Tuesday, 2019-02-19

GeramyLneverpanic: any suggestions? I'm not even sure what that is, to be honest. DEBIAN/control doesn't exist and my google foo has failed looking for it.00:00
armpitRP, ok00:05
GeramyLthere are issues with meta-environment and my machine meta layer00:05
GeramyLI don't see any documentation though regarding custom kernels, machine meta layers and being built with populate_sdk00:06
RParmpit: if you do want me to pull in yours let me know...00:19
RPdenix: thanks :)00:20
GeramyLneverpanic: looks like it was an issue with DEFAULTTUNE and using intels meta layer tune with my kernel and machine.00:29
GeramyLmaybe something to do with multi-inheritance, i am able to use default tune.00:30
GeramyLnothing really points to that issue, but it was a good guess on my end haha :P00:31
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cawAnyone know how to include plugins from gst-plugins1.0-bad in a build? It seems that one specific plugin, audiobuffersplit, doesn't seem to be built by default01:11
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* armpit woohoo clean sumo build... finally02:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: internal error in override_version, at ../../gold/resolve.cc:61? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54759047/internal-error-in-override-version-at-gold-resolve-cc61>05:18
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RPkanavin: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/85/builds/233 :(08:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to declare custom variables in bitbake recipes having the same visibility like for instance ${bindir}? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54737431/how-to-declare-custom-variables-in-bitbake-recipes-having-the-same-visibility-li>08:48
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lukmaMaybe a bit "odd" question09:40
lukmais there a way to extend standard machine configuration file?09:40
lukmalike I do have qemux86-64.conf09:40
lukmaand I would like to have foox86-64.conf with only my one, two adjustments09:41
lukmaI could add those adjustments to local.conf or distro.conf, but I'm wondering if I can reuse the qemux86-64.conf (something similar to bbappend)09:41
LetoThe2ndlukma: create qemux86-64-lukma.conf that as first line includes qemu86-64.conf09:42
RPlukma: you can require qemux86-64.conf, set MACHINEOVERRIDES and then customise09:42
LetoThe2ndlukma: poky-blleding orwhatsitcalled does about exactly that09:42
RPLetoThe2nd: snap :)09:42
LetoThe2ndRP: flatpak :)09:42
RPlukma: we even do this in some of the QA tests iirc09:43
LetoThe2ndRP: btw, a penny for your thoughts: what do think of some yocto-getting started stream like on twitch.tv?09:43
LetoThe2ndRP: in contrast to a pre-boiled video, it could be quite interactive in terms of reacting to questions09:44
RPLetoThe2nd: would love to see it09:44
lukmaRP: MACHINEOVERRIDES is not not necessary09:45
LetoThe2ndRP: i'm just working on finding a good timeslot and rest of infrastructure... would love to give it a try09:45
lukmaAs I do only need to tune PREFERRED_Xxxx09:45
RPlukma: it is, since you change MACHINE name and you want to use the original override09:45
RPLetoThe2nd: cool! :)09:45
LetoThe2ndRP: but the point is that we kind of need to advertise it a little beforehand, because if 0 people watch and ask, be end up in a pre-boiled video again.09:45
lukmaRP: yes correct09:46
LetoThe2ndRP: probably something EU late afternoon so we catch the people on the other side of the pond too?09:46
RPLetoThe2nd: we have the mailing lists, that sounds reasonable09:46
LetoThe2ndRP: :)09:46
RPndec: any thoughts? ^^^09:47
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ndecRP: LetoThe2nd : hi! that could be a great idea... i have attended a couple of similar 'webinar' in the past. it is not straight forward to make them 'smooth' to follow i think. we would have to think a bit hard about what we want to do.10:18
ndecisn't twitch.tv some gaming thing? e.g. would that be appropriate for some engineering thingy like YP? maybe there are alternate places?10:19
LetoThe2ndndec: its a gaming thingy by main audience, thats right. but it seems their technology seems to be pretty streamline, and in my experience the streamers there encourage a very, very interactive style. which i do highly favor over classic webinars.10:21
ndecLetoThe2nd: i agree that interactivity is important (and that it was really bad in the classic webimar I attended!)10:22
