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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to disable serial console(non-kernel) in u-boot <>00:21
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khemRP:, the glibc-locale host-user-contaminated QA error keeps cropping up when using docker etc. I have sent a patch to get rid of using cp entirely in do_install for glibc-locale, which should probably uproot the problem once for all00:37
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QuazilI'm trying to create a .bbappend file and add some patches to a recipe in another layer.01:31
QuazilAfter I add the .bbappend to my layer it can no longer find the patches from the original layer.01:31
QuazilAny pointers on what to look into to try to figure out why.01:31
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bluelightningQuazil: I don't see anything immediately wrong (other than '_append +=' but that wouldn't actually cause any problem)01:53
bluelightningQuazil: bitbake -e recipename | less and have a look at the history for FILESEXTRAPATHS and SRC_URI, see if they're being set to what you think they should be, and then perhaps look at log.do_fetch to see where it looked for files01:54
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Quazilbluelightning: omg I copied the .bb file into the layer then cp'd it notmv'02:24
Quazilbluelightning: not mv'd it to .bbappend. But thank you, I'm sure I'll use -bitbake e again02:24
bluelightningcool, glad you solved it :)02:25
bluelightningbitbake -e is a very useful diagnostic tool yes02:25
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QuazilWhy would a .bb file suddenly generate an error "unable to parse"?05:04
QuazilI verify it's unmodified05:04
Quazil*verified ... I had line-continuation slash on a comment in a .bbappend but it fingers the source .bb not the append for the error.05:07
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timblechmannhi! i'm trying to run systemtap on my devboard, but i'm getting an error that "/lib/modules/4.14.71-rt44/build/.config" is missing. which package do i need to add to my image? TIA06:34
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malanecoraHow can be a package prevented from being built by "btibake meta-toolchain-qt5"?07:35
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malanecoraJust wanna to strip off qtwebkit07:48
malanecoraWhich seems that can't be build inside a VM07:48
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PinkSnakeMorning Guys, I'm trying to build this recipe ( for a raspi3 board but i'm stuck with this OpenGL error : any idea ? thx.08:00
PinkSnakemalanecora: maybe inherit a new image recipe no ?08:01
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acrap_malanecora: it depends on how it emerges. May be it's some kind of dependency, that you can't remove at all08:03
malanecoraPinkSnake: What do you mean with that? :p08:03
acrap_is it an image recipe?08:03
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malanecoraacrap_: It seems like a package08:04
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PinkSnakemalanecora: create a new recipe, add this : IMAGE_INSTALL += "meta-toolchain-qt5" and build :)08:07
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malanecoraPinkSnake: In that case I'd build the complete SDK along with my own image, wouldn't I?08:10
PinkSnakemalanecora: yes, but what do you want avoid the sdk generation ?08:10
malanecoraPinkSnake: Because qtwebkit can't be built at all08:11
malanecoraPinkSnake: It just eats all my RAM and stucks at 38%08:11
malanecoraSo that I just want to prevent qtwebkit from being built08:12
malanecoraBut I do want the SDK08:12
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PinkSnakemalanecora: Arf, you can also remove sdk called isn't it ?08:15
PinkSnakemalanecora: maybe removing "packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-target" from qt5-creator_git.bb08:17
malanecoraPinkSnake: I've checked out but it doesn't include qtwebkit, so I can't remove it haha08:21
malanecoraMay be it is not possible08:22
malanecoraSince other packages depends on it08:22
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PinkSnakemalanecora: :(08:29
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PinkSnakemalanecora: last chance, called example compilation and examples depends on qtwebkit08:32
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malanecoraPinkSnake: Ty dude!08:43
malanecoraI'm taking a look over qttools_git.bb08:43
malanecoraThere's a PACKAGECONFIG for qtwebkit08:44
malanecoraThough it is pretty weird08:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to create a Yocto recipe for cmake with separate -dev package of header files? <>08:53
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malanecoraMmm...If I run out of RAM, Yocto would warn, wouldn't it?09:06
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malanecoraIf so, the qtwebkit problem is not induced by a lack of RAM09:13
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PinkSnakemalanecora: do you have a log ?09:15
malanecoraPinkSnake: I do, but it doesn't tell much09:15
