Thursday, 2019-03-07

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henriknjInstalling kernel-devsrc as part of my sdk ends up with a dead link to /lib/modules/ - shouldn't it be pointing to the /lib/modules in the sdksysroot path?07:40
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Tamisin bitbake.conf I can see exports of AR, AS, RANLIB, STRIP etc. Is there a special reason why the SIZE export is missing?08:23
RPTamis: we've never seen anything need/use it?08:25
TamisRP: I have some Makefiles that they use it. They don't do anything they just print a nice table... So I guess if we put it there with a patch wouldn't be a problem. It will complete also the list08:29
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RPTamis: just do it in your recipe. Changing bitbake.conf changes shell environment globally and we need probably reduce what we have there, not add to it if we can help it08:31
RPTamis: I doubt it would break anything but its not something I'm keen to see upstream08:32
TamisRP: ok ty08:33
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Willie2Hi, I'm trying to build my custom image based on a demo image. I keep getting the error : amixer: Unable to find simple control 'Speaker',0 in my custom image. I can see that the alsa libs are installed and there were no specific sound recipes that i could see in the old image, but now I'm unable to get the sound to work12:37
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Willie2The image recipes are similiar : but something must be missing12:59
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luneffhey guys! is there a reason why I can't find a ready yocto recipe for electron? Noone does kiosk applications with Electron or something? meta-electron seems to be gone from OSSystems github...13:17
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LetoThe2ndluneff: it might also be that just nobody shared. so, be the first to improve the situation!13:22
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LetoThe2ndluneff: we have support for chromium and webkit, though13:23
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luneffyes, I saw meta-browser etc, but I wondered with there's anything related to electron other than this :-) it's 4 year old13:24
luneffmaybe indeed I'll have to be the first one :-D I just need underlying Chromium to be properly hw accelerated on a RPi3 :-)13:25
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Willie2I'm using the exact same zImage so as long as the same sound recipes are installed I don't see how it can work in one image but not the other14:21
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angelo_tshi, in a kernel .bb i have a LIC_FILES_CHKSUM  but also in included ... is this correct ? Also, is sufficient to midify the LIC_FILES_CHKSUM in the .bb recipe ?14:22
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dkcThis commit breaks mosquitto for thud:
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dkcso I don't know what'a the right tactic, should this patch be backported to thud?
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dkcshould I send an email to request so?14:50
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RPdkc: yes please14:58
angelo_tsNot sure if it's ok, about my issue above, i removed LIC_FILES_CHKSUM from the, while i am leaving it into the only. Seems to build fine.14:59
dkcokay, I have plenty of meetings today but I'll do it later today14:59
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Striking7Hey all. I'm having some problems with the instructions with auto-update-helper15:11
Striking7I've followed the directions, but I'm pretty new to yocto, so I haven't been able to get it to properly run.15:11
Striking7I ran ". ./oe-init-build-env build-auh" from a fresh clone of yocto15:13
Striking7where does it expect the auto upgrade helper sources to be?15:13
Striking7I don't see a bitbake target for it either15:13
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yatescould someone please point me to the doc for pkgconfig? i'm not seeing it in a google search15:18
yateswhen building an autotools-based recipe, how do i see the ./configure options that are being used in the actual ./configure command?15:19
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RPyates: try pkg-config ?15:20
RPyates: look at the files in ${WORKDIR}/temp e.g. run.do_configure15:20
yatesRP: ok thanks (twice)15:20
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meegohi there, what might be the Right Way™ of having conditional SRC_URI (a different git branch) depending on the image being built ?15:21
