Wednesday, 2019-03-20

RPhalstead: thanks!00:00
RPotavio: FWIW I think it still makes sense to resolve the mesa 19.x issues since we will have to anyway sooner or later00:01
RPthere is always the possibility this build won't work out for some reason (I'm trying to ignore that)00:02 ERROR:  Problem encountered: The Nouveau driver requires rtti. You either need to turn off nouveau or use an LLVM built with LLVM_ENABLE_RTTI.00:03
halsteadRP, I hope these new workers don't mess up the M3. Seems like kind of an important moment to introduce them.00:03
otaviomeson: Error out if building nouveau and using LLVM without rtti00:03
RPhalstead: I was just wondering about that. I guess we'll see00:04
halsteadI'll check back in on the build before bed.00:05
otavioRP: I wonder how it works for some and fail other00:06
otaviomaybe musl builds LLVM without LLVM_ENABLE_RTTI ?00:07
RPotavio: I think that build is a "graphics with llvm" test00:10
otavioRP: this is a regression with meson00:10
otaviocommit c5a97d658ec19cc02719d7f86c1b0715e3d9ffc400:11
otavioAuthor: Dylan Baker <>00:11
otavioDate:   Mon Apr 16 14:47:58 2018 -070000:11
otaviomeson: fix builds against LLVM built without rtti00:11
otavioBuilding without rtti is a frought with peril, but it's something that autotools supports so we need to support it too.00:11
otavioSince we've moved to version 0.44 as a whole we can use the meson functionality for accessing random llvm-config options we can check for rtti and add -fno-rtti to all C++ code accordingly.00:11
otavioSigned-off-by: Dylan Baker <>00:11
RPotavio: so two issues, one is musl segfaulting and the other is llvm00:11
otavioautoconf supports it00:11
otaviowould you be open to build using autotools and see if it really "works" ?00:11
RPotavio: is the config for that build00:12
RPPACKAGECONFIG_append_x86-64_pn-mesa = ' gallium-llvm gallium r600'00:12
otavioRP: fine, but nauveou is what needs it and it is enabled00:13
RPotavio: I'm not sure what you're asking me00:13
* RP should really sleep00:21
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tzanybody got ideas how to debug an image build with "busybox.postinst returned 1, marking as unpacked only, configuration required on target." ? the do_rootfs logfile doesn't say anything useful apart from the quoted text01:53
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tzseems like busybox's applet links are fine in the initramfs, but not in the final root filesystem02:01
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tznever mind; good old "set -x", looks like busybox was conflicting with an actual package that provided the same binaries02:33
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake cannot find the header file of another recipe <> || In Yocto, how to include header files from another recipes <>04:19
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erbokanavin: are all your qemu patches merged now? or should I use some patchset too if I want to play around with it?07:47
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alicefhow i can force IMAGE_INSTALL_remove08:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add a static library to Yocto SDK package <>08:19
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mckoanalicef: hi, what do you mean?08:22
alicefusing IMAGE_INSTALL_remove for removing a recipe dosen't work and the recipe is still there08:23
alicefI suppose maybe because of dependency ?08:24
alicefand i found this mail
alicefabout force exclude a package08:24
mckoanalicef: it's definitely because of dependency08:29
alicefmckoan: threre is a way for force the removal ?08:34
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mckoanalicef: AFAIK no if it's a dependency08:37
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to enable tc command when building a kernel using Yocto recipes <>08:49
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sveinseOh, how I wish bitbake would have some mechanism for comments inside multi-line var values09:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Both and exist in rootfs <>10:20
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SimoneNasciveraHi everyone13:25
mckoanSimoneNascivera: hello13:26
SimoneNasciveraI'm getting an error whil building kernel-devsrc:
SimoneNasciveramckoan: did it ever happened to you?13:27
mckoanSimoneNascivera: no, but I don't know anything about your configuration13:27
