Wednesday, 2019-02-27

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RPkhem: the libc distro feature patch blew up on the autobuilder:
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khemRP:let me take a look02:04
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khemRP: how is x11 getting removed from poky distro config02:08
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khemRP: sent a v5, I should not have removed DISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT02:27
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mckoangood morning08:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to start bitbake server <>08:55
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rburtonkanavin: wasn't the response i expected10:01
rburtonkanavin: i wonder if py can be built with meson ;)10:02
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kanavinrburton, must be a minor miracle cross-compiling python works for us10:53
rburtonapparently so10:53
kanavinthe build itself 'just works' (as long as the architectures are completely different), it's the target vs native configuration for modules where the problems are10:54
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u1106to answer my question from yesterday myself11:04
u1106> so `systemd` requires `systemd-container`. That's weird, first split off a subpackage but than require it during installation11:04
u1106The answer is PACKAGECONFIG. The subpackage can be configured in our out. If it is configured in, it also needs to be installed, no choice in that phase anymore11:04
RPkhem: thanks!11:05
rburtonu1106: don't see where the dependency on systemd-container is though11:06
rburtonu1106: or where systemd-container is in the packageconfig11:07
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u1106rburton: right, the first thing I did yesterday was to grep the recipe and I got no signigicant matches. So it must be some weird magic...11:08
rburtonu1106: there's no weird magic.  where are you seeing the packageconfig?11:08
u1106the PACKAGCONFIG option is called machined11:09
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u1106of course there is no weird magic in the true sense, I just meant the string `-container` not being matched by grep, but still "Requires: systemd-container" ending up in the packaging. Probably because the string is contained in a variable value when it happens or somthing like that11:12
rburtonwhat release are you using?11:14
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rburtonhm i wonder if there's a library slipping into there11:15
u1106poky$ git describe11:16
u1106ah had the same thoughts yesterday. I know in rpm packaging you are not even supposed to declare dependencies on libraries, because the build tools will detect and insert the automatically (and more reliably than a packager...) Does the same hold for ipkg? I guess it must because recipes are written independently of the packaging in use, aren't they.11:19
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u1106meta question: Is there any advantage of using ipkg? (build-time, at runtime we don't want a package manager) I inherited it from times before I was in the company and for a long time I believed it stems from being the poky default. But I don't think that's even true, isn't rpm the poky default?11:34
rburtonDEBUG: systemd contains dangling link /lib/systemd/system/machines.target11:34
rburtonDEBUG: target found in systemd-container11:34
rburtonalso /lib/systemd/system/var-lib-machines.mount11:34
rburtonmove those to systemd-container, and the dependency disappears11:34
rburtonu1106: ipk is a bit faster to build11:34
rburtonif you're not uisng a package manager or multilib then i'd stick with ipk11:34
u1106thanks, that answers the meta question :)11:35
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rburtonreckon you can send a patch for the symlink problem?11:42
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u1106rburton: thought about that, but reckon I first need to reproduce it on poky master and create the patch there? What mailing list would it go to? And maybe I should first understand what dangling *link* really means. Guessing it does not mean Unix style hard or symbolic link, but something else11:57
rburtonits a dangling symlink11:58
rburton(hard links can't dangle)11:58
rburtonit would go to openembedded-core@lists.openembedded.org11:58
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u1106hmm, there are 2 different kinds of log entires. DEBUG entries talk about "dangling link", NOTE entries talk about "dangling symlink". What is the difference? Some DEBUG entries have a matching NOTE, but others don't12:03
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u1106ok, systemd-wise this problem seems to affect  *.wants links. The systemd main package seems to contain *.wants links to units contained in a subpackage. Should be technically safe to move them to the subpackage, because they cannot work in the main pacakge alone anyway. However, such change could break existing images. I someone relies on systemd-container but currently gets it installed only because of the dangling link ceating a "Requires:" in packaging12:22
