Thursday, 2019-03-21

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tzis there a way to install the dependencies of a recipe into an image without installing the actual package itself?01:36
tzother than manually listing them01:37
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mckoantz you could try to create a dummy recipe requiring only RDEPENDS07:47
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto /boot partition not using opkg/ipk packages <>07:53
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Absenteehi guys08:20
Absentee i have a question if someone can help... i am using bitbake and i need some header but i dont need sozrce code where functions are declared. but until i add src uri for that files i get undefined reference. i need some way to include them but i don't want to build them as part of my recipe cause they dont belong logically there...and also they generate warnings when sourced...08:20
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Absenteei am maybe bad at explaining cause i complicate things, also i lack some technical knowledge 😌😳08:21
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LetoThe2ndAbsentee: sounds like you jsut want a DEPENDS on the package that provides the headers08:44
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Absenteehi guys i have a question if someone can help... i am using bitbake and i need some header but i dont need sozrce code where functions are declared. but until i add src uri for that files i get undefined reference. i need some way to include them but i don't want to build them as part of my recipe cause they dont belong logically there...and also they generate warnings when sourced...09:04
LetoThe2ndif you had stayed:09:05
LetoThe2nd08:44 < LetoThe2nd> Absentee: sounds like you jsut want a DEPENDS on the package that provides the headers09:05
LetoThe2ndbut as you are being pretty much unclear about which headers, its hard to offer a better answer.09:06
Absenteeheaders are generated by me from proto file so they are not part of some librarY09:06
LetoThe2ndthen you either have to add them to your source, or automate the generation09:07
LetoThe2ndyou can totally have those "proto" tools as a native dependency and do the generation as a task before compiling09:07
Absenteeand bitbake will then "see" .cc files for those headers without sourcing them?09:08
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LetoThe2ndbitbake will hopefully see no .cc or .h files at all.09:09
LetoThe2ndit up to your build system to see those things09:09
LetoThe2ndbitbake can just trigger the tools and procedures you need.09:09
u1106kergoth: thanks for the explanation about fetcher implementation yesterday09:10
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LetoThe2ndu1106: he'll probably not be around for the next 4-5 hrs (timezone)09:10
Absenteehuh...interesting... i probably should read more about that :D09:11
u1106and I left while he was there :)09:11
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ToubDoes someone know why there is udev in my rootfs even though I use mdev. It adds more than 10MB to my rootfs :(...10:39
ToubAnd I've upgraded my environment from Krogoth to Sumo10:41
LetoThe2ndToub: bitbake -g $YOURIMAGE, then inspect package-depends.dot10:42
LetoThe2ndthere is also some oe-something tool to assist, but the dot file is easily search- and readable in itself10:42
ToubI found a package called "eudev" so I suppose it's udev10:46
Toubit seems eudev is a dependency of usbutils and packagegroup-base recipes10:48
LetoThe2ndthen this is probably your answer.10:48
Toubso there is no way to remove it? I didn't need it when I was using the krogoth branch :(10:49
LetoThe2ndToub: there is always a way10:50
LetoThe2ndyou basically have to walk the dependency chain and then break it at the point thats most suitable for you10:51
Toubok thanks :)10:53
LetoThe2ndmaybe its even enough to tweak some virtual provider, but thats beyond my expertise then.10:54
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ToubLetoThe2nd: thanks to you I managed to get rid of udev. thx again11:33
willie2Hi, can someone help me identify my problem, I created a recipe that installs my qt application binary only with help of "Inherit=qmake5".  Now when im trying to recompile i get the following error
willie2Which is wierd since i only used a runable application in the first place11:35
willie2The recipe is very simple :
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LetoThe2ndToub: glad to hear. mind to give a short outline, so we can give better advice if the question arises again?11:49
willie2Or does qmake5 require the source files to be able to install qt applications ?12:00
rburtonyou need source files to build the source files, yes12:12
rburtonlooks like that tarball doesn't contain what it expected12:13
willie2rburton: So you need to compress the entire project folder and include it, I compiled and put the binary in the recipe12:15
rburtonwillie2: easier to just point it at your source repo12:16
rburtonif you want to just install the binary you built, that's weird, but just remove the qmake bit and just copy the file in do_install12:16
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alex_erihelp pls. How to install kernel-modules package on live image?12:46
zeddiithe same way as any other package. put "kernel-modules" in your IMAGE_INSTALL variable (or a packagroup that is being installed).12:47