SimoneNasciveramckoan: I'm compiling an image for a tinkerboard system (ARM based)13:28
SimoneNasciveramckoan: and I need kernel-devsrc in order to add a kernel module to the system13:28
mckoanSimoneNascivera: not sure you need it to do that13:29
mckoanSimoneNascivera: is the module already built? cross-compilaed?13:29
SimoneNasciveramckoan: it's the first time I'm doing it and I have to compile it13:29
mckoanSimoneNascivera: lkely you want to cross-compile it and afterward deploy int on the target13:30
SimoneNasciveramckoan: since it's the first time, I thought it would be easier to compile directly on the target13:30
mckoanSimoneNascivera: using Yocto is not expected to compile on the target13:30
SimoneNasciveramckoan: uh ok, I never thounght that it could be the case13:31
mckoanSimoneNascivera: Architecture did not match (x86, expected ARM) is the right error13:31
SimoneNasciveramckoan: so should I try to set up the cross compiler and then deploy the mdoule?13:32
SimoneNasciveramckoan: *module13:32
mckoanSimoneNascivera: I would do that13:32
SimoneNasciveramckoan: ok, thank you so much for your help. I'll try right now.13:32
zeddiiyou don't actually have to setup the cross compiler, it is always there, whether you know it or not. Just follow one of the other module recipes and it is a fairly quick thing to put together to build it.13:32
mckoantz: i always forget my own posts :-D13:33
ernstpcan you make yocto build a host toolchain from source also? it will still need a host gcc as bootstrap compiler of course...13:33
tzsaved me heaps of time, that one!13:34
mckoantz: glad to know13:34
LetoThe2ndernstp: yocto builds the host toolchain by default :)13:38
ernstpLetoThe2nd: I don't think so, and that's not the behavior I'm seeing...13:39
ernstpoh I'm still on yocto 2.4, perhaps it's changed?13:40
LetoThe2ndernstp: that should have been like it forever.13:40
ernstpto me it looks like it's only building a target toolchain and uses host OS toolchain for native tools13:41
LetoThe2ndernstp: hmmm you might actually be right and me mistaken.13:44
ernstpbut I'm guessing it has support for building a native toolchain also13:45
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SimoneNasciveramckoan: Once I made all necessary files, should I place them in meta-skeleton/recipes-kernel?14:02
mckoanSimoneNascivera: best practice is to add your recipe to your custom layer14:03
ernstpHOSTTOOLS_remove += "gcc g++ cpp" doesn't work, which I guess is logical...14:03
JaMaernstp: it doesn't have support for building native toolchain, it always depends on the host to provide usable one14:05
JaMaernstp: you can build build-appliance with yocto and then use that for your builds14:06
ernstpok, then I know. have a somewhat heterogeneous environment...14:06
oddahi! can anyone give me a qick advise on this problem: i use a layer that provides a .bbappend for a recipe that does not exist.14:32
oddain particular the layer i am using appends to openssl_1.0.2h but the openssl packege from meta is at 1.0.2p14:32
oddaso renaming the file solves the problem, but is there as solution that does not require changes of that layer?14:33
LetoThe2ndodda: there are wildcards, like %14:36
LetoThe2ndodda: see the dev manual for details.14:36
SimoneNasciveramckoan: thank you so much. I made my own layer and it actually starts to compile it. I received this error:
SimoneNasciveramckoan: I tried to run the make command in my shell, and it gives : make: use-ld=bfd: No such file or directory14:38
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oddaLetoThe2nd: i know that these exist but the layer that i use has an 'unwildcarded' bbappend and i dont want to introduce changes to that layer an running my own fork14:40
LetoThe2ndodda: then you're out of luck, i'd say, and have to expect the maintainer of that layer to stay properly up to date.14:41
mckoanSimoneNascivera: are you sure you are building a valid module for your kernel version?14:45
oddaLetoThe2nd: alright, thank you ... :/14:45
odda i was hoping for some kind of magic spell that only the yocto gods know ...14:45
SimoneNasciveramckoan: the kernel module is a usb driver given by the manufacturer. It should support linux-3.3.8 or higher kernel version14:47
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mckoanSimoneNascivera: it *should*14:53
