Wednesday, 2019-03-27

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RPbugs its sorted (Paul was around)00:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I do "export $(dbus-launch) in booting <>05:48
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malanecoraMorning guys!08:09
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malanecoraI'm getting the following error when trying to extract the sdk (via -c populate_sdk):08:10
malanecora"Error: Transaction check error:   file /lib/firmware/ti-connectivity/wl18xx-fw-4.bin from install of linux-firmware-wl18xx-1:0.0+git0+1baa34868b-r0.0.noarch conflicts with file from package wl18xx-fw-8.7.3-r0.0.cortexa9t2hf_neon"08:10
malanecoraHas anyone faced the same issue?08:11
malanecoraWhen I bitbake my image that doesn't happen08:11
malanecora(wl1837-fw is from meta-ti)08:11
malanecoraI tried removing linux-firmware-wl18xx from the image in the local.conf file08:13
malanecoraBut it didn't worked08:13
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mkhoorynot exactly the same issue, but I'm getting issues with linux-yocto-tiny .. so it's kinda related to linux-firmware08:15
mkhoorynot sure what's goign on08:15
malanecoraI understand that the when it tries to install the wl18xx-fw from meta-ti the same file is already installed in the system (due to the previous execution of linux-firmware)08:17
malanecoraWhat I don't understand is why is installing the file from linux-firmware08:18
malanecoraSince it is not installed in the image08:18
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mkhooryI'm new to yocto so I can't help much, sorry ._.08:22
malanecoraWelcome to a world of pain and, eventually, satisfaction08:24
malanecora(And some more random pain)08:24
malanecoraStill, great world08:25
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: what problems are you seeing? there's little chance to help you given the current information.08:25
mkhooryLetoThe2nd, I am following instructions to build yocto-tiny for qemuarm. Bitbake tries to fetch linux-yocto-tiny-4.18.21(etc.) which I assume is the kernel. It seems to finish downloading, but the fetch operation fails, and tries again and again08:27
mkhooryI think the issue is that it's trying to check out a particular commit but it's not finding it.08:27
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: which instructions specifically?08:28
mkhooryLetoThe2nd, sorry, i mean poky-tiny. Here:
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LetoThe2ndmkhoory: and you're on poky master HEAD?08:29
mkhooryno, I'm on a local branch that is tracking yocto-2.6.1, as described in the quickstart guide (
mkhoorymalanecora, my previous experience was with RTOSs like RTEMS. Yocto can't be more painful than that, can it? ;)08:31
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: ok, so its the yocto-2.6.1 tag. anything else that i need to know?08:32
malanecoramkhoory: Fair enough...haha08:32
mkhooryLetoThe2nd, I've set my MACHINE variable to qemuarm, DISTRO to poky-tiny, and PACKAGE_CLASSES to "package_ipk". My layers are meta, meta-poky, and meta-yocto-bsp08:35
mkhoorynot sure what else to mention08:35
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: if its only those modifications, then noting else to mention. ok, let me give it a spin. will report back then.08:35
mkhooryall packages seem to have been fetched and built correctly, it's just that bitbake is stuck on fetching the linux kernel or so it seems08:35
mkhoorythe raspberry pi issue I had seem to have been corrected after performing a git pull on the raspberry pi layer08:36
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: we'll see. just takes a couple of minutes, i'm kicking off a completely blank build to reproduce.08:36
mkhooryok thanks08:36
mkhooryIf you want I can paste my build log08:37
LetoThe2ndnot yet.08:38
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: ok, i think i can reproduce it.08:50
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: let me see if i can actually spot the error, otherwise will probably have to wait for zeddii08:50
mkhooryI was suspecting that it's my network or something08:55
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: nope. i mean, its a config that doesn't get much exercise anymore.08:56
mkhooryI was under the impression that poky-tiny is a pretty popular config for people to start off with08:58
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: absolutely not08:59
mkhooryhow come? isn't it the best way to start for resource-constrained devices, or for "lean" builds?08:59
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: poky in itself is the config to start off for small devices, but with the restriction of not sacrificing too much comfort.09:00
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: poky-tiny is rather meant as a showcase on how far you can go down if you REALLY REALLY want or need09:01
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: i mean, a standard poky core-image-minimal build for qemuarm is usually way less then 8MB09:01
mkhooryI see09:02
mkhooryMy current target is to understand how the SDK works, how I can build applications for my target. But first I figured I'd get a yocto-tiny image running on qemu09:04
