpsd initscript in Yocto Thud is rotten14:06
yoctonatorRP: I had no luck finding something useful in the long list in /tmp/deploy14:07
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zeddiiRP: I had mentioned that it might break things before the full switch over was working. It will be chosing the new machine versus the old by default right now.14:13
zeddiiso that must have been it.14:14
zeddiiI could drop the match of the new machine definition on "qemuarm" and that would fix it as well.14:14
mcfriskdoes anyone know why openssl-bin from 1.1.1a RDEPENDS on perl?14:14
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rburtonyoctonator: init-ifupdown, if you want debian-style network ifup/ifdown14:18
rburtonyoctonator: if you're starting with core-image-minimal, maybe don't.  core-image-full-cmdline is a bit more featured.14:18
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yates_homeanyone know of a good emacs major mode for .dtsi files?14:23
RPzeddii: hmm, I'd assumed this wouldn't break since this means we cant pull kernel changes into stable branches safely? :/14:25
RPzeddii: Choice is to either fix somehow or revert the change for now14:26
zeddiithe change switched the BSP completely. For -stable, I would have tweaked it.14:26
zeddiiI can send a follow up patch that drops the 'qemuarm' from the new definition.14:26
RPzeddii: I don't know the underlying code so I'll need to go off your judgement there, I just see the srcrevs14:27
malanecoraI have noticed that the transition from Rocko to Thud has made my Wi-Fi iface to be recognised really late14:28
RPzeddii: we're only doing this in master, not the stable branches so I worry we may otherwise pull thiis into the other stable branches accidentally though14:28
malanecoraBefore that, the iface was risen up at boot (along with eth0)14:28
zeddiiack'd. I'll put something together now and then make the changes safe for backport (if it happens on purpose, or just through process).14:29
zeddiisingle patch headed your way now14:29
yoctonatorrburton: yeah, cool! I added "init-ifupdown" to the string which is assigned to IMAGE_INSTALL_append in local.conf. After "bitbake core-image-minimal" and booting that new image I initially don't have eth0 but after "/etc/init.d/network stop" and "/etc/init.d/network start" I have eth0 now! :-)14:30
rburtonyoctonator: i'd recommend looking at your needs and maybe just using connman, so much nicer14:30
yoctonatorrburton: never heard about connman... Is it a tool for pimping up a core-image-minimal with network support? :)14:32
rburtonits a tool for management of networking14:32
rburtonlike network-manager14:32
yoctonatorI wonder which packages I also need to add to core-image-minimal for a working network14:32
rburtoninit-ifupdown is one solution, it assumes that you write the config files for your networking configuration14:33
rburtonwhereas connman will plug-and-play wired networking for you14:33
rburton(and handle wifi)14:33
RPzeddii: thanks. I should have tested this in isolation too, sorry14:34
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yoctonatorrburton: Is connman a tool for the setup of building a yocto image or a tool for configuring the network on my running yocto linux on my eval board?14:36
rburtonyoctonator: recipe you install into the image14:36
yoctonatorrburton: ah OK, do I need to add "connman" to IMAGE_INSTALL_append in local.conf as well?14:38
yoctonatorrburton: thanks. I'll give it a try14:39
zeddiiRP: bah. no worries. I didn't wait for a follow up to my question before sending the patches either. I can't fully test the new machine yet, so I can't pickup  runtime issues as easily (although I could have found this by trying some things with the old qemuarm tests). Anyway, that patch should fix it, if it doesn't, yell at me right away14:40
RPzeddii: will do, will put it in for testing and check things are good14:41
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kanavinRP: can we do another pass at virgl-gtk? This time everything should be fixed, except centos is known to fail one of the virgl selftests.15:00
yoctonatorrburton: Yippie! :-D After I've added the "connman" package to IMAGE_INSTALL_append in local.conf the eval board reports it has eth0 now!!! And even it gets an IP address from DHCP, already. Awesome! :-)15:01
* yoctonator is ordering a new round of free beer for the whole chat here :-)15:01
*** rburton <rburton!~rburton@> has quit IRC15:01
*** rburton <rburton!~rburton@> has joined #yocto15:01
ndecRP: rburton : do you know where/who uses core-image-minimal-initramfs.bb, and why it 'depends' on "live" stuff? the "live image" thingy creates a strong dependency on grub (and x86). the name core-image-minimal-initramfs would tend to mean that it should be a 'generic' initramfs image for any arch.15:02
