Tuesday, 2019-03-12

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bazel 0.5.3 how to use cross-toolchain, for example, yocto sdk (aarch64) <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55113100/bazel-0-5-3-how-to-use-cross-toolchain-for-example-yocto-sdk-aarch64>02:25
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RPsmurray: for tthis, I'd take a bitbake branch with the changes on04:24
RPsmurray: I'm sure I've see a list of the commits needed somewhere04:24
smurrayRP: there's something like 7-8 commits, iirc.  After poking around earlier I was figuring I could do a patch series against 1.40, but a branch works04:25
smurrayRP: so submit a pull request once I've got something, I guess?  I don't have autobuilder access atm, should I get request that and do a run through via poky-contrib, perhaps?04:29
RPsmurray: patch series works fine as long as its against bitbake and makes it clear they're all cherry picks and how clean the picks were04:30
RPsmurray: happy to run such a series through the autobuilder but its mainly bitbake selftest we need to have passing in this case04:31
RPsmurray: I would want to see the tests included/backported04:31
smurrayRP: okay, I'll work up something tomorrow, and make sure the tests are there (and pass ;) )04:31
smurrayRP: thanks!04:32
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varjagif i have a package that's built with own provided configure -> makefile, i still should import autotools to build it right?08:08
varjagand just specify my options to configure in EXTRA_OECONF08:09
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varjagright, looks like it08:14
LetoThe2ndvarjag: um, no08:17
LetoThe2ndvarjag: you should import autotools if the package is autotoolized08:18
LetoThe2ndvarjag: if the package is autotoolized AND brings a configure script in the sources, then importing autotools will discard that script and regenerate it, as far as i know08:18
LetoThe2ndbut the real point is "is the package autotoolized", and not "does it bring a configure/Makeefile"08:19
varjaghm.. it looked like autotools.bbclass would run oe_runconf if the configure is there anyway08:21
LetoThe2ndthat just what i said, right?08:22
varjagbut the package is not autotoolized08:22
LetoThe2ndautotools.bbclass is really a little bit more than just configure; make; make install08:24
varjagyup, what i mean the package has no configure.ac or makefile.am but upstream-supplied configure, and wondered if autotools was still idiomatic way to build such packages in yocto08:26
LetoThe2ndah ok, but this seems to be limited to the case where the source is autotoolized AND brings the autotools sources. where as shipping generated configure + Makefile will jump a couple of steps08:26
LetoThe2ndvarjag: that sounds very much like the devs of that package use autotools internally, but do not push its sources.08:27
varjagit's a bit more complicated than that, it is a compiler that has a sort of 2-stage/bootstrap build08:27
alicefhow I can add meta layers from the yocto esdk ?08:28
varjagso i believe there's quite a lot of manual tuning done08:28
LetoThe2ndalicef: from?08:28
LetoThe2ndvarjag: in that case, i'd probably use autotools.bbclass as a template, and pour everything into a custom .inc for that specific package.08:28
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alicefLetoThe2nd: from a openembedded layer for example08:29
varjagmm.. makes sense08:29
alicefis it even possible ?08:29
LetoThe2ndalicef: you mean you want to add a layer TO the esdk?08:29
LetoThe2ndalicef: that should work just like in any other situation too. check out the desired layer, add it to bblayers.conf08:30
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alicefoh ok sounds easy08:31
LetoThe2ndbut no guarantees that it doesn't break the build if its something that brings invasive changes08:31
LetoThe2ndso this is more of a "technically easy"08:31
alicefby the way there is a way to use devtool add but keep the recipe if already present08:31
alicefand not recreating it from new08:32
alicefI think i can probably make a bash script that ovveride the recipe after importing it08:35
alicefbut i was thinking if there is a better way08:35
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winotuHi o/08:52
winotudid any one had problem with PSEUDO during rootfs creation ?08:52
LetoThe2ndwinotu: certainly.08:53
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LetoThe2ndso, what good did that answer do you? ;-)08:53
winotuLetoThe2nd: during package installation ?08:53
LetoThe2ndwinotu: in case you did not get the clue: just ask about your *exact* problem instead of a chain of meta-questions, please.08:53
winotuLetoThe2nd: i get it :]08:54
winotuLetoThe2nd: when dnf tries to install packages during do_rootfs it shows error with lack of disk space08:54
LetoThe2ndand you are sure that you're not running out of space? specifically the image size that you might have specified?08:55
