Monday, 2019-03-25

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rguideIMAGE_FSTYPES+="iso" generates iso file that is 'Read-only file system' when it is run by qemu-system-i386 (not by runqemu). How to make it writeable? Maybe syslinux instead of grub !?04:45
rguiderequest vhost04:58
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Change the theme in Yocto <>05:40
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ChaserHello, I was trying to achieve super fast build according to instructions here however I see that host native packages are compiled. Is there an sstate cache for host native packages ? I am trying to build a completely binary image using yocto's shared state cache.07:01
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ChaserI was using crops/poky-container so thought there should be no reason to compile host native packages and they are provided by the sstate cache.07:03
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LetoThe2ndChaser: well technically it should work. but the wiki page you linked is a bit dated, so there might have been changes. i'll give the sstate mirrors a try and report what happens.07:38
LetoThe2ndChaser: i can at least confirm the behaviour07:54
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ChaserLetoThe2nd: Yup, I couldn't figure out how to use sstate for host native packages.09:57
LetoThe2ndRP: ^^^^?09:57
RPChaser, LetoThe2nd: did you enable uninative?10:01
LetoThe2nduninative was downloaded, but i did not enable it explicitly.10:01
LetoThe2ndtest was on 2.6.1 in my case.10:01
RPif it was downloaded its in use10:01
kanavinerbo, all the required parts are merged, the remaining bits is actually enabling it in qemu PACKAGECONFIG and a couple of cleanups10:02
RPI suspect dev doesn't update correctly on The state of the point release sstate artefacts I'm not sure about. I know some did get corrupted :/10:02
LetoThe2ndRP: i intentionally only enabled the suggested mirror in default local.conf, not the dev one. only modification was that i changed the included version number to 2.610:03
LetoThe2ndRP: you mean that it might be dysfunctional for both HEAD and .point?10:04
RPLetoThe2nd: potentially :(10:04
LetoThe2ndRP: mkay10:04
RPLetoThe2nd: I now Michael and I discussed that the size of some release mirrors is incorrect, I think as they were built using mirrored objects rather than creating them10:05
RPnow -> know10:05
RPnobody I'm aware of has fixed it10:06
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Chasermeta-poky/conf/distro/poky.conf has uninative INHERIT - so its enabled for me.10:24
ChaserI can see it downloading uninative sdk blob10:24
RPLetoThe2nd, Chaser: We should probably open a bug for this so we remember to try and figure out/fix it10:35
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tzanybody got an example of a wic script which puts the standard rootfs (built as squashfs) into its own separate filesystem?11:43
tzi.e. -- part1 = kernel+dtb, part2 = container of squashfs + other random files11:44
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tzokay, created a wic source script based off, seems to work14:17
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armpitzeddii, cfg question. if I have to kernel fragments with the same filename, are both applied?15:45
zeddiiin theory yes. since they have their source path maintained, so show up as different when fed into the whirling blades. but i can't say that I've run a test with that in a while.16:13
zeddiiare you seeing something else ? if so, I can retest and add it to my upcoming self tests changes for the config processing.16:13
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armpitzeddii, not seeing any issues. Just want to make sure it wasn't last one found or priority driven16:46
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RPzeddii: I quite like the whirling blades visual :)17:01
RParmpit: I think we're good with the thud-next and sumo-next patch sets now17:02
RParmpit: I fixed the one small issue the helper changes caused with selftest17:02
armpitRP, much appreciated17:03
armpitzeddii, is KFEATURE_COMPATIBILITY deprecated ?17:04
RParmpit: - thud-next report - why is python3 failing but AB tests say its green?17:07
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RParmpit: other issue is I think sumo doesn't write testresult files17:07
armpitno testresult then no proof it fails ; )17:07
RParmpit: ah, no, is sumo-next17:08
RParmpit: we're good :)17:08
RParmpit: do you want to send out a pull req for -next or should I?17:09
muzabI am trying to create  a recipe with a *.deb package ... couldn't find much info on this topic in the reference manual. Appreciate any suggestions!17:11
armpitRP, you are welcome too17:14
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RParmpit: gah, I'd best figure out how to do that then :)17:22
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markaRP: are there any outstanding issues around my go*.bbclass changes? I would like to get them merged as there is more work to do17:48
RPmarka: hmm, they came in when I was travelling and they raised questions I never got back to answer17:50
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markaya, for what started as a few lines of update, they grew17:51
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armpitRP , if you havent sent it yet, I thought it over an maybe its better if I do it so it provides some sort of checkes& balances18:04
* armpit yocto-check-layer is a never ending battle18:27
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ChaserRP: will open a bug thank you.19:04
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ChaserRP: LetoThe2nd opened - will be more than glad to try any patches, debug etc.19:13
yoctiBug 13236: normal, Undecided, ---, michael, NEW , sstate for host native packages19:13
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tzawww, meta-mingw doesn't like musl toolchains21:41
JPEWtz: That doen't suprise me in the slightest :)21:44
tzcomplains that -musleabi directories aren't directories, because they're symlinked to -gnueabi21:46
tzgcc complains*21:46
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RPChaser: thanks for doing that. We are struggling a bit with time to do everything we'd like right now but hopefully someone will find some time to look at it22:15
RParmpit: I have not, feel free as I'm likely not to get to it straight awat22:16
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armpitRP. no problem.. will do is soon22:32
RParmpit: wondering if we should also update uninative in this :/22:47
RParmpit: we'd then be ready for a point release build for sumo and thud?22:59
armpitI have 5 commits in stable/sumo-next that go caught up in process re-alignment23:03
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RParmpit: merged23:12
RP(and sumo-next rebased)23:12
* armpit now I have some breathing room to get my act together23:28
RParmpit: you're feeling Shakespearean?23:30
RParmpit: are you doing uninative or am I? I'd love to get the point releases done and then I can breath too :)23:30
* RP is happier now the helper changes are sorted23:30
armpitRR, i will do the uninative23:31
* armpit out damned patch.. Too Patch or not to23:32
armpitOE presents Shakespeare in the Yocto23:33
RParmpit: Well then, if ever I thank any man, I’ll thank you. ;-)23:35
* armpit who would Phil play?23:37
* armpit hmm, the uninative tag is not aligned with the commit.. wounder if that matters?23:39
RParmpit: the witches scene in macbeth is the one I always remember from school23:46
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