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black_13is it possible to docker with yocto advice00:03
Tim_FroehlichHi, I've been struggling a bit with this question. I want to use Yocto to build two+ products with separate dev/prod images for each (dev including debug-tweaks, etc.). I've ruled out separate image recipes because my dev builds need ENABLE_UART on my RaspberryPi and that needs to be set at the conf level (I've got it set conditionally in my base dist conf). Multiconfig looked promising, but I'm not happy about how long the pars00:04
Tim_Froehlich--postread looks nice though00:04
Tim_Froehlichbut it's barely mentioned anywhere and I'm worried that it's not well supported00:04
Tim_Froehlichwhat do most people do?00:04
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geust342How can I have the kernel headers in my rootfs?02:51
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto (Dora) QT5 on IMX6 : where is qmake <>05:55
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moemoehey, I'm struggling a bit with using the rtc on 2.6.1 with systemd - meta/recipes-core/systemd/ seems to disable the hwclock service, but I didn't manage to make systemd-timedated set the time from the rtc.09:17
moemoehmm, according to this should happen automatically in "PID 1"09:19
moemoe"timedatectl show" states "LocalRTC=no"?09:20
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sideralisHi all09:28
sideralisIs there anyone familiar with including java in yocto ?09:29
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rburtonpresumably you're having problems with meta-java09:32
sideralisYes :)09:32
rburtonprobably best to mail the list as java isn't hugely used09:32
sideralisI tried to find some guides to include java. From what I found I need to add few lines PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/java* in my local.Conf09:33
sideralisand add 2 layers meta-oe and meta-java09:33
sideralisOk, you mean the list openembedded-devel@lists.openembedded.org09:34
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didileI've an error at do_package_qa with my own recipe: ERROR: vesta-app-2.0.0-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /home/root/VestaApp contained in package vesta-app requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_vesta-app? [file-rdeps]10:38
didilethe libmonocypher is in "DEPENDS"10:39
didilehere you can see the recipe:
didileand the recipe:
didileI'm on thud10:41
didileand idea how to solve this issue?10:42
didileI already tried to add monocypher to "RDEPENDS"10:42
didilethe monocypher Makefile install a and a symlink libmonocypher.so10:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How oe_runmake uses makefile flags while compiling the code using bitbake <>11:26
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JaMaRP: the "virglrenderer: add a recipe" commit in master-next is older version than what kanavin has in the branch, missing the fix for gold11:36
kanavinJaMa, no worries, I'll rebase if needed11:36
JaMaRP: it causes rebuilds for pretty much everything, so better to get the right revision in11:36
JaMakanavin: why did you change the author of the fix? it's nice that it was merged, but how should the original author (gentoo dev) feel about it when you don't even include his Signed-off-by?11:39
kanavinJaMa, I wrote my own patch, as the original patch wouldn't apply with git am11:40
kanavinI don't think the original author would make a fuss about it11:40
JaMait did apply with git am for me11:40
JaMaprobably not, but stealing someone's work isn't nice11:41
kanavindid you get a response from them?11:42
JaMano, not yet11:42
RPJaMa: right, I need to update11:46
jpnurmi_what's the trick with meta-qt5 to get qmlcachegen deployed on the sdk?11:48
jpnurmi_i was hoping to get it from nativesdk-qtdeclarative11:49
jpnurmi_+ populate_sdk_qt511:50
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didilepopulate_sdk doesn't work on thud12:44
didilewith meta-qt512:44
didileqtwebkit compilation fails12:45
jpnurmii'm stuck on sumo, actually12:48
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didileI've this issue in my side12:50
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jpnurmibuild/tmp/sysroots-components/x86_64-nativesdk/nativesdk-qtdeclarative/opt/myos/2.5.1/sysroots/x86_64-myossdk-linux/usr  does not seem to contain bin/ at all, only include/ and lib/12:56
jpnurmiall qtdeclarative tools are missing: qml, qmlcachegen, qmlmin, ...12:57
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JaMazeddii: LINUX_VERSION ?= "5.0-rc+" this will sort higher than final 5.0, use ~ which sorts lower13:34
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tsjsiebI'm trying to do create a qt5-static sdk with thud and I think dependency on qtdeclarative-native is missing in qtdeclarative recipe. How should I add it specifically for the PACKAGECONFIG[static] case14:23
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mabnhdevI need to support a cortexa72 processor in AArch32 profile.  Yocto (master) seems to only support AArch64.  Could someone provide guidance on getting to AArch32?15:06
