Wednesday, 2019-02-06

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to install graphics drivers in Yocto output image [closed] <>04:47
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acrapHi guys!06:43
acrapCan you help me? Is there way to postpone some task to the first build?06:43
acrap*to the first run?06:44
acrapI've tried to google it, but wasn't managed to find information. May be you can just point me where I can find it?06:45
acrapOh, I've found!06:46
acrapOh, no. It's different one. The question is still open06:48
acrapI've found info about postinstall script, but it's not about the first run06:49
acrapThe problem I am trying to resolve is about tricky build process, that uses target binaries during the compilation process.06:51
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LetoThe2ndacrap: maybe try to explain what you are *ACTUALLY* trying to archieve. the "postpone" thing sounds massively like a xy problem06:57
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acrapI am trying to build fips-enabled openssl for 64bit target. When crossbuild it uses the special incore script in the last step to embed a signature to ELF. And this script just is limited to use only with 32bit ELF (it prints that ELF64 supported only natively)06:59
acrapI can't run it "natively" cause it trying to run target's binaries during the build process07:00
LetoThe2ndso you are trying to shift something from build time to run time?07:00
acrapshure, because I had already tried almost all of the another ways to solve that puzzle07:01
LetoThe2ndnamely this script07:01
acrapit's a part of openssl-fips07:01
LetoThe2ndi've avoided things like that so far. well. theoretically things can be postponed, of course. but it has a lot of consequences: you need a RW fs, and all the parts needed to run that script have to be shipped07:02
acrapBoth parts are possible. We had an RW filesystem and there are just a couple of files we need to add07:04
acrapthe only one question - is there way how to do it in Yocto or it's only one way to solve it with my own bicycle invention?07:05
LetoThe2ndwell then split the recipe in two? the first part sets the stage and all, the second recipe RDPENDS on the first, and actually only ships the sript and the first-run logic07:05
acrapok. Got it07:05
LetoThe2ndit could also be done as two packages of one recipe.07:05
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LetoThe2ndalso, there are postinstall scripts07:06
LetoThe2ndoops, here the latest version
LetoThe2ndfor a simple one-shot script that might even suffice07:07
acrapgot it. But postinstall scripts are run on host, aren't they?07:08
LetoThe2ndyep, think so07:09
acrapThanks for the clues, I think I can do something with that07:10
LetoThe2ndhave fun07:10
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acrapThanks! And just for information - building fips-enabled openssl in Yocto is a "very special pleasure". Fortunately, no one cares about FIPS-module anymore. There is even a special layer (non-free) to build fips-enabled openssl with Yocto :)07:15
acrapIt's not about Yocto, it's more about just cross compilation07:16
LetoThe2ndi guessed that much07:16
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malanecoraMorning guys!07:22
malanecoraSometimes, randomly, when I'm running a huge task in Yocto (e.g. sdk extraction, first build of the whole system...) my VM "restarts" (not a real restart, more like a suspend but without saving the current machine state)07:24
malanecoraHas someone experienced issues like this one?07:24
malanecoraIt's driving me nuts because some tasks need to be executed again (and again...)07:25
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ak77how do I add my custom suffix packages? (e.g. -xyz ?) so that they can all be turned on like -dbg packages?07:32
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acrapmalanecora: sometimes I get my DE(Gnome shell) just reboot and bitbake is killed08:12
acrapseems like we have a lack of resources08:12
acrapas for me - for sure. Even my mouse cursor doesn't work during the Yocto build08:13
acrapI even got a separate PC and share mouse and keyboard between them two (it's more convenient than a heap of manipulators on a table)08:15
acrapLet alone that I have Core i7 7700 with a 8Gb RAM(seems like it's not enough for Yocto)08:16
LetoThe2nddepending on what you are running in parallel, 8gb can be tough08:16
acrapMaybe it's better to limit the number of parallel Yocto tasks, cause I have 8 parallel task in my case08:16
LetoThe2ndand depending on what you are trying to build. if webkit or chrome or such is involved, that might be a killer08:17
acrapHah, sometimes I got a segmentation fault from cross gcc :) I suspect it's because a lack of RAM08:18
nayfeak77: FILES-${PN}-xyz = "..."  and PACKAGES += "${PN}-xyz"08:18
nayfeand optional $RDEPEND_${PN} += "${PN}-xyz"08:19
nayfeoops typo08:19
LetoThe2ndacrap: if you are doing a lot of stuff on your desktop simultaneously, its possible08:19
LetoThe2nd-> get more RAM08:20
acrapSure, I am waiting for another 8Gb module :)08:20
nayfeyou can also reduce parallel jobs :08:20
nayfealready said08:21
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RPkanavin: is more clear, one failure left08:35
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PinkSnakeI all, i'm collecting all example recipes in a meta in order to keep some templates :) but i have some trouble with qt5 demo-app, any idea ? .bb -> , error ->, .pro Thank you :)08:42
malanecoraacrap: Nice to know, I'll have to upgrade my HW08:46
acrapmalanecora: or just limit the amount of parallel tasks08:48
acrapit may help too08:48