LetoThe2ndndec: if you're concerned about the YP brand being tainted, i have no problem in doing it as a standalone person, so no official endorsement has to be given10:23
ndecwell, that was indeed my concern. but the idea is good. we should evaluate about doing it officially/sponsored by YP first.10:24
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ndeci think it's worth having a discussion on yocto-advocacy@yoctoproject.org mailing list. would you start a thread there?10:24
LetoThe2ndndec: classic webinars tend to suffer badly from "a presenter basically does a presentation". whereas the style i think of is more like, "livecoding to show"10:25
LetoThe2ndlike i would do for a new coworker that looks over my shoulder10:25
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kanavinRP: thanks, nativesdk packaging seems to be the major issue10:28
ndecLetoThe2nd: anyways, i think it's a great idea. thanks for suggesting this. it needs some thinking / discussion / planning, and i think the advocacy mailing list would be the right next step.10:28
kanavinor the common one rather10:28
LetoThe2ndndec: just subscribing10:28
ndecLetoThe2nd: you can send an email directly, i will make sure it goes through.10:28
LetoThe2ndndec: oh no problem. i kinda need to come up with a proper wording anyways, i usually try to make sure my emails have higher standards than my irc conversational style10:29
ndechehe ;)10:30
RPkanavin: yes, I'm having trouble figuring out everything that failed there. Am rerunning with meson changes dropped to isolate10:31
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RPndec, LetoThe2nd: I don't think we need to overcomplicate this. As long as its clear its about the Yocto Project, not *by* the Yocto Project I think we should be ok10:33
LetoThe2ndRP: i generallythink the same, but additional input usually doesn't hurt10:33
kanavinRP: yep, clearly this should be handled in smaller chunks. But great that this time there was a response to auh :)10:36
RPLetoThe2nd: I just know the advocacy people get nervous about the project branding (understandably)10:36
RPkanavin: yes! :)10:36
RPkanavin: I pulled a few of Ross' patches together since I know he's away atm10:37
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ndecRP: we definitely don't need to overcomplicate.. but we need to plan a bit at least, no?10:42
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LetoThe2ndi think the main thing to grasp is that this would not be a traditional teaching/presenting format10:44
LetoThe2ndit is even something that would probably have to be repeated regularly to have the best effect10:44
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RPndec: right10:48
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LetoThe2ndndec: oh, and for the "twitch vs. serious" thing: its mainly us old grumpy embedded hags not being up to date with the cool kids. i thought the same, and quickly realized that its often used for such: https://github.com/bnb/awesome-developer-streams10:56
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* LetoThe2nd launches lunch, bbiab10:56
ndecLetoThe2nd: right.. speaking about cool kids.. the 96boards team is moving to discord.. and i am resisting.. ;010:57
LetoThe2ndndec: discord is often used as a secondary channel for twitch indeed. i'm kinda like, whatever works.10:58
LetoThe2ndoO(yet, 96borads & cool?)10:58
RPndec: I saw talk about discord somewhere else, seems to be the trendy thing10:58
* LetoThe2nd ducks and runs quickly10:58
LetoThe2ndRP: the react js folks are on discord also. like i said, whatever. if it works for a given problem, then please use it.10:59
ndecRP: right.. and a sign that we are becoming less trendy ;)10:59
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RPndec: one of several :/11:02
Piratywhat? runit is not in yocto?? this seem wrong11:03
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Piratyaccording to https://github.com/madscientist42/meta-runit-init11:04
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sylv_Hi all. I'm trying to remove packagegroup from another packagegroup in image recipe. I'm trying to do this: RDEPENDS_mainpackagegroup-full_remove = "mainpackagegroup-application". But it does not work. mainpackagegroup-application and full are declared in mainpackagegroup recipe. PACKAGES = "${PN}-full \ ${PN}-application" and RDEPENDS_${PN}-full = "${PN}-application" and RDEPENDS_${PN}-application = "some packages"11:05
sylv_thanks for your help11:06
sylv_i don't want mainpackagegroup-application in my SDK11:06
