Wednesday, 2019-04-03

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why qtbase is failing during compilation phase in yocto thud? <>05:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to clean, free space? <>05:47
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mckoangood morning07:33
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ernstpI have a package that was updated, and a dependent package that prints "Skipping as already exists in sysroot" for its dependencies09:02
ernstpso it doesn't get the updated things in the sysroot09:03
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mckoanernstp: and...09:46
kanavinRP: I have a bit of free cycles, so if there's anything, I could look into that10:12
kanavinRP: otherwise, will work on some long-standing package upgrades :)10:13
kanavine.g. python-numpy10:13
RPkanavin: do you happen to have an opensuse150 machine handy?10:13
RPkanavin: the main thing right now is to get things ready for release and the bug list from M3 was quite long10:14
kanavinRP: I have opensuse tumbleweed NUC at home, that's a rolling release though10:14
ernstpmckoan: I mean I update recipe A and require those things in recipe B, B depends on A10:14
ernstpbut the sysroot is not updated with the new things from A when building B, it just says "Skipping as already exists in sysroot"10:15
RPkanavin: I'm just staring at and wondering what to do with it10:15
yoctiBug 13237: normal, Medium+, 2.7 M4, ross.burton, NEW , [2.7 M3 RC1][OE-selftest][Opensuseleap 15.0][Public AB]:"test_wic_cp_ext" failing for Opensuseleap 15.0.10:15
ernstpusing the old sysroot10:15
ernstpsomething is not invalidated properly...10:15
RPkanavin: The other area we have known issues is ptest right now, more at the runner level afaict10:17
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RPkanavin: by totally guessing found a revert which "fixes" that wic bug10:20
* RP wonders if anyone knows printf vs echo -n in shell behaviour10:23
RPI mean echo -e10:23
kanavinRP: I could build core-image-sato-sdk-ptest and see about fixing some of this then?
rburtonRP: i'm aware that the idiom is to just use printf because echo is so badly defined10:25
RPrburton: so why would break :/10:26
RPkanavin: I'd appreciate more eyes/help on ptest, yes please. I do have a little more data10:26
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rburtonRP: missing \n at the end of the printf expression?10:26
RPkanavin: was a ptest run with latest master and the log results are "interesting"10:27
rburton$ echo -e hello10:27
RPrburton: hmm, could be10:27
rburtonross@flashheart ~/Yocto/poky (mut %)10:27
rburton$ printf hello10:27
rburtonhelloross@flashheart ~/Yocto/poky (mut %)10:27
rburtondepends how cmd is handled as to whether that makes a difference10:27
RPkanavin: a bit of a brain dump. Grab and
kanavinRP: ha, I guess we're not aiming to get a 100% pass on those :) the best we can do is to make sure the pass rate doesn't decrease, and tests do not timeout?10:28
RPkanavin: "wget", "resulttool store testresult.json /tmp/something/" then you can see ptest log files for each ptest10:28
RPkanavin: you can also get a summary of that data with the resulttool report command10:28
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RPkanavin: I really want to know a) why several tests timeout b) why several of the later tests see disk space issues c) why python3's log has stap runtime test output in the middle of it10:29
RPkanavin: I'd be a lot happier if this was giving reliable results10:29
kanavinRP: so which branch/commit should I take for building the image? I guess Ross fixed some of those issues, so I want those fixes10:29
RPkanavin: the above was master and I think has ross' patches. I need to check I didn't miss something from master10:30
RPkanavin: I will teach the autobuilder to generate the log files in future, patches just haven't been cleaned up/submitted yet10:30
RPkanavin: util-linux has a known issue that its not using update-alternatives so tests the wrong binaries. Mariano was looking into that10:31
RPkanavin: less worried about specific failures and most worried about the systemic problems and the timeouts10:31
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RPkanavin: lttng has patches pending to fix that timeout so don't worry about that, psrcode is looking at that in isolation10:32
kanavinRP: right, will take a moment to build the image here though10:33
armpitRP, are we really supporting 3 kernels in warrior?10:33
* armpit why do we do this to our elves?10:35
RParmpit: Hmm, may need zeddii's input on that10:35
armpit4.18, 4.19 and 5.010:36
RPkanavin: no problem10:36
RParmpit: I'm sure the plan was to remove at least one10:36
RParmpit: I think we need a list of things to sort before M4 is built10:39
kanavinRP: just to make sure, the ptests are run in sequence, and not in parallel?10:40
rburtonkanavin: oe-core 7ef8f96941ed52b2a00cbe8f57511a8891b39698 is a way of working around the update-alternatives problems10:42
rburton(that was for busybox, same issue)10:42
* armpit tiny uses 4.18, lsb uses 4.19 and default is 5.010:43
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armpithow was the turnout @ the tech meeting?11:00
Croftonyou were not there so everyone left11:01
* armpit sees RP all over the planning sheet11:01
armpitCrofton, I doubt that11:02
