Friday, 2019-01-25

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denixRP: since you are still here, hopefully a quick question - when creating per-image/sdk feeds in oe-rootfs-repo/oe-sdk-repo, what ends up pulling all sub-packages (-dev, -dbg, -locale, etc) for a dependent package? I have some custom sub-package that get left behind and trying to see how to solve it...00:05
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bluelightningdenix: you'd have been more than welcome, but it is still a bit out of the way :)00:24
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bluelightningespecially travelling with kids, something I now have an appreciation for...00:25
denixbluelightning: thanks, I know you have your hands full these days, so didn't mean to imply. how's your kid? what's new?00:33
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bluelightningdenix: pretty good thanks... my son's almost 2, my daughter 3 1/201:41
Crofton|workWe are getting old01:42
bluelightningcoupled with buying a house that does certainly keep us busy :)01:42
bluelightningCrofton|work: I'll be 28 next year... in hex ;)01:43
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Crofton|workas koen once siad, that is old in any base01:46
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khembunch of oldies here pff03:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to run yocto developed raspberry pi image in qemu? <>06:53
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angelo_tsHi, if i would have the yocto generated sysroot to be used in separate "make", is there a recipe to generate it ?09:04
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: can you try to rephrase? i'm not sure i understand the question09:07
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angelo_tsLetoThe2nd, ok. Mainly. how can i export properly the yocto-generated sysroot ?09:17
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: bitbake $YOURIMAGE -c populate_sdk generates an sdk that brings all the toolchain to run on the host plus a fitting target sysroot09:18
LetoThe2ndso thats the most obivous option09:18
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angelo_tsLetoThe2nd, ok many thanks. I am looking for a confortable way of working in development phase. Imaging this is the proper one.09:23
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: its an option.09:25
LetoThe2ndi personally favor devtool modify, but it depends09:25
sagnerWe are using read-only /usr. I noticed that Python is rather slow... Using strace shows that it tries to open new bytecode files but can't write them (since /usr is ro).09:26
sagnerdocker-compose takes 12.5 seconds to print help. If I remount /usr rw, the second time docker-compose takes only 4 seconds...09:27
sagnerThere are pyc files preinstalled by OE, but it seems that python3 on the target does not like them? Any idea?09:28
angelo_tsLetoThe2nd, many thanks09:44
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angelo_tsthere will be anyone of you and openembedded / fosdem ?10:32
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: ^^^^^^10:32
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mckoanangelo_ts: you are right, looks like this year we forgot to open a dedicated page
LetoThe2ndmckoan: we never forget anything. we just priotize some things so low that they never happen!10:49
mckoancreated just now
mckoanLetoThe2nd: LOL10:50
angelo_tsvery nice :) thanks. I may bring a m68k/coldfire board with kernel built by Yocto, just need to setup things properly10:53
LetoThe2ndsounds quite necrophile (SCNR)10:54
mckoanangelo_ts: be careful to state that you built the kernel and all artefacts using OE which is part of the Yocto umbrella :-D10:54
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LetoThe2nd-ella, -ella, -ella...10:55
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LetoThe2ndsry, trying to get rid of my office frustration10:55
mckoanjalla jalla10:55
mckoanangelo_ts: BTW here we are a bit OT, the OE chat is #OE10:59
angelo_tsok good to know there is an #oe channel, thanks11:00
RPmckoan: I'm not sure it matters that much11:00
mckoanRP: yes indeed11:01
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LetoThe2ndRP: dark matter, maybe11:01
RPLetoThe2nd: if its dark, how would we know it exists though?11:01
mckoanLetoThe2nd: good to see you are feeling the TGIF spirit11:01
LetoThe2ndmckoan: totally11:01
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Crofton|workangelo_ts, yes and there will be a stand11:34
Crofton|workpaulbarker, ^^^11:34
angelo_tsCrofton|work, ok thanks, it seems the very 1st, AW 1 (you you and OE are all together)11:35
angelo_tswell will be certainly be there around11:36
kanavinRP: do you know how sstate cache cleanup on the autobuilder is performed?11:43
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interruptguyHi. I would like to remove some compile options for ptest package. How can I do that? EXTRA_OECMAKE_remove-ptest doesn't seems to work. Any ideas?12:16
RPkanavin: atime, if its not accessed for a while we remove it12:17
kanavinRP: right, I guess the chance for it being accessed just at the wrong moment is not exactly zero, but very close to it12:20
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RPkanavin: its not perfect, I don't know how to do anything better though12:24
RPkanavin: the main issue is bitbake's delay between checking if these things exist, then fetching them12:25
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kanavinyeah, this came up in the discussion here - I'm pushing for a 'NFS that all builders contribute to' approach, instead of 'weekly generation of cache available via http' they do now12:25
kanavinthey are scared of builders all writing and reading to the cache at the same time, I had to reassure that the appropriate locking is in place12:26
