Friday, 2019-02-15

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to bring php5 in yocto image? <>01:29
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* armpit woo-hoo, sumo-nmut oe-selftest passes.. thanks RP for the hints03:22
* armpit down to one failure to debug03:23
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sven^hi.. I have 4 identical build machines (cloned VMs) and my images fail on one of them. What's the easiest way to clean the whole build environment without screwing too much with bitbake's internal state?07:43
RParmpit: nice :)07:50
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mckoansven^: in build remove sstate-cache cache tmp07:56
mckoansven^: keep conf and downloads07:56
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lukmaI'm wondering if there is any standard way to be aware in Makefile that we are built under OE/Yocto?09:04
lukmaI can pass crafted EXTRA_OEMAKE="YOCTO_BUILD=1"  to oe_runmake and in the Makefile check if this variable is defined09:05
lukmabut I'm wondering if there is any other way to distinguish in runtime if we run the makefile under Yocto/OE or standalone09:06
rburtonlukma: nope09:06
lukmarburton: There was no need for such a feature, or you assume that makefile shall be written in build agnostic way?09:07
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rburtonwhy should it matter?09:09
lukmarburton: Use case - some really bad, hand crafted Makefiles needs to be ported to OE09:10
lukmathey use CFLAGS += .......... -sysroot -isysroot ,etc09:10
rburtonsome really bad, hand crafted makefiles are broken already09:10
rburtonfix generally and they'll work everywhere09:10
lukmaand also some modifications of flags09:11
rburtonwhat if someone builds under buildroot?  same problems no doubt.09:11
lukmarburton: Yes, I'm aware of that09:13
lukmarburton: I was just wondering if no default flag is set in envs when built under bitbake (but I've checked env command and the environment is pretty standard, which is good IMHO)09:14
rburtonhonestly if the makefile was both actually simple but outrageously bad, i'd just drop in a :)09:14
rburtoni guess you could see if bberror or something is defined.  but don't do that.09:14
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lukmarburton: If there is no standard way - then I will fix makefiles09:18
lukmarburton: If I add a hack, it will bite me sooner or latter :)09:18
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lucaceresolihi, I have a problem with machine configs09:38
lucaceresoliI have two machine config with the same file name in two different layers: my top layer (highest priority) and a vendor layer09:38
lucaceresolithe one from the vendor layer is used09:39
lucaceresoliis it correct? can I blacklist the vendor layer machine conf?09:39
lucaceresolithis is on thud09:39
kanavinlucaceresoli, I think it might be easier to rename your own config09:42
lucaceresolikanavin: thanks. I was hoping to avoid that, but if it's impossible I'll proceed with the whole renaming09:46
kanavinyou can also talk to the vendor :)09:46
lucaceresolikanavin: lol, the duplicated filename is the board name... maybe they can rename the board for me :)09:48
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RPlucaceresoli: the machine file itself is a solvable problem, the bigger issue would be a clash of override namespace :(09:55
lucaceresoliRP: gaah, right. Guess I'll remember to add a <mycompany> prefix or suffix to all my machines from now on10:01
RPlucaceresoli: right, beaglebone and beaglebone-yocto come to mind!10:04
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olliehello. has anyone had issues building ruby gems with yocto? I am able to build successfully, but on the target the gems are being ignored because they are not pristine. I have read this is possibly due the gems linking against a different libruby version as what exists on the board. I have found that building with bitbake fails should I allow the LDFLAGS variable to (automatically) point to the sysroot-native libraries, and is successfu10:58
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LetoThe2ndollie: sounds like the generic description of "non-cross-compile-aware build scripts"11:33
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ollieLetoThe2nd: ya I am sure something needs to be changed in regards to the LDFLAGS/LIBRUBY variables. It is just tricky because yocto builds both the native and target. I was just hoping that someone else had experience with compiling ruby-gems on a development machine to deploy on the target11:58
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TafThorneRuby based Ruby Gems or some more interesting ones with C or other stuff in them?12:23
TafThorneThe Ruby only ones Just Worked^TM12:23
TafThorneThe hellishnightmare created with network packet mangling inside that needed a bunch of C code compiled were fun to build no native and I never tried to cross-compile them.12:24
TafThorneTLDR; basic Ruby only worked for me about 2 years ago12:24
ollieRuby gems with with C : specifically