kergothmeego: images are constructed from packages. at the time the package is built, we have no idea what images it'll be installed into15:21
kergothso you could change it via local.conf between the two builds, to make it rebuild with the new rev, or use two recipes/packages and select between them15:22
yatesmeego: perhaps having a bbappend in your image layer to modify the SRC_URI?15:22
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kergothunlikely the images are in separate layers, and violates the convention where layer inclusion shouldn't change the build without opting in15:24
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Striking7How can I query what versions of a package are available?15:28
meegothanks for the help. i've considered the .bbappend path. Won't there be a naming issue ? Let's say my debug image has IMAGE_INSTALL_append += "packageX-dbg", and i create a "packageX-dbg.bbapend" file. That bbappend can't modify the packageX build process, can it ?15:29
kergothpackage, or recipe? bitbake -s is probably sufficient15:29
kergothmeego: bbappends apply to recipes, not packages15:29
Striking7Looking at it15:29
Striking7Thank you.15:29
Striking7Still quite new to this15:29
RPjonmason, zeddii: FWIW KMACHINE_qemuarm = "qemuarma15" works locally for me15:29
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Striking7kergoth - bitbake -s ran fast enough that it's obviously looking at a local copy15:30
kergothStriking7: as opposed to what?15:30
kergothbitbake builds from local recipes, that's what it is15:30
Striking7is there a utility to run the same type of lookups remotely? For instance, to see if a CVE has been patched yet according to version numbers?15:30
jonmasonRP: cool!15:31
kergothdevtool has a subcommand to check for new upstream versions, but you can't build them without using it to first upgrade the recipe15:31
Striking7Sure - I understand: bitbake is a local deal. Not a problem. That package info has to be grabbed by some utility though15:31
Striking7Ok, good to know15:31
jonmasonwhere did you put it?  in the
kergothno, it doesn't. determining what upstream versions are available used to be entirely manual15:31
RPjonmason: linux-yocto_5.0.bb15:31
kergoththe fact that we have such a tool now is a convenience15:31
Striking7I agree. I'm trying to figure out how best to use it.15:32
zeddiithe kernel part works fine here as well.15:32
jonmasonRP: weird, I wonder why it wasn't working for me.  Anyway, ship it ;-)15:32
Striking7Thanks for the tip about devtool15:33
meegokergoth: OK. If i understand correctly, there is no way to conditionally load a bbappend from an image bb file. Because of the layer separation you mentioned. Is that right ?15:34
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kergothappending an image isn't going to magically change a different recipe15:35
kergothone recipe can't change how another recipe builds15:35
kergothyates was proposing changing the recipe configuration based on inclusion of a layer, not changing the image15:35
kergothafaict anyway15:35
kergothi'd suggest just changing ther ecipe's SRCREV from local.conf when you switch image builds15:35
kergothbitbake picks a single provider of a package to build, builds it one way, and then that package is available to install in any and all images15:36
kergothan image can't change another reicpe/package15:36
meegokergoth: ok understood15:36
meegoi'll take the local.conf path. Thank you both for your help.15:37
kergothyou could use a second recipe, and switch versions/providers to select it, or change how the one recipe builds via configuration15:37
kergothin either case you're having to change providers in the config, so it doesn't matter either way15:37
zeddii@#!@! gmail, RP it filed your follow up from this morning as spam.15:39
zeddiiI’m shocked I even bothered to check the spam folder15:39
* zeddii clicks ‘not spam’15:39
* kergoth giving serious thought to ditching gmail at some point15:39
yatesplease take my suggestion with a grain of salt. kergoth has two orders of magnitude more  experience with yocto than i15:40
Croftononly 2?15:41
kergothit's a valid suggestion, my objections are more to do with conventions and "best practices" .. i hate that term, but drawing a blank15:41
yatesCrofton: the order of magnitude estimate is an order of magnitude. could be 20...15:42
kergothidiomatic. that's the word i was looking for. oe allows you a hell of a lot of flexibility, so a certain amount of thought as to the cleanest most maintainable approach is useful15:42
