Wednesday, 2019-01-30

RPkhem: I just don't want to have to add something like this to every subprocess call we have. We also need to fix all the package backends.00:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is it possible to pass in command line variables to a bitbake build? <>01:44
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khemRP: adelcast here is the error
paulgplug in another stick of RAM?05:54
* paulg runs.05:54
khemI dont think thats the issue05:57
khemthis box has 16GB of ram05:57
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malanecoraI'm still getting that ugly "ImportError: No module named attr" while trying to build the wireless-regdb package08:25
malanecoraIt's driving me nuts08:25
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malanecoraI think the package is just broken08:26
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RPkhem: I suspect memory or some other resource like file handles09:13
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ollieHello, ruby gem question: I have implemented a patch for the ruby.bbclass file that allows cross compiling. The problem is the gem needs to build native first, so this step fails. If i remove the patch, the native gem builds, but the packaging step fails due to needing to package for arm and the libs have been native x86 compiled. is there a way to only apply the ruby.bblclass cross compile patch to specific parts of the build process?11:02
ollieor a way in the recipe to translate the libs "back" to arm in during the packaging process?11:04
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rburtonwould you be able to solve that by changing ruby.bbclass so it can work in target and native, then your foo gem can depend on foo-native11:12
ollieI think that is the direction I will have to go11:13
ollieor attempt to go11:13
rburtoneasy enough11:13
rburtonallowing cross compilation should just be 'use the right tools, not gcc'.  in native builds, the 'right tool' is $CC which is $BUILD_CC which is gcc11:14
rburtonso, just works11:14
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malanecoraHas someone successfully extracted the Qt5 SDK?11:31
malanecoraIt breaks everytime I try11:31
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sven^hey. I end up with "ssh_allow_empty_password" in images, but can't figure out where it comes from. Is there any way to track down the "setter" of this option?12:42
kergothsven^: see your IMAGE_FEATURES12:48
LetoThe2ndsven^: DEBUG_TWEAKS, probably12:48
sven^IMAGE_FEATURES += "\12:49
sven^  empty-root-password \12:49
sven^  package-management \12:49
sven^  ssh-server-openssh \12:49
sven^oops, sorry12:49
sven^core-image is defined in poky?12:50
sven^we have 5 images. 1 has debug-tweaks, but it's a dev image only used internally. The other images don't have debug-tweaks12:51
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joseycan anybody help to correctly setup UTF-8 locale in yocto, I seeing LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8): No such file or directory13:02
LetoThe2ndjosey: should be helpful13:04
joseyI have GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES = "en_US.UTF-8"13:05
joseyI also have IMAGE_LINGUAS = "en-us"13:07
joseyThis is my local.conf
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joseydo I need to add libc-locales to DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC?13:15
rburtonjosey: for some reason lost to history en_US *is* utf813:15
rburtonthere's a variable somewhere you can toggle to make it like everyone else13:15
rburtonbeen meaning to submit the patch for that...13:15
rburtonLOCALE_UTF8_IS_DEFAULT iirc13:16
rburtonset that to 0 in local.conf and i think the naming goes back to what you expect13:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Undefined references to precompiled opencv 2.4 <>13:17
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T_UNIXI simply want to clean the sstate for a specific recipe. *Without* triggering any "look for the current revision of all SRCREV recipes" tasks13:30
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: bitbake -c clenasstate $YOURFUNKYRECIPE :)13:31
T_UNIXthat will trigger checks for updates13:33
T_UNIX`bb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable SRCPV, expression was ${@bb.fetch2.get_srcrev(d)} which triggered exception FetchError...`13:33
T_UNIXsetting `BB_NO_NETWORK`will trigger the same :)13:34
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malanecoraIs there a way automatically get the host username from a Yocto recipe?13:48
T_UNIX@malanecora "host" in the cross canadian convention sense (i.e. MACHINE's user?)? Or host username as in the user that currently executes `bitbake`?13:50
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ak77is there a way to set timestamp for rootfs ?13:52
ak77(for all files)13:53
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malanecoraT_UNIX: Host username, who executes bitbake13:55
malanecoraT_UNIX: whoami not available13:56
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bjobjois anyone working on #8743 in terms of updating the documentation?14:21
bjobjoI've spent a day being rather confused...14:21
T_UNIXmalanecora: I'd assume you could either look at how "host contamination" is implemented or whitelist (via `BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE`) an environment variable to use.14:29
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rburtonmalanecora: why do you care?  evil hack would be to run /usr/bin/whoami directly.14:40
rburton(we filter it out to avoid host contamination)14:40
RPalimon: have mailed you another example of a different kind of output glitch problem :/14:50
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ak77I run into issue of .pyc getting recompiled on the target. currently the main suspect is .pyc's internal mod time which is older than .py file on the file system. does installs in do_install (or who places things on rootfs?) keep build modify time? can it be made to ?15:05
bentechHi, i can’t seem to solve this installed-vs-shipped error. I have tried with and without do_install section.
