Thursday, 2019-01-24

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I add my custom directory entirely to the rootfs of the yocto project? <>08:18
Piratythank you adelcast, helps alot08:25
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angelo_tshi gm, what is the reason why, for mpg123, a LICENSE_FLAGS = "commercial" is required ?08:58
didileI've troubles using the logging module with python 2.7 on an image built with the sumo branch08:58
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didileit says: ImportError: No module named logging08:58
didileI added "python-logging" to the RDEPENDS var but no luck08:59
didileI cannot find y python-logging recipe in meta-openembedded either08:59
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bluelightningangelo_ts: in recent versions that has been removed I think09:04
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angelo_tsbluelightning, thanks, my understaning is that even if mpg123 is LGPL, to decode mp3 on commercial products you should pay a royalty fee. Am i understanding properly ?09:28
bluelightningangelo_ts: not anymore AFAIK:
bluelightningangelo_ts: that was the case earlier though and hence the reason for the LICENSE_FLAGS setting09:33
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malanecoraIs there a way to check the ACTUALLY applied bbappends of a given recipe of the generated image?09:43
malanecoraI know about bitbake-layers show-appends, but this command just shows the differente available appends, not the applied ones.09:44
malanecoraI have 2 bbappends for linux-yocto: linux-yocto_4.4.bbappend and linux-yocto_%.bbappend, the sencond one contains an autogenerated fragment.cfg. The latter is no being applied, my kernel conf stays unmodified after compilation09:48
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malanecoraI have to say that both bbappends are in the same layer and in the same folder09:52
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malanecoraMay be the application order is playing tricks on me...09:52
bluelightningmalanecora: bitbake-layers show-appends lists the actually applied bbappends09:53
bluelightningmalanecora: for lower level detail you probably want to use bitbake -e linux-yocto to see whether the variable changes you are making are taking effect09:54
malanecorabluelightning: hmmm...then application order is messed up09:54
malanecorabluelightning: How could I change the default order?09:54
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bluelightningmalanecora: within the same directory, you can't, but then I'd ask why you need to have two separate bbappends in the same dir09:55
bluelightningacross different layers the layer priority is used for ordering09:56
Jnu8I have a static library and I want it to be shipped to the SDK. I can find it in package slip but not found in SDK Yocto.09:56
Jnu8I'm using this flag to export it to SDK FILES_${PN}-staticdev09:56
Jnu8Any recommendations ?09:57
malanecorabluelightning: well...I do not need to but it is comfortable or convenient09:57
malanecorabluelightning: Because the sencond one is automatically generated with the yocto scritps09:58
bluelightningmalanecora: if you do want to keep them you'll need to make the bbappends play nice then, i.e. do not step on eachother's assignments (append rather than setting outright)09:58
bluelightningJnu8: SDK_FEATURES09:58
bluelightningJnu8: SDK_FEATURES += "staticdev-pkgs"09:58
malanecorabluelightning: I'll just merge them then, Thank you!09:59
bluelightningJnu8: oops, actually it would be SDKIMAGE_FEATURES += "staticdev-pkgs"09:59
bluelightningthough that will include all staticdev packages in the SDK, perhaps that isn't what you want10:00
bluelightningit's getting too late for my brain apparently10:00
bluelightningJnu8: in the image recipe, TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " yourpackage-staticdev"10:02
bluelightningyou can alternatively do that at the configuration level (e.g. local.conf) but of course that will affect anything that's an SDK or looks like an SDK (e.g buildtools-tarball, if you build that of course)10:03
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jaremekggI try to finish recipe in this way "devtool finish helloapp ../meta-mylayer/recipes/" and I've got message "Unable to find initial revision - please specify it with --initial-rev". It is sth with git, but I don't know how to set initial revision.10:26
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angelo_tsbluelightning, many thnaks, where can i check in yocto git the default package license flags ?10:48
bluelightningangelo_ts: well, the default for most recipes is "", if you do "git grep LICENSE_FLAGS" then you can see which recipes enable it10:50
angelo_tsoh thanks10:53
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add python-xbee receipes for yocto <>11:19
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y0kT0Does yocto actually start a dhcp server by default?11:28
LetoThe2ndy0kT0: certainly not.11:29
rburtontop tip:when sedding a file remember to pass -i11:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to enable networking service at boot in Yocto <>11:49
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blackjidHi, any idea with meta-ruby was removed from meta-openembedded??? Is there an alternative layer for ruby?13:58
Crofton|workdoes that help?14:05
LetoThe2ndblackjid: the relevant parts seem to have been moved into core classes, then the unnportant remains have been removed.14:10
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blackjidthat means that I can add an IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " ruby" without adding anything in my bblayers.conf?14:36
LetoThe2ndblackjid: see for yourself:
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Are Yocto Releases Backwards Compatible? <>14:50
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PiratyHi. Is this approach of workflow what usually is used? application engineers using the SDK do it do develop on a known state of OS and feed back their software as recipies to the OS-build process, so applications are built at the same time with the OS?14:59
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varjagis there any official guide to making your own distro?16:03
varjagdropping bluetooth, avahi et al from fslc seems unsurmountable16:04
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varjag found this one but it's not very illustrative16:05
bentechHi my recipe doesn’t seem to be producing any files.. I am checking ~/poky/build/tmp/work/armv7vehf-neon-test-linux-gnueabi/testrecipe/git-r0/build/ which has but my image folder is empty… I assume image is where the output files go?16:06
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bentechThis is my recipe
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bentechThis is my source CMakeLists which does call add_library  I’m not sure what else to try16:11
bentechThis is my first recipe, it’s probably not anything complex :/16:17
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kergothi'd comment out that OECMAKE_TARGET_INSTALL, shouldn't be needed anyway16:21
