Wednesday, 2019-03-06

RPkhem: I don't think I understood the issue at the time. We should drop them...00:06
khemRP:let me send the patch to remove them00:14
RPkhem: thanks :)00:16
khemRP: I sent just now, this builds and boots rpi300:19
khembut I only built glibc ipk and updated so full sytem build is not yet done but try it out00:20
RPkhem: given the rest of the world survives without these I'm optimistic. I'll add them to -next and run the tests00:20
khemRP:yes I am sure, some realtime folks might be seeing the behaviors these were "fixing" but we do not have any traction on them to come to a upstreamable solution00:23
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RPkhem: right, with things like that deep in glibc we need upstream's review00:38
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kergothRP: ^02:15
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khemkergoth: same is true for js, rust, golang ..02:40
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kergoththe snail in the hamster wheel instead of the hamster is a nice touch.03:09
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RPkergoth: nice :)09:00
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kanavinJPEW, yes, but only today11:45
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RPzeddii: looks like the runtime stap tests don't work on 5.x :(13:18
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varjaglet's say i have a web server built in the image, buildroot-httpd, and i want to populate /srv/www with my content13:33
varjagwhat's the right way of doing this? adding it in do_install_append feels wrong13:33
varjagshould it be a separate recipe13:34
LetoThe2ndvarjag: have a recipe thats called "" that installs everything, and itself depends on whatever httpd it is aimed at13:34
varjagi see, thanks13:34
varjag(busybox-httpd, not buildroot- ofc)13:35
Croftonvarjag, we forgive you13:36
LetoThe2ndi do not.13:36
LetoThe2ndi am unfogiving13:36
* LetoThe2nd cranks up metallica.13:37
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jonmasonRP: the qemuarm stuff works for you?14:03
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RPjonmason: the qemuarm64 graphics does14:06
RPjonmason: I've not gotten to the a15 pieces14:06
RPjonmason: as such I'll merge the arm64 machine bits at least...14:07
RPjonmason: its tricky as we have the 5,0 kernel in the mix14:07
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jtrimbl3Question for the group: I'm using a SoM from a vendor that provides a yocto MACHINE definition but of course I'14:14
jtrimbl3...I'm adding my own hardware in addition.  Is the typical way to implement this to create my own MACHINE based on the vendor's definition that adds my additional configurations/devicetrees/etc.?14:15
jonmasonRP: okay, then I'll assume everything is fine.  I'll open the bugs I mentioned in the 0/X patch then14:15
jtrimbl3I've tried including the machine/*.conf file from my own MACHINE but some sanity checks and COMPATIBLE_MACHINE checks start to complain14:16
LetoThe2ndjtrimbl3: i personally would start with a copy of the provided file and then beat it into desired shape14:16
jtrimbl3I'm getting a complaint from "OE-core's config sanity checker detected a potential misconfiguration: MACHINE=myprototype-imx6ul-var-dart is invalid. Please set a valid MACHINE in your local.conf..."14:17
LetoThe2ndwell then probably is invalid`14:19
jtrimbl3hehe yes but why14:19
LetoThe2ndjtrimbl3: no idea, thats not in the information you provided14:20
jtrimbl3Ok, no worries. I can look into it -- just wanted to make sure that copying the machine config and making my own changes is the best practice.14:20
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LetoThe2ndjtrimbl3: maybe you just dumped it at a non-canonical place, made a type, etc.14:21
LetoThe2ndcheck the obvious14:21
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jtrimbl3Since I'm basically taking the "upstream" machine and making changes I was starting by just saying "require conf/machine/imx6ul-var-dart.conf" at the top of the myprototype-imx6ul-var-dart.conf file -- any reason that shouldn't work?14:24
LetoThe2ndjtrimbl3: probably.14:24