sylv_so i want to find a way to do not build and install package from mainpackagegroup-application in SDK image recipe11:07
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kanavinRP: virgl tests seem to be persistently failing on ubuntu 16.04 (but not 18.04), I am looking into it, as I have a 16.04 laptop here12:13
RPkanavin: was this the missing host library problem?12:15
kanavinRP: the failure happening just now printed no useful info :(12:15
RPkanavin: still not gotten around to auditing the workers for that :(12:15
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kanavinRP: I'm just running the same oe-selftest on a laptop, we can always skip it per-distro, although I'd rather make it work12:16
RPkanavin: the fact this build is getting this far suggests some more subtle locale problems in the meson changes for glib12:16
kanavin(on a 16.04 laptop I mean)12:17
RPkanavin: right, I'd rather understand why its failing12:17
kanavinRP: yep, I fixed the obvious things, but not sure whose fault the locale problem is :-/12:17
RPkanavin: right now its looking like a patch I dropped from -next which were several of the meson ones12:18
RP(trying to bisect to get some things merged and narrow it down)12:18
kanavinRP: as you know, we use mesa-native for builds, but fall through to host mesa at runtime via libepoxy dlopen(). I'm not super happy about this, but we can't afford to build a full range of mesa drivers :(12:18
RPkanavin: right, its a tricky situation12:19
kanavinRP: the default is still sdl2 without opengl, so it's not going to suddenly break12:20
kanavinyou need to opt-in by adding 'gl' to runqemu12:21
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ak77I have packages, and then the package that RDEPENDS on them. those packages bring some settings files, ... is there a way to build install time deps file that includes path to those setting files and installs this file as part of a package12:36
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kanavinRP: ubuntu 16.04 passed the virgl tests here, so it's probably something missing on the host site in the AB13:04
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RPkanavin: also wondering why the poor log output :(13:51
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kanavinRP: I also fixed the locale issue, I erroneously dropped a patch from glib thinking it's autotools-specific13:56
kanavinRP: just sent a new patchset13:58
RPkanavin: ah, great to have an explanation for that :)13:59
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RPkanavin: in your new series did you update any of the patches I still have in -next ?14:33
kanavinRP: no, I don't think so14:34
kanavinit's been fixes to glib/gdk-pixbuf/pango14:34
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RPkanavin: thats fine, just checking14:37
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Piratywhat exactly is "opkg --dest <foo> install <package>" for? when add "--add-dest foo:/foo", if installs into /foo/foo15:42
Piratyinstead contrast to --offline-root15:43
Piratycan someone explain please?15:43
Piratyi see "dest" can be set in the config file, but yet i fail to see the point15:43
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GeramyLokay changing defaulttune didn't do shit16:00
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GeramyLstill got the same error: https://pastebin.com/899drCMD16:01
RPExample resulttool reports https://pastebin.com/PC0wwQp9  and https://pastebin.com/9PgFG4pb16:05
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GeramyLhow do I make sure recipes are excluded from the sdk? like custom built ones.16:19
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RPkanavin: I really need you/Khem to reach an agreement on the llvm patch16:30
*** ollie <ollie!d445ba28@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:31
olliehello. is there a keyword I can use in a recipe to get the version of a dependency from DEPENDS ?16:31
kanavinkhem, ^^^ do you have a strong objection to my llvm patch? we can also switch to a 8.0 tarball once it is out.16:33
kanavinRP: the way I read his last message on the subject, there is no strong objection, but let's confirm16:33
RPkanavin: I think khem would like to have the tarball as the default and a git version we can keep testing with16:36
* RP would love to see us get back to poky-bleeding working16:36
kanavinRP: I'm fine with that, I just don't want to use any kind of 'unofficial mirror' that also doesn't have version tags16:36