malanecoraIn fact, I don't know if it is even a "complete" log09:16
PinkSnakemalanecora: OK no prob.09:16
malanecoraSince the build doesn't fail but stucks09:16
malanecoraIt's a quite strange thing to say the least09:17
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malanecoraNevertheless, it can (and sure partially does) be VM's performance related issues09:18
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RPmalanecora: bitbake is at the mercy of the underlying build tools (make, gcc, binutils) so warning about OOM is hard09:20
malanecoraRP: Yah, I understand, but isn't it strange that 8GB RAM + 4GB Swap for a pacakage to compile could be not enough (Yocto scope)?09:24
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RPmalanecora: when its webkit, that isn't that surprising, its huge09:27
RPmalanecora: you could perhaps turn of debug symbols to help09:27
malanecoraRP: Haha LetoThe2nd told me the same09:28
malanecoraRP: Ya, I'll try to09:28
malanecoraLast bullet before moving the whole environment to a machine with hots-OS09:31
malanecoraActually I meant native09:32
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kanavinRP: seems like python3 passed this time?10:26
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rburtonmalanecora: for context the memory footprint of the webkit library during link is ~5gb10:52
rburtonwe know that because people who try to build it on 32-bit hosts can't link it...10:52
malanecorarburton: So, I guess I have enough memory, right?10:58
rburtonno i'm suggesting that *just* the link of webkit it eating about 2/3rd of your ram10:59
rburtonturn off debugging for that recipe and build just qtwebkit on its own, you might be lucky10:59
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rburtonthere's a reason people who build webkit often have lots of ram10:59 it11:00
malanecoraI'm working on it11:00
malanecoraThank you man11:00
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RPkanavin: it did!11:10
kanavinRP: actually I just want to know if there's some other reason it didn't make it to master yet :)11:11
kanavinother bits of master-next did11:11
RPkanavin: I wanted to actually read through the patches ;-)11:11
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RPkanavin: patches look good to me, seems to have cleaned out a few!11:36
kanavinRP: thanks, I took them in on as-needed basis, just like perl11:36
RPkanavin: did you glance through the remainder to check if there was anything subtle we may need?11:37
kanavinRP: I didn't actually11:38
RPkanavin: its things like float-endian I worry about11:40
malanecoraThe proper way to disable debug symbols is patching the whatever.cmake, right?11:41
RPmalanecora: We pass it in as part of CFLAGS11:43
malanecoraRP: inside the Yocto recipe?11:44
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RPmalanecora: in the recipe you can set DEBUG_BUILD = "0"11:44
RPor DEBUG_BUILD_pn-XXXX in local.conf where XXXX is the PN of the recipe in question11:44
malanecoraRP: Oh, quite useful. Thank you again!11:45
kanavinRP: right, that one in particular will be in 3.8, but is not in 3.711:45
RPkanavin: hence my concern :/11:47
kanavinRP: let me quickly look through them then11:47
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evotionHi, I have a problem regarding a yocto recipe. The recipe just downloads a file and installs it directly. Changing the version by renaming the file, leads to a rebuild of the ipk and the ipk is updated. But the image, that includes this recipe, does not rebuild and uses the old recipe. Other recipes do not have the problem. It seems the sstate is not cleared correctly by just changing the version. Can someone help me?12:54
malanecoraevotion: Have you 2 (or more) recipes of the same pkg but different verison?12:58
evotionmalanecora: There is always only one version of the package as a recipe.13:00
malanecoraSo, how is it using the old recipe instead of the actual current one?13:00
malanecoraHave you performed an "btibake -c cleansstate my_pkg" before build with the new one?13:01
rburtonwell thats just working around the problem13:01
rburtonyou're definitely actually asking bitbake to rebuild the image right13:01
rburtonbitbake myrecipe won't rebuild the image13:02
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evotionEven if I build the package and afterwards the image, the image is not using the correct image. It just works if I do a cleansstate.13:03
rburtonand the recipe is like and you use PV in the recipe?13:03
rburtoncan you pastebin the recipe13:03
malanecoraBTW, disabling debug symbols for qtwebkit by adding DEBUG_BUILD = "0" to a bbappend didn't did the trick13:06
malanecoraIt stills consume the whole system memory13:07
malanecoraAnd all the Yocto related tasks go Disk Sleep13:08
evotionPV is used to determine the the actual file, that needs to be installed13:08
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malanecorapastebin the recipe as rburton suggested13:10
sk_tandt_Greetings! While trying to add the meta-networking layer, I got the error "depends on openembedded-layer ", but I couldn't find it in the meta-openembedded repository. I added the meta-oe by sheer guessing, and it does seem to parse recipes up to a point13:10
