Thursday, 2019-03-28

* RP gives a build another try since it likely won't hit the errors second time around as the release sstate mirror is already there00:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to generate compile database with bitbake? <>03:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to disable certain keyboard keys in yocto <>04:22
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khemrburton: python2 is needed for llvm during build time see
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: ERROR: useradd: useradd command did not succeed in Yocto build <>07:53
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mkhooryso I made a graph of the dependencies for core-image-minimal and now I'm converting the .dot file to ps. It's taken 8.5 minutes and it's still not done. Am I doing it wrong? lol08:11
mkhooryI'm new to yocto and I just wanted to get an overall understanding of what went into my image and why08:11
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: as we don't know how you're doing it, how could anyone comment? but yes, the .dot files are LARGE. to the point where the usual suspects (xdot, etc) can't display them anymore.08:12
mkhooryLetoThe2nd, well, I used bitbake -g core-image-minimal, and that generates a .dot file, and now I'm compiling it to  ps with 'dot -Tps -o taskdepends.ps08:16
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mkhooryI guess reading the dot file might be more practical than trying to convert it to a graph :)08:17
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: eeeexactly.08:17
LetoThe2ndi usually just open it in vim or such08:17
mkhooryah! what I should've done is convert the recipe depends file, not the task!08:18
mkhooryit's a lot smaller08:19
mkhooryand is really more of the infromation that I'm looking for08:19
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RPmkhoory: "bitbake core-image-minimal -g -u taskexp" may interest you08:43
RPmkhoory: its a gtk UI which lets you explore the dependencies08:43
RPvery simplistic but might help08:43
mkhooryah interesting, will give it a try08:47
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mkhooryRP, that gives me task dependencies. Can I get recipe dependencies?08:56
RPmkhoory: recipe dependencies get very confusing as the collapsed graph is circular in many cases. The simple answer is no, not really08:58
RPmkhoory: we used to offer that data but it just mislead and confused people08:58
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mkhooryI see09:00
LetoThe2ndRP: you mean, confuse them even more? :P09:01
RPLetoThe2nd: perhaps ;-)09:06
RPmkhoory: you could trivially write a script which just collapses all the dependencies in that dot file and then you'd have the recipe dependencies fwiw. I'm not sure it would be what you actually want though09:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: QML debugging & qmljsdebugger profiling is not working on RPI with Yocto (poky-pyro) <>09:23
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mkhooryQuestion: If I have a bunch of custom software I'd like to write for my target, but this software needs to be bundled in with the image, but at the same time, I'd like them to be updateable during runtime.. Is it more suitable to write this software through the SDK, or bundle it in with the image as a layer?09:39
mkhooryor am I thinking in a fundamentally incorrect way?09:40
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LetoThe2ndmkhoory: the latter :)09:43
mkhooryas in bundle it with the image as a layer, or am I thinking wrong? :P09:44
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LetoThe2ndmkhoory: as in "thinking wrong" :-) you write recipes for the software, so they can be bundled into image. AND you enable runtime package management. through the latter, you can then update the applications just almost like on an ordinary distirbution09:44
mkhooryI think I understand09:46
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: but if your usecase actually is "it has to work basically like debian" (or insert your personal favorite), then you might be better off actually just using that, and save yourself the effort to first understand a tool that might be suited badly, and then beat it into another shape09:47
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mkhooryYeah I'm still in the process of figuring out whether Yocto is best suited for my needs09:47
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: so it really depends on a lot of variables09:47
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: i mean, the beagleboard crowd started with an OE-based distribution back then, and is shipping debian since a couple of years by default for example09:48
mkhooryDebian is most likely not what I want.09:49
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: because debian suits the majority of users better. and for those who need something different, they can always build poky for their boards.09:49