LetoThe2ndand your file is located at conf/machine/... of a layer too?14:25
jtrimbl3yes i made a new layer for it and put my file at conf/machine/myprototype-imx6ul-var-dart.conf14:25
LetoThe2ndjtrimbl3: wait. if you just require the original file, it does not change the machine name.14:27
LetoThe2ndjtrimbl3: so thats the very least thing you would have to do.14:27
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LetoThe2ndnot sure right now14:28
jtrimbl3isn't the machine name just "MACHINE" (set to myprototype-imx6ul-var-dart in local.conf) which is what causes my .conf to be loaded anyway?14:29
jtrimbl3or is there a separate "MACHINE_NAME" kinda like DISTRO vs DISTRO_NAME14:30
LetoThe2ndno, shouldn't be14:31
LetoThe2ndjtrimbl3: by the way, when doing WHAT bitbake complains?14:32
RPjonmason: looks like the graphics on qemuarm64 doesn't work with the 5.0 kernel :(14:32
RPjonmason: not looked at why as yet14:32
jtrimbl3LetoThe2nd: When trying to run bitbake on any target (e.g. bitbake core-image-minimal)14:33
jtrimbl3it doesn't even get as far as parsing the recipes it seems14:33
zeddiiRP: in the recipe I gave you, I commented out the board mapping. If you uncomment that and try a rebuild, I'd be interested to see if it helps. I was running into a console boot issue with qemuarm, so I took it out for that initial 5.0 recipe.14:35
* zeddii tries to queue more patches. 14:35
LetoThe2ndjtrimbl3: and if you change NOTHING besides switching the MACHINE back, it builds again?14:35
RPzeddii: did that apply for qemuarm64?14:35
zeddiiah. snap. sorry about that.14:36
zeddiijust qemuarm would be impacted.14:36
zeddiiso disregard my 'tip' :D14:36
jtrimbl3LetoThe2nd: Yes -- I do nothing except change MACHINE= in my local.conf and it builds fine14:36
RPzeddii: :)14:36
zeddiionce I get through my basic graphic boot test issues, I'll be able to help with that as well.14:37
jtrimbl3I'm kinda wondering if maybe it expects that MACHINE must be of the form "*-*-*"14:37
jonmasonzeddii: the old qemuarm, or did I screw something up?14:37
RPzeddii: qemuarm64 doesn't seem to boot at all on 5.0 :/14:37
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jonmasonRP: I'd bet there is something needed in the config.  Seems like some of the dependencies aren't always there :(14:38
RPjonmason: I did a quick diff of the defconfigs and nothing obvious14:38
jonmasonI can take a quick stab at it, if you need the help14:38
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LetoThe2ndjtrimbl3: i think something in your layer stack expects the machine to be imx6ul-var-dart, and can't build for your machine.14:39
LetoThe2ndprobably the kernel14:39
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RPjonmason: I'm sharing data at this point, not sure what zeddii is going to look at or where I'm at with anyting at all14:39
zeddiiRP: i was able to boot it here (qemuarm64), let me go check it again. I'll summarize what is working in the series I'm about to send.14:40
jtrimbl3no actually i'm just an idiot -- i accidentally did a remove-layer and forgot that it wasn't there anymore...14:40
LetoThe2ndaaaaah yes.14:40
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jtrimbl3notably, you get that error if it can't find the machine file in any layer at "conf/machine/${MACHINE}.conf"14:41
jtrimbl3ok the world makes sense again14:41
jtrimbl3thanks for humoring me, LetoThe2nd14:41
jtrimbl3and it's good to know that i've got the general approach right14:41
zeddiiRP: so to confirm, you are *not* able to boot even in nographics mode ?14:42
LetoThe2nd14:21 < LetoThe2nd> check the obvious ;-)14:42
zeddiiroot@qemuarm64:~# uname -a14:42
zeddiiLinux qemuarm64 5.0.0-yocto-standard #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Mar 6 05:07:25 UTC 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux14:42
zeddiinot that "works for me" helps. I'm just trying to keep it all straight14:42
jonmasonzeddii: sweet!14:43
RPzeddii: if I take out the -device VGA it appears to work14:46
RPjonmason, zeddii: trouble is I'm about to merge Jons changes to qemuarm64 after which it won't work for people with 5.x :/14:46
jonmasonhmm...can you confirm that the Bochs driver is in the kernel?14:47
