Sunday, 2019-02-10

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angelo_tswhat are exactly doing the linux "clrset" bit funcs ? They work with a mask so not totally clear to me09:29
angelo_tsops wrong chan sry09:29
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Marexkhem: hey, did you use qtwebengine recently ?10:05
Marexkhem: seems I'm not getting input events to the simplebrowser webengine part, but the UI gets them ...10:06
Marexkhem: it worked on sumo, doesn't work on thud10:06
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no_such_userHeya, can anyone tell me about the autobuilder? Im looking to set up a local installation here but it looks like the yocto-autobuilder repo has been static for 12 months and theres a new yocto-autobuilder2 (which is on the public server) which doesnt have much documentation as far as I can see? Which should I be using? I had a crack at installing 2 via the notes in but had all manner18:14
no_such_userof problems with bugs. I guess I need to know the specific s/w environment on the working machine to reproduce it?18:14
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tgoodwinI'm trying to understand how to use the script for a read-only-rootfs.  Is there a way to have the resulting tmpfs be populated with the original configuration file?  For example, I create a link and file reference in my volatiles configuration for /etc/my.cfg.  On boot, that my.cfg file is empty.19:13
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tgoodwinlooks like the way you would do that is to store the read-only version of the configuration file somewhere else in the system and then have populate-volatiles copy that to a tmpfs location as well as setup a link from a more canonical location like etc to point to the tmpfs version.  That way your config is restored on startup but can be tweaked at runtime.20:12
tgoodwinthe 'f' line of one's volatile configuration would be immutable version of the config file in place of 'none' in all the provided examples.20:13
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khemMarex: I use libinput and it works ok20:49
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no_such_userDoes anyone have SSH access to the autobuilder machine and willing to get me the output from "pip list", "npm -v", "nodejs -v" and "yarn -v"? Thanks!21:02
no_such_user(Im assuming its not running in venv mind...!)21:02
Marexkhem: on sumo or thud ?21:37
Marexkhem: on sumo it works fine, on thud I only get input events to the UI, not the "webengine" part21:37
khemi think its master 5.12 that i have22:05
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Marexkhem: might as well try that ... although, could it be broken in thud ?22:26
khemi dont think it should be broken since when thud was master it worked ok too22:30
Marexkhem: why would it work on sumo and not on thud then ?22:37
Marexthe change in qt version is the only thing I can think of22:38
Marexand since the UI elements react, except for the html website, I suspect it has to do with the webengine part only22:38
khemMarex: this is what I use as a bbappend for qtbase PACKAGECONFIG_append = " libinput eglfs examples linuxfb tslib xkb xkbcommon-evdev"22:43
khemif you dont need eglfs you can remove it22:43
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RPno_such_user: definitely go for autobuilder2. Its standard upstream buildbot, nothing special about that23:53
RPno_such_user: hopefully you're around tomorrow and we can discuss23:57
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