Tuesday, 2019-02-05

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RPkhem: commit message is better thanks00:26
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khemRP: whats your take on mutlilib header patch, I sent a v3 which is a one liner00:37
khemRP: on some arches e.g. arm we are stubbing bits/wordsize.h itself which is a dagenerious proposition given that header template includes bits/wordsize.h00:38
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RPkhem: I worry we're complicating something I'd prefer not to complicate. I did wonder why the underlying headers didn't protect against renterance00:39
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Creating Yocto Mender for Raspberrypi 3 <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47641947/creating-yocto-mender-for-raspberrypi-3> || Self-hosted mender fails to update artifact <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53168706/self-hosted-mender-fails-to-update-artifact> || Building a Mender Yocto image for a Raspberry <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43935110/building-a-mender-yocto-image-for-a-raspberry>00:42
khemRP: the header underlying is unfortunately same00:45
khemwhich is un-guarded00:45
khempragma once is a better fix00:45
khemthis is the reason https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/commit/?id=90ad502bf8faa233e25cf297c1eeefcb0367aea300:46
khemI wonder why do we multilib aarch64/arm they are different backends, unlike x86/x86_6400:47
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khemproblem is we are including bits/wordsize.h from bits/wordsize.h ... you see ?00:48
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RPkhem: the arm situation is a hack :-(00:58
RPkhem: I do see now, hmm00:58
* RP -> Zzzz00:58
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can't log in beaglebone as root [closed] <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31967492/cant-log-in-beaglebone-as-root>04:43
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malanecoraWhich is the proper way to extract Qt5 SDK (SKD that allows cross-compilation via QtCreator for my TARGET) in Yocto Thud?07:51
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malanecoraIs bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5 enough or should I follow further (previous) steps?08:02
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mckoanmalanecora: bitbake meta-toolchain-qt508:22
malanecoramckoan: That's all? I've just found this on stackoverflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40258161/how-do-i-get-qt-sdk-configured-properly-with-yocto-project/4037537208:23
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mckoanmalanecora: depends on your needs, the basic Qt5 SDK is meta-toolchain-qt508:30
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malanecoramckoan: Ok, ty! I think that it'll be enough08:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to apply patch uboot: Yocto project <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54532006/how-to-apply-patch-uboot-yocto-project>10:14
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kanavinRP: yep, python hardcodes /usr/lib in a number of places, I fixed some, but apparently not all10:21
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RPkanavin: are they arch independent pieces?10:29
kanavinRP: as far as I remember it's a mix of .py and .so10:30
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RPkanavin: right, .py would be arch independent, .so would not10:30
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malanecoraGetting "ERROR: Feature 'xcomposite-glx' was enabled, but the pre-condition 'features.wayland-server && features.opengl && !features.opengles2 && libs.xcomposite && libs.glx' failed." when running bitbake meta-toolchain-qt511:18
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kanavinRP: the current python recipe carries an awful patch that forces ${libdir} everywhere where python hardcodes /usr/lib. I'm going to basically drop that, as /usr/lib bits are either arch independent, or go into an arch-specific subdirectory in /usr/lib.12:39
kanavinRP: the patch is https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta/recipes-devtools/python/python3/python-3.3-multilib.patch12:39
RPkanavin: I'd be happy if we could make it work more neatly/properly with multilib12:40
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inisiderhello. i have in glibc-initial.inc "deltask do_build" line, but when try to build (MACHINE=aarch64-sdk-generic bitbake -v nativesdk-glibc-initial), get error Task do_build does not exist for target nativesdk-glibc-initial. What can be the problem?13:25
RPinisider: specify a task which exists with the -c option13:29
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RPinisider: you almost never want to build glibc-initial directly13:30
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PinkSnakeHi all, do you have any recipes example based on meson build system ? :D13:36
rburtonseveral in oe-core13:41
rburton$ bitbake-layers show-recipes -i meson13:41