mkhooryWhat I really want, is a kernel, with any required supporting libraries/software, and my own custom written software (which I havent written yet) that does specific tasks, which I can update after deployment09:49
mkhooryI come from an RTOS background, maybe I'm thinking too much in that sense09:50
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: debian is just an example. you pointed out yesterday that you don't do series runs but kinda one-off things. that together with maybe not being extremely resource constrained are usually strong arguments against doing the whole distro-from-source shbang like OE does.09:50
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mkhooryI may actually be very resource constrained though. Hardware hasn't been selected yet09:51
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: yes, it might be really useful to let go of the classic RTOS/embedded background09:51
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: defined "very resource constrained"09:52
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mkhooryLike, 16MB EEPROM, and possibly not a lot of RAM either09:54
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: and, if its jsut for the development stage, you can always just "update" the target by using scp, assuming a read-write filesystem09:54
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: you probably mean 16M flash.09:54
mkhooryyeah that was the plan09:54
mkhooryLetoThe2nd, possibly, not sure yet09:54
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: but in that case you certainly do NOT want package management.09:55
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: seriously, i doubt your hardware guys will give you 16M EEPROM memory as ROM memory.09:55
mkhooryprobably flash then, must've misread09:55
LetoThe2nd16M flash does certainly count as resource constrained, thats true.09:56
mkhoorythere's a lot of options. We can go for really reliable but expensive flash, or less reliable but cheaper flash, so we're still deciding09:57
LetoThe2ndthats the usual09:57
RPmkhoory: the big win for Yocto in this case is the ability to totally customise what goes into the image (e.g. poky-tiny uses musl and shows to create more minimal images)10:01
LetoThe2ndRP: we've already been through some fun with poky-tiny :)10:02
LetoThe2ndreminds me to do the bug report.10:03
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mkhoorynow you know why I'm interested in poky-tiny :P10:09
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: oh, i already understood it first time. but there's little use in trying to learn how to sneak if you can't even walk yet, for example.10:10
LetoThe2ndhence, start with poky.10:11
LetoThe2ndonce you know the in and out, you can totally use poky-tiny as a blueprint for your usecase.10:12
RPI do agree that with those resource constraints you don't want package management and probably need an A/B style updater10:13
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mkhooryok so what I really need to be doing is reading and doing the examples in the dev manual. There's even a hello world example, which is what I was looking for10:26
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: yep.10:28
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: one thing to keep in mind though is that the hello world example is good for understanding how the tasks correlate, e.g. compile, install, fetch configure and all that. but its really not a good template for real applications, as it bundles the sources with the recipe10:29
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: for any real application, have that in a separate repository or location, and the recipe just refer to it.10:29
mkhooryLetoThe2nd, yeah I realize that. What I was really trying to get from the hello world example is how my application would fit in with yocto's build system10:34
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: what build system is your application using?10:36
mkhooryI haven't written it yet XD10:36
LetoThe2ndmkhoory: then which build system are you planning to use :P10:36
mkhoorynot sure, that's another thing I need to evaluate10:37
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mkhooryin the past I've used Eclipse's build system, and that wasn't a very good idea but we stuck to it and it was easy10:38
LetoThe2ndwell, the obvious choices these days are autotools, cmake, meson (if we're talking about anything c(++)-based)10:38
mkhoorySome candidates for this project include cmake, waf, or just plain old makefiles10:38
mkhooryautotools too, but I always felt that autotools is kinda archaic10:39
mkhooryI'll probably end up with cmake tbh10:39
LetoThe2ndthe three i named have reasonably good support in OE, so if you do those properly then your recipe is hopefully only little more than a license, a source reference, a checksum and the inherit of the buildsystem class10:40