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bentechkergoth: I get this error when i comment that out
kergothwhich you should have paid attention to. by changing the target, you were preventing it from installing at all16:25
kergothyou need to find the root cause of *that* problem16:25
kergothyou changed it and made it just compile it and not install it16:26
kergoththe real question is why the generated ninja configuration has no installation target16:26
kergoth indicates an install target is provided16:26
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bentechDo i need pkgconfig for cmake to build?16:56
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kergothno idea what you're talking about there16:58
kergothpkgconfig is needed when pkg-config is used16:58
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bentechFinally getting somewhere. I checked out the files and tried building manually with ninja. Just needed to add -DDEFAULT_LIB_PATH=/usr/lib17:17
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kergoththat's a bit odd. usually those paths are handled by cmake17:36
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Josh_Looking at the meta-boot2qt and meta-angstrom layers, they use bbappends yet those appends would kick in simply by having the layer included even if I had set DISTRO to poky. These layers don't seem to bother with variable, function, and file overrides for their distros. Is this accepted practice, and it is up to the user to manage having only one distro layer enabled at a time?18:24
Josh_Is this the norm for distro layers?18:24
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kergothbest practice for a distro layer is to always use distro overrides, an dthe layer check toolf or yocto compliance indicates this18:25
kergothbut not all distros are compliant18:25
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rburtonJosh_: thats very bad practise18:33
rburtonJosh_: as kergoth said, the checking tool would flag that18:33
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Leading theories on why my typedef struct warning "may be used uninitialized" <>18:50
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Josh_kergoth: rburton: Okay thanks for the clarification. That may be something worth noting in documentation, as even TI's distro layer (meta-arago-distro) appears in violation of this yet is listed as a Yocto compatible.19:31
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kergothi'd suggest reporting it to the layer maintainer19:33
Josh_ok, will do.19:33
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denixJosh_, kergoth, rburton: having multiple distros enabled at the same time is a stupid idea. nevertheless, this requirement is relatively new and compatibility check and status are done per release. none of the listed distros have recent compatibility status with this implemented -
Josh_denix: Thanks, I saw your email. I can see having multiple distro layers present, having a use case. (Obviously building for only one at a time.)21:01
Crofton|workdenix, usrs are nuts :)21:03
denixCrofton|work: USRPs are nuts! :)21:04
denixCrofton|work: btw, is anyone working on updating Angstrom to be Yocto compliant?21:05
armpitJosh_ technically mutliconfig can build multiple distros at the same time21:06
armpitie one command execution21:07
armpitdenix, is sad that the last compatible approval was done almost 2 yrs ago21:08
denixarmpit: in general or for Angstrom specifically?21:08
armpitin general21:08
denixarmpit: well, maybe for distros, but some layers had renewals last year - I had meta-ti approved, didn't you get meta-oe as well?21:10
armpitnot meta-openembedded  so I resubmitted meta-openembedded/meta-oe...21:11
armpitworking on the sub layers and the ones that dont pass will just stay that way21:11
kergothwhat's the process for renewal, re-submit via the same forms?21:12
armpitkergoth, correct21:12
denixarmpit: yeah, for me BSP was more important and easier to do, so I left out distro for now - too much clean up required... ;)21:12
armpitnow that we have the script21:13
kergothyeah, i didn't get around to fixing any remaining issues with meta-mel either, though i dont think there were many to begin with21:13
kergothjust low priority compared to all the other fires to fight..21:13
denixkergoth: yeah, tell me about fires - sometimes it feels like I'm a firefighter! :)21:14
armpitmy hope is to get meta-perl,python, network and filesystem.. if those don't pass anyone including those wholesale can pass21:14
kergothsame. it's been ages since i've even had time to do upstream submissions from meta-mentor-staging :(21:14
kergothso behind21:14
armpittell me about it21:15
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* RP suspects these conversations need showing to the YP advisory board as I keep getting told people have time available :/22:14
Crofton|workRP, I'm sure they are still sleeping and spending time with their family22:16
Crofton|workI heard denix even went on vacation!22:16
RPCrofton|work: Whats that? ;-)22:17
robbawebbahello, I've got a question about setting the proper date/time in a yocto based OS. Would this happen automatically when connected to the internet? Or should this always be configured manually? (This might be a non-yocto-specific question, I'm just unfamiliar with this territory of OS configuration) THanks in advance!22:20
RProbbawebba: it all comes down to how you configure it and expect it to be used22:21
RProbbawebba: it will default to the latest date/time saved in the image by default and would update using ntp if you configured it to22:22
Crofton|worktime waits for no man!22:22
robbawebbaRP: Okay, how is this configured, or which recipe is related to this configuration?22:23
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rburtondenix: multiconfig + containers means the use case of multiple distro layers in a single configuration is far more realistic22:34
rburtonie minimal host and a variety of featured guests22:34
rburtonrobbawebba: use systemd and it just works22:35
rburtonsystemd includes a ntp client and all the glue22:35
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denixCrofton|work: I don't seem to recall having a vacation, so it probably didn't happen...23:00
*** Pharaoh_Atem <Pharaoh_Atem!~neal@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto23:00
denixCrofton|work: moreover, having a vacation with kids (especially mine) is a full-time job!23:01
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RPdenix: was so stressful you've erased the memories? :)23:36
denixRP: LOL. no, it was quite good, even with my bratty kids. we had a week of family "reunion" for the Holidays in Australia23:41
RPdenix: I was just kidding. I definitely need to do better at this vacation thing myself...23:43
denixRP: was thinking about stopping by at bluelightning's for a surprise visit, just didn't have time, heh :)23:43
RPNot sure I'd survive a flight to .au/.nz but would be nice23:43
denixRP: well, you definitely need one! mine was long overdue. and yeah, the flight was very long. make it double with kids...23:45

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