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LetoThe2ndbentech: well, have you read: "Please set FILES such that these items are packaged."15:09
LetoThe2ndbentech: and accordingly inspected what FILES is for that recipe?15:09
kgoldingIs there a way to chattr +i a directory from a recipe please?15:10
LetoThe2nd(after that, modify it to suit your needs=15:10
ak77there is REPRODUCIBLE_TIMESTAMP_ROOTFS though, but it's guarded by BUILD_REPRODUCIBLE_BINARIES, which is not yet my concern15:12
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bentechI have added in FILES_${PN} += "${D}/usr/lib/*" but still get the same message15:16
bentechNevermind Files must be relative to image15:18
LetoThe2ndeeexact, was just about to say that.15:18
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malanecoraT_UNIX: rburton_ Ty! That's just what I needed15:36
malanecoraWhich is the most elegant way of sharing a file generated by a recipe with another recipe?15:41
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: what kind of file?15:45
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: A pub key15:47
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: Generated by wireless-regdb, and needed by CRDA15:47
khemRP: ah file handles is a good pointer15:47
khemRP: I doubt memory since another machine with same specs but using ubuntu 14.04 instead of ubuntu 18.04 works fine to build world for qemumips/musl15:48
khemand using exact distro and commit15:49
khemso it would not be hardware15:49
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LetoThe2ndmalanecora: have you looked at the latest patch submissions concerning wireless-regdb?15:49
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: plus, that sounds like a generic RDEPENDS case15:49
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malanecoraLetoThe2nd: As far as I know there are not patches in the recipe
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: The file is needed in compilation time15:52
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: then its a DEPENDS15:52
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: By crda15:52
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: If I add wireless-regdb to crd DEPENDS, where would be the file placed?15:53
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: then wireless-regdbs install task would run into the sysroot that crda uses at compile time15:54
josh_I am trying to build a rootfs with the systemd service wpa_supplicant@wlan0 enabled by default. However it seems that when the opkg postinst script is run, it is adding a symlink by the name of  wpa_supplicant@%i.sevice instead of wpa_supplicant@wlan0.sevice. I have unpacked the ipk file and the post install script is correct. I can also install the package on a running system just fine. Any hints for debuging the package installation pr15:58
RPkhem: compare ulimit -a from both15:58
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malanecoraLetoThe2nd: I'm not sure if I got it, but I'll take a look over that, thank you man15:59
josh_I have even mounting the rootfs to /mnt on my host machine and tried running `systemctl enable --root=/mnt wpa_supplicant@wlan0` and it works fine (although my host machine is using systemd 229 and the target is using 230)16:01
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yatesi'm creating a kernel module recipe folloking meta-skeleton/recipes-kernel/hello-mod, but instead of socking the source (a single .c file) into the files/ folder i'd like to fetch it from a repository16:06
yatesso can i just add something like this:
yatesi suspect not...16:09
yatesbtw, still morty16:09
yatesstill on morty16:09
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josh_oh, interesting... apparently the systemctrl that is run to build the offline rootfs is a script mimicing the behavior of systemctrl used at runtime16:36
josh_hence the difference in behavior16:36
rburton_yes, systemctl-native is a fake systemctl16:37