mkhooryyeah I figured, based on what I've skimmed from the dev manual10:41
mkhooryso basically, if I understand correctly, I'd have 2 git repositories, one for the layer/recipes to be used with yocto, and another for my actual code. The layer/recipes would then pull my actual code repository, configure, build, and package it with the image.10:43
LetoThe2ndyep, thats right10:44
mkhoorygreat :D10:45
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RPJaMa: does x86 have the gold/glibc issue?11:12
JaMaRP: I've seen it only on 32bit arm11:14
JaMabut we aren't using master anywhere, the only reason why I've noticed was gobject-introspection failing to build (and we don't even use gobject-introspection)11:15
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RPJaMa: ok. Its something we may need to look in more detail :/11:22
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JaMaRP: agreed, I've checked with objdump that it wasn't ever built with gold before until that --enable-default-link change, so forcing bfd again was the easiest way to restore old behavior and unblock building images when newer OE11:31
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RPJaMa: right, fair enough. I'm hoping khem may have a bit more insight...11:42
JaMaFWIW: khem's world builds show this issue since christmas, either people don't use gold or 32bit arm it seems11:43
RPJaMa: as you know all too well, getting people to pay attention to master failures is hard :(11:44
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RPJaMa: its a tough one, we have some amazing automation around testing now but it feels like a lonely battle to keep it all working. its sad key issues like that sit unfixed for so long11:47
JaMayes, I wasn't complaining that it wasn't caught or fixed earlier, but ld-is-gold might be less popular now when there is supposedly better linker in llvm (I haven't tried lld yet)11:47
JaMaI've flashed some aarch64 image which didn't include this fix and it doesn't seem completely broken in runtime11:48
JaMait would be useful to test some smaller image (which doesn't include gobject-introspection nor any postinsts which need working qemu) on 32bit arm HW to see if it's broken in runtime in the same way as when qemu-arm is trying to use it11:50
RPJaMa: I'm not seeing it as a complaint, I guess I'm sharing frustration :)11:50
RPJaMa: yes, it would be a useful test11:50
JaMaI was trying to do that with hammerhead (android phone), but you cannot really flash core-image-minimal there without serial output11:51
JaMaand flashing bigger image with adb etc was blocked by one of the build failures (even with introspection disabled)11:51
JaMaor I could take some armv4t (neo freerunner), armv5te (sharp spitz) from drawer, but I fear that glibc issue would be one of the smaller issues with them nowadays :)11:53
JaMahmm I might have serial cable for nexus5 somewhere, will try later today11:54
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RParmpit: looks like sumo/thud point releases built ok.12:15
RParmpit: I'm thinking of enabling x86 ptest for a-full on sumo/thud. The test builds passed12:16
RP( and
* RP should try and add those test results to the release build12:16
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RPrburton: is yours I think12:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Jenkins error: export: -march: bad variable name <>12:24
rburtonRP: whilst i agree that i touched llvm, i can't explain why thats my fault12:25
rburtonRP: did you also bump the llvm release?12:26
rburtonits noticing that host gcc is too old12:26
rburtonRP: so its kanavin  :)12:28
rburtonRP: patch incoming12:32
JaMarburton: btw is the right repo for this one IIRC12:34
rburtonJaMa: yeah that was just the first one that hit in google ;)12:34
JaMaok, I've noticed only because yesterday I've failed to find currently used SRCREV in my local llvm checkout.. :)12:34
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RPrburton: sorry, I saw it was llvm and blamed you :/12:56
* RP had forgotten kanavin had touched it too12:56
kanavinRP: anything I need to fix?12:57
kanavinnope, rburton sent the fix12:59
rburtonyeah all sorted, i hope13:01
RPkanavin: also :(13:07
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kanavinRP: right, this one shouldn't be too diffcult, let me look13:08
RPkanavin: indeed, should hopefully be easy13:08
RPI guess the test matrix is doing what we need it to do (other than driving me nuts)13:09
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kanavinRP: I have the fix, but testing it will take a moment. I guess I better be cautious and not send it until mesa completes.13:26
kanavinmesa build13:26
kanavintakes a moment, first llvm-native, then llvm, then finally mesa13:27
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RPkanavin: np. I'm just wondering what testing I need to give the new patches on the AB...13:29
