Friday, 2019-03-08

rburtonyates: comedy, we fixed that back in 201800:09
rburtonyates: there's a patch in matchbox-wm, top commit00:10
khemyates: rburton it seems you need to add -lm to LDFLAGS LIBMB_LIBS does not seem to be right place00:20
khemRP:I sent a v3 of go patches, v2 has some shortcomings that showed up on local world build + Ross's comment00:21
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khemRP: it seems kernel 5.0 is crashing01:26
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to get static library in sdk? <>05:07
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HolkIs there a way to "package feed" the SDK generated by Yocto?07:23
HolkInsted of exporting the big SDK package. Can I somehow distribute it with yum or apt-get?07:23
LetoThe2ndHolk: there shuold be nothing that actvely forbits it, but we do not have a packaging mechanism for the sdk/esdk artifacts at this time.07:30
LetoThe2ndHolk: OTOH, it becomes pretty complicated then to install multiple sdks07:32
HolkI see07:32
HolkDo you think its possible?07:33
LetoThe2ndyou either end up with massive naming duplication, or clashes07:33
LetoThe2ndpossible, sure.07:33
HolkBut not recommended? :P07:33
LetoThe2ndwell, define recommended. lets say, obviously nobody had a usecase for it until now that was so important that it was actually done07:34
LetoThe2ndHolk: one thing to think about is that you basically have, in the worst case, a sdk for each machine-distro-image triplet that you work on07:35
LetoThe2ndHolk: so its not "the SDK" that you would package, but a multitude07:36
HolkWell since there is no official support I guess I will have a hard time convincing my boss its a good idea07:37
HolkIt was just a thought I had the other day07:38
HolkOur project wants to distribute the SDK to other sites which are in other countries and they thing the SDK blob is too big07:38
LetoThe2ndHolk: well, based on what do you think that a packaged sdk would be smaller?07:40
LetoThe2ndit would still need to contain the same thinks, so it would merely be like some shrinkwrap for easier shipping/installing.07:41
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HolkI personally dont have a problem with the size. Its just the management spitting out the word simple and cheap in every sentense and now I have to come up with some kind of solution07:42
HolkThanks for you time LetoThe2nd07:43
LetoThe2ndHolk: you basically have three sizes. 1) toolchain only. small, but doesn give you the benefits of libraries etc. matching the image. 2) sdk: mid-size, offers toolchain and everything to compile for a given target. 3) esdk: biggest, offers the full-blown shbang to do OE development for a given target07:43
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klemenHi everyone09:26
jofrI don't thing everyone is currently online/active09:26
jofrBut hi!09:26
klemenhehe :D09:26
klemenI'm having some problems with building a 4.4 kernel with thud 2.6.109:27
klemenis 4.4 unsupported?09:27
klemenI can't upgrade my kernel, due to nonexistant drivers09:27
klemenI'm using the default poky distro09:28
klemenI'm using this kernel:
LetoThe2ndklemen: please define "problems" (optimally by providing the logs in a pastebin)09:31
klemenLetoThe2nd, just a second, let me start the build09:32
klemenit's taking a bit longer than expected09:41
LetoThe2ndwe're in no hurry :)09:42
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klemenLetoThe2nd, here's the output:
klemenI should say, that I had success with building the same kernel with rocko 2.4.409:51
LetoThe2ndklemen: hm09:53
LetoThe2ndhard to say, but i'd guess that 4.4 breaks with the new gcc09:53
LetoThe2ndklemen: you could try to nail gcc down to something older09:54
klemenLetoThe2nd, I see.. how can I do that?09:55
LetoThe2ndklemen: just checked, its actually not that simple. sumo came with gcc7, thud with gcc8, and no secondary choices for both09:56
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LetoThe2ndklemen: yet this is fixed in the LTS of 4.4:
LetoThe2ndklemen: so thats your answer09:57
klemenLetoThe2nd, so I just upgrade to 4.4.145 and I'll be fine? :-)09:58
LetoThe2ndklemen: if that maybe-frankenkernel updates easily to 4.4.145 or newer, then yes.09:59
klemenLetoThe2nd, okay. thank you for your help! :-)10:00
LetoThe2ndklemen: actually doesn't look that bad.10:00
LetoThe2ndso my guess is that just the layer is badly maintained.10:00
LetoThe2ndklemen: have fun then.10:01
klemenLetoThe2nd, will do, thanks :-)10:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can i add 'GTK+3' in my toolchain (Yocto SDK) <>10:08
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Tamisin multilib configuration the variables can only be MACHINEOVERRIDES dependent? Cannot be dependent from TUNE?10:15