ollieI can build native and package for ARM successfully, but .rb files requiring the gems report that they are being ignored because their extensions are not built12:29
ollieim worried that this is because the gem is installed (during the yocto build) and linked against the native libruby, which of course doesnt exist on the (ARM) target12:29
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olliebuilding and installing the gems on the target itself is not an option12:30
ollieive also implemented this fix:
olliewhich makes it possible to build at all (without it its a no go). but it seems soemthing is still missing12:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: No mouse cursor in Qt ELGFS on Yocto <>14:01
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WillieHello, anyone with psplash experience here?14:24
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: No mouse cursor in Qt EGLFS on Yocto <>14:31
WillieAnyway, so I'm trying to add a custom splash screen using this guide I can compute all steps and build a simple "core-image-minimal"14:35
WillieBut my custom splash screen does not get included, even if I log into the system and look in ./usr/bin/psplash the "old" splash screen pops up14:36
WillieI'm only using the rootfs from Yocto so my first question is, is my assumption correct that psplash is executed from filesystem and not in U-boot or kernel?14:38
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mckoanWillie: assumption correct14:42
RPWillie: yes. sounds like your image didn't get compiled in for some reason14:44
WillieThanks guys! that means I'm atleast on the right tracks :)14:44
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RPkanavin: any idea offhand why postinstall deferrment might error on ipk/deb but pass builds on rpm ?14:52
RPkanavin: that busybox upgrade did just that and makes me worry abiot14:53
kanavinRP: can I see the error?14:53
RPkanavin: and but no other errors14:53
RPkanavin: I'm wondering why rpm didn't break too14:53
kanavinRP: I don't know :( I guess it has to be reproduced locally14:54
RPkanavin: ok, I'll add it to my "worry about" list...14:55
Croftonhow long is that list?14:55
kanavinRP: for what it's worth, there is a pretty rigorous oe-selftest for it, in test_failing_postinst14:55
RPCrofton: fairly :(14:56
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RPkanavin: right. Something just doesn't add up here14:56
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RPkanavin: Is there somewhere I can collect up the 'perfect' AUH patches?15:01
kanavinRP:<latest-date> , however, I'd suggest you wait until the run that starts today is finished and take that15:02
RPkanavin: fair enough15:02
kanavin(and give maintainers a few days I'd say)15:02
RPkanavin: I hadn't realised it was running now, I'll wait a little then15:08
kanavinRP: I think it will start in a few hours, usually takes a day to work through, possibly more now as we have a lot of non-updated recipes15:10
kanavinso, by monday :)15:10
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RPkanavin: I'll get my two updates out now...15:13
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kanavinRP: \0/15:16
kanavinin it goes? :)15:16
RPkanavin: in what goes?15:17
kanavinthe virgl patchset :)15:17
RPkanavin: rburton has asked for time to review that15:18
kanavinoh :( meanwhile I am working on more meson conversions, and qemu split is still on the todo15:18
kanavinmesa conversion to meson has been shot down, sadly15:18
kanavinbut I'll keep the patch around15:18
RPkanavin: its not shot down, Otavio just wants the upgrade split out and has agreed to do it15:19
RPkanavin: I agree if he gets the patches sorted that is ok15:19
kanavinRP: someone came out saying they don't want meson in 18.3 series, and it better be postponed to 19.015:20
RPkanavin: otavio is the maintainer so lets see what happens (and whether native is easy to fix too)15:21
kanavinRP: I did fix the native15:22
RPkanavin: ah, cool :)15:24
RPkhem: going to stop looking at test results processing and try and sort this busybox thing :(15:24
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Piratyopkg-0.3.0 / opkg install --ofline-root /mnt /package-cache/*.ipk complains about wrong arch, but installing them without -o in the running system is fine (so not a real arch error...). /mnt is empty btw16:26
Piratycan anyone help here?16:26
Piratywell, --add-arch <arch>:1 did it though, wonder why it doesn't pick up the system's arch by default... picking another arch to install would make sense to opt-in by giving the flag explicitly and use current arch if no such flag is given16:30
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halsteadRP, armpit Please go ahead with builds on the AB.17:20
armpithalstead, thanks17:20
RPhalstead:  thanks17:23
armpitRP, any issue if I mark Rocko as "community supported" on wiki ?17:24
RParmpit: no17:25
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* armpit while ad it, included warrior and Zeus code names17:35
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