Wednesday, 2019-02-20

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khemRP: yes although its not clear how the sources will look like on release, this will be first release based on monorepo00:55
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keesjI am back as oe/poky for a smal project and need to figure out how to replace a git repo with a .zip file that was delivered to me. I remember doing bitbake and looking at the logs years ago to figure out the magic file name I need to use but that knowledge is long gone. also the mirror howto faq does not engligtent me.07:55
keesjcan I get some help in getting the magic right07:55
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keesj(I also vaguely remember doing something like bitbake bla build-env to get a shell for faster iteration07:56
mckoankeesj: probably you need to create a recipe (.bb)07:56
keesjIk think I need some help in
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malanecoraMorning guys!08:37
malanecoraIs there a way of bitbaking a specific version of a package directly from command line (without modify any file)?08:38
malanecoraSomething like: PREFERRED_VERSION="1.2.3" bitbake package_name08:39
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: whats the use case?08:40
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: I just want to build a rpm with an older version08:41
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: For a system with old FW08:41
malanecora(rocko vs thud)08:41
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: hint: about all requests that include "i just want to" are pretty pointless and not well thought through08:42
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LetoThe2ndmalanecora: in your case, how should it work if in a newer release there are no recipes for the old version anymore?08:42
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: the recipes are version-bound, and older versions do not get carried along08:42
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malanecoraLetoThe2nd: In this case that expression has a literal meaning08:44
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willieHello, I have a specific problem, but I'm looking for a generic answer. I want to add my custom qt application to my build, in my custom layer. I always have a hard time understanding which part of meta-qt i should copy into my layer08:45
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: hehe, about everybody who says "i just want to" means it in the literal way. but it almost never works like that.08:46
LetoThe2ndwillie: hum, hopefully none?08:46
willieSo, just create a "recipes-qt" and add myapplication.bb08:47
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: Since it is for an old FW based system (and already deployed), I guess I'd to upgrade it08:47
LetoThe2ndwillie: your layer basically depends on meta-qt, and your recipe probably does an "inherit qmake5"08:47
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: But as a last resort in the current phase of the project08:47
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: thats all nice, but its not how things work.08:47
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: they work like: check out the metadata of the deployed state, modify to your needs, then build.08:48
LetoThe2ndwillie: so if you're not doing any super tricky and stick to the common ground of qt build processes, that should be fine08:49
LetoThe2ndwillie: here's some examples too:
willieLettoThe2nd: Right now my layer does nothing :> I'm looking in the meta-qt5 trying to figure out how to append my application.08:49
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: That's messy08:49
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: no08:50
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: messy is "hey i just do this magic incantation of bitbake and then i ship this binary package that nobody can reproduce where it came from"08:50
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: It's not a production pacakge, just monitoring one for the test phase08:50
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nacknickhi. how can I change the 'sysroot' that the compiler uses?08:52
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: well you can always use devtool to create ad-hoc packages. but in that case its like, "hey i'm doing this for dev, and what happens around me, i don't give a f***"08:52
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: in that case, look at devool -h and devtool modify08:52
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: I'll take a look over! Ty08:53
willieLetoThe2nd: So basically, the .inc file "creates" a lib/program and as long as the .bb file has "inherit xx" it uses said program? Trying to understand the basics08:53