yateswill my .bbappend for a recipe in my layer get utilized when devtool building15:42
kergothdevtool build just runs bitbake15:43
kergothif the layer is included, and the bbappend matches the patterns in BBFILES, and its filename matches the recipe, it'll be applied whether you're using devtool or not15:43
yateskergoth: aha. that was going to be antoher question: difference between "devtool build <recipe" and "bitbake <recipe"? nada?15:43
yateswithin context of a devtool modify, that is15:44
Striking7Is there a way to roll a package back to a previous version using bitbake, devtool, and the like?15:45
kergothlooks like it just bitbakes the populate_sysroot packagedata tasks for you, optionally temporarily disabling parallel make during the build15:45
yatesStriking7: seems like a git/svn function,15:45
Striking7Reading your links - thanks for the info15:45
kergoththose 3 links were for yates15:46
kergothto "roll back" a version you need to change/rename the recipe to the old version, and adjust patches appropriately15:46
Striking7Oh, came in kind of handy for me anyway :-)15:46
kergothif we already had a recipe for the old version at some point, as yates says, use git to resurrect the old version15:46
kergothbitbake only builds the verisons of the recipes we have in the layers, not arbitrary versions15:47
kergothdevtool assists with upgrades to newer upstream versions, but you'll have to fix patches, if we'd already built the old version, it makes more sense to pull it out of source control than to re-do the work15:47
Striking7Makes sense.15:47
yatesback to the .bbappend question, i have a .bbappend in a layer which should be selected for matchbox-wm which is simply this:
Striking7I don't mind doing it that way, I'm just trying to figure out all the data that's available to me here. For instance, one thing we would really like is a list of available package versions15:48
yatesyet the ./configure option --enable-composite" is not being specified15:48
Striking7I can get the list of latest packages, but not info about previous versions for a single package.15:48
kergoth†he only list you can get is what recipes you have right now, or what upstream upgrades are available. by policy we don't keep old versions around in our layers, it's a maintenance nightmare to keep everything building going forward15:49
Striking7Of course, I understand completely15:49
kergoth*if* the recipe name includes the version, i.e. for non-git recipes, you could use git to extract a list of the files we've removed from history15:49
Striking7So really all the remote access these tools do is git?15:50
yateshere is my latest log.do_configure:
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yatesit's just not ther.e15:50
kergothStriking7: no, devtool's upgrade checking uses patterns and remote  urls to check for remote version availability15:51
Striking7Thanks kergoth15:51
kergothbut other than that,e verything is local15:51
yatesi need "Building with Composite manager" to be "yes"15:51
kergothyates: make sure your append is in an included layer (see conf/bblayers.conf in BBLAYERS) and in the correct  path to be included (see BBFILES in <layerdir>/conf/layer.conf)15:51
Striking7kergoth: perfect! I'll dive into its source to see where all that comes from. That looks like the right direction for me15:52
kergothand the filename has to match the recipe15:52
yatesi'm using matchbox-wm_%.bbappend - wouldn't that work ?15:52
kergothbitbake/oe is designed to be self-contained and independent of host and target distro and machine, we've never designed or implemented a protocol to access metadata anywhere but in the local layers15:52
kergothyates: also, use bitbake-layers show-appends, way quicker way to check if it's being applied15:53
*** meego <meego!500b97ce@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:53 is the recipe15:53
kergoththat filename is fine, yeah, so check layer inclusion and its location within the layer15:53
kergothyou can't just drop a bbappend wherever you want, it has to match the wildcards in BBFILES in the layer it's in15:53
kergothi.e. <layerdir>/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend, or whatever15:54
yateslet me check..15:54
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kergothStriking7: if you want to pursue the scm history route.15:56
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Striking7kergoth you are a life saver15:59