winotufor now I narrowed it to dnf invokation under PSEUDO, and for now I don't have any clue where to find any further place to find the root cause08:56
winotuLetoThe2nd: yes i checked /dev/shm /tmp and filesystem on which the rootfs is created/installed with dnf command08:56
winotuLetoThe2nd: image size variables are not used during this phase08:57
LetoThe2ndi see. anything highly specific about the host you build on? or generally about your build?08:58
winotuLetoThe2nd: or at least I can'd find in code any referrence to them when PSEUDO is started and rootfs is created before dnf is used for packages installation08:58
LetoThe2nd(just trying to gather information for those who might read along or backlog)08:58
winotuLetoThe2nd: ext4, rh708:58
alicefLetoThe2nd: any idea about devtool add ?08:58
LetoThe2ndalicef: no. if i had, i would have told.08:59
LetoThe2ndRP: do we test on RHEL7?08:59
alicefLetoThe2nd: thanks08:59
LetoThe2ndwinotu: has this already worked once? are you on master?09:03
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winotuLetoThe2nd: yes it worked for some time, i'm using rocko poky09:16
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winotuofficialy Yocto supports Centos and Fedora09:17
LetoThe2ndwinotu: i'm not saying that its unsupported per se, just that sometime things break through an update. and if its in the test matrix we have a chance that its automagically catched.09:19
winotuaah ok09:20
LetoThe2ndwinotu: but then the real question is: when did it stop working :)09:20
winotuno poky update09:20
winotuI just added new stuff to image and boom09:20
LetoThe2ndand which stuff did you add?09:20
LetoThe2nd(you did not mention that so far, btw.)09:21
winotutpm2 ex09:21
winotujust more rpm packages for installation09:21
winotuthat shouldn't be a problem during rootfs packages installation09:21
LetoThe2ndwell... "shouldn't"09:22
winotuand the same issue I had some time ago without changes09:22
winotuthen I thought that /tmp was full09:23
winotuand used differenet host to build09:23
LetoThe2ndand if you revert the change things work again?09:24
winotuLetoThe2nd: not checked yet as I need new packages in image. So I focused how or where to increase size of rootfs where dnf install packages.09:27
LetoThe2ndwinotu: hey, a couple of minutes ago you claimed to have verified that the size is not checked at that stage. so what now?09:28
winotuLetoThe2nd: IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE and MAXSIZE09:28
LetoThe2ndyes, and?09:29
winotuLetoThe2nd: i wrote that already checked that i'm in a corner09:29
winotuseems that pseudo provides for dnf wrong that about free space09:29
winotuor DNF has this info in some config file ?09:29
LetoThe2ndi'm just suggesting that by reverting the change you can verify that the change actually triggered the problem, instead of maybe some other, coidential happening.09:30
winotu*provide wrong information about free space09:30
winotuLetoThe2nd: it's possible as I have seen in past similiar issue09:30
winotufor now looking in the bbclass es and checking all the python code narrowed me to usage of dnf under pseudo09:31
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varjagis it common to have fetch fails from sourceforge repos, or is it just me09:49
winotuvarjag: create PREMIRROS repo on Your local host and forget for sometime about any external communication09:53
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varjagwinotu: great idea10:14
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winotuLetoThe2nd: i checked building on different host machine ( spec is the same for host env and hw) is it possible that some FS error on host shows?11:03
LetoThe2ndwinotu: i'm no intimate knower of pseudo, so, i can't tell.11:04
LetoThe2ndRP: ^^^^ maybe you.11:04
winotuLetoThe2nd: I didn't include important sentence, and it works on that separate machine. Same changes same package size for installation.11:05
LetoThe2ndwinotu: tbh, you didn't include important bits and pieces for several times, and therefore i am not really inclined to spend much more effort here. my gut feeling is that you have indirectly triggered some strange behavious, maybe even bug. maybe its related to different package versions of the host.11:07
LetoThe2ndlike i said, maybe RP can tell more, i cannot.11:07
LetoThe2nd(and its lunch now, YAY!)11:07
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winotuLetoThe2nd: I don't want to to take Your time, I'm just looking for hints/tips where to look. If I could find the information easly in code I wouldn't ask here for them. And as I already stated for me it's some PSEUDO issue when dnf is exectued.11:13
winotuwhen do_rootfs is run PSEUDO is used and python run subprocess to run dnf installation of package in specified rootfs.11:14
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winotuif the WORKDIR/rootfs is not an special filesystem created under PSEUDO, one and only issue can come from pseudo db about used filesystem which is used then by dnf for free space calculation11:17