RPkanavin: the fallbacks are also safe, if it didn't exist at fetch, it would show a setscene error but then just rebuild the thing12:28
RPwhether that should be an error or a warning has been a long debated question12:28
kanavinthey were worried about things like several builders writing to the same file or a builder reading from an incomplete file12:28
RPkanavin: the code is carefully written for that12:29
RP(we move the files into position)12:29
kanavinRP: yep, but even then there is file locking in place, right?12:30
RPkanavin: no, why would you need that?12:30
RPkanavin: we write the artefact to a temp file, then rename it into the right place. That means the operation is atomic. You either see it or you don't12:31
RPkanavin: DL_DIR has locking, sstate doesn't need it12:31
kanavinRP: but I see the file lock calls in sstate.bbclass around those operations12:32
kanavinif several builders are writing to the 'same' sstate object at the same time, how is that handled? is tmp file name additionally randomized?12:32
RPkanavin: the tempfile is random12:33
RPkanavin: lockfiles in sstate.bbclass are for something totally different, not SSTATE_DIR12:33
RPkanavin: they're where we have a shared directory like sysroot used to be12:34
RPpkgdata still is shared12:34
kanavinright, thanks :) I'll have to correct myself then12:35
RPkanavin: sstate_create_package() is the key function which could race12:35
RPkanavin: its shell code and uses mktemp to get a unique name and ends with the atomic mv12:36
kanavinRP: I see, thanks again12:36
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rburtonkanavin: i've a hunch that changing pkg_postinst_ontarget isn't causing a rebuild16:14
kanavinrburton: could well be16:15
kanavinit should only start from do_package() though16:15
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kanavinrburton: as there seems to be no progress with various attempts to update python3, I have started a python-sanity project :)16:19
kanavinsimilar to perl, rewrite recipe from scratch, taking in pieces and patches which are proven to be necessary16:19
kanavinalso, no separate python3-native16:20
RPrburton: open bug16:20
RPrburton: I have a patch16:20
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kroondoes bitbake/oe/yocto require both python 2 and 3 ? if so, is the intent to migrate everything to 3 ?18:30
Croftoneverything should move to python318:32
Croftonpretty sure bitbkle is already py318:33
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kergothkroon: only 3 is required on the host. we often have to build python 2 to run tools needed by the buildsystems of the projects we build, of course18:41
kroonkergoth: oh, ok.. iirc the bitbake sanity checker told me to install python218:42
kroonbitbake/oe sanity checker18:43
kergothhm, possibly still require it on the host for all the cases wher ea reciope needs it for the build prcoess but doesn't dep on python2-native18:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How set git project to release recipe in Yocto by 'devtool finish' command? <>18:55
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rburtonkroon: 2 is needed for some recipes that assume py2 is present19:46
rburtoneventually that will fade away but not yet19:46
kroonrburton: ok19:47
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halsteadAB is ready for more builds.20:43
nate0202I'm trying to make a native recipe for a binary i need. It builds fine and the build/temp/work/x86.../image directory is as expectected. But nothing is showing up in the recipe-sysroot-native directory of my recipe that depends on it20:49
JPEWarmpit: Planning any thud builds soon?20:55
JPEWarmpit: (On the AB)20:56
nate0202Well, I say as expected, the binary is located at ../image/usr/bin , whereas other native builds seem to have a different image folder than non-native recipes.20:56
nate0202tar for instance: ../image/yocto/cci/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/tar-native/1.29-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/tar-native/tar20:57
kergothtar is a special case.20:57
kergothbut it sounds like you didn tinherit native20:57
kergothdon't look to any recipe with a 'replacement-native' PROVIDES as an example, they're not usual20:58
nate0202i did inherit native20:58
kergothwithout seeing the actual recipe there's a limit to what we can do for you20:59
kergothbut the first thing is to make sure it actually obyes our paths20:59
kergothit needs to install to ${D}${bindir}, not ${D}/usr/bin20:59
nate0202the cmake file for this binary is really complex.21:01
nate0202the recipe is very simple though, inherit cmake pkgconfig native21:01
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nate0202a couple EXTRA_OECMAKE arguments and that's it21:02
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nate0202kergoth, should I just override the do_install and install my binary manually?21:05
kergothideally you'd fix the underlying cmake buildsystem to obey standard cmake paths, which our bbclass already adjusts, but that'd be one option to hack it for now21:07
nate0202Ok, i'll see what I can do, thanks for the info.21:08
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nate0202so in the cmake files I'm seeing "install blah ver RUNTIME DESTINATION /usr/bin" I changed these to "install blah ver RUNTIME DESTINATION bin", seems to work now!! Thanks21:42
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kroonanything special I need to for an autotools project to generate intl/ during configure, besides inheriting autotools and gettext ?22:05
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kroonEXTRA_AUTORECONF_remove = "--exclude=autopoint" and depend on gettext-native seems to do the trick ..22:28
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