sk_tandt_However, it fails with "meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-dbs/postgresql/ Exception during build_dependencies for PERL_ARCHLIB"13:10
sk_tandt_* AndersD has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)13:10
malanecoraI think we're misunderstanding each other13:10
sk_tandt_^ copied from #oe, my bad : P13:10
rburtonsk_tandt_: yes openembedded-layer is meta-oe13:11
rburtonlooks like your meta-oe branch and your oe-core branch don't match?13:12
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sk_tandt_Mh, I am compiling with tag 2.6.1 for yocto: which branch should I choose?13:18
kanavinRP: I added three patches which were the more obvious ones, for the rest we'll have to rely on community testing I suppose13:19
malanecoraIs there a single possibility of suceed if I double the swap? (desperate mode off)13:19
malanecorask_tandt_: tHUD i GUESS13:20
malanecoraDat caps13:20
evotionHere is a minimal package example
evotionThe recipe does not work, its a not accessable svn server, where the file is fetched from13:22
sk_tandt_malanecora, it was thud indeed, thanks!13:23
evotionI also checked, the do_deploy and do_install task are rerun if I trigger a build without cleansstate and the package contains the correct version, just the image does not update13:23
sk_tandt_rburton, it was indeed a version mismatch! Out of curiosity, how did you figure it out?13:23
rburtonsk_tandt_: because it didn't work13:24
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to compile linux-raspberrypi kernel in yocto? <>13:24
rburtonif it doesn't even parse its probably a mismatch13:24
rburtonnote that current oe will warn if the layers are known to not work, so either 1) you have a fairly old OE, or 2) meta-oe master needs to say that it is only compatible with master13:25
rburtonwhat version are you using?13:25
sk_tandt_rburton, yocto 2.6.1 . Btw, I notice you mention oe-core, which I assume is a base layer upon which the others are integrated?13:30
rburtonsk_tandt_: you may know it as poky13:30
rburtonbut poky is just oe-core + bitbake + some other bits13:30
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sk_tandt_I see! Now, the last commit from for the poky repo has the following message: "build-appliance-image: Update to thud head revision". Hindsight is 20/20, so now I reckon it does spell out the correct oe version to fetch, but are there other ways to know it?13:32
rburtonnot sure what you're asking but is useful?13:33
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RPkanavin: ok, thanks. I wish we had better test cases...13:37
RPkanavin: I wonder if the ptest results would show anything?13:37
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kanavinRP: I can try to see if there are any regressions there?13:38
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RPkanavin: that would be a good test, I think rburton had most of the tests passing13:40
rburtonthe python ptest was ~100%, two tests failed13:40
rburtonone because setuptools was a bit broken on target13:40
rburtonand the other, i can't remember13:40
rburtonjust python3 -mtest works13:40
rburton(after installing python3-test)13:41
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evotionrburton: Do you have an idea, why the pastebin recipe is not updateing the image?13:49
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sk_tandt__rburton, it's perfect, thanks!13:54
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malanecoraSo there's no way to extract the Qt5 SDK without passing by qtwebkit14:10
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malanecorabtw, I can't find people warning (or complaining) about this in among the net14:19
*** malanecora <malanecora!b23cc82c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:30
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tgoodwinWhere can I find the steps for replacing busybox with the coreutils?14:57
tgoodwinI tried adding it to my image but that produces a mess of host contamination warnings.14:57
tgoodwinIt replaced a few utilities, like dd,  but not all.14:57
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kanavinRP, rburton both 3.5 and 3.7 python ptest errors out early due to missing needed for pthread_cancel to work (or so it says)15:09
kanavinlet's see if I can easily improve that...15:09
RPkanavin: add the RDEPENDS to python3-ptest ?15:10
kanavinyep :)15:10
*** pegu`` <pegu``!~user@> has joined #yocto15:11
*** andycooper is now known as andycooper_wfh15:12
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*** malanecora <malanecora!b23cc82c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:36
malanecoraHi guys15:36
malanecorafinally I've managed to build the **** qtwebkit15:37
malanecoraIt took 12 GB of RAM plus ~2 GB of Swap15:37
malanecoraAnd about an hour of compilation time15:37
malanecora(and DEBUG_BUILD = "0")15:38
kergoththat's way worse than i remember. congrats15:39
PinkSnakemalanecora: good job!15:39
sk_tandt_malanecora, gg! How did you achieve it?15:46