winotumaybe my pseudo binary is built somehow incorrectly I will check that11:18
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jrypkecIs this an appropriate place to ask a quick question for using Yocto, not developing?11:37
neverpanicjrypkec: yes11:38
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jrypkecI'm trying to find a list of what packages are available via rdepends11:40
jrypkecQA is complaining about missing libudev. Theres a bunch of bindings availble but not the actual package on http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/?q=libudev11:42
jrypkecSo I'm guessing udev is generally available somewhere11:42
neverpanicjrypkec: The search you're using gives you recipe names, not package names11:44
neverpanicRDEPENDS expects package names.11:44
neverpanicin openembedded-core, the udev recipe provides the libudev package, see http://cgit.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/recipes-core/udev/eudev_3.2.7.bb?h=master#n6811:45
jrypkecok. Is there a way to print the rdepends possible values?11:46
neverpanicProviding a searchable index of packages is not always easy, because package names might be generated at runtime11:46
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neverpanicE.g., in recipes that provide language-specific packages, there's no line PACKAGES += "package-${lang}" for every language, instead there's a rule that generates the packages according to a regular expression while packaging.11:46
neverpanicThe easiest way to get a list of available packages for your system is to check your package feeds (where exactly those live depends on which package manager you're configured to use)11:47
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jrypkecok thanks11:50
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RPrburton: we have a problem. Something is wrong with the autobuilder. Looks like hanging fetches :(12:18
RPrburton: I suspect a hung build/slow fetch somewhere which is blocking everything else with a lock12:19
RPrburton: I tried asking halstead before I collasped with jetlag but its not looking well this morning :(12:19
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RPthis is a nightmare scenario with me travelling :(12:20
* RP ponders what to do about it12:23
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winotuLetoThe2nd: I maybe will have some finding, apparently host / dir is full, which I'm not using for any building and apparently dnf through pseudo uses wrong root dir for checking free space. I'm testing this on different host with similiar scenario.12:28
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LetoThe2ndwinotu: hum. i kinda doubt that. but of course, its possible.12:33
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rburtonwinotu: oh that was fixed12:46
LetoThe2ndrburton: pyro in that case.12:46
winoturburton: which poky ?12:47
rburtondefinitely master12:47
rburtontrying to find the commit now12:47
winotui'm using 2.4 rocko12:47
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LetoThe2ndah rocko, my bad.12:48
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rburtonkanavin might remember what the fix was but iirc he is on holiday now12:53
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daniel-kHi! I'm trying to install/enable a wpa-supplicant systemd service from another recipe by adding `SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = "wpa_supplicant@wlan0.service"` but I'm getting the error: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_... value wpa_supplicant@wlan0.service does not exist. Any ideas? I already tried adding wpa-supplicant as DEPENDS and RDEPENDS13:06
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QuazilIs there an easy way to have Yocto build both the aarch64 and aarch toolchains?13:18
QuazilWe have a mixed SoC that has some of both cores.13:18
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winotuQuazil: you mean armv 32bit ? and arm 64 bit ?13:26
winotuQuazil: and probably You would like to use multilib in one image ?13:26
winotuQuazil: if yes then https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/latest/mega-manual/mega-manual.html#combining-multiple-versions-library-files-into-one-image13:27
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yacar_Hi guys, I'm trying to do some easy thing in yocto but somehow it doesn't work as I would expect13:44
yacar_I'm trying to link a program with asound lib, includes are in /usr/include and lib is in /usr/lib13:44
yacar_however it doesn't seem to compile out of the box when I'm trying to do things as follow :13:44
yacar_${CC} alsa_tester.c -o alsa_tester -lasound13:45
yacar_I added -I/usr/include which improved a little bit13:45
yacar_but then it said that it doesn't have the libasound13:46
yacar_so I added -L/usr/lib which didn't fix the issue.13:46