zeddiiif that didn't work, you aren't building an image that uses those variables.12:47
willie2rburton: thanks, can you help me understand something else, the application is 7,1M in /work/cortex..../application/image../application but it is only 2,5M on the target system?12:50
alex_erikernel-modules ipk is empty and depends on all modules. then i open image there is only modules for installed package groups12:50
rburtonwillie2: because we strip binaries12:50
willie2rbutron: Okay thanks, I tought something was wrong :)12:51
LetoThe2ndalex_eri: then maybe you are building a kernel config that does not compile any modules?12:53
alex_erithere is modules ipks12:54
zeddiialex_eri. kernel-modules is a meta package, it should just hold the dependencies.12:54
zeddiiwhen you install it, the image assembly will bring all the individual packages in.12:54
alex_eriok, i know. trying to install it with deps12:54
willie2rburton: I'm curious, what exactly is beeing stripped? I had two versions, A=6,1M B=7,5M both 2,5M @ target12:59
alex_erii have
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alex_erimodules in second file installed to image, ipks not installed with metapackage... trying with MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS13:02
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rburtonwillie2: the debug symbols13:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to make loadable file system over the read only rootfs? <>13:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: One of Application on my Yocto 2.0 Linux board is NOT going to background <>13:55
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ToubLetoThe2nd: of course ;) What do you want to know?14:37
evadeflowSo... I find myself in charge of a build where QA is being *really* pedantic about proving that we can build our Yocto-based system without touching the Internet.14:38
evadeflowI'm running into some problems with git submodules.14:38
evadeflowCan somebody confirm that git submodules completely bypass SOURCE_MIRROR_URL?14:39
evadeflowThat's what I'm seeing, and it makes sense. Just wanted to confirm, and... maybe solicit ideas for workarounds.14:40
evadeflow(I mean: workarounds for the fact that I'm not 'allowed' to touch the Internet during the build.)14:40
rburtonevadeflow: kergoth and fray are the best people to answer that14:41
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khemotavio:rtti should work fine I have not used it myself so dont know first hand15:00
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kergothi was going to suggest that maybe own-mirrors doesn't have a gitsm:// entry, but they left..15:11
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evadeflowI guess this is confirmation enough:
yoctiBug 11831: enhancement, Medium+, Future, kergoth, ACCEPTED , Proposal to replace/rewrite gitsm15:17
smurrayevadeflow: the gitsm rework in master, currently in the queue to backport into thud, fixes that15:18
evadeflowGood to know. I'm on sumo. Not sure whether to try pulling ahead, or trying 'backporting the backport'.15:20
evadeflowOr... something else.15:20
evadeflowAs usual, I'm in a hair-on-fire hurry, so I may clone the 'problem' repos---along with their submodules---then create a new 'mega fork' that 'un-submodules' everything.15:21
smurrayevadeflow: if you look on the bitbake-devel list, it's a series of 10 patches from mhatle, all but one are to one file.  I've not looked to see how hard it is to apply them to sumo15:21
evadeflowBut... it makes me question my career choices. `:-/15:21
evadeflowsmurray: that sounds promising15:22
smurrayevadeflow: you could try dropping the newer into the sumo tree and trying it, but I suspect there may be enough differences that it won't work without some tinkering15:24
evadeflowSadly, this BSP is currently on *morty*. But the vendor (Variscite) just updated the layers we based the work on to sumo, so... sumo is achievable without too much effort.15:25
evadeflowI guess I better do that sumo port sooner rather than later!15:25
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kergothugh, trying to fix my scriptutils log improvements series from a couple weeks ago, but i have yet to see the recipetool and devtool self tests pass here even without it applied15:36
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kergothi was going to suggest the same thing, provide a new in your layer and inject it to replace the existing one in the fetcher, much like how the npm layer added the npm fetcher from the metadata15:37
kergothhack, but you're stuck with hacks no matter wha tyou do at this point15:37
* kergoth yawns15:38
kergothalso, this error message stating that this selftest won't pass without running runqemu-gen-tapdevvs is not helpful when you have no idea what arguments to pass to the thing..15:38
kergoth + -- of course, .append() won't do for you, since you'd wnat to replace the existing one, but you should see the idea15:40
evadeflowWhen you say "inject it" (a new
evadeflowAh, okay, looking at those links...15:40
nate02anyone know how to enable persistent systemd logs on pyro?15:43
RPkergoth: runqemu-gen-tapdevs should tell you how to run it. could be better, could be worse15:44
evadeflowkergoth: I guess I don't quite 'get it' yet. So... the existing is in `poky/bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/`. To override that, I create a `lib` folder in my layer, and then...15:44
evadeflowActually, have I got *that* part right?15:44
