Tuesday, 2019-04-02

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49748528/yocto-files-directories-were-installed-but-not-shipped-in-any-package>06:13
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rburtonkhem: good news: by removing my host docbook-xml i can also make asciidoc fail11:24
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RPrburton: its nice when things reproduce12:30
rburtonbad news12:31
rburtonRAZOR WIRE OF BEES12:31
rburtonARGH THEY STING12:31
RPrburton: https://xkcd.com/797/ ? :)12:31
RP(you reminded me of the mouseover)12:32
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rburtonRP: why can't postinsts be run for native stuff on install eh12:54
RPrburton: er, which postinsts? native stuff isn't packaged. The sstate postinsts are run12:56
JPEWRP: Yes, thats fine. Thanks12:56
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sjolley_YPTM is on zoom bridge at: (https://zoom.us/j/990892712)14:57
sjolley_YPTM: Stephen Joined14:57
vmesonYPTM: Randy MacLeod joined.14:59
JPEW_YPTM: Joshua Watt here15:00
RPYPTM: Richard joined15:00
halsteadYPTM: Michael joined.15:01
RPGoogle doc for the meeting: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CNEKA4d0eT6-e0hnS2pwi7xdZ5_t6smpZO2HbaJGXbU/15:01
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sjolley_YPTM: Google doc for meeting minutes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y5IIuE-z0Ykdl-DwuzUJh52flOZuhN_TSAfw2tdU9pg15:02
dreynaYPTM: David joined15:03
zeddiiI'm on hotel wifi in Thailand .. so I'm pretty much listen only!15:07
zeddiibut if it is working from jonmason. I suppose it should work for me :D15:07
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* zeddii clicks on the document15:10
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jonmasonzeddii: its working okay for me15:12
jonmasonbut I'm on the 37th floor15:12
paulbarkerCan't hop on the call right now but that list of ideas for 2.8 looks good :)15:14
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* zeddii is on the 35 floor. terrible wifi here :D15:15
jonmasonCrofton: you on the call?15:16
CroftonMaybe you should go to jonmason room15:16
* Crofton is allergic to telecons, read minutes15:16
jonmasonCrofton: talking about binary package feeds15:16
paulbarkerActually I can push back the other thing on my todo list15:17
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cdgarrenI'm trying to add a recipe for a python module, and the maintainer doesn't distribute their license in their tar ball. It is on his github, so I'm trying to download it separately in order to get the license checksum. Does that seem like the right way to make this work?15:34
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paulbarkercdgarren: What's the python module? They really should be distributing license text15:36
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cdgarrenpaulbarker: pymodbus. I agree, and was planning to submit an issue for it, but I need to get around it in the mean time.15:36
kergothdownloading the terms separately is probably best. do they mention what the license *is* in the source, at least, even if they don't ship the actual license terms?15:40
* kergoth yawns15:40
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rburtoncdgarren: if a bit of the source says the license then you can checksum that15:44
rburtonwhy oh why doesn't make have a simple 'print timestamp when running a command' button15:45
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kergothmaybe remake's tracing flags support it? not sure offhand15:55
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kergothhttp://bashdb.sourceforge.net/remake/  https://www.usenix.org/legacy/event/lisa11/tech/full_papers/Bernstein.pdf15:56
kergothhmm, not seeing timestamp as an option though15:56
sjolley_YPTM is over.15:59
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kergothrburton: youc ould use a tool to just suffix every line in the output with a timestamp, or you could use the SHELL hack for minimal target tracing seen at http://www.drdobbs.com/tools/debugging-makefiles/197003338?pgno=3 if you add date to it16:05
cdgarrenrburton: Theres a file called PKG-INFO that has a line "License: BSD"16:05
kergothugh, that's less than helpful. *which* BSD?16:06
kergothhuh, https://github.com/paypal/gnomon is rather cool16:06
rburtonkergoth: neat16:10
rburtoncdgarren: point at that line16:10
rburton(until they ship a proper license)16:10
cdgarrenrburton: Thanks16:16
RPhmm, I wonder what I should be doing with meta-qt4 and meta-qt3 on the autobuilder :/16:23
frayare they no longer working, and is nobody actively fixing issues?  I'd be tempted to day they're broken and stop testing them until someone steps up16:25
fray(I know easier said then done)16:25
RPfray: more the complexities about how older releases need them but we don't support them in newer ones and how that interacts with the system16:31
Croftonfray ++16:32
JaMait's almost time to start meta-qt6 :)16:36
Croftonunless we have maintainers for things like that, we need to let them go16:38
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RPCrofton: its the mechanics of how to make the autobuilder do this17:07
Croftonmake it stop doing things?17:07
RPCrofton: all things?17:08
Croftonwell specific things :)17:08
CroftonI assum eyou mean do different things on a per release basis?17:08
RPyes, that is the hard part in generic code17:08
Croftonneeds to be more generic :)17:09
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RPmoto-timo: dare I mention warrior eclipse branches? :/20:06
RPwell, I clearly dare, I'm just not sure what you'll throw at me... :)20:06
RPzeddii: I doubt you're awake but I'll need your defconfig magic for https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1323420:07
yoctiBug 13234: normal, High, 2.7 M4, kexin.hao, NEW , [2.7 M3 RC1] qemumips & qemumips64: failed to shutdown20:07
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