Sunday, 2019-03-17

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* armpit hit head against wall18:50
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* armpit starches head... errrr... could this be right.. build agains poky then it pulls in oe core changes that don't exist?19:58
* armpit heheheheh.. why not19:59
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* armpit thats it... 2 weeks of pain for this...???21:09
bluelightningarmpit: what's up?21:17
armpitbluelightning, there is a build qemuarm-oecore and it appears to pull from bitbake and core while the rest of the build pulls from poky21:26
armpitso stable work will be out of sync21:26
armpitIll talk to RP about this later.. It did not register that they where pulling from diff repos..21:27
armpitI am sure there is a way to get this working21:28
armpitI say a build failure,so I backported the fix to poky. it fixed it locally.. need to figure out the core angle.21:41
bluelightningarmpit: probably part of verifying that things work fine with just OE-Core + bitbake, but yeah I can see how it might be confusing22:25
bluelightningideally poky shouldn't be involved at all in such builds on the AB22:25
armpitcorrect.. I understand the value... didn't know I had to push things to bitbake-contrib and openembedded-core-contrib and poky-contrib and fill in all the correct bits in the build22:34
armpitMaybe its because i am old man and fell asleep when it was all being explained or I forgot ; )22:36
armpitbluelightning, happy Saint Patties day.. a day late :/22:37
bluelightningthanks - I can't say I celebrated it much this year though22:38
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