Saturday, 2019-03-09

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RPHmm, we need a new uninative release ASAP :/.14:38
jonmasonRP: fixed the qemuarm thing, I think15:32
jonmasondo s/VGA/VGA,edid=on/g on the qemuarm.conf15:34
jonmasonmy setup is a little dirty (kernel config changes too), but that has me working15:36
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RPjonmason: ah, great. I can try that, thanks!16:24
RPkhem, jonmason: any ideas on that?16:24
yoctiBug 13153: normal, Medium+, 2.7 M3, kamensky, NEW , [2.7 M2 RC1] Systemtap doesn't work on beaglebone16:24
RPUnfortunately that one shows up trying qemuarm as armv7 :/16:25
jonmasonis this an thumb/arm mode thing?16:27
jonmasoni mean, the look like valid instructions16:28
RPjonmason: yes, looks a bit like it. Its as if there is a missing option to gcc or perhaps as16:28
jonmasonthat was my thought was well, but gcc didn't just change did it?16:29
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jonmasonI added myself to it.  I'll dig further when I get back from SCaLE.16:32
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paulbarkerI'm getting duplicate attempts to apply kernel patches on the current master branch when kernel-yocto.bbclass is used - once in do_kernel_metadata then again in do_patch. Looks related to a change by zeddii. Anyone else seen this?21:42
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RPpaulbarker: I haven;t seen that22:06
paulbarkerRP: Just about to send an email to the list. I have what I think is a fix, works for me at least, but not sure if it breaks something else22:06
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RPpaulbarker: ok, zeddi is away for a bit fwiw22:09
paulbarkerRP: Ok, have sent the email anyway. Having 'set +e' in do_kernel_metadata definitely makes this easy to slip under the radar and cause silent problems22:13
RPpaulbarker: have to love silent problems :/22:17
paulbarkerLooks like all patches are being picked up as if they have patchdir='kernel-meta', then the 'cd ${WORKDIR}/kernel-meta' command is failing as there's no kernel-meta directory in linux-raspberrypi and so the patch is just applied at the top of the source tree where it belongs22:18
paulbarkerThen do_patch tries to apply the same patch and fails as it's already applied22:18
RPpaulbarker: it does sound like a bug22:28
paulbarkerI'll hold off on submitting a patch with my local fix for now. I'm not entirely sure what the intended behaviour for kernel-meta patches is so there's a good chance I've fixed my use case and broken that one22:30
RPjonmason: FWIW that edid change appears to make qemuarm64 work!22:31
RPjonmason: I've put some quick hacks into -next for testing with 5.x, this should mean we just have the qemuarm stap problem22:41
jonmasonRP: it looks like a kernel change happened in v5.0 for some stuff that happened in qemu22:43
jonmasonhe pushed changes in October, but I'm guessing this is the first version that has them22:44
RPjonmason: I'd guess so, yes since 4.19 didn't seem to have this issue22:49
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