u1106their image would break. What's the openembedded/yocto policy here: Correct things that are wrong, even though the correction might  break existing images or avoiding surprises for existing code?12:22
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kanavinu1106, avoid surprises in stable branches, but fix things in the master12:42
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mister_x_Hi, which tool can you advice for finding the reason for latency peaks? I measure such latency issues with my oszilloscope as I trigger a GPIO input, poll and read in in a user space test program and write back to a GPIO output in response? The time between trigger of input and measuring the response on the GPIO output is usually some microseconds but sometimes goes up to 20ms.12:54
mister_x_The system is an evaluation board with yocto linux12:55
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u1106hmm, there is something in the kernel's tools directory. Doesn't seem to widely used or maintained though. I shortly used it ~3 years ago and the first think I needed to was to patch the reported resoulution, because it was obviously from a time when machines where much slower and everthing was reported as 0.01 or something like that13:01
u1106I must admit I did not send a patch. But I assume there are also other reasons why the tool might not be so useful, I am not working with realtime requirements usually13:02
mister_x_in the kernel's tools directory... (?)13:03
mister_x_What is its name?13:04
mister_x_I mean the name of the tool13:04
u1106just looking, maybe it was not in the tools directory after all, but somewhere else??? A websearch just brought up but I din't think I have used that13:06
mister_x_cool, thanx, latencyTOP sounds also promising from what I can read on that page. If you remember more, just lemme know13:09
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varjagok so it appears distro values override my machine def's preferred provider for virtual/kernel13:19
varjagit that normal13:19
u1106mister_x_: sorry cannot find the tool I patched/used right now. Would need to get my old kernel tree from backup. But I doubt it would be overly useful. Web search brings up much newer results13:20
mister_x_thanks anyway, u1106 :-)13:21
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jofrHow does AUTOREV work when a PREMIRRORS variable is set?15:29
RPjofr: it would want to resolve the latest revision from the upstream, it can't do anything else15:31
jofrSo it checks the upstream? Even when I have a "git://.*/.*" value in PREMIRRORS?15:32
jofrI'm actually hoping that the answer to that is "yes".  :p15:36
jofri.e. that it goes to the upstream for "unknown" revisions, and if it is known/set in the recipe, and the mirror has it, it goes to the mirror instead.15:38
RPjofr: the answer is yes15:39
jofrRP: Woohoo! Thanks  :-)15:41
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jofrNext question: SSTATE_MIRRORS: If I have more than one set, are they checked in the order they are listed or randomly? i.e. does bitbake attempt to do some load (random) load-balancing?15:59
RPjofr: probably in order16:03
jofrRP: Ok  :)  Thx16:06
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RPkanavin: thanks for the qemu system patch. Could we reorder your patches so that one doesn't depend on the gl pieces?16:32
RPkanavin: If we do that I can do a build performance comparison with master16:32
RPkanavin: also, I was thinking we should split the enable virtglrenderer patch into two. The _remove pieces can merge, the changes to the default probably need to wait16:33
RPkanavin: thinking I should take the drop host SDL piece, rburton, any objections?16:34
kanavinRP: the gl pieces do quite a bit of tweaking to the PACKAGECONFIG lines, and then those are moved around in the recipe split16:34
RPkanavin: I know :(16:35
RPkanavin: I'm not sure we're ready to change the defauults on vritgl/gtk though16:36
kanavinRP: but the default in runqemu remains sdl16:36
kanavinyou need to opt-in to the gl, via 'gl' or 'egl-headless'16:37
kanavinsorry :) confusion16:37
kanavinthe default becomes gtk, but without gl16:38
RPkanavin: I am not sure this has had the user exposure we need...16:38
kanavinRP: the gtk bit? I'm fairly confident in that, it's the gl parts that are more prone to failure.16:40
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black_13_does bit back have problems with shared directories in vagrant16:43
kanavinanyway, let me rebase the split patches, let's tackle one thing at a time16:43
JaMakanavin: I was testing gtk display a bit yesterday and surprisingly the emulated cpu somehow influences it as well, default runqemu gave me iirc -cpu pentium2 and virgl didn't start at all, with -cpu host it started and worked a bit (without cursor, but that might not be gtk display fault)16:44
JaMamaybe it's similar issue as e.g. qt examples fail to start, because sse2 is missing in emulated cpu16:45
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JaMaas in
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rburtonJaMa: the bsp should be setting the right qemu machine for the tune16:49
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JaMarburton: so it's oe-core fault? :)16:50