*** Aburda <Aburda!2e87276b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:53
malanecoraI managed to get extra RAM and expanded the swap15:58
malanecoraCleaned and rebuilt it15:59
*** maudat <maudat!~moda@> has quit IRC15:59
malanecoraThough now it failed populating the SDK because the VM ran out of Disk Space15:59
*** jobroe <jobroe!~manjaro-u@> has quit IRC15:59
malanecoraI had over 40GB of free space before that16:00
*** maudat <maudat!~moda@> has joined #yocto16:01
RPmalanecora: inherit rm_work16:05
*** martinkelly <martinkelly!> has joined #yocto16:05
malanecoraRP: If I do, would I have to re-fetch all the sources the next time I wan to build the SDK?16:06
*** evotion_ <evotion_!d918c92f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:06
malanecora(my connection is capped, 300KB/s for each connection)16:07
kergothno, rm_work removes the workdir, not downloads or sstate or even packages16:09
malanecorakergoth: Oh nice! That's a good tip RP, thank you both16:09
*** malanecora <malanecora!b23cc82c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:11
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rburtonadelcast: 3/3 of your opkg series didn't appear to reach the list16:34
*** dv_ <dv_!> has joined #yocto16:38
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kanavinrburton, I see the 3/3 here on gmail16:56
*** saraf <saraf!~a_saraf@> has quit IRC17:02
kanavinRP: with a couple of tweaks, python ptest passes 100% :)17:06
kanavinpatch on the list17:06
kanavina few tests are skipped though due to missing modules or otherwise17:06
RPkanavin: cool, thanks for that. I'll test the result together and then likely merge :)17:07
kanavinRP: don't forget the other patch that forward-ports three patches17:07
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has quit IRC17:08
RPkanavin: Yes, I was going to grab both :)17:09
*** peacemem_ <peacemem_!~textual@> has joined #yocto17:09
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RPkanavin: running on the AB now17:11
kanavinRP: cool, then we'll get rid of the one major out of date problem17:13
RPkanavin: yes :)17:13
*** BlauskaerM <BlauskaerM!~Fever@> has quit IRC17:13
kanavinthe rest is basically okay in oe-core, for now17:13
RPkanavin: I'd like to sort out a few more of the minor version upgrades but yes17:13
kanavinRP: did you get any other responses to the email (directed to you privately perhaps)?17:14
RPkanavin: a couple you wouldn't see17:14
kanavinyep, I only saw armin's17:14
*** BlauskaerM <BlauskaerM!~Fever@> has joined #yocto17:14
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RPkanavin: people don't have time :(17:18
Croftoneveryone is too busy on actual product17:20
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RPCrofton: so how do we support the foundations these products are built upon?17:26
chandana73bluelightning: During devtool reset or devtool finish command, the source code in the workspace is not removed. The user has to manually clean the source code. Is it a good idea to provide a flag for the devtool reset command that allows the user to specify if the source within workspace should be removed or not ? For example: devtool reset -r will reset the workspace as well as remove the source dir in workspace.17:27
CroftonRP, the eternal problem17:28
* Crofton is in a rush to get something for a customer to test with :)17:28
RPchandana73: FWIW that would seem like a reasonable thing to have an option for17:28
kanavinchandana73, yep, this has been a minor annoyance for me for a long time. I kinda thought this is 'by design' but maybe we should challenge it :)17:29
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:33
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RPkanavin: its by design but having the option would be good18:56
RPkanavin: by default would be dangerous18:56
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chandana73RP: kanavin: thank you for the feedback.20:23
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yateswhere does the source for hciconfig come from?22:23
*** kristoiv <kristoiv!> has joined #yocto22:23
yatesthe bluetooth configuration utility22:23
rburton_$ oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/bin/hciconfig22:31
rburton_bluez5: /usr/bin/hciconfig22:31
*** OpenSorceress <OpenSorceress!~opensorce@unaffiliated/screamingbanshee> has joined #yocto22:37
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QuazilIs there a way to make wgtpkg-pack use multiple cores? Does it use a particular compression tool internally so I could set env. vars to do it? e.g. XZ_DEFAULTS?23:00
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rburton_whats wgtpkg-pack?23:07
rburton_oh some AGL thing23:08
rburton_ask the AGL people :)23:08
*** kristoiv <kristoiv!> has quit IRC23:14
aehs29kanavin: Hey Alex, is there a reason why youre moving the python3 recipe to python-santiy?23:16
RPaehs29: I was just talking about that!23:17
* RP is contemplating squashing in a patch moving it back23:17
aehs29RP: I can imagine it was just to keep the upgrade "sane" but I thought I'd ask23:24
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