JPEWmabnhdev: aarch32 is just "traditional" arm?15:07
mabnhdev@JPEW I would consider AArch64 to be the "traditional" for the armv8-A architectures.15:09
mabnhdevAArch32 is just the 32-bit variant for the armv8-a processors.15:10
rburtonRP: when connectivity check uris is added to core, i've some patches to start pruning poky.conf15:10
mabnhdev@JPEW Sorry, yes, we are talking about ARM processors.15:12
rburtonmabnhdev: arch-arm64 suggests that if the machine is using arm64 but TUNE_FEATURES doesn't contain aarch64 you get 32-bit15:12
mabnhdev@rburton Interesting... I'll give that a try.  Thanks.15:13
kanavinrburton, FYI :)
kanavinI'm converting more recipes at the moment15:15
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Marexkhem: well, I tried building latest meta-qt5 master and in eglfs, the qtwebengine part still doesn't get any input :)15:18
Piratyadelcast: do you have a comprehensive list of the opkg-utils and their purpose? so i don't have to dive into the code to check?15:18
JPEWkanavin: Are you going to add meson to the MinGW SDK?15:22
adelcastPiraty, sorry, no...but they are pretty simple utils15:22
Piratysome have intro header, some dont...15:23
Piratyone even has a manpage that is unreachable from cli15:23
kanavinJPEW, no, I am trying to migrate glib off autotools to meson, which includes getting the mingw nativesdk version of that to build15:23
adelcastthe main ones are opkg-build (to build packages) & opkg-make-index (create Package indexes),15:23
Piratyyeah i figured...15:23
adelcastone has a man page yea, you need to build and make install to get it15:23
Piratyna i mean opkg-build itself. in the script15:24
adelcastthis repo could use some love15:24
Piratyadelcast: hey, i have a question about ipk format. is it mandatory to be ar archive? i thnk openwrt uses tar as the wrapper for data.tar.gz and control.tar.gz15:24
adelcastcheck the Makefile, that script si processed via pod2man to create a manpage15:24
Piratyalso we doung that dpkg cannot handle them if the order within ar is different (wich is silly!)15:25
Piratyah yes i have the manpage15:25
adelcastPiraty, yes I think you are right:
Piratycontribution only via mailing list?15:28
adelcastyep,  opkg-devel@googlegroups.com15:29
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inisiderhello. cat anyone explain me how in yocto sysroot is constructed? f.e. in ./tmp/work/aarch64-iosxe-linux/kexec-tools/2.0.17-r0/ there is folder recipe-sysroot. how it was created?15:59
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rburtonbitbake fills it based on DEPENDS16:02
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MarexJaMa: you happen to be around ?16:14
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manuel_i'm having an annoying issue that i can't seem to google away. we are building some packages using go dep, and require ssh agent to fetch some repositories. but in the do_compile step of our recipe, SSH_AGENT_PID is gone from the environment16:50
manuel_it is not if i run a devshell, for example. any idea how i can whitelist SSH_AGENT_PID for the go dep step?16:50
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manuel_SSH_AGENT_PID and SSH_AUTH_SOCK are in BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE already16:52
kergothmight need to add 'export SSH_AGENT_PID' and 'export SSH_AUTH_SOCK' in local.conf to re-export them in the shell environment, rather than only allowing them into the metadata16:54
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khemmanuel_: this is what I do17:02
manuel_yeah this is what my colleage had so  far17:07
manuel_but it breaks on our ec2 on-demand provisioned build machine17:07
manuel_where the ssh-agent is setup by some magic j enkins plugin17:07
manuel_and then he would source the environment file in the recipe17:08
khemsee its setting it /tmp17:09
khemwhich is accessible to other users17:09
khemthats the whole point17:09
manuel_not sure i follow17:09
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QuazilIs there a rule for why sometimes patch files go under ${THISDIR}/files: and othertimes under ${THISDIR}/${PN}: ?18:00
Croftonboth are in the search path I think18:01
QuazilYou have to add ${PN} to the list - is files automatic?18:03
Croftonor the recipe manipulated the FILES PATH :)18:03
QuazilI guess what I'm asking is why this deviated from the ebuild legacy of 'files'.18:05
QuazilA ton of recipes use ${PN} or both files and ${PN}18:05
QuazilSo that we know when to do it which way18:05
CroftonPeople can't agree what to do :)18:06
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QuazilWe settled on 'files' and if you need/want more dirs those go under 'files'.18:19
Croftonpeople like versio specific dirs18:20
Croftonif yu have more than one version of a recipe18:20
Croftonwhich was more common in the good old days18:20
Croftonand gave us something to fight over :)18:20
QuazilSure but that would be ${PNV}18:21
JPEWQuazil: I usually tell my co workers to use ${THISDIR}/${PN} unless there is a reason to use file (like the patch, etc. needs to be shared my multiple recipes in the same directory, which does rarely happen). It's really just to have a consistent position more than anything18:21
