Sunday, 2019-03-24

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Nothing RPROVIDES 'php-cli' for a recipe in Yocto Thud 2.6.1 <>10:37
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AccelSharkI'm having a lot of trouble, bear with me. I can not get files variable to include a bunch of compressed .ko.xz files10:39
AccelSharkI'm overriding meta-intel for compressed kernel modules.10:39
AccelShark"Please set FILES such that these items are packaged. Alternatively if they are unneeded, avoid installing them or delete them within do_install."10:40
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto poky-tiny does not create rcS symbolic links <>12:07
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RParmpit: are those ready for merge and have had the necessary review now?16:32
armpitRP, the reviews are done, I need to combine the bits to create poky. I am modifying the scripts to work with workflow16:38
RParmpit: I will usually do that as part of the merge FWIW16:39
RParmpit: although I guess you need to when testing too16:39
armpitwell I need to do that to create a build16:39
armpithmm, ok I will send pull requests16:40
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armpithang on, I did send pull requests16:43
RParmpit: I do have a question on one of the thud patches. The DUMMYPROVIDES adds -src packages. I think those are only in master?16:44
RPIt won't matter in that it doesn't break anything so I can just merge it. I had to think for a minute though16:45
armpitI sent one for core sumo-next
RParmpit: and thud which I'm looking at first16:46
armpitI sent one for thud too:
RParmpit: What I was asking was "have we left enough time for review and are these ready for me to merge as is16:47
armpitand bitbake 1.40
RParmpit: 1.40 merged, thanks!16:47
armpitRP, yes we had plenty of review time16:47
armpitsumo needs a dot release build16:47
RParmpit: as soon as we have resulttool :/16:48
armpitso are we holding sumo up for that?16:48
RParmpit: yes, we have no other QA process now16:48
armpitk, need to get that first done for thud... on list for today16:49
RParmpit: thud/sumo branches merged for core now too16:50
RParmpit: thanks for pulling them together :)16:50
armpitlet me start builds just to double check16:50
RParmpit: FWIW I just cherry-picked the resulttool commits into sumo-next and thud-next16:54
RParmpit: totally untested of course16:54
RParmpit: did we already backport the testresult.json pieces for thud.sumo or not yet?16:55
* RP is lost off16:55
armpitI thought I did, let me check16:56
armpityeah, they are there17:00
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RParmpit: ok, cool. I think this means I need to look at helper then17:01
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RParmpit: 43 commits added to sumo/thud autobuilder-helper. We should probably try and -next full build for each, see how things look18:00
RParmpit: I'll queue that...18:00
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* armpit back to working on training material18:41
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RParmpit: looks llike some selftest issues21:16
RParmpit: looks like I missed some patches we need in -next21:17
RPand a bitbake retry issue21:17
smurraywhew, had me scared I missed something wrt gitsm for a second there ;)21:35
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: OpenGL: Mesa3D Offscreen Software Rendering Performance Issues <>21:38
RPsmurray: I think we've tested that one thanks! :)22:31
smurrayRP: heh22:32
RPsmurray: its me to blame for several of the new issues :(22:33
RP(only in -next though and the point was to find these)22:33
smurrayRP: I'm bumping AGL to latest poky thud ATM, I'm heading off on vacation on Tuesday22:34
Croftonlol, sounds like a recipe for disaster!22:35
smurrayCrofton: heh, they're stuck waiting on a BSP, won't shock me if I have to tinker whilst on vacation22:35
Croftoncharge extra22:35
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RParmpit: I've grabbed what I think are the right patches, will try -next again22:53
RParmpit: the wic fix in thud-next is pretty important for autobuilder failures22:53
armpitk, thanks23:13
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