ndecremoving the the live modules from that image makes it work on any arch.15:03
PinkSnakeAny information about calling a python function from a bash function ? :D15:03
*** lucaceresoli_ <lucaceresoli_!~lucaceres@> has joined #yocto15:05
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*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!~lucaceres@> has joined #yocto15:06
RPkanavin: we can15:08
*** varjag <varjag!~user@122.62-97-226.bkkb.no> has quit IRC15:08
RPndec: I do not remember15:08
RPPinkSnake: needs a new python interpreter so you have no context15:09
*** hamis <hamis!~irfan@> has quit IRC15:09
RPkanavin: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/85/builds/14515:10
PinkSnakeRP: thx but could you please retry with simple words ? ;)15:10
PinkSnakeRP: i'm looking for the opposite of15:11
RPPinkSnake: you can only do it if its standalone code15:11
RPPinkSnake: can't share bitbake context15:11
PinkSnakeRP: it's not possible to use the opposite of bb.build.exec_func ? And thx again for repplying ;)15:11
ndecRP: is this image used in the testing? e.g. are we breaking anything if we remove the live things there?15:12
RPndec: I think the usecase for that image was as an installer and it should really be called "initramfs-installer"15:12
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@2003:a:e7a:6200:246c:2a8b:f45a:a33d> has quit IRC15:12
RPndec: some renaming and a generic initramfs image would be good15:12
RPndec: I think its used by the live image type?15:13
RPPinkSnake: the shell equaivalent is "python /path/to/python/script"15:13
kanavinRP: thanks!15:14
PinkSnakeRP: thx!15:14
JPEWOk, I feel like I'm going a little insane.... where is the FAKEROOT variable set? I can see it being used, but not assigned15:16
PinkSnakeJPEW: bitbake image-recipe-name -e > en.dot15:20
RPJPEW: It may be obsolete in the way we run pseudo15:22
*** jobroe <jobroe!~manjaro-u@> has quit IRC15:23
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@2003:a:e7a:6200:246c:2a8b:f45a:a33d> has joined #yocto15:23
JPEWRP: I did see the comment about that. Does that mean that https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/bitbake/lib/bb/build.py#n370 and https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta/lib/oe/rootfs.py#n172 are dead code?15:24
RPJPEW: I suspect so15:26
JPEWRP: Fair enough. It seemed like really important code, I couldn't figure out how it would have worked correctly :)15:27
RPJPEW: replaced by FAKEROOTCMD iirc15:28
JPEWRP: Yep15:28
RPJPEW: that was a while ago :)15:28
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto15:28
JPEWRP: Ok, I'll submit a patch to remove the dead code so no one else falls prey to it15:29
RPJPEW: well, keep in mind that someone using bitbake generically could conceivable find the old API useful15:30
RPJPEW: the rootfs.py mention is just odd though as that code is much newer15:30
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC15:33
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto15:34
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yoctonatorUhm, my subdir ./tmp/deploy/ipk does not contain a file Packages. How is it generated? Because calling "opkg update" gives an error about Packages.gz is missing15:48
frayon your target, if you don't have package-management (image feature) enabled, you won't get a database in the rootfs15:51
yoctonatorI have added "package-management", "opkg" and "package_ipk"15:52
rburtonyoctonator: bitbake package-index15:52
rburtoni've got half a class to use deploydir directly as a feed that handles both that and running a http daemon but its not quite ready ye15:53
rburtonndec: the live images use it, iirc15:53
*** toanju <toanju!~toanju@> has joined #yocto15:55
yoctonatorWoah!! This is awesome here B-)  I've did "opkg update" and "opkg install mytestpackage" and it succeeded!!! I love you all guys. Thanks so much!15:55
yoctonatorbitbake package-index did the job15:56
* yoctonator is ordering another round of free beer for the whole chat B-)15:56
yoctonatorI followed the steps described here and I just can recommend those 3 tutorial videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4nV9mp2HJbt0FzrkqacTBQ  Very good for beginners15:58
yoctonatorThis combined with your hints here made my day, guys. Thanks a lot and see you next time! Bye15:59
ndecrburton: i find it confusing that core-image-minimal-initramfs turns out to be specifically designed to work with live images. no? core-image-live-initramfs would seem more appropriate.. and it would also mean we would have core-image-minimal-initramfs as a good generic initramfs ..16:05
