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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build redhat root file system? [closed] <>02:35
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khemRP: my local builds with tunes change look good for cortex-a5 machine05:52
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yacar_hi Tom_builder, you shall refer to 3.1. Setting Up to Use the Extensible SDK of
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Guest40284Hi, in my team we are considering upgrading from 2.4 to 2.6.10:11
Guest40284While looking for some docs etc, I've found that 2.6 is not in download page, no release note on we site . Is 2.6 a "regular" stable release?10:12
LetoThe2ndGuest40284: it certainly is, but it its strongly encouraged to use git10:13
Guest40284Yep we use git, it's just that while looking for some migration doc etc, there are several places where 2.5.2 and 2.4.4 are mentionned but 2.6.x is not so I was wondering.10:16
Guest40284Is there some info about test report generation using 2.6? We used to do xml output but it went away in 2.6, what are the other possibilities, especially to plug result in CI?10:18
Guest40284yep I got this doc , but thanks10:19
LetoThe2ndwell you asked for the migration doc, and thats it :)10:19
Guest40284OK I was not clear, sorry10:20
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RPrburton: some worrying data: wget
RPrburton: then cat testresults.json  | sed 's/\\n/\n/g'  > testresults1.json11:30
RPrburton: then grep for TIMEOUT:11:30
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to integrate Yocto Project and GCOV to find out coverage report? <>11:37
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derRichardcan yocto create me a src.rpm?12:02
derRichardi fear the answer is "no", but maybe i miss something12:04
derRichardhmm, the source archiver sounds good12:11
CroftonWe do the same sort of thing differently12:12
rburtonderRichard: it can but only if you dont' expect to be able to rebuild it12:12
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derRichardrburton: hmmm. it is more or less (ab)used as tar ball? ;)12:13
rburtonif you do want srcrpm that you can rpmbuild then exists but dear god i'm lucky i survived writing that. don't use it.  that's an argument for why you shouldn't do that.12:14
derRichardrburton: ok :-)12:16
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* kanavin couldn't resist looking12:27
kanavin" Whereas in normal usage package_rpm is12:27
kanavinused to generate a minimal .spec that can build a binary package,12:27
kanavinmeta-translator generates a more complex .spec that includes the build12:27
kanavininstructions from the .bb input so that the generated SRPM can be rebuild in12:27
kanavinanother build system (for example, OBS).12:27
kanavinthat does sound like it's barely feasible12:28
derRichardin my case t'll go for tar ball :)12:28
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RPHaving two mechanisms to do the same thing means by definition one is broken12:54
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derRichardRP: computers are very, very broken :-)13:00
LetoThe2ndRP: disagreed.13:00
LetoThe2ndRP: it means by definition AT LEAST one is broken13:00
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derRichardhmm, isn't there some fetchall command in bitbake to download all needed sources?13:11
derRichardah, not for images ;-\13:11
derRichard--runall=fetch it is^^13:13
RPLetoThe2nd: true :)13:21
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RPderRichard: that is the best way13:22
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derRichardRP: just noticed that yocto still started to build stuff. i tried: bitbake --runall=fetch myimage13:23
derRichardi want to download all sources but not more13:23
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RPderRichard: its probably building something like svn-native ?13:27
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RPderRichard: if that is a problem, tweak ASSUME_PROVIDED?13:28
derRichardRP: it started to build python-native plus a ton dependencies. i guess to run the git fetch python tooling?13:30
RPderRichard: git is in ASSUME_PROVIDED so I still suspect svn13:30
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* derRichard runs again and finds13:32
derRichardat least none of *my* recipes has a svn src-uri :)13:32
RPderRichard: it could be another fetcher dependency, I'm just guessing13:34
derRichardi will find out13:35
derRichardif it builds only fetcher stuff, this is no big deal13:35
RPderRichard: use bitbake -g <other options> and have a look at task-depends.dot13:35
derRichardi don't have a 1000 inc screen ;)13:36
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kanavinderRichard: the .dot file is entirely textual and easy to make sense of, there's a misconception that you need to convert it to some enormous svg, but you don't.13:39
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derRichardkristoiv: true, the dot file is really something one can get a sane info out13:45