kergothnp. that attic script is handy, particularly since it includes the last commit where the file existed, so you can look at the recipe with git show, or use checkout to resurrect it16:00
Striking7veeeeery cool16:00
Striking7This is all still a bit over my head - I just started this job Tuesday.16:01
Striking7So the terminology (recipe vs. package, layers, etc) is all still soft and squishy in the brain16:01
kergothno worries, we all have to start somewhere, and oe/yocto is complex (of necessity, due to the flexibility), with a fairly steep learning curve16:01
kergothonce you grasp the big picture it starts to come together in your head, i think16:01
kergothbut some learn best bottup-up, others top-down, so depends on the person16:02
Striking7Totally understand - I usually do a little of each16:06
Striking7lets you use your right brained creativity in "reverse engineering" from top down, lets you use left brain methodical tendencies for bottom up16:06
yatesi am confused about how layers are configured. is it via sources/poky/<build>/conf/bblayers.conf? but i also have a sources/<my-meta>/conf/layer.conf?16:13
yatesif <my-meta> is in the build bblayers.conf, does its layer.conf get appended?16:15
yatesor some other means...16:15
yatesbitbake-layers show-appends is NOT showing my .bbappend file16:16
yatesam i even making sense?16:17
Striking7Anyone knows where devtool checks for upstream updates?16:19
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*** User_ <User_!~learningc@2001:d08:d6:105c:adc6:65fb:fc79:61af> has joined #yocto16:29
yatesmy sources/<my-meta>/conf/layer.conf does not specify layers but it does specify BBILES, how layers are to be searched I guess.16:30
*** lusus <lusus!~lusus@> has quit IRC16:31
*** learningc <learningc!~learningc@> has joined #yocto16:32
yatesso if the sources/poky/<build>/conf/bblayers.conf contains source/<my-meta> as a layer, does that layer's <my-meta>/conf/layer.conf get applied (e.g., the BBIILES)?16:32
yates..the BBFILES16:34
*** TobSnyder <TobSnyder!> has quit IRC16:34
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yatesnm - got it.16:45
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@> has quit IRC16:49
yatesyocto schoolboy mistake... it was in <my-mega>/<my-recipe>/matchbox-wm_%.bbappend instead of <my-mega>/<my-recipe>/matchbox-wm/matchbox-wm_%.bbappend16:49
*** gattuso <gattuso!> has quit IRC16:50
*** gattuso <gattuso!> has joined #yocto16:51
kergothfigured, you're not the first one to put it in the wrong spot. been there myself16:56
yateswould be nice if bitbake-layers show-appends took a recipe as a final argument, so you don't have to grep through ALL appends to fihd the one...16:59
kergothnot a bad idea, maybe submit a bug to bugzilla?16:59
kergothdebatable whether it should accept layer or recipe as first argument, so probably use an option. -r RECIPE or something17:00
yateskergoth: good idea. just to complete, was i right on the application of the BBFILES in layer.conf?17:01
kergothyes, bblayers lists layers to process, conf/layer.conf is parsed in each layer to construct a final BBPATH and BBFILES, and bitbake uses those to do the actual parsing17:01
yatesack - good.17:02
kergoththen BBFILE_COLLECTIONS/BBFILE_PATTERN_<name>/BBFILE_PRIORITY_<name> controls layer priority. when the same recipe exists in multiple layers with different versions, the higher priority layer recipe is used, even if it's the older one, unless PREFERRED_VERSION selects explicitly17:02
*** User_ <User_!~learningc@> has joined #yocto17:06
kergothI'd highly suggest both of you to read
kergothit covers this, and isn't particularly long17:09
*** learningc <learningc!~learningc@> has quit IRC17:09
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC17:10
*** learningc <learningc!~learningc@> has joined #yocto17:10
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*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has quit IRC17:16
yatesi'm getting errors in the build and having a hard time parsing. could someone please have a look?
yatesdo i need a DEPENDS on glibc?17:19
RPjonmason: we're missing a patch I think to replace qemuarm with the a15 one?17:19
RPzeddii: how dare it! :)17:19
Striking7Thanks Kergoth - reading17:20
*** geissona_ <geissona_!> has quit IRC17:22
zeddiiRP:  I’ve reproduced the perf 4.19 issue, looking at a fix now.17:27
zeddiiand I’m randomly throwing configs at qemuarm64 to see if I can get a framebuffer to activate. but it is nearly random ;)17:27
jonmasonRP: I thought you didn't want to remove it for legacy reasons17:28