mkhooryat least a hello world09:04
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: in that case, you're absolutely better off with using the standard poky09:05
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: you will run into WAY less problems09:05
mkhooryI see. I have tried the standard poky on a raspberry pi and I felt I could trim it down further, which is why I was looking into yocto-tiny09:06
mkhoorypoky-tiny* .. damn I keep confusing the names >_>09:06
LetoThe2ndwell of course you *CAN*. but the quesiton should be. "do i need?"09:06
LetoThe2ndbecause once you leave out a couple of standard basics for the sake of tinyness, life becomes complivated.09:07
mkhooryeventually, yes, not for resource constraints, but just to reduce complexity of the image. Right now, now09:07
mkhooryI understand that09:07
mkhooryRight now, no*09:07
LetoThe2ndi mean, what complexity would you leave out of core-image-minimal on poky? its basically just kernel + busybox + minimal infrastructure09:08
mkhooryso I was thinking, if I started with poky-tiny, I could add the packages I needed as I go, vs going through all the packages in the standard build and removing what I dont need09:08
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: naaaaah you're on the completely wrong track here.09:08
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: the IMAGE defines what goes into the generated thing.09:09
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: the DISTRO rather defines the ABI. like, selecting the libc09:09
LetoThe2ndof course there is some correlation, but for leaving things out of the image, well, leave things out of the image.09:09
mkhooryI'm still very new. I appreciate your advice, it is very helpful. Thank you. I guess I'll switch to standard poky then.09:10
mkhooryI still havent learned about recipes, etc. I was thinking I'd do that after understanding the SDK09:11
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: bad approach, if you ask me09:11
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: the sdk is something you can do once you have understood how images and recipes work. because the sdk actually is based off those09:12
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: reasoning behind this: the sdk is something that the image/distribution developer can prepare and hand out to people who are only expected to develop *FOR* the image/distribution, but not work on that itself09:14
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: yet if you are learning the yocto/OE ways, you are being the image/distribution developer09:14
mkhooryI see. I will do more reading then. I just wanted to build a hello world app for my target09:17
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: wel, the "hello world" equivalent of a distribution dev is core-image-minimal + psplash :)09:18
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mkhoorysometimes I wonder if yocto is right for me, considering that the target is not mass produced, and i dont need a "distribution" as much as I need a linux kernel with my own custom applications09:24
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LetoThe2ndit depends. and it certainly is not for every usecase.09:25
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mkhooryhowever, I do feel that separating the distribution from my applications would really assist with the development process09:26
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mkhooryand has other advantages like easily being able to install an updated version of my applications09:26
LetoThe2ndyocto/OE can offer a lot of power, if you actually invest in harnessing it. but its totally not a "i just want to" thing09:26
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malanecoraSo, is there a way to exclude packages from being included in the SDK?09:36
malanecoraI have already tried the classic ways09:36
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: so, in case you are interested in real, hard numbers for comparison: poky vs. poky-tiny is 5.4M / 1.3M for the kernel and 2.6M / 861K for the rootfs(cpio.gz)09:47
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: so the only real difference IMHO is that basically everything is ripped out of the kernel to render it bootable but useless for most usecases, for the sake of tinyness.09:48
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LetoThe2ndzeddii: there is a typo in eta/recipes-kernel/linux/ KBRANCH_qemuarm should refer to 4.18, not 4.1509:53
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rokmHi All09:56
rokmis there any file in yocto where packages used in image are listed with SRC_URI ?09:57
LetoThe2ndrokm: no09:57
rokmis there any command for this maybe ?09:57
LetoThe2ndrokm: no09:57
LetoThe2ndrokm: what would that file list if the source file was locally included in the layer?09:58
mkhooryLetoThe2nd, Interesting09:58
rokmLetoThe2nd: it will be listed too09:59
rokmI need this for licences things09:59
rokmI read 3.32.3 chapter in PDM10:00
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: just gave it a try, poky-tiny is broken to the point where it doesn't even boot in the canonical runqemu anymore10:00
LetoThe2ndrokm: read what in where?10:00