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@unaffiliated/mihai> has quit IRC16:07
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* armpit https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/nodeclipse-phantomjs16:27
armpitthey do have one ; )16:28
*** lusus <lusus!~lusus@> has quit IRC16:28
RParmpit: just don't16:29
*** AndersD_ <AndersD_!~AndersD@194-237-220-218.customer.telia.com> has quit IRC16:32
kanavinRP: qemuarm-lsb fails in qemu, known issue?16:36
*** yoctonator <yoctonator!91fdde45@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:37
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mckoandid anyone else got unsubscribe for the ML due to bounces?16:42
*** cvasilak <cvasilak!~cvasilak@athedsl-262195.home.otenet.gr> has quit IRC16:46
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@2003:a:e7a:6200:246c:2a8b:f45a:a33d> has quit IRC16:47
JPEWmckoan: Yes, it seems to happen somewhat regularly for me on my gmail account16:57
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*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto17:00
RPkanavin: yes, -next should be fixed17:05
kanavinRP: right, I thought so. otherwise, looks good so far - one unrelated failure in oe-selftest, seems to be one of those random qemu failure flukes17:08
RPkanavin: hmm, which random fail was it? :/17:09
kanavinRP: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/56/builds/14917:09
RPrburton: "One of the SDK test cases “/poky/meta/lib/oeqa/sdk/cases/python.py”, while executed, is giving a result “unknown”. We are not sure about the reason of this behavior and investigating more into it. This test case is a part of seven ADT test plans."17:09
RPrburton: can you remember whether that was something you fixed?17:09
halsteadmckoan, Yes. It is happening enough we are working toward a new set up.17:09
RPkanavin: boot login timeout. I wonder if the test used qemuarm17:11
RPkanavin: x86_64 so no. Odd and we're not tracking a failure like that :(17:12
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@i577B9B28.versanet.de> has quit IRC17:12
kanavinRP: indeed - qemu is used in plenty of other tests in oe-selftest, so it seems to generally work17:14
RPkanavin: I'll rerun selftest with the branch17:14
kanavinRP: thanks. I'd like to confirm it's not my fault :)17:17
RParmpit: talking with halstead we've decided to move the script from poky scripts/contrib into yocto-ab-helper17:17
RParmpit: that should remove some of the backporting needed there and let us beat it into shape for our infrastructure17:17
RPkanavin: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/56/builds/15117:19
kanavinRP: cheers, let's see how it goes17:20
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*** dqx <dqx!~dqx@unaffiliated/dqx> has joined #yocto17:22
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armpitRP. ok17:22
RParmpit: we're likely going to modify things quite a bit and drop phantomjs for example17:23
RPjust place the html reports onto a webserver17:23
armpitthat would make it simpler going forward17:24
RParmpit: yes, I like simpler17:24
RPemails can have an http link17:24
* armpit heading out of the hill17:25
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kanavinRP: the previously failed oe-selftest case has now passed, oe-selftest is ongoing otherwise17:30
*** Tom_builder <Tom_builder!501c95c0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC17:31
RPkanavin: you're off the hook then :)17:31
kanavinRP: I had also written down the parallelization of upstream checks from your suggestions, it's not the prettiest code ever, but it does cut down the time from 12 minutes to 90 seconds: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/commit/?h=akanavin/package-version-updates&id=c69c22b9d2ed961045e9f9c0c6497ac062026ac517:32
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kanavinwith this, writing a plugin to bitbake-layers to present this info is feasible again (replacement for the old csv code)17:34
RPkanavin: probably worth doing then. You could neaten it slightly with a list of variables and function17:34
kanavinRP: yes, wip :) I was eager to see if the parallel part works, and added those variables one by one17:34
kanavinalso, ProcessPoolExecutor, not ThreadPoolExecutor, because GIL :(17:35
RPkanavin: I wasn't sure quite how bad it would be and its probably not as bad as I feared17:35
RPkanavin: not surprised :/17:35
kanavinRP: I didn't try ThreadPool tbh, just went straight to processes. It would probably still work, as I/O waits do unblock the threads.17:36