derRichardRP: bingo, svn it is13:45
derRichard"tremor.do_fetch" -> "subversion-native.do_populate_sysroot"13:45
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RPderRichard: I'd quite like to find a different url for tremor so we don't have any svn urls13:51
RPderRichard: ah, you're on an older release. We did get rid of that :)13:52
derRichardRP: this project is sumo, yes13:53
* derRichard is currently working on many yocto projects13:53
derRichardupgrade from rocko, a nightmare (not because of yocto, other horrors...)13:56
RPrburton: replied about the problems in the systemd patches, dropped from -next, retrying a new patchset. Have worked with Khem to find what I think is a good fix for the arm tune issues14:11
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kanavinRP: I am working on python-sanity btw :) just writing a test that would catch the notorious quiet module build regressions14:24
kanavinERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /home/alexander/development/poky/build-python-sanity/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/python3-native/3.7.2-r0/temp/log.do_install.12981214:26
kanavinLog data follows:14:26
kanavin| DEBUG: Executing shell function do_install14:26
kanavin| The necessary bits to build these optional modules were not found:14:26
kanavin| _bz2                  _curses               _curses_panel14:26
kanavin| _dbm                  _gdbm                 _hashlib14:26
kanavin| _sqlite3              _ssl                  _tkinter14:26
kanavin| _uuid                 readline14:26
RPkanavin: nice :)14:28
RPkanavin: I'm just depressed at the ptest output :(14:28
kanavinRP: that's hardly surprising though, as no one made a focused effort to make that better14:30
kanavinplus, we don't really enable it, so it doesn't get visibility in downstream14:31
RPkanavin: yes and no. The autobuilder does give us results and QA does compare them. They're just more broken than I'd like14:33
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nacknickafter I use populate_sdk - how should I use it? I want to compile a program for the board14:43
nacknickI tried to run /opt/fslc-framebuffer/2.4.4/sysroots/armv7ahf-neon-linux-gnueabi/usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc - but it says "/lib/ No such file or directory"14:44
LetoThe2ndnacknick: you have to source the environment file that comes with the sdk. after that, in that very shell all necessary things should be set14:46
nacknickdo you mean to configure "sysroot" path?14:47
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khemRP: a new QA error i am seeing is 06:32:43 ERROR: python-twisted-18.4.0-r0 do_package: QA Issue: python-twisted-src is listed in PACKAGES multiple times, this leads to packaging errors. [packages-list]14:56
JPEWkhem: Is that with master-next?14:56
JPEWkhem: If so, its probably because of 8fd8ae119c0 ("Change default debug split to make separate source packages")14:58
JPEWkhem: Looks like that recipe is it is making it's own -src package (not particularly sure of the reason)...15:02
nacknickLetoThe2nd: How should I use gcc? I could not figure it out15:02
LetoThe2ndnacknick: "." in the shell you want to use for building15:03
LetoThe2ndafter that, your build system should be able use the newly set environment.15:04
* derRichard wonders why poky sets in rpms as build host "reproducible", but sets the build date to the current date. :-D15:09
khemJPEW: yah it needs some TLC15:10
nacknickLetoThe2nd: do you mean "./setup-environment" which I ran before using bitbake? because I've already ran it15:13
LetoThe2ndnacknick: thats the point. do not run it, source it.15:14
nacknick"source it"? I'm not sure what does it mean15:15
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LetoThe2nd". setup-environment"15:19
LetoThe2ndnacknick: and if in doubt, google "bash source"15:19
RPkhem: that patch is likely to merge soon, that issue is in the recipe15:23
nacknickLetoThe2nd: "source setup-environment build" for instance?15:27
LetoThe2ndnacknick: now, why "build"?!?15:28
nacknickinstead of "build" I need to choose another directory?15:28
nacknickI don't know which one :S15:28
nacknick-- /opt/fslc-framebuffer/2.4.4/sysroots/armv7ahf-neon-linux-gnueabi/ ??15:29
LetoThe2ndnacknick: i totally and strongly suggest to have a look at the corresponding documentation:
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RPalimon: around?15:40
yateswhen you do a "devtool mdoify -x <package> src/blah", are the existing patches for package applied?15:40
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kergoththe tree is constructed based on SRC_URI by running unpack & patch15:46
yatesso yes..15:47
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rburtonnacknick: the sdk doesn't have 'build directories'15:54
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malanecoraHi dudes! I have a crda/wireless-regdb bbappend with some python scripts to create keys...but the build is failing due to "ImportError: No module named builtins"15:55