RPkanavin: yes, that is worrying16:37
kanavinthe official git is larger, but not dramatically - 'unofficial mirror' has 175k commits, official git has 310k, because they decided to use a single repo for all of the llvm projects16:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Disable systemD services at compile time <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54771324/disable-systemd-services-at-compile-time>17:20
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LetoThe2ndndec: just wanted to give a short ping. i subscribed to advocacy and opened the confirmation link, but subscription doesn't seem to be finished.17:32
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RPLetoThe2nd: if it doesn't work ask halstead :/18:04
RPhalstead: mailing list woes continue? :(18:04
halsteadRP, Yes. It doesn't look especially bad right now though.18:05
halsteadRP, LetoThe2nd in this case even after confirming someone from the advocacy team needs to approve. There are 4 outstanding requests.18:06
RPhalstead: is ndec a moderator for that list?18:06
halsteadRP, Yes ndec and Jefro. I asked Andreea if she would be willing as well.18:07
RPhalstead: ok, good. As long as we have some active people on it18:08
RPhalstead: after our discussion I just scheduled two builds at once :)18:10
CroftonI can agree that needs work, received a question from Rich P about that also18:10
RPCrofton: moderators or lists in general?18:11
Croftonapprovals for advocacy list18:11
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LetoThe2nd5i hereby advocate advocaat.19:11
CroftonLetoThe2nd, stop drinking19:15
LetoThe2ndCrofton: that would seriously cut down booze supplies for OEDEM and YPDD19:16
LetoThe2ndso i better keep on drinking.19:16
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jtrimbl3Hi all -- newcomer bitbake question: Is it possible to "extend" a bitbake ".conf" file in a similar way to ".bbappend" files for recipes?  I'd like to define some additional configuration variables that seem like they should belong in a machine.conf (rather than my local.conf), but the machine.conf is controlled in an external repository and I'd like to just "append" to what's already there.20:02
jtrimbl3Is there a way to append a ".conf" file or do I need to create a new machine "variant" (e.g. my_machine-extra.conf), which contains my additional variables and then includes the upstream "my_machine.conf"?20:03
bluelightningjtrimbl3: there's no .conf append functionality - I think you'd have to either use your variant approach or add the customisations to your distro config (with machine overrides if necessary)20:17
bluelightningjtrimbl3: if you do use the "machine variant" approach then you will probably want to set MACHINEOVERRIDES =. "mymachine" within it so that overrides for the underlying machine still apply20:18
bluelightningargh sorry that should be MACHINEOVERRIDES =. "mymachine:"20:19
jtrimbl3@bluelightning: Ok, thanks for confirming.  Also thanks for the note about MACHINEOVERRIDES -- that's complicated but I think I get why it's needed.20:29
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RPkanavin: two builds both had gtk-native issues, I suspect the meson changes so have dropped them again21:45
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RPJPEW: fwiw I think there is going to need to be a trivial fix to meta-mingw for the master-next patchset in testing22:04
JPEWRP: Ok, thanks22:04
RPJPEW: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/89/builds/30622:05
JPEWThats a particularly ugly bbappend... I'll have to see if we can just drop it.22:07
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RPJPEW: that may be less trivial, not sure :)22:10
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khemkanavin: I dont have much of an objection, I was just worries about others since in past we have seem people not like huge repo fetches22:26
khemas I said it helps meta-clang so I am ok22:26
ribaldaHello. What happened to the tags at: https://hub.docker.com/r/crops/poky/tags ?22:38
ribaldaseems like someone pressed the wrong button :)22:39
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RPkhem: thanks for clarifying. I think if we can switch to a tarball at release it would be ok22:58
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: : does bitbake cleanall ,cleans dependencies as well <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44576185/yocto-does-bitbake-cleanall-cleans-dependencies-as-well>23:21
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