Friday, 2019-03-29

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angelo_tshi, on a recipe (bb), is the place where you put "inherit" relevant ? I mean, can all inherits stay at the end ?08:47
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: nope, things are being evaluated from top to bottom08:49
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: so you can override things that the inherit did08:49
angelo_tsLetoThe2nd, thanks, great, this let me be an artist grouping lines :)08:50
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LocutusOfBorghello guys, what happens if I have a really trivial patch to send, and I don't want to create an account for it? I mean poky09:24
LetoThe2ndLocutusOfBorg: you mean the ML?09:25
LocutusOfBorgI mean, I would like to send this documentation patch (just spacing nothing else)09:26
LetoThe2ndLocutusOfBorg: yeah but what account are you talking about?09:26
LetoThe2ndjust send the patch to the yocto mailing list09:27
LocutusOfBorgand where is explained all that?09:27
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how do i re-order bitbake tasks within a recipe <>09:27
LocutusOfBorgI mean, the email header, the email address and so on09:28
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LetoThe2ndwell, we're not LKML. the ML is at, and we are not exactly know to be formality sticklers or harsh reviewers.09:29
LetoThe2ndthe wiki page is more geared towards high-level poky contributors, IMHO09:29
LetoThe2ndLocutusOfBorg: you can also send the patch to scotty directly (his mail adress is in each of the docs you touched) and just cc yocto@09:30
LocutusOfBorgI hope it is correct09:32
LetoThe2ndLocutusOfBorg: the subject is a bit long, but otherwise this should certainly do fine, thank you. :)09:33
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LocutusOfBorgthanks to you! I noticed the subject was long, but I don't remember how to strip it with git send-email09:33
LocutusOfBorgI'm just tired of the spacing incoherencies when I extract my sdk :p09:34
LocutusOfBorgas said, nothing important, but since I contribute to meta-oe, I would like to start doing some wokr on poky too09:34
LetoThe2ndok, now after a closer look it might have been good to split it in documentation and actual payload (script) patches. but as its nothing complicated, lets just hope folks are content with it anyways.09:35
LetoThe2ndwe will see.09:35
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LocutusOfBorgyep :)09:47
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JaMatlwoerner: thanks for update, was the e-mail sent prematurely or does it really end that the good build runs fine in runtime?12:38
tlwoerneryes, that's all. is there something else you'd like me to test?12:39
tlwoernerJaMa: ^12:39
tlwoerneri just wanted to show gobject-introspection running on the target, i didn't know anything specific to try other than to just as for the --help12:40
JaMaok, it would be great if you could build some small image (which doesn't include gobject-introspection nor any other package which would cause build to fail) and try that on the device12:40
tlwoernerah, with gold12:40
JaMaI'm trying to do the same on nexus5, but without serial output very early (before systemd is started), I wont see the output if libc cannot be used at all12:41
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* zeddii resists the urge to reply to threads with “patches will be gladly accepted”13:28
* Crofton slaps zeddii 13:28
zeddiihey. that would be the nicest thing to say, if I was to chime in at all! ;)13:29
zeddiibut maybe it is my 7 am flight to Bangkok tomorrow morning that has me in a bad mood13:29
Croftonthat would do it13:30
CroftonConnect then?13:30
zeddiiI drew the short straw ;)13:30
zeddiiI mean, who wouldn’t look forward to 27 hours of airline travel!!13:30
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tlwoernerzeddii: "let's send the new guy!"14:05
tlwoernerJaMa: it fails, kernel panic trying to run init. i'll reply to the email with details14:09
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JaMatlwoerner: perfect, that confirms that glibc is really broken (not only that qemu-arm doesn't like it)14:12
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tlwoernerJaMa: isn't a nexus5 a 64-bit device? snapdragon 808?14:22
JaMatlwoerner: it's using 32bit android and is older MSM8974 Snapdragon 80014:27
kanavinrburton, if the utility that needs librsvg comes from gtk recipe, shouldn't the dependency be placed there?14:32
rburtonkanavin: its *only* needed for that one tool which *only* adwaita needs, so why build all of librsvg before gtk+3 when its only needed for the theme14:33
JaMatlwoerner: but you got me thinking if conf/machine/include/ which we're currently using is really the best match for it, it's similar, but who knows what exactly gcc will emit with -mcpu=cortexa8 :)14:33
rburtonkanavin: also its not a dependency. the theme has svg icons it wants to load, so it needs to depend on the svg loader14:33
rburtongtk doesn't care14:33
kanavinrburton, right, does this save build time for gtk+-native?14:34
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rburtonyes, because gtk+3-native doesn't need to depend on librsvg at all14:35
kanavin(because I still want to enable that fronted for qemu :)14:35
rburtonright, i knew that would be a good angle for you ;)14:35
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JaMatlwoerner: can I ask one more test? could you build the same image with my fix included to confirm that it works for you with ld-is-gold?14:40
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tlwoernerJaMa: okay, no problem, starting it now15:00
* zeddii wonders if rburton still has electricity and basic services ?15:14
* Crofton wonders if rburton still has a government15:15
zeddiiheh. that lead to my question. “banana republic” :D15:15
zeddiiI’ll resign, you’ll resign, we’ll all resign!15:16
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tlwoernerJaMa: works!16:16
tlwoernerthe build succeeds (you probably already knew that)16:16
tlwoernerand the image boots and runs into userspace16:16
JaMatlwoerner: perfect, thanks a lot16:19
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halsteadarmpit, rburton RP AB is ready for work.17:22
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RPhalstead: thanks17:51
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psrcodeRP: update regarding lttng-tools hanging, I should be able to send you an update with all the fixes and also fixes regarding musl (we had a problem with getgrnam usage, a legit problem that never happened unless we were on yocto/musl) most of the fixes were upstreamed and backported but we do not plan on making a tag release in the upcomming week so i'll add them to the patches. Have a good weekend21:25
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armpitpsrcode, thanks22:03
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