LetoThe2ndrokm: i mean, its only software, about anyhing is possible. but its not there for you. if you think you need it, go create it.10:01
rokmLetoThe2nd: 3.32.3. Maintaining Open Source License Compliance During Your Product's Lifecycle in Yocto dev manual10:03
LetoThe2ndrokm: yes, but as far as i know that paragraph, it nowhere states that you have to include all SRC_URI things in your image.10:04
rokmyeee I know10:05
LetoThe2ndit states that you have to include the licenses, as explained in
rokmIt suggest to provide tarballs with sources10:05
rokmas a additional inforamation about packages10:05
LetoThe2ndit suggests to provide the source tarballs, yes. again, SRC_URIs would be totally pointless as they might be valid only locally, and their payload would have to be in the tarball anyways.10:06
LetoThe2ndrokm: it sounds like you are trying to find a way around providing your metadata, as pointed out in
LetoThe2ndrokm: yet gplv3 is relatively clear about it.10:07
rokmfor previous point - you are right10:07
LetoThe2ndi know that i am right :)10:08
LetoThe2ndheard it a couple of times already.10:08
rokmfor second one - I need to collect licences information and URL to sources of packages that were used in image10:08
LetoThe2ndyou do not have to provide links or whatever to where you got stuff from10:09
LetoThe2ndyou have to provide the sources.10:09
rokmhmm :)10:09
LetoThe2ndbut IANAL, and will better stop here. if you want to do things right, contact somebody who is experienced with this, and will stand in for given advice.10:10
LetoThe2nd(toganlabs, for example)10:10
rokmI think you are right - again10:10
mkhooryLetoThe2nd, lol ok, I'll just wash my hands from that then10:14
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: OpenGL: Mesa3D Offscreen Software Rendering Performance Issues <>12:49
yacar_hi there,12:52
yacar_I have a recipe that depends on another one, actually it's a simple program using alsa-lib, I'm using SDK and devtool12:52
yacar_I wanted to add some debug to alsa-lib, so I made devtool modify alsa-lib12:53
yacar_I checked the sources did not eventually change anything12:53
yacar_but now devtool is failing with  "* opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn't find anything to satisfy 'alsa-lib'.12:54
yacar_It's at the do_rootfs moment12:54
yacar_do you have any ideas about what went wrong?12:55
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JaMakhem: have you noticed any reports that glibc is producing faulty binary when gold is used instead of bfd? I'm seeing it on armv7a when qemu-arm is crashing with segfault because of this13:22
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rburtonkanavin: just doing my no more python2 in oe-core builds dance14:18
rburtonkanavin: asciidoc was the last hangon, and there's a good enough py3 port :)14:18
kanavinrburton: and how is it?14:18
rburtonit works -> ship it14:19
kanavinrburton: awesome, I guess there are still recipes that need python2 to run scripts at build time?14:22
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rburtonkanavin: almost certainly.  haven't done a build without py2 on host for a while.  asciidoc managed to get rid of it from the build.14:23
kanavinso basically, nothing explicitly lists python(-native) in its DEPENDS anymore?14:23
rburtonnot in sato builds14:24
kanavinwhat happens if you remove the python2 recipes, and try to build world?14:26
kanavindoes anything complain?14:26
rburtonshall try shortly14:27
rburton(pnblacklist is better)14:27
RPkanavin: welcome back, hope you have a good break! :)14:27
rburtonca-certs needs host py2 still14:28
RPrburton: does it need "python" or py2 specifically?14:28
rburtonRP: python, but we symlink that to py2.  not sure if the code is py3-safe.14:29
* RP notes we still have "python" pointing at py214:29
rburtonyeah had to neuter that because it assumes that py2 is in the hosttools :)14:29
rburtonninja too14:29
rburtonpretty sure ive got a patch for these somewhere14:29
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RPrburton: did you make it point at py3? might make for an interesting test14:30
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* kergoth yawns15:28
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kanavinRP: cheers, yes it was a good one :)15:32
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kanavinRP: I sent a few housekeeping patches; I also have more invasive version upgrades, which I am holding back until after warrior is done (I guess?)15:34
RPkanavin: sounds good, we are after freeze and need to focus on release now15:37
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rburtonkhem: does llvm really need perlnative pythonnative to build?16:15
rburtonkhem: specfically why python2-native? its not the dependencies.16:15
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tlwoernerRP: when is the next release cutoff? i think mesa needs a small tweak to build for etnaviv16:45
JaMaand bitbake/glibc need some tweak to produce usable libc when gold is enabled :/16:47
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JaMaRP: is gold enabled in any of the builds run on AB?16:48
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RPJaMa: no16:54