yacar_I think there's something obviously wrong with what I'm doing...13:46
paulbarkeryacar_: You definitely don't want to be pulling in host includes & libraries during the build13:46
paulbarkerYou need to add the relevant packages to DEPENDS in your recipe13:47
yacar_Oh ok I see, I'll try that :)13:48
paulbarkerI think it's 'alsa-lib' for libasound but I'm not 100% sure13:48
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paulbarkerThe idea with Yocto Project/OE is that we isolate the build from the host so you don't accidentally link against things that aren't built for the hardware you're targeting13:49
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yacar_yep that's the one, I added it to my image recipe but didn't in my package recipe13:49
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paulbarkerOn recent branches you'll find that recipes only have access to things which are listed as dependencies. That's to stop inconsistent builds when things like autoconf enable/disable features based on what libs are found13:51
Quazilwinotu: Not multi-lib; the Linux image is all aarch64 but we have a real-time core that is 32bit.13:52
QuazilMaybe I want to build two SDKs?13:52
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winotuQuazil: You can build own toolchain to build sw for that 32 bit core or use built toolchain to compile for that core binary file and own separate recipe for that13:54
winotuQuazil: or You just need SDK for the core sw ?13:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: OpenGL: Mesa3D Offscreen Software Rendering Performance Issues <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55122964/opengl-mesa3d-offscreen-software-rendering-performance-issues>13:57
winotuQuazil: https://www.openembedded.org/wiki/Adding_a_secondary_toolchain13:57
QuazilAwesome, thank you13:58
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yacar_paulbarker: that was it thanks !14:01
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yacar_I've another problem with the install rule but at least now it's compiling :)14:02
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winotukanavin: If You could point me to fix with dnf/pseudo issue I would be really gratefull. Seems that dnf checks / root on host instead rootfs directory for installing packages.14:32
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jtrimbl3Question for the group: Is the main point of BBMULTICONFIG to allow you to build recipes under multiple settings of DISTRO?15:17
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armpitjtrimbl3, is allows for multiple images to be built with dependences between the images15:26
*** dl9pf <dl9pf!~quassel@opensuse/member/dl9pf> has joined #yocto15:26
jtrimbl3Isn't an "image" a special type of recipe?  So why couldn't one "image" depend on another "image" without multiconfig?15:26
kergothjtrimbl3: it can, but only if they share the same overall configuration, machine, libc, etc15:27
kergothsomeone may well want to build images for multiple machines in a single run, i.e. for a container vs the hardware, a musl initramfs vs glibc rootfs, etc15:27
TartarusAh fun, daadaf7fd7d5566741817e720a0a8c88768a7f28 in kernel-meta broke the qemux86/x86_64 RRECOMMENDS line by dropping the old sound driver15:28
jtrimbl3It seems like multiconfig becomes necessary when you need to change something like "distro policy"15:28
kergoththats where multconfig deps would be helpful15:28
kergothor machine, or libc, or basically anything set in global configuration15:28
Tartarusand since it's a recs not a depends, nothing failed.15:28
kergothOT, but am I correct in remembering that if you need to combine multiple hashes into a single new one, you use xor?15:29
Striking7Hey guys - I'm trying to figure out how devtool, recipetool, and bitbake are passing info back and forth so I'm breaking out into pdb15:31
Striking7the problem is that devtool, bitbake, or *something* is redirecting std out, so I don't get any character echo in PDB15:31
Striking7... so I'm typing blind.15:31
Striking7Anyone know how I can wrench stdout back for that use case?15:31
kergothdepends on context.15:32
jtrimbl3I've got something that appends a base class to all recipes via INHERIT+= in my distro policy, but I want to generate a separate "installer" image (which depends on my main image) that doesn't do the INHERIT thing.  It seems like the only way to do that is a multiconfig with different "DISTRO=" values, right?15:32
kergothare you debugging inside a task, event handler, what?15:32
kergothjtrimbl3: or just change your class to have a way to disable its functionality with a variable..15:32
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Striking7I placed some pdb.set_trace() statements within, for instance, recipeutils.py15:33
Striking7so I could see what happens when, say, I run 'devtool upgrade xmodmap'15:33