armpitCrofton, what are you doing up so early?11:03
CroftonI was going to ask the same ....11:04
armpittraveling.. in UK heading to India11:06
Croftonslap RP around for me while there11:06
armpitwhat about rburton ?? he may be closer11:07
rburtonif you're in london then RP is likely closer11:08
rburtonslap him!11:08
CroftonToo bad they are at opposite ends of the contry11:08
Croftonor has Britain split back into many kingdoms again?11:08
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rburtonlook its not funny we're living in this carnage11:09
rburtonthe live updating news site i'm following for brexit is up to three pages of events today and its barely midday11:10
JaMawe have a zombie for president, I don't know what's worse :)11:14
armpitcan you secede your home to an EU11:15
armpitJaMa, don't zombies have brains?11:15
JaMaat least you're not in brexit for cccpenter11:17
JaMaarmpit: only small one to obtain alcohol or some food11:17
JaMathe rest is already eaten from inside11:17
kanavinrburton, I also find it funny how BBC says 'another decisive week for the brexit process'11:18
kanavintotally decisive11:18
kanavinoh, and mildly annoyed that they have in fact taken a side in all this :( they give a disproportionate amount of time to various brexiteer flavours, and almost no time to those who think it was all a colossal mistake11:19
rburtonkanavin: i think they meant divisive11:20
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* armpit needs a nap11:21
armpitRP, looks like I need to backport manual test for sumo11:22
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armpitmaybe even thud11:23
* Crofton waits for Trump to close the Mexican border and the supply of Avacados to dry, thus sticking it the libs again11:25
Absenteehi guys i have a problem :) i am using bitbake and my production code compiled fine... but when i try to bitbake unittest which uses the same .inc as my production code, i get linker error undefined reference for references inside library which worked for production... this library has LIB without append for target... i tried rearranging order of libs, but no result... i hope i explained clearly enough :/11:26
Absenteelib in question is protobuf from google proto buffer.. and all undefined references are for some functions envolving strings11:27
Croftonoh god, back to work everyone!11:28
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RPCrofton: it is weird how rburton and I are literally at opposite ends of the country11:42
* RP thinks we should bring back the kingdom of Northumbria 11:42
CroftonRuled by Uthred of Babbenburg11:43
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RPCrofton: indeed. Bambrugh (Babbenburn in modern English) still has a castle ready to act as capital again :)11:44
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CroftonI've looked at it using the Google real time camera11:44
CroftonWell, looks like Britain expelled armpit11:44
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RPLots of good castles around here. Something to do with a Viking problem11:45
CroftonPesky Danes11:45
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RPrburton: you're right about the trailing \n, that fixes it11:51
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rburtonRP: cookie for me!12:00
RPrburton: yes, one problem down :)12:04
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u1106I'm writing a recipe for a package which has its source in a git repo with submodules. I don't see support in the fetcher for that12:40
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rburtonu1106: gitsm://12:40
bjobjorburton beat me to it :)12:40
rburtonbut links to docs +++12:41
u1106ah, bitbake manual, I searched the mega manual...12:44
u1106> The fetcher has known issues where it does not use the normal source mirroring infrastructure properly12:46
u1106so an offline build from my local source mirror might not work?12:46
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anshulmasorry,  new to yocto. please can any one suggest how can I check the yocto version.12:53
u1106from the source?  git describe  From inside an image? cat /etc/version (Not sure whether all image recipes put something useful there, mine does)13:00
rburtonanshulma: where did you get your yocto from?13:02
anshulmarburton, its from intel..13:05
anshulmaI want to read it from inside the image and cat /etc/version doesn't contain much useful..13:06
rburtonanshulma: *where* from intel13:07
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* Crofton loves the image-buildinfo bbclass13:07
rburton if it exists /etc/os-release is useful13:07
JaMalooks like something I forgot to turn on, thanks for the tip13:09
anshulmarburton, yes it exists and provide the required info. Thanks.13:09
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willie2Hello, I have from our supplier a kernel folder and u-boot folder. They are git clones of freescale uboot-imx.git and linux-imx.git with boards specific files in them. I would like to integrate them into "meta-mylayer" to make everything more integrated. Iknow there are tons of guides out there but I'm hessitant to pick a random guide without having a plan, does anyone have suggestions on the best way to implement this or any tips?13:24