RPkanavin: I suspect you'd approve of http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/commit/?h=rpurdie/t222&id=075820c4d768aee33badfcfd20930f0de76f08b6 :)13:43
RPvmeson: ^^^ I suspect you and Mark may disagree with this one though13:43
kanavinRP: I approve, totally :) (and especially rburton would like this, as he's been working on a crazy project to make them kind of work as proper src.rpm)13:45
RPkanavin: deleting archiver.bbclass is tempting too...13:54
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JPEWRP: We use archiver.bbclass extensively, but it does seem over complicated (perhaps it is *too* configurable?)14:51
rburtonkanavin: oh i have not been working on a project to make them work14:52
rburtonkanavin: you take that back! :)14:52
rburtoni *did* and it was formative in my incredibly strong opinions on the matter :)14:52
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RPJPEW: specifically which piece of archiver?15:03
RPrburton: I wondered when you'd read that :)15:03
JPEWRP: INHERIT += "archiver" ARCHIVER_MODE[dumpdata] = "1" ARCHIVER_MODE[recipe] = "1"15:04
JPEWRP: We use it to generate our archive of open source software that we post for compliance15:04
RPJPEW: thanks, its useful to know which options are actually used15:09
RPIf anyone has anything they want to highlight in this week's status, let me know15:17
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JPEWHas anyone been having strange busybox errors?15:32
armpitbuild issue with ptest enabled15:33
JPEWThis would be a runtime error. Turns out, busybox 1.29.2 had an error that prevented it from correctly parsing config file. https://git.busybox.net/busybox/commit/?h=1_29_3&id=2993551efcb09ace35b40db608ab08159834692b15:34
JPEWThey fixed in in 1.29.3 (which is the only change from 1.29.2 -> 1.29.3). I sent a patch to upgrade the recipe to the mailing list (also, affects thud)15:35
rburtonJPEW: can you post the patch for thud please15:36
rburtonpretty please15:36
zagor_so ptest did its job?15:37
* armpit thud, the sound my head makes hitting the desk15:37
JPEWIs http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-core/2019-February/278727.html sufficent, or do you want a separate e-mail for thud?15:38
armpitrburton, if the update is a bug fix only, its fine15:38
kanavinRP: lack of interest in package updates :(15:45
RPkanavin: I have that in there15:46
RPkanavin: I think we need to send an email to the maintainers and ask if there is a problem15:47
kanavinRP: yes, something like that15:47
RPkanavin: rburton technically owns this but basically has other problems so I guess this would fall to me15:48
RPkanavin: We've given up on mut atm too :(15:48
kanavinRP: I suppose Ross is busy with not-yocto things15:49
rburtonindeed.  good news is the thing has a deadline.15:50
RPrburton: I'm hoping we get you back! ;-)15:56
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sjolleyYPTM: Bridge is with Zoom at: https://zoom.us/j/99089271215:59
sjolleyYPTM: Sjolley joined15:59
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JPEW_YPTM: Joshua Watt here16:00
vmesonYPTM -- Randy joined16:00
yateskergoth, rburton: just wanted to say thanks for your patience in helping me out yesterday (re: version/revision numbering)16:00
rburtonversioning is trivial if you've done distro work before but if not, then it can be a mystery16:01
dreynaYPTM: David Reyna joined16:01
RPhmm, bridge isn't liking me16:02
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RPgetting a "System Error"16:03
frayit's sitting and spinning on 'Connecting...' here16:04
fraytrying to join from the Browser I get "502 Bad Gateway"16:04
npongratzI'm getting the same, 502 Bad Gateway when attempting to open the zoom conference call url16:05
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RPsjolley: think something has failed in the system :(16:06
npongratzNo problem. I'll follow along by watching the Google Doc :)16:07
frayit just let me in16:07
frayit loaded, but I'm by myself..16:08
frayI think zoom itself is having problems16:08
frayok, it let me in now..16:08
npongratzoh cool. I just got into the voice bridge too.16:08
armpitRP, you on ?16:08
npongratzYPTM: good morning, Nick is on the call16:09
sjolleyIs it you in yet?16:09
* RP can't get audio working16:09
sjolleyWe can hear you.16:10
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:13
vmesonRP: you dropped.16:20
armpitcan anyone hear me ?16:20
manjudid we lose audio16:20
vmesonarmpit: no16:20
armpitvmeson, k16:20
RPI got kicked out16:20
armpitYocto cone of silence16:20
RPwon't let me in :(16:20
JPEW_I got kicked also16:20
sjolleyNot sure what is happening in Zoom16:21
vmesonsjolley: can you rejoin?16:21
JPEW_I rejoined16:21
manjui was able to rejoin16:21
* RP is back on16:22
sjolleyI rejoined16:23
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*** npongratz <npongratz!93cacfc1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has left #yocto16:35
sjolleyYPTM: Is over16:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto + boost. Is there any way to get libboost.a into the SDK? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54538737/yocto-boost-is-there-any-way-to-get-libboost-a-into-the-sdk>16:45