kergothyou should really just send messages to an appropriate logger instance and let it sort out how to display it.15:33
Striking7I'd like to pick apart "rd" and see what it holds15:33
kergothall the tools use python logging15:33
jtrimbl3@kergoth: But then it seems like I'd need to build some recipes with two different values of the enable/disable variable15:34
Striking7K, I'll just have to get more familiar with where that stuff is logged.15:34
Striking7Thanks kergoth15:34
kergothjtrimbl3: or set the variable appropriately in some other context with an override, sure15:34
kergothjtrimbl3: FOO_pn-myinstallerimage = "0"15:34
kergothor whatever15:34
kergothyou'll have to have a way to express when it's obeyed and when it isn't regardless15:34
kergoththe only question is how you want to make it happen15:34
kergothand where that knowledge is stored15:35
jtrimbl3kergoth: Oooh I like that15:35
kergothcould set it in your distro policy or wherever is most appropraite for your situation15:35
jtrimbl3But I can have different values of OVERRIDES for different recipes?15:36
jtrimbl3er, I can build the same recipe multiple times with different values of OVERRIDES?15:37
jtrimbl3so that one time it will get built with MY_VARIABLE=foo15:37
jtrimbl3and the second time it will get built with MY_VARIABLE=bar (by setting MY_VARIABLE_myspecialimage=bar)?15:37
kergothOVERRIDES always includes 'pn-${PN}'15:38
kergothso you can override a variable in any recipe from the config metadata by using it15:38
*** learningc <learningc!~learningc@2001:d08:d6:93b:3c85:ee4d:6fbd:ae84> has quit IRC15:39
kergothyou could do that, but you'd have to use multiple bitbake invocations15:39
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has joined #yocto15:39
kergothunless you use multiconfig, of course15:39
jtrimbl3ok so sounds like i might be best off using multiconfig15:39
kergothif you want to build multiple configs in a singl ebitbake run, that's what it's for15:40
jtrimbl3as a first cut I just set up multiconfig (with only one "config" in the multiconfig/) directory and now it's saying: "Uninative selected but not configured correctly, please set UNINATIVE_CHECKSUM[x86_64]"15:40
* Tartarus shoots off a patch15:40
jtrimbl3though that's not necessary in my non-multiconfig case15:40
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC15:42
jtrimbl3seems that normally UNINATIVE_CHECKSUM gets set from poky/meta/conf/distro/include/yocto-uninative.inc -- not sure why that's not being picked up now...15:42
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jtrimbl3seems like I have to set a "DISTRO" in my local.conf even though my goal is to change DISTRO in each of my multiconfigs15:54
rburtonzeddii: did you fail to push something? WARNING: linux-yocto-5.0+gitAUTOINC+8fbd119bd9_37c8f2a3df-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://git.yoctoproject.org/linux-yocto.git;name=machine;branch=v5.0/standard/base15:58
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rburtonjtrimbl3: remember local.conf *is* one of the multiconfigs16:12
rburtonyou have local.conf + any multiconfigs set16:12
rburtoni've a host/container thing going on, local.conf is host and multiconfig/foo.conf is the guests16:13
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yacar_hey guys, just wondering, what the difference between normal and extensible SDK ?16:37
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RPrburton: the repo looks corrupted in the shared downloads dir. Have wiped it and letting it start aain17:02
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jtrimbl3rburton: Thanks -- I hadn't realized that.  The world is starting to make sense now.18:16
jtrimbl3Also important to set TMPDIR in my "multiconfig/whatever.conf" or else things get very confused18:16
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armpitjtrimbl3, multiconfig is also in the mega manual19:20
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jtrimbl3Can I set a separate value of BBMASK inside my "multiconfig/my_config.conf" ?19:44
armpithaven't tried it. I would expect that behavior to be supported19:47
jtrimbl3separate question -- is it possible to have a separate "bblayers.conf" in a separate multiconfig?19:47
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RPjtrimbl3: No, not as it works today20:05
RPjtrimbl3: BBMASK would work20:06
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kergothhmm, https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/layer/meta-flatpak/ is getting a little old, wonder if anyone is working on that anymore20:08
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moosnatHi, I'm trying to use the CRI-O recipe in meta-virtualization with rocko. The official layer doesn't support rocko, but I've managed to easily backport the runc layer. The CRI-O layer keeps failing with "attempting to install package into read-only GOROOT" errors, however.21:52
moosnats/layer/recipe/g, sorry21:54
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