Monday, 2019-03-11

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mckoangood morning08:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Circular dependencies issue with wic and fitImage+Initramfs <>08:21
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emilienhHi all, is there an appropriate option to run bitbake in a CI process and not get all the progress bars in the logs? Thanks!09:02
LetoThe2ndemilienh: bitbake -q not being helpful`09:05
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LetoThe2ndwith -q -q -q theres no progress bars anymore, just checked :)09:09
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emilienhThanks Leto I'm gonna try that09:18
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emilienhI see with -q -q -q I'm not getting any output at all, which is not ideal either09:24
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LetoThe2ndemilienh: AFAIK there was someting that bitbake tries to detect if the controlling terminal is interactive, and if it is not, there should be no bargraphs. but i could certainly be mixin up things here.09:25
LetoThe2ndemilienh: actually your best chance is to ask kergoth in the afternoon, i'd say09:26
emilienhSo using a different shell to Run bitbake might do the trick then? I'll try that thank you!09:28
emilienhall right :)09:28
LetoThe2ndno guarantees, might be me misremembering.09:28
emilienhno problem, thanks for the help!09:29
lfahello, what is the best practice to flash boards in mass production with Yocto generated images? During developement I use a wic image which contains several partitions, etc. Most partitions are empty during production and are filled with data later on09:41
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lfaThe wic image, with an empty 30GB gets rather big. So writing it "raw" to an eMMC works, but takes a long time09:42
lfa*empty partition of09:42
LetoThe2ndlfa: are you asking about which images to flahs, or which hardware to use, or what?09:42
lfamostly which images to flash, in an efficient way09:42
lfaI'm thinking of a combination of parted + writing just ext4 images instead of the whole wic image09:43
LetoThe2nda common technique is to have some form of updater-system booted that can then operate on file level instead of partition level09:43
LetoThe2ndubifs permits a hybrid form, with content replacing09:44
lfaAs "boot source" I would use TFTP+NFS during the flashing process09:45
LetoThe2ndcertainly doable.09:45
lfaLetoThe2nd: ok. so create partitions beforehand (e.g. with parted) and then file-based. sounds reasonable09:46
LetoThe2ndit an option.09:47
LetoThe2ndit depends soooo much on your hardware and project09:47
lfaI mean... I would like to use the wic image because it just contains everything, but write a 30GB image which mostly contains zeros is rather inefficient09:49
lfaIs it possible to access the partition information stored in a .wks file in my own image bbclass? I'm thinking about an image bbclass which generates a script for parted09:54
lfathat way I would not need to duplicate the information in two locations09:54
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naknickhi. when using "addtask" where does Yocto write it?09:55
rburtonlfa: i believe wic can expand partitions as it writes, so your actual image is a lot smaller but 'wic write' can expand it09:58
rburtonlfa: alternatively, use bmap09:58
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lfaLetoThe2nd: I'm not only worried about image size, but the time it takes to write the big (expanded) image too10:18
lfawill look at bmap though. Didn't know it and looks it's exactly what I need/want. Thanks!10:19
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rburtonlfa: i believe if you build eg a wic.bmap you'll end up with a bmap file generated, and then you can use bmaptool to write it fast10:50
rburton*maybe* wic write does that for you too10:51
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varjagso, i made a simple recipe that copies a bunch of html files to /srv/www on do_install(), and added it to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL in the image recipe12:07
varjaghowever if i cleanall my html recipe, baking the image does not invoke rebuilding it12:08
varjagit keeps the old content12:08
varjagwonder what could i be missing12:08
LetoThe2ndvarjag: try -c cleansstate12:09
LetoThe2ndvarjag: unless you give it some kind of versioning, bitbake does not really rebuild if it thinks nothing changed.12:09
varjagk trying that..12:09
LetoThe2ndvarjag: and for change detection it looks at the recipe, not at the sources. no change in the recipe, no rebuild by default.12:10
varjagit does seem to rebuild my other recipes in similar circumstances12:10
varjagmaybe i misremember, let's see12:10
varjagok cleansstate did the trick, thanks12:11
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rburtonvarjag: what is your SRC_URI12:20
varjagrburton: my local git repo, srcrev set to autorev12:24
rburtonhm should be working12:24
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varjagok, i had a space between 'SRCREV' and '='12:27
varjagbut it shouldn't matter, right?12:29
LetoThe2nd"nothing else matters" (TM)12:29
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Jacenvarjag: if your issue is about AUTOREV, maybe this is for you
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: cannot execute any command using sudo on raspberry pi <>12:52
varjagJacen: thanks for the hint, am still fiddling around with it trying to see what it was about12:53
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Striking7Hey all - I'm trying to check all the versions of a package that are available from the upstream provider14:22
Striking7So for example busybox - rather than just check for latest-version I'd like to see all available versions.14:22
Striking7Anyone know where devtool prunes out the old ones after scraping the page? I checked in recipetool's simplify_history but that doesn't seem to be getting run when I upgrade a package or check for latest version14:23
LetoThe2ndStriking7: well for any given state of the layerstack there is usually only one version of a given recipe available.14:24
LetoThe2ndStriking7: as version bumps in almost all cases replace the old version.14:24
LetoThe2ndStriking7: there's a couple of exceptions here and there, but generall the yocto release indirectly defines the version of the recipes it contains.14:25
Striking7LetoThe2nd - Yes, that's the problem I'm having here. My current use case requires that I upgrade to the *earliest* version of a package that fixes a specific CVE14:25
Striking7So if I can list available versions I can do that. It seems to be scraping all that info off upstream SRC_URI pages anyway and discarding it14:26
LetoThe2ndStriking7: That means that you have to add a custom layer that brings the desired version, and then explicitly select it with PREFERRED_VERSION14:26
rburtonStriking7: backporting the fix seems like an easier solution14:26
rburtonupgrading to random release may introduce more bugs14:26
