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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto populate SDK - Receipe inherit from cmake <>03:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to install graphics drivers in Yocto output image [on hold] <>04:54
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ericnuutshi. how can we clean all packages within a packagegroup?09:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to Add new receipe in Yocto <>11:56
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joseyFinally get UTF-8 locale working, in my case I have to add glibc-binary-localedata-en-us12:59
joseyshouldn't be enough setting IMAGE_LINGUAS to en-us?12:59
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inisiderHello. Why is not "-j" here I ask because once I get wrong target when was executed.13:12
rburtoninisider: because of
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rburtonso if someone is setting PARALLEL_MAKE to "1" then they're doing it wrong13:14
rburton(the alternative to -j is -l so we don't hardcode -j)13:15
inisideri see. thanks13:15
inisiderbut if u want to build all in 1 thread. what is the best way to do this?13:16
rburtonif its one recipe that is broken in parallel builds just set PARALLEL_MAKE="" in the recipe13:17
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ericnuutsrburton: how can we clean all packages within a packagegroup?13:31
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moritz_Hello everyone. I'm trying to build an sdk for an image I already built successfully. The SDK fails saying (first error message):13:54
moritz_"checking target system type... Invalid configuration `x86_64ccns5-sdk-linux': machine `x86_64ccns5-sdk' not recognized"13:54
moritz_Finally telling me that "" failed.13:55
moritz_Any ideas on that ? I do not understand where the machine is set13:55
moritz_(Of course the build of SDK fails)13:57
moritz_I suppose that it should say 'x86_64-ccns5-sdk-linux' and the - after 64 was just lost somewhere14:06
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moritz_Or at least does someone have a hint where I could ask ?14:40
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kanavinrburton: how do I build a qemu image with extra free space on the disk?14:49
RPkanavin: there are rootfs extra space options iirc. Have a look at the core-image-sato-sdk-ptest recipe14:50
kanavinRP: yep, IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE seems to be it14:51
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RPkanavin: I see we have a py3.7 upgrade, thanks!15:29
kanavinRP: cheers :) I hope it won't case a 'sea of red' but it probably will15:29
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kanavinRP: python 3.8.0 is scheduled for 2019-10-20, so this should keep the stack updated for a while15:31
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kanavinRP: if there's no reaction to mid-february AUH run, we probably should re-assign some recipes15:31
kanavinor ping people here in chat15:32
RPkanavin: we're close to the maint window but I've fired a build, see how it looks15:32
armpitkanavin, we need a app for that ; )15:32
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armpitis AUH sched still every 3 weeks ?15:34
kanavinarmpit, once a month in the middle of it15:34
nate02I'm getting a useradd error when I unpack my esdk to a different machine. Seems to work fine on the bitbake host...
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armpitkanavin, ok15:35
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kanavinRP: ERROR: perl-5.28.1-r1 do_fetch: The URL: ';name=perl-cross' is not trusted and cannot be used15:40
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RPkanavin: its just showing its not in our mirrors,don't worry about that16:07
RPkanavin: after one run it will be16:07
kanavinRP: yeah, I researched, but why is that not a problem with other updates, e.g. python?16:07
kanavinI'm fairly sure there was not attempt to build 3.7.2 before16:07
RPkanavin: It should have down that too. Maybe files from a previous upgrade test?16:08
kanavinbut there wasn't one, previous patches were for 3.7.116:08
ferlzcHi, i'm trying generate an image for an atom based board using meta-intel. I'm using systemd as init system and X server. The problem i'm having is that X is not working when I package the kernel modules with rootfs. I suspect is something releated with Intel DRM driver and X server but I'm not sure. When I boot the kernel without kernel modules the X server works. Any ideas where should I look?16:08
kanavinmaybe the fact that perl-cross is a second tarball in SRC_URI plays a role...16:08
RPkanavin: shouldn't...16:09
RPkanavin: we shouldn't be hitting errors like this, the test is in the wrong place but that is a different problem16:10
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inisiderhow DEPENDS works? For example here As understand there is somewhere should be or something like that, but if try to grep for gettext-native* there is no results16:16
rburtonkanavin: devtool latest-version needs to support multiple recipes16:18
kanavinrburton, for that there is devtool check-upgrade-status16:18
kergothinisider: search for BBCLASSEXTEND in the yocto project documentation16:18
kergothinisider: see also PROVIDES16:18
rburtonkanavin: why doesn't that appear in --help16:18
kergothloving so much, major improvement in my interaction with jira for work16:19
kergothi wonder if there's something equivalent for bugzilla16:19
kanavinrburton,   Getting information:16:19
kanavin    status                Show workspace status16:19
kanavin    latest-version        Report the latest version of an existing recipe16:19
kanavin    check-upgrade-status  Report upgradability for multiple (or all) recipes16:19
inisiderkergoth: thanks. will look at16:20
yatesi'm getting: ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'sd-bluez5'.16:20
rburtonkanavin: turns out my mut branch was pointing at something really mysterious16:21
kanavinso user error then16:21
yatesthis is a very simple recipe which just copies some files which i created. the recipe file is
rburtonkanavin: yep16:21
rburtonkanavin: thought you'd written something, which is why i was surprised it didn't appear to work :)16:21
yatesthis same approach has worked for other recipes. why does this one generate this error?16:21
kanavinrburton: it seems that in particular doesn't like being hammered with requests :(16:21