LetoThe2ndwillie: erm, no08:54
LetoThe2ndwillie: look at
LetoThe2ndwillie: this is what your recipe should look like for a generic qml-based application08:54
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LetoThe2ndwillie: you can the DEPENDS (for building) and RDEPENDS (for running)08:54
LetoThe2ndwillie: actually, it seems to be missing the .inc, indeed.08:56
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ak77hello! what do you suggest for managing resolv.conf when using systemd + musl ?08:59
willieLetoThe2nd: I guess, I'll try to build it first and then understand the core conecpt09:00
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LetoThe2ndwillie: yeah, get started from the examples, then copy one over and modify it for your use case09:01
ak77as systemd-resolved is not available, ... how can I pass dhcp's dns to resolv.conf ?09:14
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kanavinRP: yes, I saw the gtk-native thing, and was pulling my hair yesterday trying to reproduce it. I took the exact same commit id from master-next, and it would still build without issues :-(09:32
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RPkanavin: bugs like this are a pain :(09:55
Piratyadelcast: maybe you can clarify for me? using opkg -o <path> and -d , what are the intended use-cases ? and also i found that post-install scripts don't honour the -o <path> option. is this considered a bug?09:56
kanavinRP: yes, I guess I would need the trees of glib-native and gtk3-native from the AB, but let's get the current batch merged, it's looking good so far :)09:57
RPkanavin: There is a subset of -next ready to merge when I get a few mins and yes, hoping this next batch looks better too09:58
kanavinthe one that is running currently, I mean09:58
kanavinso far, no issues, other than mingw09:58
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RPkanavin: oe-selftest is a mess in it :(10:48
RPkanavin: I don't understand why that failed :(10:48
RPhash mismatches and a blocked bitbake server :;10:48
kanavinRP: yep, I have no idea either. maybe a random fluke, that disappears with a re-run :(10:51
RPkanavin: trying a rerun, lets see10:54
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kanavinRP: this time it's perfect :-/11:23
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RPkanavin: indeed :(11:23
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RPkanavin: nice batch merged with a few more waiting in -next for mailing list review or tweaks11:32
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kanavinRP: cheers :) let me rebase my branch and see what's left12:20
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kanavinRP: I rebased my stuff, here's what is left
kanavinRP: I just checked again, gtk+3-native builds without any problems12:33
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kanavinRP: so the only way out is if you try this locally, or give it again to the AB, so we can preserve the failed workdirs12:34
LetoThe2ndndec: ping again (advocacy-subscription)12:34
kanavinRP: glib will drop autotools (already dropped in master, in fact), so we have to do the meson transition12:34
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willieLetoThe2nd: I can build and run any example from meta-qt but my custom application (in my custom layer) is not detected, i even tried to add it in local.conf.12:46
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LetoThe2ndwillie: have you added your layer to bblayers.conf?12:47
willieLetoThe2nd: I can see that all the example applications are installed from /sources/meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-sdk/recipes-images/fsl-image-validation-imx.bb12:47
willieLetoThe2nd: Yes, i have added custom u-boot, psplash etc so the layer is included12:48
LetoThe2ndwillie: what do you mean exactly then by "is not detected"?12:48
willieLetoThe2nd: in meta-custom/recipes-qt/ then in conf/local.conf i add IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " myapplication"12:50
LetoThe2ndwillie: because "" does not match the canonical rules12:51
LetoThe2ndits either, or myapplication_git.bb12:51
williecorrection, it is myapplication_1.0.0.bb12:51
LetoThe2ndthen its still to check if that recipe actually provide a package called "myapplication".12:51
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LetoThe2ndcan you put the recipe on a pastebin?12:52
LetoThe2ndand, does bitbake myapplication build your stuff?12:53
willieI'm not sure, adding psplash and other programs was a bit more straight forward, now i tried to copy how the qt examples were installed12:54
LetoThe2ndgenerally the recipe doesn't look bad. what happens upon "bitbake ked-qml-qt-project"?12:55
LetoThe2ndor is that only the recipe-internal name?12:56