Tamisif I want a variable to have different value in 32 and 64 bit configuration. The only I found is the MACHINEOVERRIDES which adds a "common" suffix to the MACHINE variable10:17
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wildwillieHi, I have another newbie question but I'm not sure how to phrase it. When i install for example : fsl-image-qt5 I get two directories with fonts : /usr/share/fonts and /usr/lib/fonts. For my image i need the /usr/lib/fonts but i cannot figure out which recipe that adds it, so that i can port it to my image. I'm using qt 5.6.2 so fonts should be included as I understand it(removed in 5.7)13:05
LetoThe2ndwildwillie: oe-pkgutil should be able to tell you which recipe provides a certain path13:06
Tamisrsync command is not included in HOSTTOOLS. should this be included in bitbake.conf or change the recipes that execute that?13:14
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TamisI mean do we care to see rsync upstream in HOSTTOOLS?13:17
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wildwillieLetoThe2nd: Did you mean oe-pkgdata-util?13:20
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LetoThe2ndwildwillie: yeah13:22
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klemenHi, I'm having some problems getting the console output on HDMI. I'm building core-image-base with poky thud 2.6.113:37
klemenI do get the yocto project splash screen13:37
klemenso HDMI seems to work13:37
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rizzitellohi all is there a way to force uninative ? the build system doesn't like my glibc version13:48
wildwillieLetoThe2nd: I ended up forcing it to use another font dir since i dont need that many anway. But thanks that is very usefull script!!13:57
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rburtonrizzitello: INHERIT += "uninative"14:13
rizzitelloin the local.conf?14:13
rburtonrizzitello: or your distro14:13
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wildwillieIs it possible to use some sort of dummy server for X11? That is entirely blank. I was here asking about using custom themes a few days ago, and I have realized that it would be even better to have nothing. My qt application will launch at boot but takes 1-2 seconds in which the desktop will show14:30
wildwillieI'm using the default theme atm but it feels unnecessery14:30
rburtonsato has logic to not switch to X until it is ready14:31
rburtonwhere ready is up to you14:31
rburtonnot sure how a dummy X server will help14:31
rburtonassuming you want to see something at some point14:32
wildwilliemaybe not the best idea, i just want it to be black until my application boots up14:32
rburtonhow will a dummy x server help?14:32
wildwillieIf i have no X server i cannot start the application14:32
rburtonhow will a dummy x server help?14:33
rburton(you can't move apps between X servers)14:33
rburtonwhat Sato used to do, but doesnt appear to right now, is start X with the novt flag so it doesn't switch the active vt on startup14:34
rburtonso when it starts the user still sees the splash or whatever14:34
rburtonthen when sato is fully loaded, it fires a dbus signal, and the init script does a chvt14:35
rburtonvoila, splash->app without any loading14:35
rburtonnot sure why this is commented out right now, but it's not hard14:35
wildwilliethat is exactly what i want to achieve14:35
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wildwillierburton: Sorry but what sato recipe  had this function?14:47
wildwillieAll i can find is theme settings14:55
rburtonits spread around.  the xserver-nodm init script used to wait but its now commented out.  your app needs to send a dbus signal, matchbox-desktop does that14:55
wildwillie# Required-Start: $local_fs $remote_fs dbus in combo with matchbox-desktop14:58
wildwillieAlright thanks again, I'll poke around a bit :)14:58
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* kergoth yawns15:09
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yatesrburton: ok, the mbwm now shows compile-time compositing is enabled, but i STILL am not getting transparency. is there something further to do, e.g., some command line option to give?15:17
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yates"mbwm --help" does not show any composite enable options15:19
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yatesrburton: ?15:29
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* yates burps rudely16:27
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likewiseOn sumo, with reproducible builds, I (still) see that the .pyc is not used. python3 -v -c "import time" gives "bytecode is stale for 'encodings'". Resulting in slow python execution.16:36
likewiseThis is for a read-only filesystem.16:36
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rburtonyates: are you sure your app is actually doing transparency correctly17:24
