Saturday, 2019-03-16

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to start bitbake server <>04:44
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* RP is pleased to make it home15:44
armpitglad to hear you got home in one piece15:52
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SimoneNasciveraHi everyone15:58
SimoneNasciveraI have a question to make15:58
SimoneNasciveraif I build an image, core-image-sato for example15:58
SimoneNasciveraThen I'll get an *gpt.img file in /build/tmp/deploy/15:59
SimoneNasciverabut if I do a single packet build, example "bitbake git" will it be added to the image automatically? How could I recreate the .img file with the new package?16:00
SimoneNasciveraThank you16:00
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armpitadd IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " git" and build your image16:08
armpitthat will include git16:08
armpitlocal.conf... forgot that part16:09
SimoneNasciveraI'm trying16:09
armpitgit is the recipe being built when you run bitbake git so you might need to double check out it splits out the packages16:10
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SimoneNasciverathe problem is that I have already an  IMAGE_INSTALL_append entry in local.conf and even if I change it, when I do bitbake core-image-sato it doesn't seem to compile/add anything16:11
SimoneNasciveraif I check the packages in the .manifest file in the same directory as the .img file, the new packages are not listed16:12
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armpityou might need to look in tmp/work/{arch}/git/{version}/package-splits to see the name of the package needing to be add to the IMAGE_INSTALL*16:15
SimoneNasciveraarmpit: thank you. I found the package-splits directory. Should all the packages in there be listed in local.conf?16:16
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armpitSimoneNascivera, only the ones that contain the binaries you want to install16:19
armpityou can start with all and then scale back16:20
SimoneNasciveraarmpit: even if I added all the package-splits nothing changed16:23
SimoneNasciveraarmpit: I'm sure if I clean build everything it'll work, it happened also weeks ago but I would like to learn how to add packages without clean buildingthe image every time16:25
armpitSimoneNascivera, you may want to look in the image itself, maybe the binaries are there just not showing up in the manafest16:39
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SimoneNasciveraarmpit: I tried mounting the img but there isn't any git binaries in the path specified in package_splits16:46
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aduskettQuick question: For cross-compiled python libraries, how does Yocto handle the cross compile? For example: Using Buildroot, I am porting gst-python, and it makes, which is actually a ELF 64-bit LSB pie executable, ARM aarch64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, not stripped file.16:49
aduskettSo I guess a better question is, how does Yocto prevent the x86_64-linux-gnu naming schema from happening?16:49
SimoneNasciveraarmpit: it does also make sense, since the last modification to the .img file  seems to be very old16:49
aduskettah, there's a qemu wrapper involved16:54
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