williewhat do you mean by recipe-internal?12:56
LetoThe2ndand the file *really* is located at meta-yourlayer/recipes-qt/ked-qml-qt-project/
LetoThe2nddo not leave out any hierarchy levels!12:57
willieehm, its in a subdirectory "files"12:58
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LetoThe2nd(and do not add any hierarchy levels, too!)12:58
RPkanavin: did you check in combination with virtgl?12:59
LetoThe2ndyou can see where bitbake goes searching if you look at the regexp thats in meta-yourlayer/conf/layer.conf12:59
kanavinI did try a master-next commit yesterday, but it shouldn't matter as remaining virgl patches are all tweaking qemu or something else unrelated13:00
kanavinRP: I can try once more to rebase on master-next13:00
willieLetoThe2nd: I assumed adding a files directory was some sort of yocto standard, Still getting the same error tho.13:01
willieLetothe2nd: that is good advice, I'll look that up13:01
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LetoThe2ndwillie: a files directory is standard. but its for files that are *consumed* by the recipe.13:02
RPkanavin: I've fired a master-next with your changes and the updated mesa ones13:02
LetoThe2ndwillie: i guess that your path is still off in some way, then.13:02
LetoThe2ndwillie: maybe you can pastebin a tree of your layer13:02
kanavinRP: thanks, if it fails, I'd like to look at the workdirs of glib and gtk13:02
RPkanavin: right, we should be able to sort that13:02
willieLetoThe2nd: , it is a bit messy and the custom MACHINE is not used in any way13:04
LetoThe2ndwillie: like i said, you left out a hierarchy layer13:05
LetoThe2nd12:57 < LetoThe2nd> and the file *really* is located at meta-yourlayer/recipes-qt/ked-qml-qt-project/
LetoThe2nd12:57 < LetoThe2nd> do not leave out any hierarchy levels!13:05
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williethanks ALOT13:08
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kanavinRP: it failed again in the same way (e.g. poky-tiny)13:13
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RPkanavin: do you have autobuilder ssh access?13:26
kanavinRP: I don't think so, I only acces auh machine. By the way the failure seems specific to centos 7.13:26
RPkanavin: ok, so which files do you need?13:27
kanavinRP: /home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/poky-tiny/build/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/gtk+3-native/ and glib-2.0-native/13:28
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RPkanavin: (189MB)13:30
kanavinRP: thanks, I hope I can sort it via the tarball13:31
RPkanavin: if not let me know. We should sort you worker access at some point too13:31
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kanavinRP: for some reason +x is not set on the offending binary :-/13:37
kanavinRP: and this is specific to centos13:37
RPkanavin: how 'interesting' :/13:37
RPrace of some kind?13:37
*** sagner <sagner!~ags@> has joined #yocto13:38
RPkanavin: with it being native, pseudo should be disabled and out the picture too13:39
kanavinRP: nope, tarball extraction I believe - the +x bit presence/absence goes all the way to the original file from the glib tarball13:40
RPkanavin: how is it working anywhere then?!13:41
kanavinRP: still looking13:41
kanavinRP: diff --git a/gio/gdbus-2.0/codegen/ b/gio/gdbus-2.0/codegen/gdbus-codegen.in13:43
kanavinindex 8050981..e693ef3 10064413:43
kanavin--- a/gio/gdbus-2.0/codegen/gdbus-codegen.in13:43
kanavin+++ b/gio/gdbus-2.0/codegen/gdbus-codegen.in13:43
kanavinapparently some version of whatever we use to patch ignore this, others do not?13:44
RPkanavin: I'm getting quite worried about the seemingly odd behaviours of different versions of patch :(13:46
RPyou'd hope unix had stability in tools like patch, but clearly not13:46
kanavinRP: internals of patch are quite awful too. 80s-style C.13:47
kanavinglobal variables everywhere etc.13:47
RPkanavin: not surprised. saddened maybe.13:47
RPkanavin: and people complain we don't rely on distro tools13:49
RPkanavin: nicely tracked down :)13:50
kanavinRP: cheers, I hope this is the correct fix :) patches sent13:51
kanavinRP: will go for a bike ride now13:53
RPkanavin: thanks, have fun!13:57
LetoThe2ndshort interruption: has the cc softlink been removed lately? if yes, for which reason?13:57
RPkanavin: raining here so I can't avoid work :)13:58
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kanavinRP: it's probably same rain front that arrives tonight to berlin13:58
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RPkanavin: I'll stop that build and start a new one with the updated patches (and throw libdrm into the mix)14:00
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RPJPEW: I'm ready to merge the diffutils upgrade to core, just not sure about mingw14:13