Absenteei have a static library with .a files for many different architectures. how can i find all the architectures for which my bitbake is compiling for13:28
rburtonAbsentee: its compiling for the architecture you set MACHINE to13:29
rburtonTARGET_ARCH might be close to what you want13:30
Absenteewell... its for many machines :D13:30
Absenteethanks for the direction where to look for13:30
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JaMashould this one be applied to sumo and thud? rocko and older don't have these 2 patches13:56
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LetoThe2ndwillie2: in a nutshell, do not do.14:14
LetoThe2ndwillie2: put the folders into some kind of source management or at least to a known location as a tarball. then reference that from the metadata14:15
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willie2LetoThe2nd: And only use yocto for the filesystem?14:17
willie2Letothe2nd: That does not feel like a long-term solution14:18
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willie2Letothe2nd: would it be much work to copy the dts files and create my own machine or something like that?14:22
*** awe00 <awe00!~awe00@unaffiliated/awe00> has joined #yocto14:25
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jofrwillie2: Freescale maintains a Yocto-layer (meta-freescale).. does that not suit your needs?14:38
*** sjolley_ <sjolley_!> has joined #yocto14:40
willie2jofr: The board I'm using is custom but based on imx6sabresd. I'm trying to figure out how to implement my custom u-boot and kernel into my yocto layer14:42
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jofrThen you could, like LetoThe2nd said, but this into version control, and then create you layer with recipes that pulls those changes in14:47
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: tiovx-app-host error on arago yocto project on cunstom AM57xx board <>14:49
RPkanavin: any luck reproducing the ptest issues? I can reproduce problems here but its inconsistent :/14:49
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willie2jofr: and this is where you lose me, I have additional .dts and .dtsi files, with new names etc. Can i create a "u-boot-imx_bbappend" recipe that uses them, localy or otherwise and how do i make sure it gets implemented correctly? I'm sure just appending "my_custom.dts" wont solve the problem14:53
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willie2jofr: i think i will try to create my own machine that uses these specific files, I'll probably come back crying later14:55
*** la_croix <la_croix!> has joined #yocto14:57
anshulmaPlease can anyone share any doc/links or suggestions regarding ACPI event handling in yocto. I have an embedded device with ubuntu on it. WHen I press power button I can see event in /etc/acpi/event/powerbtn and I can modify this script to disable OS shutdown. And it works. Now I installed yocto on this device, disabled shutdown in /etc/apci/event/powerbtn, but still the OS shutds down.15:04
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anshulmaI can see that event does gets delivered to /etc/apci/events/powerbtn (I had log stmt there),but even after disabling OS shutdown, still it happens.15:04
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rburtonanshulma: are you using systemd?15:38
rburtoniirc that handles the power buttons itself15:39
anshulmarburton, yes, I am using systemd.. Thats a good point. Now let me figure out how can I handle power events with systemd. Thanks.15:45
anshulmarburton, yes, referred that and now I able to control the behavior using systemd. Thanks a lot for your help..15:55
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anshulma* power button behaviour..15:56
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LetoThe2ndwillie2: sorry, i am not around much today. no, you would use yocto to build all of u-boot, filesystem, kernel. but the metadata (= layers) should not be bundled with the sources.16:16
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RPkanavin: confirmed the strace issues are a space issue, going to add a patch to fix that. Doesn't explain the other issues though :/16:49
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kanavinRP: I just came back to check the testimage run here16:55
kanavinRP: one failure is NOTE: core-image-sato-sdk-ptest-1.0-r0 do_testimage: test_rpm_install (rpm.RpmInstallRemoveTest)16:55
kanavinNOTE: core-image-sato-sdk-ptest-1.0-r0 do_testimage:  ... FAIL16:55
kanavin... installing package base-passwd-doc-3.5.29-r0.core2_64 needs 44KB on the / filesystem16:56
kanavinso something in the tests is filling up the disk, but I guess in general we should provide lots and lots of space to the tests16:56
kanavinalso: NOTE: core-image-sato-sdk-ptest-1.0-r0 do_testimage: test_ptestrunner (ptest.PtestRunnerTest)16:56
kanavinNOTE: core-image-sato-sdk-ptest-1.0-r0 do_testimage:  ... unexpected success16:56
kanavinnot sure what that means :D16:56
RPkanavin: we effectively ignore the test result of ptest runner and expect it to fail16:57
RPkanavin: you can poke into tmp/log/oeqa to see the actual ptest results16:57
RPresulttool report tmp/log/oeqa/16:58
kanavinRP: thanks, I just promised I would be heading home though, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow16:58
RPkanavin: np16:58
RPkanavin: I'm just sharing anything I find so we don't duplicate work. There are still several odd things going on here :/16:59