jonmasonits possible a dependency is needed14:48
RPjonmason: yes, its in both14:48
zeddiiahahah. and since I don't have it, that's why I'm up and running.14:48
jonmasonmaybe PCI isn't enabled14:49
jonmasonzeddii: does lspci show anything?14:49
jonmasonon the working one, that is14:49
* zeddii checks14:50
RPlspci isn't in my image :(14:50
RPthe pci options do move in the defconfig, not sure if anything "went missing"14:50
psrcoderburton: RP: your branch ross/du did do the trick! Thanks also see bug for tracking this.14:51
yoctiBug 13216: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , Failure on do_image_ext4 on zfs file system14:51
rburtonthat's basically a dup of the other bug, one sec14:51
jonmasonRP: is it jsut a black screen or is there nothing if you add serialstdio?14:51
RPjonmason: black screen and nothing appears on the network14:51
zeddiiheh. I don't have lspci either and I'm booting core-image-kernel-dev, I''m going to add it in and rebuild.14:51
rburtonpsrcode: please add any useful comments to and mark you bug as a duplicate14:52
yoctiBug 8430: enhancement, Medium, 2.99, ross.burton, ACCEPTED , Inaccurate 'du' usage in image.bbclass:get_rootfs_size14:52
jonmasonI have pciutils and usbutils by default, from debugging the graphics stuff :)14:53
psrcodeah, I searched for do_image_ext4 ... sorry14:53
RPzeddii: btw, Jon's patch pins qemuarm64 to 4.19, I undid that14:53
RPpsrcode: good to know that branch fixes it. Wish I could remember why we didn't merge that14:54
rburtonpsrcode: np14:54
rburtonRP: it broke other bits14:54
rburtonnever got around to chasing14:54
rburtonRP: iirc it was triggering images which were at the time 3.999GB to be 4.1GB, and thus breaking hddimg14:55
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RPrburton: ah :(15:02
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RPjonmason, zeddii: ls /sys/bus/pc/devices does show things15:06
RPand bochs-drm in /sys/bus/pci/drivers15:06
yatesi have a recipe that DEPENDS on gtk+. is there a command I can run to the recipe for gtk+ ?15:06
jtrimbl3LetoThe2nd: I think I'm in good shape -- running with my own MACHINE config now.  I tweaked MACHINEOVERRIDES and MACHINE_ARCH to look the way they did from the "upstream" machine, and had to .bbappend a few recipes in order to tweak their COMPATIBLE_MACHINE regexes, but that wasn't too bad.15:07
jtrimbl3Thanks again for the help15:07
LetoThe2ndhave fun15:07
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Piratythe SDK contains all the crosscompilers, yes?15:30
Piratywill the crosscompilers be portable across different linux distributions? Are they statically linked even (is that possible)?15:31
LetoThe2ndPiraty: the sdk brings along a complete sysroot15:32
LetoThe2ndPiraty: (for x86 hosts, that is)... so it is *fairly* portable. its not guaranteed, and if you run into troubles we'll try to help and fix them.15:33
Piratyin specific: would the compiler i produce on a glibc based distro run in an alpine container (which uses musl libc)?15:34
LetoThe2ndtry and find out.15:34
Piratydon't have one yet.15:34
Piratybut yeah, i can ping back about it.15:35
rburtonyates: i think you're missing some words, that sentence doesn't parse15:37
psrcodekhem: if I want a commit from master to be backported, do I need to cherry-pick it on the stable branch, fix any merge problem and send it with the proper email prefix or only send the master patch as is with the correct email prefix?15:39
rburtonpsrcode: backport/test15:40
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psrcodeokai, the wiki wasn't super clear on that. thanks15:40
yatesis there a command I can run to find the that would be used for gtk+  in a given image build?15:47
yatesarg! is there a command I can run to find the recipe that would be used for gtk+  in a given image build?15:48
yatesthe actual .bb file location, that is?15:48
LetoThe2ndyates: oe-pkgutil probably15:48
psrcodestupid question (could not find answer on the wiki or just bad at searching), what would a typical "test" run be for openembedded-core? full build with ptest? selftest?15:48
psrcode ?15:50
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kanavinpsrcode, for example