kanavinbut if you're doing computation in threads, python is a bad choice :(17:36
RPkanavin: it is what it is...17:37
RPkanavin: I've grown to quite like python17:38
kanavinRP: yes, I like it too, there was really nothing quite like Python before it came along. But I have to wonder if it's going to be misplaced by Go in the medium to long term.17:39
kanavinnothing quite like Python - readable syntax ('executable pseudocode' as some said), 'batteries included' - rich standard library, interpreted for rapid prototyping17:40
kanavinI think this was the first language to have all three17:40
kergothi doubt go will be replacing python anytime soon. only for certain cases17:41
RPkanavin: Ironic I set out with bitbake thinking python was its speed problem17:41
kergotha lot of devs love go, but a lot aren't fans of its opinionated nature and error handling overhead17:41
* kergoth shrugs17:41
kergothtextual overhead, that is, not performance overhead17:42
kergothGo, Rust, and Elixir are all on my list to play with, but need to find the motivation to code outside of work to do that...17:42
kergothAnyone else played with selinux + docker in a yocto/oe-based distro yet? Not seeing a container-selinux recipe yet17:43
* RP should play with other things more17:44
kergothhard to find the time, energy, and motivation :\17:45
kergothwhen i'm not at work i just cannot care less about coding nowadays17:45
kergothwhich makes me sad17:45
kergothi think i'd really enjoy playing with elixir. the benefits of erlang but nicer syntax? can't argue with that17:46
kergothugh, refpolicy stages sepolgen.conf to point to the include/Makefile for building modules on target, but none of hte paths are approrpiate for use by another recipe to build at build time. why bother staging it then?17:47
*** tprrt <tprrt!~tprrt@> has quit IRC17:49
RPkergoth: At the weekend I did sort out a load of electronics stuff and clear the workbench, think I'm more likely to play with electronics hardware than software...17:50
mckoanhalstead: I re-subscribed thanks17:52
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:54
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rburtonRP: the old test was nonsense,  what release was that against?18:57
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RPrburton: 2.6.1 QA report19:55
*** mrk377 <mrk377!442d9918@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto19:58
RPzeddii: that fixed it thanks20:07
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kroonIs there a IMAGE_FSTYPES I can just dd to a partition, re-run grub-mkconfig, and reboot into the Yocto image ?21:30
kroonbroadly speaking..21:31
*** scornish <scornish!4b7c4914@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto21:37
RPkroon: sounds a bit like the live one21:39
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to setup an own device tree for a RaspberryPI in yocto? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44702426/how-to-setup-an-own-device-tree-for-a-raspberrypi-in-yocto>21:42
kroonRP: ah yes.. maybe thats what I really want21:44
*** scornish <scornish!4b7c4914@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC21:49
RPkroon: we kind of hate that image type but it does have uses21:50
kroonRP: my plan was to just run a Yocto dist natively on my laptop21:52
*** andrey_utkin <andrey_utkin!~andrey_ut@gentoo/developer/andrey-utkin> has quit IRC21:52
kroongotta read up on booting21:57
RPkroon: see the build-appliance image too - that is a selfhosting image22:00
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kroonRP: thanks22:02
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ferlzcHi guys, I'm writing a .bb file for my package and I'm having trouble in the do_install process. Basically I have lots of files nested in multiple directories structure. I'm using install to copy files but install don't support in creating  directories recursively. Any tips on how to get this right?22:31
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has joined #yocto22:32
kergothuse cp and then correct the ownership with chown if needed22:33
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Crofton|work| install: cannot stat 'arch/arm/boot/fitImage.initramfs': No such file or directory23:29
Crofton|workany ideas why I see this using kernel-fitemage class23:29
Crofton|worktrying to build a fitimage with a radisk23:29
Crofton|workI've done this on like rocko, but thud seems different23:29
RPCrofton|work: fitimages don't have good regression tests?23:32
* RP suspects that wasn't the right answer23:32
* zeddii_home suspects fitimages should hit the gym!23:40
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