Thursday, 2019-01-31

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can't log in beaglebone as root <>03:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can't log in beaglebone as root [on hold] <>04:50
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inisiderhello. can anyone explain how/or where folder with MACHINE name in ..../build/tmp/work/ is created? Because when i run "MACHINE=aarch64-sdk-generic bitbake -v -c populate_sdk core-image-iosxe" in .../tmp/work/ just is created folder with name "-iosxe-linux"11:51
rburtoneasiest would be to bitbake -e core-iage-iosxe, then grep that for "-iosxe-linux".  above it will show you what variables you've somehow unset and where11:55
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inisiderthanks will try it.11:57
inisiderand second one question what to do if get error: "which triggered exception NameError: name 'base_path_relative' is not defined", as i understand that 'base_path_relative' is not present in my yocto for some reason. so how to understand where it is called and to which function change it?11:59
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rburtongrep works11:59
rburtonif you're lucky the exception has line numbers but for anonymous blocks we don't manage to export line numbers quite right12:00
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inisideri see.12:04
inisideri found that base_path_relative was removed from yocto, so what can i use instead of it?12:06
rburton    These base_* functions were moved into meta/lib/oe back in 2010 and wrappers12:07
rburton    left in utils.bbclass for compatibility.  It's been eight years, so I think it's12:07
rburton    time to remove them.12:07
rburtonthe commit tells you what to do12:07
rburtonthe commit before, c97acbd034532895ce57c6717ed1b3ccc7900b0d, even ha worked examples12:07
inisiderthanks a lot. will look at it12:08
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inisiderI got next error with gettext: . As I can understand from the error, the problem is in that OE doest not find source code. But if I go to .../build/downloads, I see the archive with gettext. So I'm not sure I understand why that would be a problem for me.13:48
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cedrick-cdhello i have a quick question about ipks for a vfat boot partition13:52
cedrick-cdwhen building with bitbake, ipks are created for the linux kernel and dtb files13:53
cedrick-cdbut these ipks are not installed in my wic image13:54
cedrick-cdi do have the files in /boot partition but it seems they were just copied there13:54
cedrick-cdthey are not owned by any package when checked with opkg13:54
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cedrick-cdi was wondering if anyone had noticed this behavior in the past?13:55
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RPrburton: looks like my package.bbclass change sends webkitgtk do_package into an infinite hang :(15:00
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rburtoncedrick-cd: wic's /boot is a copy yes, because it's a separate partition15:08
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osoldanoHello, I'm trying to create a isohybrid-isoimage bootable media with an extra empty partition with wic, but when I configure the /boot partition with --source isohybrid-isoimage, the extra empty partition is never created. Any idea on what can cause this?15:25
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inisiderwhile building get strange error "NOTE: make 1 all-gcc configure-target-libgcc", try to look in log and find that in oe_runmake_call() there is "make 1  "$@"".  For what is the 1 in make target?15:35
rburtoninisider: can you replicate that with no special configuration?15:36
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angelo_tshello, what package provides dos2unix ?15:41
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rburtondos2unix :)15:41
angelo_tsERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'dos2unix'15:41
rburtonyou can use tr to do that15:42
inisiderrburton: currently no, but i can try to build for example for rpi3 using Thud version of yocto15:42
rburtoninisider: thud for qemux86 on poky would be interesting15:42
kergothOT, and not helpful for the yocto bts, but is really nice15:44
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adelcast1khem: sorry for the late response, nothing obvious comes to mind from the error you sent me, where you able to figure out what's going on?16:11
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khemadelcast1: yeah I am still diggign17:24
* edgar444 Hi! I've recently been trying out to use devshell. The manual claims that it is supposed to cd into the `${S}` _source directory_ of specified package. But I'm still in the `./build` directory. Also variable S is unset, and devshell user becomes root. I ran `bitbake rpcd -c devshell`. Do any of you use devshell, and does it relocate you? There are some variables set here, so it is doing something. Like17:27
* edgar444 `STRINGS=mips-oe-linux-strings`17:27
khemedgar444: I would suggest to look into devtool for doing component development, much better than all previous approaches we have taken17:31
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* edgar444 khem: Yeah, it looks cool. Does it relocate you? Or do i have to specify something more. tried `cd $S`. But that's unset. I have to cd to workdir from memory or guess it.17:37
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khemedgar444: it checks out the sources into an external directory17:43
khemso the sword of tmp being accidentally deleted by some bitbake operation is not hanging on your neck17:44
denixRP: got a minute? I'm looking for some advise regarding "filtered copies of ipk/deb for images/sdk" -