Striking7I was wondering where that was happening, because then I can squirrel away all the intermediate versions and check against them, then use devtool upgrade -V VERSION_NUMBER to upgrade to a specific version14:27
Striking7rburton - this is something that needs to be automated.14:27
rburtonStriking7: automatic upgrade to random releases sound very exciting14:27
Striking7rburton - I understand the danger of that here, but it seems to be what my employer really really wants.14:27
rburtonthe bitbake fetcher contains the logic for "guess what versions are available"14:28
rburtonhave you tried option one of "that's a stupid idea"14:28
Striking7rburton automated execution of upgrades once decided upon by the user14:28
Striking7not just in the background happening willy nilly14:28
Striking7rburton - given that this is my 3rd day on the job, no I haven't. I don't have that kind of familiarity with the problem or the clout14:28
rburtonbackport relevant cve fixes to the stable branch of oe that you're using, then everyone else gets the fixes and you don't get breakage from version bumps14:28
Striking7rburton until I've had a chance to get more intimately familiar with the situation, I have to assume they're not asking me to do something stupid, more that I just don't understand the problem fully yet14:29
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Striking7rburton that's the problem. I/we aren't using any stable version of OE. Our *customers* are using thousands of different ones.14:30
Striking7This isn't just me maintaining my 1 distro happily. I'll be providing an admin tool for customers to auto-patch packages when fixes for specific CVEs pop up14:30
* rburton shudders14:31
Striking7Yeah. And if Yocto was the only platform we support that'd be one thing...14:31
* Striking7 sighs14:31
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dkcis there a reason why bitbake complains when it finds a bbappend without a corresponding bb? For instance I need a bbappend to fix an upstream recipe, but the layer I'm working on is shared by others that don't include the layer I'm fixing in my build. How would you deal with that?15:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: wlan usb stick on custom linux system appears to be working, but the outside world cannot see it <>15:22
meow`dkc: got the same problem here! we use to add a BBMASK in all other layers but this is painfull to maintain multiple images, anytime we need to .bbappend a recipe for a specific product, we need to add a BBMASH for all others product image we have, don't know if there is a better way to do that :/15:23
psrcodeRP: are you aware of any trick for autotools project to configure,build and install for multiple python runtimes?
paulbarkerdkc, meow`: Look into the way other layers handle this. For meta-raspberrypi there is a dynamic-layers directory and some magic in layer.conf:
psrcodelttng-ust and lttng-tools support botth python2 and python3 but need the PYTHON=xxx ./configure make, PYTHON=xxx3 ./configure make dance to support both version15:27
paulbarkerdkc, meow`: For meta-sancloud we just have a meta-sancloud-arago sub-layer which is only included when using the arago distro15:27
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rburtonpsrcode: packageconfig? default to py3, py2 for people who refuse to admit that py2 is dead.15:34
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rburton(a few recipes do that already)15:34
meow`paulbarker: thanks you paul, i will take a deeper look15:34
psrcoderburton: okai, so should I create a recipe in the meta-python layer or add a "feature" in the lttng-ust recipe i.e: PACKAGECONFIG[python3-agent] = "--enable-python-agent PYTHON=python3, --disable-python-agent, python3-core"15:35
rburtonpsrcode: add directly to oe-core15:35
psrcoderburton: okai thanks15:36
retoatworkHow can I set SRC_URI to copy a whole directory 1:1 (recursively, inclusive relative symlinks) to WORKDIR?15:36
dkcpaulbarker: okay thanks for the suggestions, in the end we always have to create a layer to host these bbappends and enable these "fix layers" only when the layer they're supposed to fix is enable15:36
retoatworkIs there any chance to do do withouth using a tarball?15:37
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psrcoderburton: while I have you, is there a way to specify a dependency on a package with a certain feature enabled? or should i use ?15:41
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rburtonpsrcode: no there isn't16:36
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psrcoderburton: okai thanks16:50
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Wi-Fi USB stick on custom linux system appears to be working, but the outside world cannot see it <>16:53
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Tartarus... good answers to that already in comments17:12
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winotuHi o/21:06
winotuI would like to know if image  rootfs directory in built image WORKDIR is created with do_rootfs or there is other task wich creates filesystem under fakeroot ?21:08
kergothyes, it's do_rootfs, and yes, it runs under fakeroot21:08
winotuI'm trying figure out why dnf during rootfs creation fails due to not enough space on that rootfs directory21:08
kergothsounds like the image space variables aren't sufficient for the packages being installed21:09
winotulooks like IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE or extra space is not used21:10
winotuI increased those variables but they are used much later than ${WORKDIR}/rootfs was created and package manager installas all packages21:11
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winotukergoth: do You have any clues were to look for the issue with dnf ? or were to check.21:19
winotudf under devshell doesn't provide any data21:20
winotuI can't find any action which would suggest filesystem creation before package manager starts installing packages21:21
winotuor size limits setting on it under pseudo21:21
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smurrayRP: hopefully quick question, what's the method for getting bitbake changes backported (looking to backport gitsm fixes into thud)?21:36
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rburtonwinotu: what file system is the build host using?22:56
rburtonwinotu: eg zfs/btrfs are good for filling up before df says they're full22:56
rburtonsmurray: several people have asked about those.  i would suggest asking fray too but he's not here22:57
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smurrayrburton: yeah, I asked a few weeks back and he indicated it was on his TODO list but that he was swamped.  AGL needs it pretty soon, so I can give it a try, but I don't follow how bitbake changes get backported with its lack of OE branches22:59
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winoturburton: host uses ext423:00
winotubut it's not full23:01
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