Monday, 2019-04-01

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tlwoernerblack_13: the meta-freescale mailing list might be a good place to start:
tlwoernerblack_13: what would you like to know about the wandboard?03:29
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RPpsrcode: looking forward to those patches and seeing the ptest stats improve! :)07:29
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use a different compiler for single recipe? <>08:09
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jmieheHi! Trying to come up with a bitbake recipe for library on python3. App works fine on host system, yocto complains ┬╗ImportError: No module named 'multiprocessing'┬ź. Any pointers?08:28
jmiehecleaned up RDEPENDS from recipetool: python-enum34 python-futures python-lxml python-dateutil python-pytz python3-lxml python3-dateutil python3-cryptography python-importlib python-io python-lang python-logging python-netclient python-pickle python-re python-sqlite3 python-threading python-xml08:29
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jmieheApparently I can just add python3-multiprocessing to that list. Fine, why doesn't it come up on
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kanavinRP: I've been encouraging a colleague to send recipe version updates (despite the freeze), I thought it would be counter-productive to say 'we badly need people to work on updates, but not for the next 4 weeks' :)09:49
kanavinso these patches should be stashed somewhere I guess, normally Ross would do it09:50
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kanavinjku, hello :)09:54
jkuhi kanavin, it's been a while!09:55
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kanavinyeah, just wondering if you're involved with the project again somehow?09:57
kanavinjku ^^^09:57
jkukanavin: not yet at least... there's some potential in future but we'll see (just finished previous long project, not sure about future yet)10:01
kanavinaah, but you're not switching jobs for now, it's the same after-intel one?10:02
jkukanavin: correct10:05
kanavinjku, I have left intel as well. Moved to Berlin, working here
RPkanavin: I was thinking about what to do with them...10:12
RPjku: hi! Its beena while! :)10:12
jkuRP indeed, good to see you10:14
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LocutusOfBorgrburton, hello, how do you feel about merging this one?
LocutusOfBorgI'm not sure I sent to the right list10:43
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rburtonLocutusOfBorg: scott r owns the docs repo10:44
rburtonthat is the right list10:44
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jmieheFor the record, this RDEPENDS works for me for opcua (python3): python3-lxml python3-dateutil python3-pytz python3-asyncio python3-cryptography python3-multiprocessing11:23
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jmieheHow can I set the LICENSE in a bb file to LGPLv3 if the source package doesn't include the license file?11:40
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jkujmiehe: I assume you mean what to put in LIC_FILES_CHKSUM? you can use any source file with license header (with beginline/endline parameters, see dev-manual)12:01
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jmiehejku: thx, that works!12:11
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lukmaDear All,13:01
lukmaI do have a question regarding a OE/Yocto setup:13:01
lukmaI've build several images, (fitImage), initramfs for different MACHINES (cortex-A -> armv7a)13:01
lukmaNow I'd like to run script working on top of ./deploy/<machines> directory13:02
lukmaThe solution, which I've found is IMAGE_CMD with dd  (dd if=${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}, of=file)13:02
lukmaBut I'm wondering if there is nicer way13:03
lukma(in the end I could have in my meta-layer a script directory which would have a simple bash script, run after bitbake completes)13:03
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rburtonlukma: what do you want the scrip to do?13:28
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lukmarburton: To create a FIT image13:35
rburtonlukma: there's fit image classes already though13:36
lukmaone large with with data across the deploy/<machine> directory13:36
lukmawhen everything is build13:36
lukma(I mean several MACHINE=FOO1 bitbake foo1-image && MACHINE=FOO2 bitbake foo2-image && .... is run)13:37
rburtoni'd be using multiconfig and then a dedicated recipe to construct the mega image13:38
lukmarburton: You mean the BBMULTICONFIG13:48
lukmarburton: Ok, thanks I will look on that  :-)13:49
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yatesdoes anyone know why my /etc/X11/xorg.conf, after i carefully set it up, gets overwritten every reboot?14:01
rburtonbecause you're booting a live image which isn't persistant?14:01
yatesall of /etc is tmpfs?14:03
rburtonyates: nothing in oe-core will be rewriting xorg.conf for you.  without literally no more information all i can guess is that you're running an overlayfs of some sort?  check mount14:05
yatesmakes sense14:06
yates..and verified14:06
yatesno, not verified.14:12
yatesneed more coffee..14:13
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Piratyhi everyone. does yocto enable devs / OS-devs to run tests if an oss project has some (like make test) in separate testing phase after build?14:44
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psrcodePiraty: look at ptest14:57
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armpitPiraty, also look at "testimage" , it will execute the runtime tests include to date15:35
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rburtonPiraty: the problem  is that most 'make test' assume it can run at build time so can't be installed.  some upstreams are nice and actually write test suites you can install (see eg glib, python), others we've hacked a bit to install and run.  but yes, ptest is how that is done.16:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto minimal image failed <>19:11
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Piratythanks psrcode armpit rburton  :) !!!20:21
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RPJPEW, rburton: Am I okay to tweak layer.conf in mingw/gplv2 for warrior when I push the core changes?23:06
rburtoni say yes23:06
RPrburton, armpit: in case its not clear there are warrior-next and master-next branches now23:09
* RP is trying to stack post-warrior pieces in master-next23:09
* armpit post-war patches ?23:11
RPthere are mailing list patch flames?23:11
armpitno, not that I am aware off23:15
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