RPjonmason: no, I want to switch it over and leave armarmv5 for legacy17:31
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:32
*** awe00 <awe00!~awe00@unaffiliated/awe00> has quit IRC17:33
*** tprrt <tprrt!~tprrt@> has quit IRC17:40
jonmasonah, ok.  I can push that patch then....when I get home on Monday.  Is that long of a delay okay?17:41
RPjonmason: It'll be my turn to travel17:45
RPjonmason: I'll take what I can get, when I can get it. I might sort something before then, we'll see. I know I'm running out of time to do everything before my travel now17:46
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has quit IRC17:49
jonmasonIn SCaLE now, and for some reason my dyndns isn't working :(17:58
*** juvenal <juvenal!Elite21271@gateway/shell/elitebnc/x-xzwbzkepstukpopi> has joined #yocto17:58
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has joined #yocto18:03
*** geissona_ <geissona_!~geissonat@> has joined #yocto18:03
RPjonmason: right, no problem. I think the M3 build is going to be a bit rocky timing wise...18:05
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:c33:812:f55f:93a9:af21> has quit IRC18:06
Striking7anyone here using cve-check-tool?18:15
*** Tamis <Tamis!504e056a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC18:18
kergothand now  oe-selftest for devtool is failing due to a lack of git user name/email configuration18:21
kergothdespite it being configured18:21
psrcodeis there a way to require a busybox version with FEATURE_FANCY_HEAD enabled for a recipe (ptest actually)?18:29
psrcodehead is missing the -c option... and end-up screwing a basic bash randomstring generator. We can change it upstream but if I can add a dependancy for a *fancy* head utils in yocto, I would prefer that18:30
kergothnope, not possible. you'd have to change the busybox configuration at a configuration or busybox recipe level18:32
kergothyou could always depend on the real tool, not busybox, for head18:32
kergothi.e. coreutils i'm guessing?18:32
psrcodedoes oe-core have the recipe for the "real" tool...18:34
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!uid218288@gateway/web/> has quit IRC18:34
psrcodenevermind, did a quick grep. got my answer18:35
*** yates <yates!> has quit IRC18:41
*** yates <yates!> has joined #yocto18:56
yatesdoes bitbake dump the screen output to a file?18:57
*** mattsm <mattsm!> has quit IRC19:28
*** mattsm <mattsm!> has joined #yocto19:29
yatesis there a better display system than matchbox? namely, something with a decent compositor?19:36
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!> has quit IRC19:37
yatesor... does anyone know how to make --enable-composite work?19:48
yatesin the matchbox-wm recipe?19:48
yateshas anyone gotten this to work?19:49
yatesi'm reading some nasty stuff that it won't work with compositing enabled:
yatesrburton: any thoughts?19:52
JPEWyates: Would weston work?19:58
*** gnac <gnac!> has quit IRC19:59
Striking7So I like devtool so far - its "upgrade" command takes a preferred version as a param, and it can downgrade or upgrade pretty seamlessly.20:00
Striking7What I'd like is to get a list of versions of a package that are available and present that to the user20:00
Striking7(or rather, long term, to another component in the system)20:00
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@> has joined #yocto20:00
Striking7Anyone know if devtool has a way of doing that already? I know it's using SRC_URI and scraping latest_version from there, but I wasn't sure if it stored all the versions available as well20:01
khemJPEW: icecc in my env did not solve the world hunger20:01
khemJPEW: I have 16Core+16GB+300GB-SSD20:01
Striking7khem - that's the worst: I hate it when my code fails to solve world hunger20:01
JPEWkhem: Too bad. It is a bit twiddly.... for example, we are all running a patched version of icecc20:02
khemand I add another box with same spec and build times are same or worse20:02
khemI guess n/w is my bottleneck20:02
khemI need 10G backhaul20:02
JPEWThat would be nice. What do you have now?20:03
khemor maybe even thats not enough to beat SSDs20:03
khemJPEW: this is some cloud that someone else manages I have asked them the question20:03
JPEWkhem: Could be the SSDs. I still have spinny drives20:04
khemJPEW:I am doing another experiment where I will have 4 8 core machines as slaves and then do -j30 to build chromium-x1120:04
khemyeah SSDs are the biggest improvement for OE builds I agree20:05
yatesJPEW: it looks like that is for wayland20:05
yateswe are using x1120:05
JPEWAh. too bad20:05