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RPdenix: I'm here for a short while yet17:46
denixRP: kind of non-standard issue. let's say I have an external IPK. I used to drop it into tmp/deploy/ipk and it would install into an image just fine with IMAGE_INSTALL/RDEPENDS.17:47
RPdenix: I can see how that may be potentially problematic17:48
denixRP: now with the above commit for filtered feeds, it's not getting copied to oe-rootfs-repo, obviously. trying to recreate "pkgdata" for that package, but it still doesn't work17:48
khemdenix: unpack and repack the ipk using the OE packaging17:48
RPdenix: the pkgdata shouldn't matter, the issue is that its just not something the system knows about17:48
RPdenix: there are probably two solutions - a) Just place the ipk into tmp/deploy/ipk/xxx using a dummy recipe to install it during a do_package_write_ipk task17:49
khemRP: as I understand it will only cater to packages that is generated by OE system17:49
RPdenix: or b) add something to the rootfs package feed code so it knows about some other extra magic directory17:50
denixRP: right, was hoping pkgdata would be enough for the system to know...17:50
RPdenix: pkgdata won't help17:50
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RPdenix: that code was written with determinism in mind so its now every careful that only dependencies get added...17:50
denixRP: so, there's no easy way to get it into the system so it can be used in other regular dependencies, like it was a normal package?17:52
RPdenix: to do that you probably need to write a dummy package installing recipe17:52
RPdenix: or as khem says, just unpack and repack it17:53
denixRP: looks like your option "b" would be easiest with external feed, but it would still treat the package as external...17:53
khemRP: so I got OE core compiling with clang+compiler-rt+libc++17:54
khemI mean most of it17:54
RPdenix: yes, that was the plan for this kind of use case, you can add in external package feeds17:54
khemwhich does not have GNUism17:54
RPkhem: nice :)17:54
denixRP: ok, thanks!17:54
khemRP: also also upgrade llvm to 8.017:54
khemin core17:54
RPkhem: I saw the patches, bit depressing we have to carry more of them but inevitable I guess17:55
khemRP: yes for a while17:55
khemthey are no their way upstream17:55
khemmuch like musl17:55
khemsome of them are already accepted17:56
khemas you might see they are just finding latent issues in packages17:56
RPkhem: yes, I saw they'd been submitted which rocks!17:59
kergothsomeone submitted oe patches to an upstream? *gasp* :)18:02
denixkergoth: :)18:04
cedrick-cdrburton : is there any way to use ipk for /boot rather than a copy18:04
khemRP: I am sending glibc 2.29 patch right now18:08
khemRP: so keep the weekend ABs hot in polar vortex18:08
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khem2.29 release point has been created, it will be announced tomorrow or monday18:08
cedrick-cdi have looked through rootfs_ipk.bbclass and package.bbclass18:09
cedrick-cdand cant quite figure out the mechanics of this18:09
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khemRP: one issue I see with work-shared recipes is that it always setup the source tree even when none of the recipes which use that common source is rebuilt since they get reused from sstate18:18
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khemRP: I wonder if we can notice this and avoid the unpack/patch step for the corresponding source recipe especially for gcc and kernel,18:19
khemI have replicated the same for clang now, which is even bigger repo18:19
khemso I see it spending a bit of time in doing the source setup which is not needed18:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cannot create symlink error while building with bitbake <>19:23
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joseyHey, I have IMAGE_LINGUAS = "en-us es-es", build the minimal image for bbb and locale -a shows only C/POSIX locales20:29
joseyhow do I get an UTF-8 locale setup here20:30
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kroonjosey: en_US.UTF-8 ?20:39
josey@kroon You mean using that with IMAGE_LINGUAS?20:40
kroonhmmm, dunno what the suffix would be though.20:40
kroonmaybe check youre generated packages if you can find something matching ?20:41
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joseyany body know how LOCALE_UTF8_ONLY and LOCALE_UTF8_IS_DEFAULT work20:48
kergothutf8_is_deafult makes en_US utf8, rather than the normal behavior of en_US as non-utf8 and en_US.UTF-8 as utf820:49
kergothdeviates from most linux distros20:49
kergothiirc anyway20:49
joseyso far seems I missing something else as, there isn't neither en_US en_US.UTF-8 in my image20:52
joseyjust C/POSIX20:52
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to install graphics drivers in Yocto output image <>20:53
kergothjosey: that's entirely controlled by IMAGE_LINGUAS..20:55
kergothassuming those locales were generated anyway20:55
kergothcheck GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES20:55
joseymaybe I need to add localedef?20:57
joseyseems that was missing in my image20:58
rburtonjosey: didn't we go through this yesterday?  set LOCALE_UTF8_IS_DEFAULT="0"21:04
rburtonen_US *is* utf8 in oe by default21:04
joseyrburton: Yes, but I din't get the image to work, still have only C/POSIX locales after rebuild21:04
rburtonyou probab;y need to change the install list too21:05
joseyrburton: what install list ?21:06
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cslcmHey - i notice mongo is disabled for arm currently. Is there a working layer anywhere for mongodb on the pi?21:22
cslcmdisabled in meta-oe i mean21:22
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