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How patching works in yocto <>13:54
rburton"new", that was from 2017!13:57
zeddiieverytime I click on one of those, they are old.14:00
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jofrIt says that it was "active" today... Even though I can't see any activity, not even a comment. Whatever that is must be messing with yocti..14:27
jofrAhh, the answer was edited.14:28
jofrSeems like yocti needs some more filtering. Or perhaps it's looking at an incorrect date/timestamp in the API.14:29
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frscHi, can I somehow set different image types for different image recipes?14:52
frscIMAGE_FSTYPES seems to be global, but I want to use different fstypes than
rburtonset that in the image recipe then14:53
frscrburton: Just tried to set IMAGE_FSTYPES="" in my main image, but this also affects the other images.14:55
frscMaybe that's because I'm using the main image to build the other images by depending on them?14:55
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frscOk, it seems to work. I just missed to depend on the image_complete task to actually see the deployment.15:06
* kergoth yawns15:18
angelo_tshello. should create a new recipe. Wouldn't copy from a similar. What is it better ? devtool ? or recipetool ?15:20
mckoanangelo_ts: devtool calls recipetool15:20
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angelo_tsi tried a bit recipetool, but it is complaining things as "NOTE: There are 11 recipes to be removed from sysroot"15:21
mckoanangelo_ts: that may depend on what you are doing15:22
rburtonangelo_ts: that's just a note, ignore it15:22
rburtontelling you that its fiddling with the sysroot15:22
angelo_tsbut then it asks ssh key, as it may need to do somehting with git repos15:23
angelo_tsso i interrupted15:23
klemenHi everyone15:24
* tlwoerner is very interested in ARMv5 (and ARMv4)15:24
klemenI have a problem with building qtbase15:24
tlwoernerJaMa: ^^15:24
klemenI included the qt5-base layer15:24
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to make bitbake print options of do_configure <>15:24
klemenhere's my qtbase_%.bbappend:15:25
klemenPACKAGECONFIG[gles2] = "-opengl es2 -eglfs,,virtual/libgles2 virtual/egl"15:26
klemenPACKAGECONFIG_GL = ""15:26
klemenDEPENDS = “virtual/libgles2“15:26
klemenand I get this error:
klementhis is from config.log15:26
klemenany ideas?15:26
tlwoernerklemen: maybe it's because your using an "=" in your DEPENDS bbappend?15:27
tlwoerneri.e. you're wiping out the parent recipe's settings and replacing it with just this one DEPENDS instead of adding to it15:28
klemenhm, let me try DEPENS_append = " virtual/libgles2"15:28
klemenjust a second15:28
tlwoerner(spell it correctly)15:28
tlwoerneralso, are you trying to set packageconfigs, or do you think there's an error with the parent recipe's packageconfig?15:29
klementlwoerner, well.. at this point I'm trying everything. I've been at it for the last 4 hours or so15:31
klemenand I keep getting the same error15:32
klemenit's as if the usr/include directory was getting populated too late15:32
klemenas it keeps telling me that GLES2/gl2.h is missing15:33
klemeneventhough it's there15:33
klemenhere's the full path: /home/klemen/yocto/poky/build/tmp/work/cortexa17hf-neon-vfpv4-poky-linux-gnueabi/qtbase/5.11.3+gitAUTOINC+08de243eaa-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/include/GLES215:33
JaMatlwoerner: are you using gold?15:33
tlwoernerklemen: that's a new/different error, before it was saying that X11/Xlib.h wasn't found15:34
tlwoernerJaMa: i haven't considered it. should i?15:34
vmesonrburton: I only see rust in meta-rust:
JaMatlwoerner: if you want to test if your build is as broken as mine with glibc, then you definitely should :)15:34
rburtonvmeson: that's good15:34
rburtonvmeson: maybe it was another language iwas thinkingof15:34
vmeson:)  Nim?15:35
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has joined #yocto15:35
JaMatlwoerner: I've tried it on various armv7a and armv7ve and all were affected, x86, aarch64 doesn't seem to be affected15:35
tlwoernerklemen: in the chat you said you were going to try _append'ing the gles2 dependency, but you spelled it wrong in the irc, did you spell it right in your test?15:36
JaMawell "old" qemuarm armv5te was also affected, so I guess armv4t is as well15:36
klementlwoerner, yep, in the bbappend it's spelled okay15:37
klemenregarding the X11 error, by adding virtual/egl to the DEPENDS_append X11 directory gets added to usr/include, and I still get the error15:38
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klemenhere's the newest log:
klemenJaMa, you're the maintainer of meta-qt5, right? :-) would you perhaps know what's up?15:40
armpitRP, sorry didn't see your questions. yes lets enable ptest15:40
* armpit has head down getting ready for training next week15:41