mckoanSimoneNascivera: it's better to ask to the device manufacturer14:54
SimoneNasciveramckoan: I'll try to ask them and hope they'll answer14:55
SimoneNasciveramckoan: btw thank you for your time14:55
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mckoanSimoneNascivera: yw, ciao15:00
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u1106my recipe needs to download a couple of single files (not archives) using https. Downloading works fine, but they are all stored in WORKDIR which is messy. I would prefer to have them in a subdirectory e.g. ${WORKDIR}/external. I found the localfilename option, but it seems to effect only the download directory, but not the WORKDIR. The local file fetcher is a subdir option, the git fetcher has a destsuffix option, but how can achieve that with the wget15:05
ernstpodda: if the bbappend is in a layer someone else wrote, perhaps you checked out the wrong branch of it?15:05
ernstpu1106: one solution would be a custom do_fetch implementation....15:06
u1106ernstp: right. I was thinking of adding such option to, but honestly I hoped I was just missing something simpler :)15:08
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ernstpu1106: there could be a DL_DIR variable... ?15:13
ernstpoh wait, that's something else...15:14
u1106yeah, the downloadfile option affects the location in DL_DIR, but that's not what I intended to change15:17
* kergoth yawns15:18
Striking7Nice, kergoth15:20
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u1106kergoth: thanks that does it. My mistake was to trust to manual that documents that behaviour only for file://. Next mistake was to look around in fetch2/ Afterwards I could guess is only responsible for getting the files to DL_DIR and is responsible for getting them from DL_DIR to WORKDIR?15:32
u1106(need to run now, will check later)15:33
kergothunpacking is often common between fetchers. the fetcher in wget inherits from a base class in __init__ that implements a baseline unpack()15:33
kergothsome fetchers override it, like git, to clone instead of copy, but not all15:33
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mcfriskhi, I want to build ptests on sumo but not install to images by default. added ptests to DISTRO_FEATURES only but they end up on images too. can't see how though from bitbake -e image. ptests are missing from IMAGE_FEATURES. What did I miss?16:32
kergothptests aren't installed unless you add them to IMAGE_FEATURES.. distro features only enables the emission of the packages, not their installation16:35
kergothmy guess is some package is incorrectly rdepending on a ptest package, pulling in that package and the ptest runner, but not all the ptests16:35
mcfriskkergoth: ok, thanks. That's what I thought. I'll check deeper into the image dependencies16:39
mcfriskah, it's actually the popuplate_sdk failing with "nothing provides bash needed by openssl-ptest"16:42
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mcfrisknah, it's both do_rootfs and populate_sdk which want to install ptest packages and bash (GPLv3) exclusion fails16:48
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rburtonmckoan: well something is pulling them in. the only thing that *should* is adding ptest-pkgs to IMAGE_FEATURES17:02
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Striking7Anyone else having trouble reaching
Striking7I'm having a bunch of recipes fail "no route to host"17:44
Striking7cairo, etc17:44
Striking7Just checking if it's just me17:45
Striking7Funny, I just remembered about that site - sorry to bother.17:48
kergothno worries :)17:48
Striking7Looks like I'm going to have to find something else to work on while I wait for freedesktop to figure out whatever's wrong17:48
kergoththere are source mirrors..17:49
kergoth for example17:49
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bluelightning... which should be configured by default, so I'm wondering why those wouldn't be helping already18:02
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cslcmhey - how would I go about adding --enable-omx --enable-omx-rpi switches to the ffmpeg recipe in my yocto build?18:30
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otaviokhem: hello18:50
otaviokhem: RP and I were checking a build failure on new mesa, when it is built using meson. The new mesa release requires LLVM with RTTI enabled. So a couple of questions: 1) is there any problem in enabling RTTI for LLVM? 2) could you cook us a patch for testing?18:51