evadeflowI need a `lib` folder with the new
kergothRP: 'the numeric user id the tap devices will be owned by' isn't useful unless you know the tests run as the build user. '<num> is the number of tap devices to create' is only useful if you have a clue how many it needs. etc. every argument assumes knowledge you don't necessarily have15:45
kergothevadeflow: yes, then copy it over, and in a globally inherited class, use anonymous python to replace the instance of bb.fetch2.gitsm.GitSM with an instance of gitsm.GitSM15:46
RPkergoth: the example should at least print sensible defaults. We should perhaps say that15:47
kergoth(copy from bitbake to your layer, that is)15:47
kergothit prints an example, but it just has ids like 1004 1001 and a num of 4. is that right for me? probably not15:47
* kergoth shrugs15:47
RPkergoth: well, it did figure out your user and group which is what most people would use15:48
RPit used to hardcode 1000 1000 415:48
RPkergoth: patches to make it more understandable very welcome15:48
kergothit did, but there's no way to know, looking at it, that it's not just a fixed example, unless you already know your uid and gid :)15:48
RPkergoth: I agree we should actually say that15:49
evadeflowkergoth: Thanks, I think I get it. The example you linked does `bb.fetch2.methods.append( npm.NPM() )`. Do I need to *remove* the existing impl, or will call append() Just Work™?15:50
kergothevadeflow: yeah, exactly, you'd have to remove the existing one, or replace it, otherwise bitbake will just use the first one it finds that supports the url scheme in question15:50
evadeflowkergoth: Cool—*thank you*!!15:51
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kergothevadeflow: i.e. for i, m in bb.fetch2.methods.enumerate(): if isinstance(m, bb.fetch2.gitsm.GitSM): break; else: bb.fatal("Failed to find GitSM?"); bb.fetch2.methods[i] = gitsm.GitSM()15:51
kergothof course that's assuming the copied fetcher module *works* with the older bitbake and possibly python you're using, but that's a different issue you'd run into trying to backport it as well15:52
kergothand you could fix those on a case by case basis15:52
kergothif any15:52
evadeflowGotcha. Thanks for filling in the override details there, that saves me a lot of finger-mumbling around.15:53
kergothin any case, that's just one suggested possibility for dealing with it, no guarantees15:53
kergothgood luck15:53
kergother, that should be enumerate(bb.fetch2.methods)15:53
kergoththat's what happens when i write untested code without enough coffee :)15:54
evadeflowNo worries.15:54
kergothenumerate() just lets you get both the index and the value when iterating, so we know what index in the list to replace with the new entry in a pythonic way15:54
* kergoth wanders off to get some actual work done15:55
kergothERROR: gitsm: submodule unpack failed: UnpackError Unpack failure for URL: 'gitsm://;protocol=https;name=doxygen2jsdoc;subpath=doxygen2jsdoc;barecl15:57
kergothone=1;nobranch=1'. No up to date source found: clone directory not available or not up to date: /data/kergoth/mel/yocto/scriptutils/build.selftest/downloads/git2/
kergothxygen2jsdoc.git; shallow clone not enabled15:57
* kergoth bangs head against desk15:57
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JaMa this is interesting, looks like the domain was moved few months ago (which matches with info from halstead)16:24
JaMasomeone has badly configured mirrors it seems.. /git2_${REPOSITORY_SERVER2_PATH}.msrtool.git.tar.gz16:25
JaMa4 from 11 top hits on had this unexpanded REPOSITORY_SERVER2_PATH variable16:27
JaMaanyone from fujitsu here in this channel? see ^16:29
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JaMawell it stopped around Jun/2016, but in just 2 months it generated 10% of all time requests for sources.openembedded.org16:31
JaMacounting only those with REPOSITORY_SERVER2_PATH16:32
halsteadJaMa, moving aside and letting rsync run did avoid the timeout. I've set the timeout to 6000 and I'm seeing if it will complete.16:45
halsteadJaMa, libqmi-1.22.2.tar.xz and everything else is mirrored.16:45
JaMahalstead: cool, thanks16:46
halsteadAnd it did complete.16:55
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nate02Anyone know how to enable persistence for systemd logs? I tried to create a symlink from /var/log/journal to a location on the sdcard, but that really messed things up17:15
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khemnate02:you have to do mount magic17:52
khemsymlinks might not help if the location is not mounted17:52
nate02khem, thanks. Can you explain a bit more?17:53
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khemmount /var/log somewhere /dev/sda2 or where ever you have persistent storage17:54
nate02I did think about that. But is it possible to just moun the journal folder? I'm a little worried about write cycles on my sdcard. The journal has settings, but there are other log files in /var/log17:55
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nate02btmp, dnf, hawkey, lastlog, messages, wtmp17:56
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khemwell journal will do the most damage anyway18:02
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JaMaif anyone needs to use gcc-7 with latest oe-core, then it needs few more changes than just restoring the recipes: removing gcc-cross-initial, updating DEBUG_PREFIX_MAP and small change in libxcrypt. You can check
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