khemyates:you can look into westeros which is a light weight wayland compositor20:05
yatesJPEW: have you used wayland/weston on an embedded device with like a smallish LCD display? (ours  is 800x480)20:06
khemyates:whats the app ?20:06
khemdo you run in kiosk mode ?20:06
yateskhem: i don't understrand the question(s)20:07
khemx11+qt5 is decent20:07
yateswe are using x11+wxwidgets20:07
JPEWyates: I've used weston for testing purposes. We have our own proprietary wayland compositor we use in production (not by choice.... I'd rather use weston)20:07
JPEWweston is pretty configurable with plugin shells and such20:08
yatesJPEW: would it be easy to bring weston/wayland in instead of x11/matchbox?20:08
khemweston is heavier, surely thats why we wrote westeros for RDK and its opensource( Apache-2.0) so enjoy and contribure back20:08
JPEWyates: depends on what applications you want to run on top of it20:08
JPEWyates: Just getting weston is pretty easy20:09
JPEWIMAGE_INSTALL += "weston"20:09
khemor base your image on top of core-image-weston20:09
JPEWOh, ya that would work :) I didn't even know that was a thing20:09
JPEWkhem: Does core-image-weston default weston to use DRM for hardware accelerated rendering?20:10
khemWe have a browser based UI running on top of wayland+westeros doing full HD video in less than 512M RAM device20:10
JPEWyates: Direct Rendering Management, basically the kernels GPU API20:11
JPEWyates: AFAIK, weston in OE defaults to using (non-accelerated) framebuffer backend, which might feel pretty slow. If you have a GPU, enabling the DRM backend in  weston makes it much better :)20:12
yatesholy crap!20:12
yatesno, nothing near HD video required in our stuff.20:13
yatesbut we do want sexy-looking UI with gradients, transparency, etc.20:13
JPEWyates: sure, are you using OpenGL (or OpenGLES) for that?20:14
yatesi don't know... (sheepish look). i'm using wxWidgets wxDC classes and a little of my own, but transparencies don't work because we have no compositor20:16
yateswxDC has a built-in gradient fill20:16
yatesperhaps under-the-hood wx uses OpenGL20:17
JPEWyates: Probably not20:17
khemwxwidgets would use opengl if platform enabled it20:19
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has quit IRC20:19
khembuild it with --with-opengl20:20
yatesthanks for all the input folks, i'm still parsing/thinking on it.20:20
yateskhem: you mean build wxWidgets --with-opengl?20:20
khemand ensure that your graphics driver supports openGL and is enabled there too20:21
JPEWFWIW: My recollection is that wxDC is a simple (non-acclerated) raster bitmap backing, and there are other classes for using OpenGL in wxWidgets, but I could be wrong20:21
yatesyes, we already are:
yatesthis is from the wx recipe i wrote a few weeks back.20:22
khemthats possible maybe they rely on GLX20:22
yateslibglu is a depends - is that opengl?20:22
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto20:22
JPEWkhem: Very possible. wxWidgets does line to punt the underlying system when possible. My knowledge of X is very weak (more of a Wayland fan), and I'm OK with that :)20:23
*** dv_ <dv_!> has quit IRC20:23
yatesJPEW: re: raster bitmap, the transparencies work on fedora - exact same code as what i run on matchbox20:25
yatessame wx version, 3.0.420:25
yatesso it's not wx20:25
khemlatest fedora uses wayland IIRC20:26
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC20:28
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto20:29
JPEWkhem: Yes it does, running it right now20:29
JPEWyates: Can you run wxwidgets without a windowing system (e.g. gtk)?20:31
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has joined #yocto20:36
yatesit is the gtk-based version of wx, so .. yes?20:37
yatesi've never done it, don't really know20:37
*** dv_ <dv_!> has joined #yocto20:37
yatesi'm just trying to determine the quickest way to get our project transparency.20:37
yatesif that means switching to weston/wayland, so be it.20:38
yatesthat will also probably be the time to upgrade morty to something this century..20:38
yatesit seems wayland is the wy of the future.20:38
yatesbut i do have questions. like can i still run an xterm if x11 is not there?20:39
yatescan i run vnc server ?20:40
yatesyada yada..20:40
yatesi guess i'm ignorant of the deeps parts of x11 versus wayland20:40
yateskhem: are you implying that if the graphics driver supported openGL and it is enabled there, that we'd have transparencies with matchbox-wm?20:45
yatesmatchbox-wm + wxWidgets, that is?20:48
rburtonyates: those comments are not very accurate.  we autoreconf mbwm for a start20:52