kanavinRP: to run ptests to begin with is an improvement compared to not running them :)16:59
kanavin$ resulttool report tmp/log/oeqa/17:01
RPkanavin: totally! We're definitely getting more consistent results17:01
kanavin... ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'jinja2'17:01
RPkanavin: ah, it does need that :/17:01
* RP did update the docs with the dependency17:01
kanavinright, as long as it's documented17:01
RPkanavin: patch on the list for the space issue. We can retest with this and see how things stand on the AB too17:05
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kanavinRP: right, I'll re-run the tests using this17:08
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eboltonhey all, I want to set the branch and git hash (SRCREV_pn-<recipe> ??= <hash>) of multiple recipes from a single include file I call problem is some of our libs live in gitlab, some in SVN, and I'm getting this error a lot "The SRCREV_FORMAT variable must be set when multiple SCMs are used." whenever I bake a single recipe17:16
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eboltonis there a way to set the git hash or svn revision of multiple recipes from an include without corrupting the SRCREV setting of each individual recipe with all the others17:19
RPebolton: SRCREV_pn-<recipename> = "" ?17:20
ebolton@RP yea, that's what I'm doing now....17:21
RPebolton: I think you've set a SRCREV for something which doesn't support it and its that which is causing problems17:22
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markaanyone here contribute to the gobject-instrospection?18:32
markaI have run into an issue and know a per recipe fix but I am curious if there is a more global workaround18:33
markag-ir-scanner is blowing up because my $HOME is on a separate mount, so I started getting18:34
markaOSError: [Errno 18] Invalid cross-device link: '/tmp/g-ir-scanner-cache-1ybcs5xj' -> '/folk/masselst/.cache/g-ir-scanner/b81f3d909aae112686664c4f2f515145b23639cb'18:34
markaI can workaround this on a per recipe way, such as18:35
marka+do_compile_prepend() {18:35
marka+       # prevents g-ir-scanner from writing cache data to $HOME18:35
marka+       export GI_SCANNER_DISABLE_CACHE=118:35
markaI am thinking using the cache is ripe for host contamination, so is there a way to bake this into g-ir-scanner?18:36
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markadigging more it looks like modifying the gobject-introspection.bbclass is the only/best option18:46
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RPmarka: I suspect we could add it into a wrapper around g-ir-scanner18:49
markaya, that would make sense18:50
markaI find it odd that they wouldn't account for this scenario18:51
markaor maybe they do and it is just busted which is why I only started to see this recently18:52
* marka pokes at their git tree to see if there are any hints18:54
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RPmarka: I didn't reply about that go patch did I? :/18:55
markaRP, it is in the wrapper for the target18:55
markaRP, no the GO patches are still waiting for to be merged18:56
markaOK, so my comment about possible host contamination are void as we don't use the cache for class-target18:56
RPmarka: sorry, its slipped my radar :/18:56
markaRP, I was debating pinging you again18:57
markazeddii: said he was going to put them in his next merge request if they weren't merged as he needs them too18:57
markait looks like the scanner respects XDG_CACHE_HOME, so for -native I could potentially use a directory in the build for scanner cache19:01
markaI don't see anything in their tree discussing this, looking for bug reports now19:02
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RPmarka: how important is the cache?19:28
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markanot having poked at this myself I don't have the information to say19:35
markamy worry is that it looks like you guys took the effort to keep it enabled for -native19:35
markaso it gave the impression that nobody wanted to disable for all19:36
markaI am looking for the change that caused my builds to fail, hoping that will help me with  deciding how to fix this19:36
markathis is of course what I was trying to avoid, having stayed away from the gobject-introspection 'fun' previously19:37
markalet me do more investigation, I will get back to you with any findings and my proposed solution later today or in the morning19:38
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rburtonmarka: you should be able to do that workaround in the class20:04
rburtoncache disabling seems sensible20:04
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markarburton: agreed, it does work, since I am into it now I am doing more poking around before I apply the hammer20:04
rburtonas you say, cross-build infection is quite a risk so unless there's a lot of safety the hammer seems good to em20:05
rburton(especially as we're close to release)20:05
rburtonkanavin is the g-i expert fwiw20:05
markarburton: as noted above the hammer is already in place for cross building, class-target20:05
markaso no worries there20:05
rburtonoh is it?20:06
markait is20:06
markathus less rush and I can try to pinpoint why this changed20:06
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