malanecoraacrap: I've just 4 aprallel tasks :/08:48
malanecoraBut mb it does the job while waiting for the upgrade08:49
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ak77nayfe: I know that part, I already have many -xyz packages, but would like to turn them on with a flag09:26
ak77nayfe: or a IMAGE_FEATURE09:26
PinkSnakesomeone here can provide a recipe based on qt5 form arm arch ( rapi 3) ? I'm still stuck with QMAKE_INCDIR_OPENGL issue09:27
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malanecoraqt3d build is failing when running "bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5" in Yocto Thud09:47
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kanavinRP: yep, disappointed to see that .pyc files are *not* arch-independent10:21
acrapmalanecora: 4 may be a big number if you gave minimal resources to your VM10:22
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PinkSnakestill no info about build qt5base on raspi3 board ? :D11:04
PinkSnakei have followed tutorial --> but i don't know which value is needed inside QMAKE_INCDIR_OPENGL[_ES2] variable ...11:05
mckoanPinkSnake: what's the problem? Which Yocto version are you using?11:08
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PinkSnakemckoan: I was on v2018.2 branch from Xilinx repo, i'm trying to switch to the official repo and build again. It's probably the trouble source :)13:20
malanecoraqtwebkit build freezes at 38% when trying to build. In addition, it eats all the RAM but keeps the processor nearly idle...13:24
PinkSnake failed because of the commit number doesn't exist ...13:31
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malanecoraYocto processes are marked as D (disk sleep)13:31
malanecoraCan this be due to the full RAM?13:33
malanecoraSwap memory is also full13:34
malanecoraWhat is strange13:34
kergothmalanecora: the final link with ld in qtwebkit needs like 4 gigs of ram by itself, iirc13:43
malanecorakergoth: wow, thats pretty much13:43
malanecorabtw I have 4GB of RAM13:43
kergothbig c++ projects...13:43
malanecoraAnd the same amount assigned to swap13:43
malanecoraThank you for the info!13:44
kergothi often have to reduce BB_NUMBER_THREADS just during its build to make sure its the only thing building. might be able to chnage the cflags to avoid building with debug symbols to reduce the memory usage slightly13:45
kergothgoogle it, maybe htere are other options, *shrug*13:45
malanecoraYes, rigth now I'm just building it in a standalone way but just stucks13:48
malanecoraI'll try to google that13:48
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PinkSnakeafter updating to thud branch i got this error: ERROR: Unpack failure for URL: 'git://'. No up to date source found: clone directory not available or not up to date -- any idea to fix that ?13:59
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PinkSnakefor informatino it was dur to a mess in download dir ;)14:40
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RPkanavin: they're not? ouch :(14:57
RPkanavin: I didn't dig into the failure14:57
kanavinRP: I looked, and the difference is only the embedded timestamp of the original .py module file14:57
RPkanavin: right, that makes more sense14:58
RPkanavin: we may get help from the reproducible code here14:58
kanavinRP: still, this means we can't really share them between multilibs, so I'm reverting to installing them in ${libdir}, which means a bit more patching14:58 files themselves are identical14:59
RPkanavin: if we enable reproducible build the timestamps should match15:02
RPkanavin: we can't do that everywhere but I'm wondering if we could enable some subset15:02
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kanavinRP: but as far as I understand, the timestamps are written into .pyc files at do_compile by python itself, do reproducible builds have special magic for it?15:13
RPkanavin: aren't the timestamps based on the source file?15:13
kanavinalso, those timestamps do matter, as python uses them at runtime to find out if pyc needs rebuilding15:13
RPkanavin: so if you have deterministic timestamps in the source, you can get the same value in the pyc?15:13
yatespaging Dr. derRichard15:14
yateswhois derRichard15:14
kanavinRP: right. I'm not sure why they differ actually15:14
yatesi hate it when i do that15:14
RPkanavin: I'm sure the reproducible stuff handled this somehow15:14
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malanecorakergoth: I assigned 8GB of RAM to the VM and now qtwebkit is taking every single bit of it15:26
malanecoraPlus the swap O.o15:26
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LetoThe2ndi actually am not surprised.15:29
malanecoraNot even a bit? haha15:30
LetoThe2ndnot at all.15:30
neverpanicRP: /.pyc15:30
LetoThe2nd08:16 < LetoThe2nd> depending on what you are running in parallel, 8gb can be tough15:31
LetoThe2nd08:17 < LetoThe2nd> and depending on what you are trying to build. if webkit or chrome or such is involved, that might be a killer15:31
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: i literally told you 8 hours ago.15:32
RPneverpanic: thanks, kanavin ^^^15:32
neverpanicRP: you'll probably need
malanecoraJust a VMware instance (the VM itself) + Chrome (5 tabs) + IExplorer (1 tab) + Slack + Outlook are running15:32
malanecoraMy machine has 16GB of RAM15:33
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: if you're building in vmware, you're basically timescrewed anyways.15:33
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: I agree, but it's a work imposed constraint :(15:35
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LetoThe2ndmalanecora: i'm just pointing out that this is the source of your problems. that, and lack of RAM15:36