kanavinptest failures are generally non-blocking, but build failures, oe-selftest failures and testimage/testsdk failures are16:09
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psrcodekanavin: okai, thanks for the info16:15
kanavinpsrcode, one more thing, you can find the build configurations here
RPJPEW: why do we need that ALLOW_EMPTY for ${PN}-src ?16:15
RPJPEW: I know for -dbg packages its there for dependencies but -src doesn't need that?16:16
psrcodekanavin: does third party (me) have access to the autobuilder?16:16
JPEW@RP: Ah, ya I forgot that ALLOW_EMPTY means "the package still exists even if empty" not "don't error out if the pacakge is empty". I'll remove it16:16
LetoThe2ndkanavin: aren't you expected to be offline in vacation?16:17
RPJPEW: thanks, I think that will be neater16:17
psrcodekanavin: based on I'll go with no..
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RPpsrcode: no, we don't have the resources to allow user triggered builds :(16:19
RPpsrcode: usually we ask contributors to run a subset of tests suited to the change they're making16:20
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kanavinLetoThe2nd, I am technically at work today, vacation really starts tomorrow16:20
psrcodeRP: so let's say I want to test the backport of the patch from Khem about the glibc stuff,  what should I test (appart from lttng-ust working :P) ?16:21
RPpsrcode: that one is hard since it affects practically everything. I'd probably just test a couple of machines build, bonus marks for -c testimage (image boot testing under qemu)16:22
RPpsrcode: Its not reasonable for you to test all the combinations there16:22
LetoThe2ndkanavin: :-(16:23
RPpsrcode: the good news is that it worked cleanly with master and I suspect will work cleanly with the other branches16:23
kanavinLetoThe2nd, I'm not actually doing work, just having a coffee :)16:23
psrcodeokai, so I'll make sure to at least build a core-image-minimal and boot it play around a bit.16:23
RPpsrcode: sato would be better than minimal just so you have some runtime in it!16:25
psrcodeRP: got ptest for lttng-tools runnning, now the fun begin :P16:26
RPpsrcode: I'm waiting for you to find the ptest piece of the lttng-tools recipe and then running away screaming! ;-)16:27
LetoThe2ndkanavin: \o/ for coffee16:29
RPzeddii: I pulled the arm64 graphics change into master so we have a new goalpost for that...16:31
*** TobSnyder <TobSnyder!> has quit IRC16:32
psrcodeRP: nothing a good cup of coffee can't fix16:34
zeddiiRP: ack'd. I just sent my series to the list as well.16:37
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!uid218288@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto16:40
RPzeddii: I just pulled a base set into master, risk taking :)16:49
RPzeddii: not changed the defaults but gets us the headers changed, hence fewer rebuilds16:49
zeddiieasier to get more eyes on things this way, just a simple local.conf mod to build it.16:50
zeddiiso the remaining issues are the arm64/arm64 graphics and the stap issue ?16:50
zeddiiwell, all that we know of now ?16:50
zeddiiI just updated my builders and set them to compiling again.16:51
zeddiiI'm heading home to finish things from there, back in about 15 mins.16:52
RPzeddii: yes, those two and the KMACHINE qemuarm thing16:52
khempsrcode: I think do your testing and propose, for releases it will also need testing on Yocto AB16:58
psrcodekhem: +116:59
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yatesi'm using matchbox for my window manager with a touchscreen LCD display. i'm finding windows with transparent components created using wxWidgets which work under desktop linux do not work properly under matchbox/yocto17:40
yateshas anyone experienced this kind of problem?17:41
rburtonyates: turn on compositing in matchbox17:41
yatesrburton: do you know how to do that?17:41
rburtonits an option to mb-wm17:41
rburtonthats all i can remember17:42
yatesah - good!17:42
yatesso you have seen this before?17:42
rburtonno but youre describing compositing windows failing, and mbwm is non-composited by default17:43
yateson my version of matchbox-window-manager, compositing is apparently a compile-time option.