rburtonJaMa: ie the corei7 tune does -mnehalem for TUNE_CARGS, and -cpu Nehalem for qemu16:50
JaMathis was default qemux8516:50
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rburtonthe sse2 example wasn't qemux86 i guess :)16:51
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JaMamaybe it was ssse3 like in the e-mail, cannot check now16:52
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RPkanavin: gtk is a lot heavier than sdl and not really needed if we don't use gl16:53
kanavinRP: so how do we proceed?16:55
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black_13_is there something special that has to be done to get yocto to run inside a vagrant server16:56
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JPEWkanavin: Why was GTK necessary?17:14
kanavinJPEW, because I tried everything to make sdl work with GL passthrough, and it just wouldn't17:14
JPEWhmm, odd. It works on my fedora 29 system (using system qemu, not OE)17:15
RPkanavin: my preference is to reorder the patches so I can test/merge the qemu split17:15
kanavinRP: so should I rebase the split on top of master?17:15
kanavinJPEW, I tried fedora's qemu, it would start, but display a blank window where sato is supposed to be17:16
RPkanavin: please. If you split the _remove piece out I'll just merge that separately17:16
RPkanavin: I'm torn on the SDL host thing as it is a neat example of how you can do that17:16
JPEWkanavin: Hmm.... did you happen to try kmscube?17:17
kanavinJPEW, nope.17:18
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JaMakanavin: did you enable opengl support in libsdl2 as in ?17:22
kanavinJaMa, I did, of course17:23
kanavinJaMa, if you want to try to make SDL work on top of my patchset, you are super-welcome17:23
kanavinRP: sure, I'll get to it tomorrow. time to get a bit of rest :)17:24
JaMaI don't know why it doesn't work for you17:24
kanavinJaMa, I don't know either, but do take my branch, and try it if you have a bit of time17:25
JaMasorry I don't have time for it now, otherwise I would finish that ticket long ago17:26
RPkanavin: np, thanks!17:26
khemRP: gcc 8.3 is out as we know its mostly bugfix release, I Would think it is safe for master, but I want to get opinion if that would be ok at this stage17:33
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RPkhem: We can test it, I think it would be good to get in17:43
kanavinRP: nevermind, I did the qemu split rebase :)17:47
RPkanavin: ah, thanks. I'll figure out some branches and run some tests then17:48
kanavinRP: cheers. let's handle the rest tomorrow. hope it doesn't explode badly on the AB :) (I did smoke testing though)17:49
RPkanavin: we'll see, thanks :)17:50
RPkanavin: this helps as I know a few interesting patches are probably going to appear in the next 48hours17:50
kanavinobviously the remaning virgl patches no longer apply, so I guess you'll need to drop them17:51
RPkanavin: right, that was kind of inevitable17:51
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khemRP: patch on its way, you asked for trouble17:58
RPkhem: I'm my own worst enemy for this...18:00
khemRP: ah sent old one18:00
* RP waits18:00
RPkhem: thanks for the distro features tweak, I'd wondered whether we could remove that default18:00
*** learningc <learningc!~learningc@> has quit IRC18:04
khemRP:v2 on list now, give it a shot18:07
khemmy build has been small core-image-minimal18:08
khemtonight it will be much more18:08
RPkhem: Just fired a qemu build to test that split. Will test gcc next18:09
khemRP: I will make v2 for Og patch as well18:10
khemI was thinking of fixing glibc with -Og along the way18:10
RPkhem: ok. gcc is queued after the qemu build18:11
khemRP: needs to get in as well18:13
khemit will unbreak rpi and may be others18:13
RPkhem: ok18:16
RPkhem: somehow that was marked as dealt with here, its queued locally18:17
JaMaanyone using OE on ecryptfs partition? looks like ecryptfs restricts filename lenght to around 140 chars which isn't long enough for sanity check18:21
khemJaMa:that sounds about right18:28
khemDoes that have anything to do with tweet length :)18:30
JaMakhem: yes, ecryptfs uses twitter for storage :)18:33
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto18:37
khemthats what I thought too :)18:38
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black_13_is there a guide to using opkg or ipgk19:04
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aehs29_RP: hey, thanks for the multiconfig fixes, sorry I didnt have time to do them myself21:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add to Yocto/bitbake <>21:28
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RPaehs29_: np, just  hope I got them right! :)21:44
RPkhem: the qemu patch is looking more problematic than the gcc one! :)21:53
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khemRP: eh thats good news in a way :)22:12
RPkhem: yes :)22:13
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zeddiiwait until you get my libc-headers and kernel changes :P22:30
RPzeddii: feature freeze was monday, sorry ;-)22:58
RPkhem: pushed a couple of tweaks to the qemu patch and retesting the lot including gcc22:58
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