Saturday, 2019-02-09

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RPkanavin: Interestingly, python3 upgrade added 1 minute to the build time:
RPkanavin: at least I suspect that anyway08:55
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JaMakanavin: is your version of virglrenderer recipe supposed to build for target as well? It depends on mesa directly instead of one of virtual/* providers, so it cannot be built e.g. for targets which prefer mesa-gl09:41
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to overwrite linux system files into the yocto filesystem? <>11:33
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khemRP: I am seeing faster parsing of world builds in my case16:40
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RPkhem: due to a change?17:12
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khemRP: with new python317:31
RPkhem: you're building in one our own images?17:32
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khemRP: the one from core17:33
khemnothing custom17:33
RPkhem: nice, that is good to hear/know :)17:33
khembut I have not measured to be precise17:33
RPkhem: how much of a speedup roughly?17:33
RPkhem: I think I have a patch to teach the build performance reporting code to do the right thing with master-next comparisons with master. Have queued a virtgl build to see17:34
RPkanavin: ^^^ should be interesting17:34
khemi see17:35
khemI think we need qemu-user only for build though17:35
RPkhem: agreed17:36
RPkhem: that can be done as a separate work item if needed17:36
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khemRP: I found the reason for my opkg woes17:57
khemxz is too greedy17:58
khemsystem is 16cores/16Gb17:58
khemworks ok with 16core/32gb17:58
khemI sent a patch to ping max memory for xz to 70% of system it helps17:59
RPkhem: your patch doesn't change do_package_write_ipk though17:59
khemits similar issue that we had with ninja where it had its own idea of parallelism17:59
RPkhem: I agree we need to limit it18:00
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khemi think  I sent a wrong version of patch18:01
khemactually I dropped it and was trying to ping --thread18:01
khemRP: I think we should be using --threads ${BB_NUMBER_THREADS}18:08
khemalong with -M18:08
khemRP: my patch was doing this in meta/classes/package_ipk.bbclass18:09
khembut I want to improve it such that we can pass XZ_DEFAULTS in global environment18:09
khemRP: whats best place for exporting an env variable18:10
khemthat way we can control all xz invocations18:10
khemexport XZ_DEFAULTS="-M 70% -T ${BB_NUMBER_THREADS}"18:11
khemwould like to pass this18:11
khemand remove individual settings of xz in various places18:11
RPkhem: shouldn't it be based on parallel make rather than bb threads?18:34
khemwe reset PARALLEL_MAKE in recipes quite a bit19:09
khemBB_NUMBER_THREADS achieves current behaviour19:09
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RPkhem: PARALLEL_MAKE is the parallelisation to have in each recipe, BB_NUMBER_THREADS is how many recipes to run in parallel22:30
RPkhem: that is how I see them anyway22:30
khemRP: I am fine with changing to PARALLEL_MAKE but we will be limiting xz for lousy makefiles22:37
khemwhich is not related even22:37
RPkhem: I guess you can argue this both ways :/22:38
RPkhem: we probably need to rework the variables anyway as -j X is a pain to use for non make22:39
* armpit back to debugging sumo22:46

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