malanecoraIf I install the package python-builtins, the error that arises is "ImportError: No module named attr"15:55
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rburtonis your append broken?15:58
rburtonthere is no standard python module called attr15:58
rburtonmaybe you need to depend on
malanecorarburton: I supose15:59
malanecorarburton: It worked fine until I upgradesd from Rocko to Thud16:00
rburtonwell, if the code uses python-attrs then you'll need to have that in dependencies16:00
malanecorarburton: Yep, gonna try that. Ty!16:01
malanecorarburton: No luck at all16:03
kergothit wasn't called 'attr' in rocko either16:03
malanecorakergoth: sure it was not16:03
malanecorakergoth: The installation of python-future might be modifiying the script16:04
malanecorakergoth: I just installed python-future in order to fix the builtins module import error16:05
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malanecorakergoth: Though it seems to fix nothing :P16:05
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kergoththat's not a correct fix indeed. future should be used by the authors of the project where appropriate not a user trying to get it to run. builtins is aprt of python itself, not the future package unless they're dealing with python version incompatibilities and actually use futures directly16:06
kergothfuture, rather16:06
malanecorakergoth: it16:07
malanecorakergoth: I'll have to struggle with this a little more16:08
nacknickLetoThe2nd: Thank you very much. I was looking for that manual...16:10
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rburtonmalanecora: might be better to paste the actual errors16:30
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alimonRP: hi16:49
RPalimon: were you looking at the ptest runtime test code or were you leaving that to me? I just looked at it and I see what you mean about the code :/16:52
RPalimon: I just don't want to duplicate effort if you're looking at it16:52
RPalimon: I also wondered if you'd seen cases where processes persisted after ptest-runner had supposedly killed them and intermixed logging in a confusing way16:53
yateshow do i find out the current "active recipe", i.e., a recipe which would be cleared with "devtool reset -a"?16:55
alimonRP: I had the intent to fix the ptest runtime test but not spend time on it yet, I have certain workload these days so if you want to do it go ahead.16:58
alimonRP: regarding the corruption on the logging, I didn't see anything like that, In the ptest-runner code I use a pipes (stdout, stderr) and close after the process ends.16:59
florianUh, looks like the gitsm fetcher in thud is broken submodule specs without a hostname.17:02
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has joined #yocto17:03
florianA line like url = in .gitmodules ends up in ... protocol=git@bitbucket.org17:04
mdpflorian, smurray mentioned he was possibly looking at a fix for some aspect of broken gitsm on thud the other day. dunno if he'll chime in today wrt his findings as he's off teaching a f2f class atm.17:04
florianmdp: ok, the first pats sounds good... the second not that much :-)17:05
RPflorian: there are a ton of gitsm fixes on master17:05
mdpflorian: I was only half-listening, but his issue might be specific to subdirectories of submodules17:05
florianRP: I'll give them a try... these fix this issue it might be good to get them into stable as well.17:06
RPflorian: well, they fix several things and break others. I'm waiting until its stable first17:07
RPflorian: if master doesn't work we'd love to know about it and get that fixed (and test case added)17:07
armpitRP, want me to process your master-next build?17:08
florianRP: okay17:08
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armpitRP, the perf builds being run, do they land on the wiki or should they?17:10
RParmpit: I posted about the systemd boot failures on list so they're covered (and the broken patch is still in -next so I need to drop that)17:11
RParmpit: we probably need bugs for the "random" failures we keep seeing :(17:12
armpitk, will look into17:12
RParmpit: the perf builds, not sure if they hit the wiki or not. they do hit the performance mailing list though17:12
armpitRP, I am thinking in the case if they fail to run. does that show up in the perf mailing list?17:13
RParmpit: no, failures are not covered there17:14
*** mnemoc <mnemoc!> has joined #yocto17:14
RParmpit: we just changed things on the perf machines so they;re about twice as fast now. Had to reset the stats repo so we don't compare apples to oranges17:15
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:15
RParmpit: you ask a lot of good questions, I just wish I had better answers17:16
RPalimon: thanks, I guess whichever of us gets to it first :)17:16
RPalimon: I'll look more into the logs issue, I could be misreading things somehow or they could be getting corrupted17:17
khemRP: yes its in recipe as I noted17:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What is the recommended way to organize Yocto project repository(-ies)? <>17:38