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kergothhttps://juliareda.eu/2019/02/article-13-worse/ is mind boggling. EU folk, email your MEPs17:18
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@c-71-59-136-149.hsd1.or.comcast.net> has quit IRC17:20
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has quit IRC17:21
RPkergoth: not sure we'll have MEPs soon...17:23
*** yann <yann!~yann@> has quit IRC17:24
kergothheh, true17:26
* kergoth shakes head17:26
*** no_such_user <no_such_user!~no_such_u@mail.analogue-micro.com> has joined #yocto17:29
no_such_userHeya, Ive got a standalone kernel module that compiles and works fine (in its own layer). However when I modify the kernel it builds against, it seems theres no dependency to force it to rebuild. Is there a way to create a dependency against "virtual/kernel"?17:30
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has quit IRC17:31
no_such_userThe .bb file does include 'DEPENDS += "virtual/kernel"' but this doesn't seem to be enough to force a recompile...17:32
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:41
*** kroon <kroon!~jkroon@37-247-29-68.customers.ownit.se> has joined #yocto17:49
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yatesderRichard: can you pm me please?18:15
*** dqx <dqx!~dqx@unaffiliated/dqx> has quit IRC18:18
khemno_such_user: you need source dep may be18:19
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rokmIf II have followiind setup buxybox.bb <-- busybox.bbappend (bsp layer <-- busybox.bbappend (my layer))18:32
rokmin both bbappend files I have do_install_append18:32
rokmbut for some reason file from my layer is not used18:33
rokmIt looks like my busybox.bbappend is executed before this from bsp layer18:34
rokmhow to change this order that my recibe will be at the end18:35
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*** gabrbedd <gabrbedd!~beddingfi@li680-65.members.linode.com> has joined #yocto18:48
yatesderRichard: you there?18:48
yateswhy am i getting this after a "devtool reset -a"? ...18:55
yatesERROR: recipe linux-variscite is already in your workspace18:56
*** peacememories <peacememories!~textual@2a02:8388:8480:fd80:c6a:59e3:ef56:9648> has quit IRC18:56
yatessumpin' got hosed, logging out and back in, resourcing oe-init-build-env fixed19:01
*** no_such_user <no_such_user!~no_such_u@mail.analogue-micro.com> has quit IRC19:01
yatesno, it did not...19:04
*** no_such_user <no_such_user!~no_such_u@mail.analogue-micro.com> has joined #yocto19:06
nerdboyis anyone building for x86 hardware targets? (not just qemu)19:06
kroonnerdboy: yeah19:15
nerdboymind sharing witch layers/branches?19:15
nerdboymind sharing which layers/branches?19:15
nerdboybrain typos...19:16
kroonwell.. i mean its only for my own personal laptop19:16
nerdboyyeah, i don't quite mean that specific...19:16
nerdboylast i tried, the images would boot but were missing things like network/display/other19:17
kroonI use connman19:17
nerdboy*booting on vendor hardware like NCR PoS terminals19:17
frayI build for real hardware all the time.. but the combination of layers changes a lot from customer to customer..19:19
fraythere is no single combination...19:20
nerdboycan you share your bblayers/local configs?  i made a foss-intel-bsp manifest thing, tested musl/selinux19:20
frayMy configurations are based on Wind River Linux...  we do NOT use intel BSPs.. we use kernel.org/YP kernel sources for our BSPs..19:20
nerdboykroon: ^^19:20
yateswhy is devtool reset -a not resetting all recipes?19:21
*** sno <sno!~sno@p4FF5E266.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #yocto19:21
nerdboyi do have meta-intel and meta-intel-contrib in there, should i avoid those?19:21
frayI don't use them, I need a standard kernel not a vendor specific kernel..19:21
nerdboyi normally use my own kernel recipes19:22
fraydoesn't matter if it's Intel, NXP, or anyone else.. I don't want vendor specific kernels19:22
nerdboymeaning not vendor kernels...19:22
kroonnerdboy: I just use standard OE-Core, meta-oe/meta-perl + custom layer for doing personal specializations19:22
frayA full configuration for me has about 44 layers enabled.. (note, I'm NOT using software from all of them)19:22
frayoe-core, meta-openembedded, meta-security, meta-selinux, meta-virtualization, meta-realtime, meta-yocto, meta-gplv2, meta-secure-core, meta-cloud-services, meta-intel, meta-freesale, meta cgl, meta-dpdk, meta-intel-qat ...  (and most of those contain sublayers as well)19:23
kroonnerdboy: i suspect I should also have meta-intel to get CPU ucode updates (which I assume are in there)19:23
fraykeep in mind that microcode applied in USERSPACE means that many of th security fixes and other hardware fault fixes are not actually applied..19:24
frayto be fully 'fixed', you need your bios vendor to apply the latest microcode fixes for your CPU19:24
fraythe userspace microcode update will fix 'some' things..19:25
nerdboyso either oe-core/my kernel or poky/yp kernels?19:25