rburton_if systemctl supports offline mode then we should use that instead16:37
rburton_when that stuff was written, it didn't16:37
rburton_hm it has a --root option now16:37
rburton_a systemd-native recipe that built just systemctl would be interesting16:37
yateshow do i form a SRC_URI that contains both files from a files/ folder AND a file from a repo?16:45
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yatesthis doesn't work:
yatesit fetched the specified repo folder and gzipped it into downloads, but it's not finding rfcontrol.c there16:47
rburton_why would it find rfcontrol in the repo?16:47
rburton_if you've already cloned the repo, you have the file16:47
yatescloned? you mean into downloads?16:48
rburton_if you specify a relative file: url in SRC_URI (and file://Makefile is relative) then it looks in FILESPATHS, ie files/ and bpn/ under the recipe16:48
rburton_yes, i'm trying to understand why you want to fetch a file from a repository explicitly when you've just fetched the entire repo16:49
yatesit was an attempt, rburton, to get rfcontrol.c from the repo and the others from the files/ folder under the recipe16:50
yatesapparenly an erroneous one..16:50
yatesthat is my goal16:51
rburton_you *might* be able to do that with svn if you put .../svn/SmartDisplaySoftware/rfcontrol.c16:51
rburton_in the url16:51
rburton_as svn itself can fetch single files16:51
rburton_whether the fetcher supports that, no idea.16:51
rburton_(or whatever the correct path is)16:52
yatesi tried that and the fetcher complained "attempt to fetch file instead of a directory" or somesuch16:52
rburton_yeah fair enough16:52
rburton_well remove file://rfcontrol.c and you'll have it in the workdir anyway from the checkout16:52
rburton_you can make the fetcher drop the other files inthe same place if you want16:53
rburton_put the svn one first, then file://Makefile;subdir=${WORKDIR}/wherever-the-checkout-went/16:53
rburton_will put makefile from the layer into the path you said16:53
rburton_you can then set S to that path and the standard build rules work too16:54
yatessimply dropping file://rfcontrol.c worked!16:56
yates(as you said rburton_)16:56
rburton_the confusion might be from there being two steps: fetch will checkout the repo to DL_DIR, and unpack will checkout from there to WORKDIR16:56
rburton_for the central cache and all that16:57
rburton_svn might just copy but that's the design16:57
yatesdo the files "file://afile.ext" get copied by the unpacker to the WORKDIR too?17:00
josh_rburton: I'm not sure I'm quite to the level of being able to change Yocto over to using the real systemctrl, but I'm working on debugging the fake one right now and getting a patch out at least.17:02
josh_baby steps17:02
rburton_yates: yes17:07
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JPEWWhich mailing list should send patches to meta-poky?19:21
JPEWErr, which to mailing list should I send patches for meta-poky? I don't think the mailing lists themselves will be send many patches :)19:22
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bluelightningJPEW: poky@yoctoproject.org19:29
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jkroon_My eudev warns about a missing "kvm" group. eudev/permissions.rules in OE-Core master contains a rule referring to "kvm", but the resulying /etc/groups from base-passwd doesn't contain one. I see others have patched in missing groups, would it be acceptable to add a "kvm" group via a patch here ?20:51
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yatesis there a variable that defines gui configuration directories such as /usr/share/applications at do_install() time?21:02
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yatesor at least /usr/share?21:03
kergothshare is datadir. not sure if applications has its own or not21:04
yates /usr/share will work, thanks kergoth21:05
rburton_yates: ${datadir}/applications is the official definition21:07
rburton_you can look those paths up in the relevant spec and see they're defined as DATADIR/applications21:08