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RPtlwoerner: We're effectively in freeze now. I know the mesa update was late, I was persuaded it was probably the better version to have though. If its causing pain we might have to consider reverting :/16:55
tlwoernerRP: i don't think etnaviv is widely used, and i think the fix is quick (a 1:1 replacement). i'm looking into it now16:56
RPtlwoerner: ok. its a tricky issue knowing what to do with updates close to release16:59
RPwe stand a way better chance of upstream help with bugs if we're close to released versions though16:59
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tlwoernerRP: all good, the change needs to be made to a _bbappend in meta-freescale17:13
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kanavinspeaking of mesa, we might actually want to again update to 19.0.117:25
kanavinas x.0.0 releases are considered 'development' by the upstream (even though they still go through a few rc iterations to fix known issues :-/17:26
kanavin19.0.1 is not yet out though17:26
kanavinoh, it is!17:27
kangaspHi all.  I'm new to bitbake/yocto, and trying to come up to speed.  Bit of a learning curve, but it's pretty amazing all that it does.  Anyways, I'm trying to make a hello world image for a NXP/freescale dev board.17:27
kangaspMy settings are: machine = imx7ulpevk, distro = fslc-x11,  layers (all checked out to sumo) = meta-poky, meta-oe, meta-freescale, meta-freescale-distro, meta-freescale-3rdparty, meta-yocto-bsp target = core-image-minimal17:28
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kangaspThings look good on the card, but u-boot is completely silent, when trying to boot17:28
kangaspanybody have any thoughts?  or places I should look into?17:29
JaMakanavin: you have 19.0.0 link in the 19.0.1 upgrade17:31
RParmpit: we have a problem with fedora29 and sumo:
kanavinJaMa, that is on purpose, as that's where the policy is specified17:31
kanavin(the policy regarding 19.0.0 vs 19.0.1)17:32
JaMakanavin: it's like that for couple releases (at least since 17.0.0 isn't list of bugfixes in 19.0.1 more important than this old change in mesa versioning?17:34
kanavinJaMa, nope, and if you want the bugfixes, just change the single letter in the URI17:35
kanavinI need to explain why a version update this late in the release cycle, so a link to the upstream explanation is appropriate17:36
armpitRP, k17:36
kanavinon the other hand, this will not be backported to any stable branches (which is where the list of fixes is useful to the branch maintainers)17:36
armpitRP, same error from last night17:36
RParmpit: for the sstate errors, halstead is going to comb over the sstate mirror and remove the broken artefacts, we'll then rerun and see if they reappear17:38
* RP isn't sure why that happened :(17:38
armpituninative ?17:38
RParmpit: no17:38
* RP suspected the buildperf machines but its probably not them, or I can't find a codepath anyway17:39
armpitjust blame Canada17:39
* armpit south park ref17:39
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tlwoerner...speaking of mesa...18:16
tlwoernerthe layerindex needs to be regenerated, it still thinks openembedded-core's mesa is at 18.3.418:16
tlwoerner(which leads to bad links when clicked)18:17
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halsteadtlwoerner, layerindex update has been running for 2 days. I've killed the update and allowed it to restart.19:22
tlwoernerhalstead: that's odd, i thought it normally runs several times a day?19:23
halsteadtlwoerner, It does. Every 3 hours. But if it is already running another won't begin.19:27
tlwoernerouch! big update i guess19:27
halsteadRP, armpit Here is small list of missing siginfo files. Should I remove the corresponding tgz files?19:32
halsteadRP, armpit
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bluelightningtlwoerner: halstead: if it's been running for 2 days there is some kind of problem :/20:20
bluelightningcould you see where it was stuck?20:20
tlwoernerare there any plans to switch mesa to use meson?20:28
JaMatlwoerner: there is change for that on the ML20:28
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halsteadbluelightning, The last log lines before I killed it are up at
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RPhalstead: I think its fine to remove those. I was wondering if there is a pattern but I can't spot one23:04
halsteadRP, Okay. I'm still searching out files that is just a small selection. I haven't found the reason why these are missing but not the tarballs yet.23:08
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RPhalstead: is it only a subset of the sstate directories like 5e but not others?23:17
RPhalstead: I did log onto the nas and removed the 2.4.999, 2.6.999 and similar sstates just to reduce some confusion on the public facing interface23:18
RParmpit: FYI I backported an extra patch to sumo to avoid testresult problems23:23
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RParmpit: was already in thud23:23
RPhalstead: I think I'm ready to trigger attempts at the stable builds again. Not sure if i should wait for the sstate cleanup or go for it...23:24
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armpitRP, thanks23:50

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