QuazilJPEW: I really do not like using ${PN} because THISDIR is typucally the same as PN which makes it looks like a cp mistake.18:21
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Quazilfiles or PNV18:22
JPEWsure. I like it because if you *do* have multiple recipes in a directory that aren't sharing files, it's easy to see what files go with what recipe18:22
QuazilThat I understand18:22
JPEWP = "${PN}-${PN}" which I think is what you are looking for :)18:23
QuazilSo we said that should be files/${PN} :)18:23
JPEWP = "${PN}-${PV}"18:23
JPEWlol, a compromise I guess :)18:23
Quazilbut files/${PN} or files/${PN}-${PV}18:23
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JPEWI like ${PN} because it doesn't require moving anything if you upgrade the recipe18:24
QuazilJPEW: That necessarily means the patch was not version specific.18:24
JPEWAgain, this is sort of tenenuous, the same argument could be made for just "files" ;)18:25
QuazilI have too much Gentoo in me, can't let go of files18:25
JPEWIt's fine, I was just giving the advice I usually give when people ask... I think in most cases it's not going to matter18:25
kergothi li ke PN/BPN since you can rearrange recipe locations in the repository without having to rename files if you move two recipes to the same subdir. its repetitive, but consistent18:38
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JPEWI feel like I'm in good company then ;)18:47
RPQuazil: where there are multiple recipes in a given directory files is misleading so we settled on trying to use BPN everywhere18:49
RPQuazil: files still has its place but BPN is the recommendation18:50
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Python paths not being set on embedded installation <>18:58
JaMakhem: are github PR's for meta-oe now automatically merged by some script from halstead? shows it was merged by him19:05
JaMathere are no SOB lines, maybe you merged it exactly as-is to the repo and github shows it on mirror as merged?19:05
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emgI have a repo with a bunch of shell scripts and one go file. Originally my recipe just created a directory and copied the scripts in the do_install(). Now I want to build that one go file and have it end up in the same place as the scripts. What's the easiest way to do that?20:52
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto20:55
rburtonemg: there's a load of go classes in oe-core21:07
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yatesis there a good scriptable alternative to fdisk (with a consistent operation between versions)?21:28
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I get GTK based GUI in a Yocto project? <>21:28
JPEWyates: sfdisk21:28
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yatesJPEW: isn't that just a wrapper on top of fdisk?21:29
yatesit's a whole different utility?21:29
JPEWIt might use the same library or something, but it's designed to be scriptable21:29
JPEWAlthough, if you don't want to get stuck calculating C/H/S geometry, I suggest you find a recent version :)21:30
yatesi have a script based on fdisk, but it doesn't operate the same between 2.29 and 2.3221:31
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yatesok, hold on. nm!21:32
yatesno, that is correct21:32
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JPEWyates: sfdisk adds new formats and options, but AFAIK if you write a script with one version, it should continue to work the same going forward on newer versions21:33
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arielmI created a recipe to add udev rules, fairly simple, it works22:21
arielmbut somehow it doesn't get cached, every time i bitbake something, it get's built again22:22
arielmany ideas what to look for?22:22
arielmto be honest i copy/pasted from another recipe22:24
arielmthe only thing i see is a do_install[nostamp] = "1"22:24
arielmdo_unpack[nostamp] = "1"22:24
arielmcould that be the problem ?22:24
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khemJaMa: its a script23:01
JaMakhem: you mean the hook which is publishing the read-only mirror to github or some other script which merges the PRs from there?23:02
khemI do pull from github pulls into master-next though23:02
khemI have workflow for that23:03
khembut merged from gh are not done23:03
khemI wish we started doing that23:03
*** harisokanovic <harisokanovic!~harisokan@> has joined #yocto23:03
JaMaok, than it's just strange comment from gh23:03
JaMait was merged by you to master-next and halstead's account just pushed it to gh with the hook23:04
aehs29_do we have the update-alternatives util somewhere? (not the busybox one)23:09
aehs29_it looks like we do keep track of the alternatives on /usr/lib/opkg/alternatives, but the busybox update-alternative does not provide a way to just switch to one of those23:10
RPaehs29_: its part of opkg-utils23:20
aehs29_RP: thanks23:21
khemJaMa: hmm23:24
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