yatespossibly naive question: is it necessary to mkdir the standard directories such as ${bindir}, ${datadir}, etc under ${D} at do_install() time?21:14
kergothif you're going to put files there, yes21:16
kergothD is empty when do_install starts21:16
yatesi see - good to know!21:17
yatessimilar for FILES_{PN}: that is a list of files and directories, but do i need to specify all the standard directories like ${bindir} in the list?21:20
yatesi noticed that in one of my existing recipes i specify a file ${bindir}/${PN} without specifying the bindir path and it worked, but can i assume this for all "standard" directories? (e.g., /usr/share"?21:22
RPyates: the default is in bitbake.conf21:25
kergothi'd definitely recommend reading bitbake.conf, it covers both the default values of variables liek FILES as well as the dfault values of all the target variables, flags, etc21:25
yatesc-x-f ...21:26
kergoths/target/target path/21:26
yatesnope, no need to specify those!21:28
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yatesthere's only one thing i like better than yocto21:28
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yateswhat do you guys use? kergoth? LetoThe2nd? RP? rburton_?21:34
yatesderRichard: ?21:34
kergothI practically live in vim21:35
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yateselisp is to emacs as "what" is to vim?21:35
derRichardwell, used to use nano for many years. but for large files the syntax highlighting is slow, therefor i switched to vim21:35
RPyates: you don't want to know ;-)21:36
yatesRP: xemacs? :)21:36
derRichardbut i use at most 5 features21:36
RPyates: combinations of gedit and mcedit21:36
derRichardRP: yay, mcedit!21:36
RPderRichard: I'm a big mc fan21:37
kergothyates: that's vim's biggest weakness, viml kind of sucks. thankfully you can write scripts in lua/python/ruby too, though few do for portability reasons :\21:37
derRichardRP: i fear i'm too young for mc since i never used norton commander on dos21:37
kergothI'm playing around with vscode a lot lately locally, doessns't help when i'm doing remote development over ssh/mosh though21:37
RPderRichard: I didn't use norton commander but I did use Xtree and Xtree Gold extensively21:37
RPderRichard: mc is as close as I can get on linux21:38
kergothi tried to use mc, but after getting used to managing files at a commandline the hard way a file manager feels weird and awkward21:38
RPkergoth: I do both depending on which is easier21:38
kergoththere are a number of interessting new console file managers recently21:39
derRichardcall me a looser, but i like kde's dolphin :)21:39
RPkergoth: mc is nice to visualise things and operating on blocks. You can type shell straight from mc21:39
RPkergoth: there are? I'll have to have a look21:39
RPkergoth: I miss things Xtree used to do21:39
kergothranger, nnn, etc21:39
kergothnnn is more recent21:39
yatesIF i were to consider switching (which i'm not) i would consider microsoft's new (?) Visual Studio Code21:40
yateswhich is cross-platform21:40
kergothi subscirbe to changelog nightly to get daily views into trending and mosst starred github repos21:40
kergothfind a lot of cool tools that way21:40
derRichardyates: yeah, a friend of mine is using it on linux to develop python21:40
kergothyates: yeah, vscode is surprisingly capable and well done21:40
derRichardit works really great21:40
kergothreally vibrant extension ecosystem, too21:40
derRichardbut i still like "bash" as ide more :D21:41
kergoth for example looks awesome for the webdev folk21:41
kergoth(a very recent release)21:42
kergothRP: nnn seems quite powerful from my admittedly newb perspective. might have to try it out21:42
RPkergoth: yes, just playing. I can see it being quite interesting once you understand the key bindings21:43
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kroonSo.. No one but me who has seen this "missing kvm group" eudev message on boot ?22:47
* kroon reboots to see what Arch Linux does22:52
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