rburtonlike have you seen it work with another WM17:24
rburtonof course mbwm basically fullscreens the windows so not sure what your expecting to be transparent17:26
kergothHmm, anyone with experience withd evtool upgrade? I'm getting "unable to find revision ... in branch master even from upstream" with the new srcrev, even though i explicitly specified a non-master branch on the command-line17:31
kergoththud, not master17:31
kergothdevtool, that is17:31
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yatesrburton: yes, exact same code works with transparency under fedora18:06
yatesi think fullscreen is orthogonal to transparent..18:06
yatesbut what i'm doing is creating a widget with rounded corners where the corners show the main window's background18:07
yates The phrase "rounded corners" does not really represent the full scope of what   needed  to  be  done.  A  more  complete  explanation  would  be  "Make  a  widget with a gradient background with rounded corners which are transparent and show the main frame's background through the corners, when the main frame's background is itself a gradient."18:09
yatesso you can't cheat with tricks like setting the widget's background color to the parent window's background color..18:09
rburtonoh in the window itself18:14
rburtonthats nothing to do with window manager level transparency18:14
rburtonunles the widget is a popup window18:14
rburtoni'd look at what wx is doing18:15
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rburtonie is the wx you build using gtk2 or something stupid18:15
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ikkysleepyCan someone with a Raspberry PI 3 B+ test an image for me? I have it working fine with RPI 3 b, but someone said the image doesn't work well with RPI 3 B+. I don't have any issue with this on my RPI 3 B+.  The issue is related to bcm2835_sdhost .18:29
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psrcodeRP: finally my problem with the ??= PACKAGECONFIG yesterday was a fluke on my end, I had a rogue PACKAGECONFIG += "manpages" inside my bbappend for tools.19:19
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halsteadarmpit, RP, rburton AB is ready for new work.19:44
kergothwe sho uld really stop using ??= and ?= for PACKAGECONFIG, it's just way too error prone19:47
kergothwe shouldn't support setting it globally anyway19:47
kergothanyone who wants to adjust it uses recipe overrides19:47
armpithalstead, thanks19:53
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psrcodekergoth: I wasn't expecting the += to nuke the ??= ... anyway might be a rookie mistake20:30
kergoth+= is an immediate operation, using it sets it globally. then later on when the recipe is parsed, the defaults arent applied, because it was already set globally. we shuld just stop using ?=/??= for it in the recipes and it'd be a non-issue. can still use _append/_prepend/_remove with the pn- override20:31
kergothbut yeah, it's a common enough mistake with variables of that sort. IMAGE_INSTALL has the same problem in some cases20:31
kergothwhich is part of why CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL exists20:31
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RPhalstead: thanks!22:22
RPpsrcode: ah, glad you figured it out at least...22:22
RPzeddii: thanks for the patches, I'll put them in for testing. Looks like we have a regression with the kernel-devsrc patch22:22
zeddiioh ? which arch ? I can test it here tonight before I go poof for a week.22:23
kergothi hate it when projects never merge back their tags to master. i know why they don't, the overhead is a pain, but it's still pretty irritating at times. have to muck with merge-base, can't make accurate use of git-describe, etc22:31
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RPzeddii: qemumips:
RPzeddii: its with 4.922:41
RPer, 4.1922:41
RPzeddii: also qemumips64:
RPzeddii: and edgrouter:
RPzeddii: I think you just need to tweak the mips syscall install you added to fail gracefully22:43
RPzeddii: I suspect I can sort it if you're out of time22:45
zeddiidamnit. I meant to make them all graceful. I meant to loop back to that.22:49
zeddiiI should have time. will send you an email at the end of my night here, to let you know either way.22:49
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zeddiiRP: yah. I see it now, will send a patch. leave that one with me22:51
* zeddii scolds himself. I thought those were around in the old releases, should have checked.22:51
RPzeddii: its easily done22:52
RPzeddii: my current plan is to go 5.0 everywhere except for qemuarm and qemuarm64 and to switch qemuarm to the v7 for M322:53
RPzeddii: that would then let us figure out 5.0 for qemuarm* for 2.7 final22:53
RPzeddii: worst case they'd have 4.1922:53
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