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malanecoraLetoThe2nd: Will try again closing everything which is "closable"15:38
malanecorabrb with news15:39
kanavinneverpanic, RP thanks, I was just looking at the same in source tree :)15:39
kanavinnot sure how hashing module sources on each run will affect runtime performance to be honest15:39
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kanavinI think we can stay on the conservative side here, and keep time-based stamps15:40
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malanecoraOfc it didn't work haha15:47
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RPkanavin: no, I was worrying about what the alternative was15:58
RPkanavin: I think our reproducible code just makes the timestamps consistent15:58
kanavinRP: the reproducible builds class exports a magic environment variable which tells upstreams to not do timestamp-based decisions. Python starts honoring it from 3.7.2 onwards or so, by changing to storing hashes inside pyc.16:00
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RPkanavin: ah, that sounds suboptimal :/16:01
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kanavinRP: I'm still unsure why original .py files end up having different timestamps during build/install, but let's focus on getting the upgrade done and merged16:03
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RPkanavin: right, I was wondering about that. But yes.16:06
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kanavinRP: patchset send, hopefully this is the last one :)16:25
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RPkanavin: lets see :)16:29
RPah, armpit beat me with a sumo16:29
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RPkanavin: its queued to run next16:30
armpitRP ?? for what16:31
RParmpit: you're running a sumo-next, its fine16:32
armpitRP, sumo-nmut not next16:33
RParmpit: I backported a couple of key bitbake patches to thud btw16:33
RParmpit: yes, that, whatever ;-)16:33
armpitI saw.. any issues with what is in thud-next ?16:33
RParmpit: I didn't know there were patches16:33
armpitin poky proper..16:34
* armpit thought I sent a pull request..16:35
RParmpit: I may have missed it, sorry16:36
* armpit then poky/thud-next got updated... so confused16:36
RParmpit: can you rebase stable/thud-next please? It doesn't seem quite right16:37
kanavinrburton: is glmark update related to virgl by any chance? :)16:37
RParmpit: ah did I merge to the wrong branch?16:37
rburtonkanavin: sadly not16:37
armpitRP, sure I can rebase16:38
RParmpit: sorry, try now16:39
RParmpit: That clears our my -next tree16:39
armpitRP, thanks16:39
kanavinrburton: I can run benchmarks with it though, thanks for the tip :)16:40
kanavinkmscube or glxgears aren't exactly good for that16:40
rburtonkanavin: no16:40
rburtonglmark isn't a lot better but its better than nothing16:40
RPkanavin: I was hoping to run the virtgl changes through the build perf tests before we merged it16:40
RPkanavin: sadly the performance comparision code doesn't like comparing master to master-next :(16:40
RPkanavin: we can run the build, just don't get a comparison16:41
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kanavinRP: we could probably win a lot by splitting qemu into usermode and system recipes. system is not needed during the build, yet it's the one that's dependent on all the native graphical stuff.16:51
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rburtonuser qemu is basically headness16:58
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JPEWarmpit: The busybox upgraded landed on master, can it be backported to thud?17:15
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armpitJPEW, got it.. thanks for the reminder17:35
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RPkanavin: that does sound quite appealing17:39
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cdgarrenI'm trying to use cython on a module in a python application for my image. When I build I get an ImportError in the do_compile step saying "No moduel names Cython.Build". I thought that adding python-cython as a DEPENDS in my application recipe would be enough, but is not. Anyone know what I'm missing?18:25
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rburtonpython-cpython-native for a cpython youcan actually run at build time18:42
rburtonotherwise you just build the target one which isn't any use18:42
yatesif i use devtool to modify a recipe, and i subsequently do a "bitbake <image>", will that image be built with modified recipe from devtool?18:45
yatesi.e, prior to "devtool finish recipe layer"18:46
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kergothdevtool modify adds the workspace layer to bblayers, unpacks and patches the sources, and creates a bbappend in the workspace that makes the recipe build using those sources18:56
kergothregardless of whether you're actually using devtool for every build18:56
yatesi see.18:57
yatesthat's good18:57
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cdgarrenrburton: thanks for the pointer, figured it was something simple.19:42
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ComputerKarateTrying to develop for a sweet sama5d3 board20:54
ComputerKarateI followed the instructions at:
ComputerKarateWorks until I try to create a layer20:54
ComputerKarateThe errors say that my setup is not compatible with thud but is compatible with sumo20:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Workaround for tar 1.27's bug in Ubuntu 14.04 <>21:51
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