Tuesday, 2019-02-26

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armpithalstead, any issues on the AB nfs mounts?00:23
armpitmy build failed for:00:23
armpitmv: preserving times for ‘/home/pokybuild/git/trash/1551139983-97940/a-full-75’: No such file or directory00:23
armpitmv: failed to preserve ownership for ‘/home/pokybuild/git/trash/1551139983-97940/a-full-75’: No such file or directory00:23
armpitmv: setting attribute ‘system.nfs4_acl’ for ‘system.nfs4_acl’: No such file or directory00:23
armpitmv: preserving permissions for ‘/home/pokybuild/git/trash/1551139983-97940/a-full-75’: No such file or director00:23
halsteadarmpit, Not sure. I'm quite sick today. Looking now.00:25
halsteadarmpit, The NAS looks okay. It seems that maybe the destination directory was removed before the system was ready for that.00:33
rburtonhuh switching mesa to use meson *slowed down* the compile00:34
rburtonwalltime, sure, good win00:35
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khemrburton: I can see one regression where its not respecting the code to install KHR/khrplatform.h00:39
rburtonkhem: reply now or forever hold your peace00:39
khemor not to install it when egl and gles is disabled00:39
khemnow you know00:40
khemI remove egl gles2 from PACKAGECONFIG especially with mesa-gl which should not install that header atleast that was the behavior00:40
khemthat led to another problem for which I sent a patch to ml already00:41
khembugs everywhere00:41
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armpithalstead, sorry to hear. Get well.01:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Mono Cross Platform AOT (Ahead Of Time) compiling <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51629444/mono-cross-platform-aot-ahead-of-time-compiling>08:51
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black_13is there a way to speed up the building of the cross tool chain i have a machine that has 16 cores but it seems that only one is building the cross toolchain09:51
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kanavinrburton, maybe mesa is building more stuff with meson than previously?10:58
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kanavinRP, I can't disagree with that, it does need more testing and feedback. I'd also like to enable the headless oe-selftest on the autobuilders.10:59
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rburtonkanavin: same output, but maybe meson is doing more actual work.  the build walltime is about 30% of with autotools though11:30
rburtonkanavin: fun py bug11:31
rburtonkanavin: if i change the ia tune to skylake, py3 fails to build because py native can't find the loader (insert confused face emoji)11:32
rburtonkanavin: had to disable qemu-usermode as it appears skylake+qemu hangs qemu-user11:32
rburtonjust doing a test build now to identify if its qemu-user or skylake thats to blame11:33
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fenrigHi, I'm trying to get an external toolchain into yocto :)11:39
fenrigbut its a toolchain generated by buildroot11:39
fenrigand I dont see any meta that has support for it11:39
fenrigso I tried setting tcmode myself, but apparently I can only set it to default :/11:39
fenrigis there any way to fix this?11:39
fenrigwhen I google it I always get yocto vs buildroot articles11:40
varjagi would guess you need to make your own recipes to build it11:46
varjagbut it must be really exotic to have no similar recipes already11:47
rburtonvarjag: you're misunderstanding the question11:47
rburtonfenrig: i'd ask kergoth really nicely, i know he uses external toolchains more than many11:47
rburtonby which i mean: most people don't use external toolchains, and fewer people configure one :)11:48
rburtonkanavin: ok i think what's happening is that the py3 install is running nativepython but that is attempting to load the module .so from the build, which matches archtecture so that works *but* has instructions my machine can't handle11:53
rburton#0  0x00007fc1080e3b10 in PyInit__heapq () at /usr/src/debug/python3/3.7.2-r0/Python-3.7.2/Modules/_heapqmodule.c:64311:54
kanavinrburton, that's not supposed to happen :-/11:55
rburtonjust throwing in some debugging bits now to find out where its happening11:56
rburtonkanavin: problem with merging py and py-native is that its harder to iterate on bugs in target py3 without rebuilding the world12:01
rburtonkanavin: i wouldn't go back to two recipes though :)12:01
u1106I noticed that my image contains  the `systemd-container` package. I don't think I need that. Can I somehow blacklist packages from being installed? At least to understand who tries to pull it in, `git grep -e -container` did not bring up anything interesting12:02