rburtonyates: nobody that i'm aware of has used the compositor since nokia/maemo so who knows if it still *works*20:52
rburtonyates: ideally, just ditch X entirely and use weston20:52
yatesright, coming to the same conclusion20:53
rburtonx11 is legacy at this point basically20:54
rburtonif you can use wayland20:54
yateskhem/rburton: by "base your image on core-image-weston" do you mean "inherit core-image-weston" instead of "inherit core-image"?20:55
rburtonno, i mean ditch X entirely and use weston20:55
rburtoncore-image-weston is an example, like core-image-sato20:55
rburtonenabling compositing in mbwm is most likely trivial though20:55
yatesrburton: oh?20:56
rburton--enable-composite and come back with patches20:56
yatesyou mean just rewrite part of the compositor?20:57
yatesi've already done the --enable-composite20:58
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC20:58
yatesthat scares me.. but perhaps i'm just a wuss...20:58
rburtonso voila, you have a compositing window manager20:58
yatesno, it won't build.20:58
rburtonright, so. fix that then :)20:58
yatesi am honored that you have so much confidence in my abilities!20:59
rburtonits just C20:59
yatesso is the kernel...20:59
khemhonor is hard to earn and easy to loose :)20:59
rburtonyates: pastebin errors if you actually want a hand21:00
yatesok, thanks much21:00
rburtonotherwise we're just telling you to fix it and you're saying its broken21:00
khemrequire recipes-graphics/images/core-image-weston.bb21:00
khemadd that in your image recipe21:01
dkcis a signed-off-by required for a backport?21:01
rburtondkc: yes21:01
rburtonkhem: no need for that really but lets not complicate matters, yates is going to try fixing mbwm first :)21:01
yatesok, course laid in, engaging...21:02
yatesChekov: "But Captain (rburton), it will take 13.4 light years at sub-warp!"21:03
*** aidanh_ <aidanh_!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has joined #yocto21:05
yatesrburton: from this output i'd say the problem is a wrong link order, but how do i change that? a Makefile change?21:06
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has quit IRC21:07
*** aidanh_ is now known as aidanh21:07
yatesshould i try modifying the build/src/Makefile? or is that auto-generated?21:12
yatesthere is a build/Makefile too21:13
RPzeddii: looks like stap works except for qemuarm21:21
RPyates: I think you're right and its a link order issue21:26
RPyates: you could probably prove easily by hacking Wl,--as-needed out of LDFLAGS21:26
RPyates: not the proper fix but would tell you if there are any other issues lurking21:27
* nerdboy finally got his silly internet back again...21:28
psrcodeI'm having a hard time understanding the goal of "21:29
psrcodePACKAGECONFIG ??="21:29
psrcodethis indicate that it list the "enabled" feature21:29
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@> has quit IRC21:29
psrcodebut if I take the lttng-tools recipe which define PACKAGECONFIG ??= "lttng-ust"  lttng-ust is not present in the end image.21:30
*** wildwillie <wildwillie!50d98c5d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto21:31
psrcodeI have to add PACKAGECONFIG += "lttng-ust" to a bbapend (lttng-tools) to see lttng-ust feature used21:31
psrcodeis it because lttng-ust is not part of the "runtime dependencies" and only in the "build dependencies"?21:33
wildwillieHi, Anyone here using RPI3 with Yocto? I have tried following : but I cannot get it generate the bootcode.bin. This whole workflow is very different from other stuff, like imx621:34
RPpsrcode: PACKAGECONFIG is primarily about build time things21:36
RPpsrcode: What would work here is to change the lttng-ust line to PACKAGECONFIG[lttng-ust] = "--with-lttng-ust, --without-lttng-ust, lttng-ust, lttng-ust"21:38
RPpsrcode: that 4th position in the PACKAGECONFIG entry adds to RDEPENDS21:38
RPpsrcode: so then the lttng-tools package would depend on lttng-ust21:39
RPpsrcode: normally we pick up rdepends through dynamic linking analysis but I guess lttng doesn't directly link to ust21:40
psrcodeRP: based on the  PACKAGECONFIG ??= line was it the intention to have lttng-ust by default?21:40
RPpsrcode: I think so21:40
psrcodebecause lttng-tools can be built without lttng-ust21:40
psrcodeif so this solve a big chunk of the ptest suite21:41
RPpsrcode: ah, interesting. Yes, its being made configurable and turned on there21:41
psrcodestill we do have a fuckup on our side regarding how we handle ust dependant tests21:41