JaMaklemen: ERROR: Feature 'opengl-desktop' was enabled, but the pre-condition '(config.win32 && !config.winrt && !features.opengles2 && (config.msvc || libs.opengl)) || (!config.watchos && !config.win32 && libs.opengl)' failed.15:41
JaMathis is your error, the X11/Xlib.h not found is just from xlib test15:41
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JaMause bitbake -e to see what exactly ends in PACKAGECONFIG15:42
tlwoernerklemen: can you try "$ bitbake qtbase -e | grep "^PACKAGE"15:42
JaMaklemen: if you read the Command line: you can see that you have -no-eglfs and -opengl desktop which you probably didn't plan to with your bbappend15:43
klemenJaMa, what would be the correct thing to add in bbappend?15:43
klemento get support for EGLFS?15:44
JaMaPACKAGECONFIG += "eglfs"15:44
JaMaand PACKAGECONFIG_GL = "gles2"15:44
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klemenJaMa, okay now I get these two errors:15:46
klemen| ERROR: Feature 'opengles2' was enabled, but the pre-condition 'config.win32 || (!config.watchos && !features.opengl-desktop && libs.opengl_es2)' failed.15:46
klemen| ERROR: Feature 'eglfs' was enabled, but the pre-condition '! && !config.darwin && !config.win32 && features.egl' failed.15:46
JaMaor rather PACKAGECONFIG_append " eglfs" to keep the default value intact (or PACKAGECONFIG_GL = "gles2 eglfs" would work as well), always check with bitbake -e15:46
JaMamaybe your BSP doesn't provide usable drm/gles2 implementations?15:47
JaMaread what the libs.opengl_es2 and features.egl tests complain about15:48
klemenwhere can I see that?15:48
tlwoernerJaMa: so the test is to _build_ gobject-introspection for armv4/5?15:51
JaMatlwoerner: with ld-is-gold in DISTRO_FEATURES, yes15:51
JaMatlwoerner: but the more interesting part is to build some image (without gobject-introspection or any postinst using qemu which would cause the build to fail) and test it on the device15:52
JaMatlwoerner: because right now I know that is causing segfault in qemu-arm when it's built with gold, but I don't know if the same works fine on the device or not15:53
tlwoernerJaMa: okay. i have an imx233 device that i'm actively working with, let me redo the build with gold and see what happens15:53
klemenJaMa, hm15:53
klemen> main.cpp:6:12: fatal error: GLES2/gl2.h: No such file or directory15:53
klemenbut I can see the file is there15:54
RParmpit: np, thanks15:54
JaMatlwoerner: thanks!15:56
JaMatlwoerner: please report the findings to the ML, I might drop from IRC for a while15:58
tlwoernerJaMa: okay15:58
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klemenJaMa, what else can I check or do?16:00
JaMaklemen: see what your virtual/libgles2 provider installs and where and how to make the test happy about it (e.g. providing pkg-config for gles2 which wasn't found in the pastebin outout)16:05
klemenJaMa, okay, thanks for your help! :-)16:06
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JaMarburton: I really like your buildhistory diff finds!16:22
kanavingdk=pixbuf is a royal pain16:22
frscIn a recipe, how can I assign values based on a variable being empty or not? Is there something in bb.utils?16:32
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has joined #yocto16:36
angelo_tshave a simple g++ app, when build by yocto, yocto complains header <stirng> is missing. Why ?16:38
angelo_tssince using g++ from the toolchain, not clear why c++ headers shoudl be missing16:38
kergothangelo_ts: not enough information. is your recipe failing to build? post the log16:40
angelo_tskergoth, ok i probably miss to add some makefile variable coming from yocto16:41
*** sk_tandt__ <sk_tandt__!> has joined #yocto16:42
kergothwe're perfectly willing to help, but you'll need to tell us more and show the exact messages youre' getting16:42
angelo_tskergoth, mainly c++ headers are not found16:43
kergothagain, summarizing is not useful16:43
kergothangelo_ts: —sysroot= is being passed twice. the second one is wrong16:44
angelo_tsoh, ok16:44
kergothno idea where that's coming from, but it's not what we pass in via CC16:44
angelo_tskergoth, many thanks16:44
kergothobviously that path doesnt' exist, so it can't find anything16:45
kergothyou'll have to invesitgate to figure out where that's coming from16:45
angelo_tsit comes from my makefile since was working by sdk16:45
angelo_tsnow i fix it, thanks16:45
*** sk_tandt_ <sk_tandt_!> has quit IRC16:45
angelo_tskergoth, now it builds perfect. Thanks for catching it16:55
kergoththat's why we need to see log files, not summary :)16:56
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mckoanangelo_ts: so did you modify the toolchian somehow to cause that error?16:59
angelo_tsthe original git makefile was containing a wrong sysroot for develop build by sdk. Just removed it.17:00
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rburtonJaMa: the ab does those for us too now. i try to run all patches through it, but lets just say some people get a more intensive review than others17:00
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