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signumHi, I have some python recipes that were working great on sum, but after upgrading to thud I get the following error when building: ERROR: Do not try to fetch `pytest-runner' for building. Please add its native recipe to DEPENDS.14:30
signumAny hints?14:30
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JPEWRP: I tried it last night, and it doesn't look like it is just a trivial rename of the bbappend :(14:47
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RPJPEW: I had a closer look at it and yes, doesn't look simple :*14:53
JPEWRP: I get this: ./../diffutils-3.7/gnulib-tests/setlocale.c:36:10: fatal error: localename.h: No such file or directory14:54
JPEWTrying to figure out what changed in diffutils that would cause that14:55
RPJPEW: update of gnulib? :/15:03
JPEWRP: Thats my guess15:03
RPJPEW: other option may be to take 2.6 into mingw and pin it for mingw15:04
JPEWYa, we might have to do that15:04
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RPkanavin: looks like a race :(15:17
ak77hello! how does one approach branding? would "some variable" give distinction based on which different set of packages would be installed ?15:17
ak77different images for different brands? different distros? so many possibilities ?! :)15:18
fraypackages to be installed comes from the image recipe and nowhere else..15:18
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fraythe configuration of the operating system would be distro.. but a change in distro means recompiling everything..15:19
*** jobroe <jobroe!~manjaro-u@> has joined #yocto15:19
frayfor branding, I'd suggest doing that in the image.. and picking either raw graphic changes or a different package that provides the graphics15:19
RPfray: a change in distro doesn't necessarily mean recompiling15:19
ak77RP: go on... :)15:20
fraytrue.. as long as distro name and other things used elsewhere don't change.. but it almost always does.. :)15:20
ak77what if distro features change15:20
RPright, depends what the change is and whether that means things need to rebuild15:20
fraychanging distro features should always be done in a distro -- unless you are willing to manage a -local to you- infrastructure.. which is not community best practices15:21
RPkanavin: also wondering about
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willieHow does licensing work with custom qt applications? I'm getting "Recipe file does not have license file information (LIC_FILES_CHKSUM) [license-checksum]". I tried adding "MIT" with the COPYING file in the same directory but it still complains15:29
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adelcastPiraty: the -o option is used by OE to tell opkg to use the root folder as the opkg root. That way all the files are installed under $OFFLINEROOT\. Regarding post-inst using an offline root, you need to pas the --force-postinstall flag to tell opkg to run postinsts with offline roots (by default postinsts are not run if -o is used)15:41
adelcastif you check opkg test suite (make check on the opkg repo), you'll see that it creates packages and feeds, then installs them using an offline root. That way, each test gets its own sandbox, its very handy15:42
Piratyyeah i use --force-postinstall already. what i meant is postinstall commands still use / instead of what i give as -o15:42
Piratyadelcast: thansk for pointing me to test suite, i have something similar in mind-15:43
Piratyand yet, what is -d useful for in contrast to -o ?15:43
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adelcastPiraty: I pretty much never use -d, since all the use cases I can think of can be satisfied with an offline root15:57
adelcastthe idea, I believe, is that using a .conf, you register directories with certain names15:58
*** NU-Slacker <NU-Slacker!~NU-Slacke@> has quit IRC15:58
adelcastso you can have "option dest test /tmp/mytest"15:58
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Piratyi found some postinstall snippets that make use of var you have to pass via env, set to the same as -o <foo> in order to not perform stuff in / but in <foo> instead15:59
adelcastthen via -d you can switch where you install by referencing the directory by the name test, so "-d test"15:59
adelcastlet me check the code real quick, but yeah, if I remember correctly OE used to use the $D variable to determine if you were running on the target or not16:00
adelcastthen the postinst will switch on that variable to defer execution to the first boot16:00
adelcastso, some postinst execution will be defered until first boot....I believe that mechanism changed recently16:01
adelcastand yes, you are right, the postinsts don't run on the offline root, that's why OE has that mechanism:
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JPEWRP: Hah! Got diffutils 3.7 compiling for mingw16:10
JPEWLet me run the SDK test and I'll push up the patch16:10
RPJPEW: ah, great!16:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: python in embedded linux system will not print unicode <>16:25
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bvwhello, i have a question about yocto und proftpd. I want to use the compiled proftpd server with tls/ssl. I found out that i need to compile proftpd with the mod_tls Module for this. Does anybody knows how I can achieve this with Yocto?16:33
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JPEWRP: Oddly, nativesdk-diffutils doesn't appear to be in the SDK by default17:10
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RPJPEW: I'd have thought nativesdk-quilt would be what would pull it in17:57
RPJPEW: seems odd to build it but not need it17:57
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JPEWRP: Hmm, not sure. Anyway, the patch is in master-next18:07
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JPEWRP: Looks like the fault was either than the gnulib tests are broken on MinGW, or they don't cross compile. Either way, we don't need the tests so I disabled them18:09
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jtrimbl3Question for the group: When I attempt to run "devtool modify u-boot-variscite", devtool fails to create the workspace because "A branch named 'devtool-override-mender-uboot' already exists."19:48
jtrimbl3I'm able to get it to create the workspace if I specify --no-overrides to "devtool modify" but that seems to change the behavior of my build19:49
* armpit if I add sshd to core-image-minima I can run most tests19:49
jtrimbl3(e.g. i get different errors than the ones i was trying to use devtool to solve)19:49
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bluelightningjtrimbl3: that's a bug I'm afraid :(20:19
bluelightningfor some reason it is considering the same override twice20:20
jtrimbl3bluelightning: Where would I report said bug?20:36
bluelightningjtrimbl3: bugzilla.yoctoproject.org20:37
jtrimbl3ok. any idea how to work around it? this is literally the first time i've ever used devtool20:41
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bluelightningjtrimbl3: the particular recipe you are working with is "special" in that it presumably sets up multiple variants which are active in your build20:59
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RPJPEW: sounds good. I'll merge the upgrade to master since we're ready21:21
JPEWRP: Cool. I found a few other issues that I'm fixing, so I'll be putting those on master-next also.21:23
RPJPEW: just pushed it21:24
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RPkhem: are you looking at the gtk+ issue or do you need me to?21:53
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RParmpit: there are a few recipe upgrades in -next for recipes you maintain fwiw. I pulled them out the AUH23:18
armpitRP, ok23:26
* armpit has mixed feels over the AUH auto merge idea23:27
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RParmpit: I have as well. I'm testing those, haven't posted them yet23:29
RParmpit: I would like to free the maintainers to spend more time on the problematic ones23:30
armpitMy biggest issue is missing Change log info that may be important, but then again, most folks don't do that23:33
armpithelps identify if a package can be backported to a stable branch too23:33
RParmpit: right :/ I'm torn23:34
RParmpit: I'm also conscious that if we can get up to date, it will be easier to maintain that23:35
armpityes and no... if the package is Latest and greatest but is not an LTS version, maintaining takes more work23:36
armpitLTS versions if they exist are just bugfixes23:37
RParmpit: LTS are few and far between for the bulk of the recipes23:37
armpitRP, I noticed more recipes moving away from autotools to meson ( for example). is that a direction we want more recipes to go if they support meson or cmake?23:44
RParmpit: anyhow, if you want me to hold any of them let me know. I'll continue to ponder and see what the results are like tomorrow23:44
RParmpit: meson is a lot faster for configure23:44
armpitRP, package updates are fine as they are23:44
RParmpit: we're moving where upstream moves23:44
armpitI think a lot of the x11 recipes I maintain are meson capable.. been thinking of moving them23:46
RParmpit: it'd be interesting to see the effect on buildtime23:46
armpitBTW, the curl update fixes these cves:23:50
armpit  o CVE-2018-16890: NTLM type-2 out-of-bounds buffer read [67]23:50
armpit  o CVE-2019-3822: NTLMv2 type-3 header stack buffer overflow [68]23:50
armpit  o CVE-2019-3823: SMTP end-of-response out-of-bounds read [66]23:50
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