RPpsrcode: I guess we just never realised there wasn't a direct linkage to cause it to be pulled in21:42
psrcodeI'm looking into adding the python agent option on lttng-ust so we can run the python agent test via lttng-tools, otherwise the ptest suite works all green21:42
RPpsrcode: sounds great! :)21:43
psrcodeRP: there was a couple missing dep for the tests and 1~2 fuckup on our side. I'll send you a RFC when I'm confident with the work.21:43
psrcodenext step will be to have all this integrated in our CI to track stuff either from scratch or using report from your builder21:44
RPpsrcode: FWIW our ptest builds do run lttng-tools-ptest at least on qemux8622:02
RPpsrcode: shows up on a-full builds:
RPlttng-tools        | 4431        | 7        | 391       | 54922:03
RPpsrcode: we're actively working on improving our ptest handling and reporting22:04
*** geissona_ <geissona_!~geissonat@> has quit IRC22:15
*** geissona_ <geissona_!> has joined #yocto22:41
*** justanotherboy <justanotherboy!> has quit IRC22:49
RPjonmason: with my patch to change qemuarm to your a15 config, I find graphics doesn't work there either with the 5.0 kernel23:03
jonmasondoes the qemu command still include the VGA?23:04
RPjonmason: yes23:05
jonmasonCan you send me the patch?  I'll look in a VM23:09
RPjonmason: its in master-next23:10
rburtonyates: add -lm to src/Makefile.am23:10
RPjonmason: it builds on top of you a15 one23:10
jonmasonRP: ok, fetching now23:10
rburtonyates: presumably guaded by if composite checks23:10
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has quit IRC23:10
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@> has joined #yocto23:18
*** neverpanic <neverpanic!~clemens@> has quit IRC23:20
*** wildwillie <wildwillie!50d98c5d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC23:20
* RP -> Zzzz23:21
yatesrburton: yes, i just discovered that ..23:25
yatesrburton: right now i'm modifying the Makefile in the workspace. how would i get that into the recipe? is src/ in the recipe somewhere?23:26
rburtonyates: no, its upstream.  patch it23:26
yatesby "upstream" do you mean in the git repo for matchbox-window-manager?23:27
rburtonuse devtool modify!23:27
rburtonliterally what its for23:27
yatesoh. i thought you met to submit a patch to the git repo23:28
rburtonthat too23:28
rburtonbut you can generate it iwth devtool modify23:28
rburtonwhen you have a working patch, send it in23:29
yateshow did you know the problem was -lm?!?23:29
yatesok, right23:29
rburton| /Storage/production-hardware-revision-A-1.0/sources/poky/build-hw-test-image/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/libexec/arm-fslc-linux-gnueabi/gcc/arm-fslc-linux-gnueabi/6.2.0/ld: composite-engine.o: undefined reference to symbol 'exp@@GLIBC_2.4'23:30
rburtonexp() is in libm.so23:30
jonmasonRP: are you forcing the kernel to 5.0?23:30
rburtonyates: man exp says "Link with -lm"23:31
yatesrburton: src/ uses several predefined variables such as LIBMB_LIBS. that is apparently defined in src/ but in src/ it is defined as LIBMB_LIBS = @LIBMB_LIBS@. where does "@LIBMB_LIBS@" come from?23:37
rburtonyates: sets LIBMB_LIBS, most likely via a PKG_CHECK call23:38
rburtonRP: the go 1.9 drop didn't drop the recipe23:38
yatesand i should be modifying the git/src/... files with devtool, right? it will generate a .bbappends for those files, right?23:39
rburtonhonestly, don't know the workflow23:40
bluelightningyates: git/src ?23:40
bluelightningwhere exactly are the files you are talking about modifying?\23:41 and/or Makefile.in23:41
bluelightningthe path, I mean23:41
yates /sources/poky/build-hw-test-image/tmp/work/armv7at2hf-neon-fslc-linux-gnueabi/matchbox-wm/1.2.1-r0/git/23:41
yatesis that wrong?23:42
bluelightningunless you specified that path (unlikely), devtool modify checks out the source to workspace/sources/<recipename>23:42
rburtonthere's a source tree in the devtool workspace23:42
rburton(read the manual)23:42
yatesoh yeah...23:42
yatesi knew this already..23:42
bluelightningno worries :)23:42
yatesit's late, i'm tired...23:43
yatesis automatically generated from i.e, would it be pointless to modify
TartarusRP: ugh, all those warnings for inetutils come from a specific oe-selftest?23:48
yatesno, nm,23:48
yatesstupid question23:48 is the right file to modify, no?23:49
rburtonright23:49 and are the source files23:49
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has quit IRC23:50
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:c33:74e7:4b05:34cf:13e6> has joined #yocto23:56

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