dkcis there a way with wic/wks to create a partition with a few files extra-files in it? To store config files for instance17:41
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mnemocI use `repo`, `build-*` and `downloads/` directories at the root of the workspace, and everything else inside at `sources/*`17:51
mnemocworks-for-me (tm)17:51
mnemocyocti ---^17:52
yoctimnemoc: Error: "---^" is not a valid command.17:52
* mnemoc ashamed17:52
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* mnemoc hides17:52
rburtonmnemoc: yocti is a bot, one of the things it does is post new relevant posts from SO17:55
rburtonhello, yocti17:55
rburtonyocti: hello17:55
yoctirburton: Error: "hello" is not a valid command.17:55
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RPyocti: praise rburton17:56
yoctiRP: Error: There are no praises in my database for #yocto.17:56
rburtoneven ruder!17:57
rburtonkanavin_: why do you need vte-native?17:58
RPyocti: karma rburton17:59
yoctiRP: Karma for "rburton" has been increased 3 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 3.17:59
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khemhalstead: comes out to be marked "not secure" on browser i wonder if this should be fixed21:13
halsteadkhem, http:// URLs are always "not secure".21:15
halsteadkhem, Perhaps we should offer though. We haven't yet.21:16
khemso we should get https setup then maybe Crofton should help21:16
Crofton|workoh bother21:17
halsteadkhem, Is someone calling for ?21:17
khemhalstead: no but21:17
Crofton|workplanning ahead21:17
halsteadJust a good idea in general?21:17
khemI think browsers are getting tighter21:17
* Crofton|work is waiting for a plane21:17
khemCrofton|work: dont wait .. let it come21:18
halsteadBrowsers will "never" stop supporting http://21:18
Crofton|workbut browsers will warn it is shit :)21:18
khemhalstead: yes but they will start bitching about it more and more21:18
Crofton|workbeen on email/OE admin bing during layover21:18
khemand does not give a lot of confidence when someone sees that21:18
Crofton|workwe are being forced to drop http://21:19
Crofton|workby forces of good21:19
khemespecially security guys who are driven to ban http urls as much as they can21:19
halsteadAre there really security staff who want to ban read-only http:// public websites?21:22
Crofton|workit is likely :)21:23
* halstead shrugs. 21:23
halsteadI suppose they have to justify their jobs somehow.21:23
halsteadAnyway adding https is easy enough and I'm happy to do that.21:24
halsteadI could use an easy task right now. ;)21:24
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halsteadkhem, Crofton|work All set,
khemhalstead: that was fast21:32
khemhalstead: how about doing same for all yocto and oe sites21:32
khemhalstead: maybe disable http for ?21:33
khemoh well that can wait may be21:33
* khem sees a nice lock next to feels so good21:35
halsteadkhem, People probably count on the existing links working. I wouldn't not mess with that. Especially when there is no benefit.21:35
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Crofton|workemotional support symbol21:36
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halsteadkhem, Is there a problem with ?21:41
khemno, my link needs adjusting21:43
khembut I wonder when I type it should default to https and http21:43
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halsteadkhem, If you want your browser to prefer https when you enter a partial URL you can install
halsteadkhem, By default your browser prefers http when you don't include the protocol.21:46
khemhalstead: yeah it does not help when bookmarks have http :)21:47
halsteadkhem, Thanks for the article. Let me know if you spot any YP or OE sites that don't allow https. It should be available everywhere. We force https for logins but otherwise try to leave the protocol up to the user.21:49
halsteadkhem, We can look in to domains where we can force https for users all the the time. I don't want to force any automated processes to change though.21:56
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khemthats ok a soft nudge to start using https will go long way22:01
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halsteadkhem, For I've made it redirect to Other URLs will be served though. This will help people who type the domain and search engine rankings without much possibility of breaking any old scripts. (same for errors.yp)22:42
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RPkhem: tune change passed testing22:54
*** kroon <kroon!> has joined #yocto22:56
khemRP: yay22:58
kroonI can't run aclocal on target, complains about missing signals, perl -le 'print for keys %SIG', yields nothing22:59
kroonwonder if its a regression since the perl updates22:59
khemhalstead: says Info or Not secure23:00
khemdetails see
khemeven if its https23:00 is ok23:00
halsteadkhem, It's because of the paypal button on the OE site.23:03
rburtonkroon: huh the ab *should* be exercising that23:04
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