kergothyates: my first guess would be didnt put the file in the right spot to be picked up by BBFILES16:22
* kergoth has accidentally dropped recipes in the root of <layer>/recipes-foo/ before16:22
kanavinif you run a mass-report, there will be multiple failures for recipes hosted there16:22
yateskergoth: you mean the .bb file?16:22
kanavinbut one by one, they work16:22
kergothyeah. use bitbake -pDD to make sure it's even being parsed16:22
rburtonkanavin: deliberately leaves out recipes that are up to date?16:22
rburtonkanavin: ie i did mesa weston wayland wayland-protocols and it only output mesa and wayland-protocols16:23
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kanavinrburton: yep, otherwise there'd be too much noise16:23
rburtonan option would be useful16:23
kergothyates: in my experience when something is behaving inexplicably it's a mismatch between my assumptions and reality, often due to a silly mistake like that. wrong build dir, wrong path, etc. take a step back and verify the basics. that's just my personal experience, anyway16:23
* kergoth shrugs16:23
yateskergoth: i put it here, and e.g. tst-altimeter works16:23
yateskergoth: yes, always good advice16:24
kergothshould be fine, i'm assuming it's not overriding PROVIDES itself, or setting COMPATIBLE_* to make it be skipped?16:24
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yateskergoth: right, it is not16:24
kergothvery odd16:24
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kanavinrburton, patches welcome :) I personally wouldn't find it useful...16:25
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rburtonkanavin: useful for reporting, also trivial as i've done it already ;)16:25
rburton--verbose? --all?16:26
yatesi masked part of the message. the entire error message is here:
yatesthere is a bluez5 recipe already existing. but so what?16:26
kergothi'd still crank up debugging and make sure the file is being parsed to be safe16:27
yatesbitbake "-pDD" (literally -pDD?)16:27
yatesor is DD a placeholder?16:27
kergothliteral. -D is debug, and can be specified up to 3 times. i dont recall the exact level you need to see the parsed filenames offhand16:28
kergoth-p is parse and then exit, don't build16:28
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yateswell you are right, "bitbake sd-bluez5 | grep sd-bluez5" is not in the -pDD output16:29
kergothcan also use bitbake -e to examine BBFILES, but that's full of wildcards you'd have to expand to see individual files16:30
RPkhem: just noticed your comment about shared work. It should only be extracted if we're building something16:31
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yateswhat does the prefix "DEBUG: EXCLUDE_FROM_WORLD" mean in the -pDD output?16:34
kergothexclude_from_world just marks recipes to not be built in 'bitbake world'16:34
yatesah. so not my issue.16:35
* yates scratches his head16:35
kergoth-D shows a ton of stuff, much of which really isn't that useful for debugging except for particular rare cases. needs a good review one of these days :)16:35
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yatesoh @#$&*(@#$16:38
yatesWALL | <=== HEAD16:38
kergothhaha. i figured it would be something obvious, it usually is with stuff like that. so annoying16:38
kergothdare i ask?16:38
yatesis there a difference between file and ?!?!?!?!?!?16:38
yatesthat's ok, keeps me humble, right?16:39
yateskergoth: you're clarivoyant16:39
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kergothhaha, oops16:40
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yatesthank you16:40
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armpitRP, I noticed "No space left on device" in ptest.. have you seen this?17:02
RParmpit: not recently17:03
armpitutil-linux test17:03
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RPkanavin: not a sea of red, looks like at least one issue18:13
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RPkanavin: conflict between py2 and py3 in some images. Not bad! :)18:14
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RPhalstead: after maintenance could we have another -next please? thanks :)18:19
halsteadRP, Sure. I haven't started maintenance quite yet if you want to run -next first.18:20
RPhalstead: its not urgent and I'm going afk. Builds are still winding down too18:20
RPhalstead: I just put it ready for when you're done18:21
halsteadRP, Perfect. Thank you.18:21
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto populate SDK - Receipe inherit from cmake <>18:57
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joseyI add openssl to IMAGE_INSTALL_append , but openssl command is not included in my image, just the openssl libraries19:00
joseydoes anybody know if there is a separate package?19:01
nate02anyone able to give me some hints about where to look for the source of this error?
nate02Happens when trying to use devtool on a different machine, after extracting the esdk. Built on pyro19:02
khemRP: re. work-shared, I think it was extracting it anyway but I will check next time if it did compile something from there19:19
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joseydo I need openssl-bin to get the opessl command?19:31
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rburtonjosey: yes20:56
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* armpit broke the house21:08
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halsteadHi sjolley22:51
armpithalstead, any AB maint today?22:52
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armpitand.. hello22:52
halsteadarmpit, I am waiting for the current build to wrap up. Then Richard asked for a master-next.22:53
halsteadAnd hello armpit :)22:53
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armpithalstead, k. will wait till later to kick off sumo builds22:54
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halsteadarmpit, Okay. I can queue one after master-next for you if you want.22:54
halsteadarmpit, Just let me know what branch and such.22:55
armpitno rush.. I didn't want to cause issues for you22:55
armpitI am thinking most likely on Sat22:55
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halsteadSounds like a good plan. :)22:57
* halstead moves back to me office. AFK for a while.22:59
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RPhalstead: sorry its taking so long to finish :(23:14
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