frayit's possible for the kernel to apply a microcode early as well.. that is 'better' then userspace, but still not complete19:25
frayoe-core and yp are the same when we talk about kernels..19:25
frayso it's oe vs 'custom'..  custom can be provided by a semi's layer, you, etc..19:25
frayfor -my- purposes, I need a common kernel and want the OE / YP kernel as the source for my work19:26
fraybut my purposes may not be right for everyone, so sometimes choosing the semi-vendor kernel may make more sense to you19:26
fray(or even using a raw kernel.org kernel)19:26
nerdboyno vendor kernels in this case19:27
nerdboyfray: do you have an example somewhere i can poke at?  or is it all customer-specific stuff?19:27
nerdboyand what bits of meta-intel do you actually use?19:28
*** saraf <saraf!~a_saraf@> has joined #yocto19:30
frayyou on a particular version?  thud?  master?19:31
*** saraf <saraf!~a_saraf@> has quit IRC19:33
nerdboyi wasn't sure what to try, this is the last layer config: https://bpaste.net/show/6ee3a432890c19:34
nerdboyi'm *very* open to suggestions19:34
fraywhat version of OE/YP are you using, which branch?19:34
frayI've got public 2.4, 2.6 and master stuff... I just need to know which to point you att19:35
nerdboylooks like the last one i tried was sumo19:35
nerdboyhow about 2.6?19:36
fraySumo looks like 2.5.. so 2.6 is the clsoest I have.. Thud19:36
fraythats where to start..19:36
frayclone that down, use the branch WRLINUX_10_18_BASE19:36
fraybe sure to read the README on github BEFORE cloning..19:37
fraysince there is a specific sequence you need to follow..19:37
frayin the READE, use WRLINUX_10_18_BASE as the branch, and https://github.com/WindRiver-Labs/wrlinux-x as the 'repoURL'  (you can change https to http or git and it'll work fine)19:37
fraythen run the setup tool, ./wrlinux-x/setup.sh --all-layers   and you'll get the configuration I start with when I don't know specifics about the project yet19:38
*** awe00 <awe00!~awe00@unaffiliated/awe00> has joined #yocto19:40
kroonDoes the "psmic" recipe actually build on master ?19:41
frayI don't know if I've tried it lately..19:41
kroonI get an error about missing autopoint19:41
*** tprrt <tprrt!~tprrt@> has quit IRC19:42
kroonit build if I remove the EXTRA_AUTORECONF_remove19:42
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* nerdboy goes back to ansible hacking for a bit...20:42
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ndecarmpit: your last reply to yocto@lists.yoctoproject.org didn't go through since it came with your @gmail address. do you want to resend or should i let it go to the list?21:29
armpitndec, can you let it go please21:30
*** marka <marka!~masselst@> has quit IRC21:31
RPgah, had the feeling something was wrong in the server reconnect code, think I've found it21:33
RParmpit: suspect stable will need this bitbake fix21:33
armpitRP, who you calling stable ; )21:34
RParmpit: are any of us? :)21:38
*** AndersD <AndersD!~AndersD@> has joined #yocto21:44
robbawebbaHi, I've got a quick question: I would like to set a global variable in distro.conf to the value of the current git revision of my distro layer. Is it possible to define and run a python or shell function inside a .conf file and use that to get the git revision?21:44
*** AndersD_ <AndersD_!~AndersD@194-237-220-218.customer.telia.com> has joined #yocto21:46
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khemrobbawebba: its better to feed it from your env setup script21:51
*** fury <fury!uid193779@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-yfugzusemmcekrlb> has joined #yocto21:52
khemyou can look into IMG_VERSION setting in Yoe distro https://github.com/YoeDistro/yoe-distro/commit/d8f8e0efb5bc09f65a6fe86af9fca21872caf70321:56
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robbawebbakhem: ahh nice, thank you for that example. It seems that yoe distro has a pretty big script system, whereas I usually just rely on the poky/oe-init-build-env script for environment setup.22:08
robbawebbaDo you know if it's possible to have my own script run as part of oe-init-build-env?22:08
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rburtonrobbawebba: no but you can write your own script.  note that oe-init-build-env just calls another script, so your script can do the same22:19
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yatesderRichard: still not around? (vacation day?)22:20
khemrobbawebba: yes, it tries to address lot of small quirks that people often run into.22:21
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rburtonkergoth: i was going to share something ugly i did with you but i can't /query you23:10
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has joined #yocto23:16
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RPkanavin: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/85/builds/198 had python in it, still a few issues23:30
RPkanavin: qemuarm isn't yours, multilib 5b is, need to look at selftest in detail23:37
*** Crofton|work <Crofton|work!~Crofton@> has joined #yocto23:42
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