yatesthanks rburton!17:45
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rburtonpatches welcome to add a packageconfig17:52
RPrburton: well remembered!18:02
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RPrburton: well remembered!18:44
yateshwo do i modify the ./configure options for a recipe using devtool?19:02
khemedit the .bb or .bbappend in your devtool workspace19:02
khemas you would do normally, via adding EXTRA_OECONF and stuff19:03
yateskhem: you mean in your <build-dir>/src/... folder?19:03
khemdevtool creates a workspace19:03
khemwhere it has src as well as recipes dir19:03
*** bluelightning_ <bluelightning_!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto19:05
yatesthere is no "recipes" or "recipe" folder under my <build> folder19:23
yatesi usualy do devtool -modify and edit source files under the <build>/src/recipe-to-modify folder19:25
yatesbut i don't know how yocto translates configure options from the .bb file to ./configure options.19:27
kergothlike khem says, just set EXTRA_OECONF in the recipe or appen19:28
kergothdevtool isn't going to completely avoid needing to edit recipe files19:28
kergothdamn, oe-selftests can take a while19:29
kergotheven just running one module19:29
yateskergoth: you mean the original recipe? as in poky/meta/... ?19:31
yatesi.e., modify the original recipe THERE?19:31
kergothi don't understand the question19:31
kergothif the layer is under your control, edit it. if not, bbappend it. as you would to make any changes to any recipe, ever19:31
kergothsee the yocto project documentation19:31
yates14:28 <kergoth> like khem says, just set EXTRA_OECONF in the recipe19:31
kergothEXTRA_OECONF Isn't special, it's just another variable for a recipe19:31
yatesit would help to have accurate answers..19:32
yateskhem: also said there is a recipes directory in the "devtool" workspace. NOT!.19:32
yatesyes, see the WWW too...19:33
yatesit's somewhere in the universe19:35
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khemappends/  attic/  conf/  README  recipes/  sources/19:39
khemworkspace uses it19:40
khemfor devtool19:40
kergothif you have no recipes in workspace, then you never ran devtool modify.19:43
kergothand complaining about the answers doesn't make them any less correct19:43
kergothand is not hard to find19:44
kergothone click from the main project page19:44
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RPTartarus: missing maintainer for vim-tiny :(20:20
TartarusRP: whoops.20:22
TartarusWhat's the self-test to run to catch that?20:22
RPTartarus: oe-selftest -r distrodata.Distrodata.test_maintainers20:23
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehs29@> has joined #yocto20:23
Tartarusthanks, running20:25
kergothERROR: gitsm: submodule unpack failed: UnpackError Unpack failure for URL: 'gitsm://;protocol=https;name=doxygen2jsdoc;subpath=doxygen2jsdoc;bareclone=1;nobranch=1'. No up20:30
kergoth to date source found: clone directory not available or not up to date: /data/kergoth/mel/yocto/scriptutils-log-improvements/build.selftest/downloads/git2/; shallow clone20:30
kergothnot enabled20:30
kergothugh. can't get the devtool tests to complete due to irrelevent fetch/unpack failures20:30
rburtonkergoth: annoyingly yates left :)20:31
kergothah, indeed20:31
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RPzeddii: we're seeing a few failures on the autobuilder. qemuppc+qemumips failing in kernelmodule.KernelModuleTest.test_kernel_module in core-image-sato-sdk, qemuarm64 failing in perl do_compile :/22:42
RPTartarus: thanks for the patch tweak :)22:44
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* kergoth kicks oe-selftest22:59
RPkergoth: careful, it might bite back! ;-)22:59
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