rburtonyou can use bitbake myimage -g to generate dependency trees12:03
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rburtonalso why are we building python2 for target to build python312:08
* rburton glares 12:08
kanavinrburton, tell me about it :-/ I went through a million such rebuilds12:08
* rburton glares at openssl12:10
u1106rburton: Thanks for the reply, but I am not following you :( Subpackages don't have their own task so how would I see them in `bitbake -g`?12:13
u1106$ grep systemd-container recipe-depends.dot pn-buildlist  task-depends.dot12:14
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rburtonu1106: yeah sorry brain distracted.  :)  if you're using opkg, you can grep the package indexes...12:16
u1106so I guess I have write a couple of lines of shell script to extract my ipkgs. Or maybe just including opkg into a test image might be faster???12:19
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u1106ah it was easier than expected, because I found a script on my disk that nearly worked...12:37
u1106so `systemd` requires `systemd-container`. That's weird, first split off a subpackage but than require it during installation12:38
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fenrigkergoth: Can I ask you really nicely how I should include an external binary toolchain made by buildroot13:09
fenrigkergoth: :) at the moment I'm looking at http://git.linaro.org/openembedded/meta-linaro.git/tree/meta-linaro-toolchain/recipes-devtools/external-linaro-toolchain/external-linaro-toolchain.bb?h=thud13:09
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rburtonkanavin: during do_install it runs 'python3.7 ../Python-3.7.2/setup.py  build'13:18
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HumanBroDudehey! is there any painless way to bring python2 to thud?13:47
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rburtonjust install it?13:54
rburtonits in oe-core13:55
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HumanBroDuderburton: but not the libs13:59
rburtonyes, the libs13:59
rburtonliterally impossible to build python2 without the standard library14:00
rburtonif you're not installing it, then that's the problem14:00
HumanBroDudesorry, I've meant pathon packages14:00
rburtonyou should try explaining what you're trying to do14:01
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ronybeckshould I use devtool to edit the default.xml in the base repo?15:13
ronybeckI retract my stupid question.  :-D15:18
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fenrigkergoth: still here, if you have a moment, let me know. thx15:26
kergothfenrig: every external toolchain is a little different, with different tools and different files for the different packages. meta-external-toolchain tries to be as generic as possible to give the best possible starting point for creating your own layer based on it for use with your particular toolchain. see meta-sourcery for an example of a layer based on it that t weaks for a particular toolchain15:27
fenrigkergoth: ah so the link I referenced was okay?15:27
kergothmeta-linaro is a different layer for the linaro toolchain15:27
kergothas i said, every toolchain is different15:27
fenrigyeah offcourse :) no problem with that. I was already assembling my own layer as we speak15:28
fenrigso kinda picked the right direction15:28
fenrigthx :)15:28
kergothi'd recommend basing it on meta-external-toolchain myself, but i'm biased since i'm the maintainer. you have multiple options as s tarting points, each will require a certain amount of work to adapt to the particulars of the buildroot toolchain15:29
fenrigkergoth: ah great, I'm looking into it15:31
fenrigkergoth: is it right that its on git.yoctoproject?15:34
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nolbishopHello all, I'm fairly new to the Yocto Project and am using a version built for the TI AM5728 chip. I'm having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to change the console to UART5 from the current UART316:48
nolbishopI've tried a lot of methods I've found on the TI forums, I've gotten it to work on UART5 with RTOS, but I need to do it for Linux as well16:48
nolbishopIt involves changing the pin-muxing, we are using UART5 on different pins than what was already setup in the build. My changes are not working and if I change stdout-path then it does not boot at all16:52
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: LICENSE="CLOSED" <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54894899/yocto-license-closed>22:23
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