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armpitotavio, send patches and see where it goes20:44
otavioarmpit: I asked RP to give a try on mesa without meson, which does build successfully here without RTTI however I'd like to hear from khem about what are the implications to enable it20:47
otavioRP: rburton: did you guys see the systemd patch I sent?20:58
otavioarmpit: the use of systemd-stable makes it easier to update when bugfixes and security fixes are made20:59
otavioarmpit: did you see as well?20:59
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armpitotavio, yes. seems reasonable but we are in M3 so its on RP to make the call21:03
armpitis suspect RP is still jet lagged21:03
otavioarmpit: likely hehe21:04
sveinseIs there a way to get a .dot of the package dependencies? bitbake -g seems to generate task and recipe depends, but I'm looking for the package hierarchy21:08
* RP is feeling weird :(21:08
armpitRP, take care21:16
JaMabluelightning: khem: something doesn't work on the the population, e.g. is missing (also from
JaMathe same with
JaMaboth are from meta-oe, so should be built during world builds on jenkins21:27
bluelightningsveinse: if you enable buildhistory it will record that when generating an image21:28
sveinsebluelightning: ah, yes there, perfect. thanks21:33
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armpitJaMa, we do have a selftest for checking sources. maybe adding it as a check may help catch these issues21:51
JaMaarmpit: is selftest being executed for other layers than poky?21:52
armpitI have a selftest in meta-oe to check meta-openembedded sources21:53
JaMabut who is executing it? I haven't seen it on nor in bitbake world status e-mails from khem21:56
armpitno one. it needs to be added to jenkins, then it could send out an email on failure21:56
armpitor launch the sync job21:57
armpitor both21:57
JaMaboth were updated some 13 days ago, so should be already built and rsynced21:58
armpitk, well the notification is going to #webos-ports-jenkins21:59
armpitmaybe update that to #oe22:00
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sveinseJaMa, I've been requested to up our Qt to Qt5.12 (in our rocko system), and when looking at the meta-qt5 repo, I see that you have a "jansa/master-5.12" branch. Whould that be a good point to start at, or would it be better to go more newer, like master?22:02
JaMasveinse: jansa/master-5.12 was used to prepare 5.12 for master, you should use master now and switch to warrior branch when 5.13 lands in master22:02
sveinseJaMa: Thanks22:03
JaMaarmpit: I don't know if this rsync job is still relevant, see
rburtonotavio: sounds like a good idea and something i'd consider breaking freeze for22:08
rburtondidn't read the actual patch though yet22:08
JaMalibqmi-1.22.2.tar.xz was rsynced to milla a while ago in but rsync target halstead was talking about in I don't know, I thought that the directory on milla is what is http://sources.openembedded.org22:10
halsteadJaMa, Is milla at ?22:13
* armpit breaks wind, not freeze22:14
halsteadJaMa, Looks like yes, resolves to that IP. is rsyncing from there hourly.22:14
RPotavio: I actually thought I'd merged that systemd change :/22:14
JaMahalstead: do you know why the builds rsync to milla first instead of pushing it directly to if it's on different box?22:15
halsteadJaMa, It could be a timing issue. Milla is local sources is far away.22:15
JaMaok, for me milla is because I always go there through builders, but is its public IP indeed22:17
JaMahalstead: can you check that rsync job? I've checked and it's on milla for a while22:18
JaMa-rw-r--r-- 1 jenkins jenkins 947124 Feb 28 16:21 /home/jenkins/htdocs/oe-sources/libqmi-1.22.2.tar.xz22:18
halsteadJaMa, It's certainly still there and there is plenty of disk left. Running at the shell to check for errors now.22:22
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Trying to build oe image with framebuffer <>22:22
JaMahalstead: thanks22:24
halsteadJaMa, It may have been timing out mirroring "" although I'm not sure why it would.22:25
JaMahalstead: should I temporarily move it out from milla to confirm this idea?22:28
halsteadJaMa, I'm watching it mirror now to see how it fails.22:29
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