Tuesday, 2019-04-09

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Recipe Not Installing File to Image <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55584098/yocto-recipe-not-installing-file-to-image>02:12
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aehs29RP: is there a good reason why you used "eval sh -c ..." on run-postinsts (besides that you wrote that in 2007) instead of something like $(sh -c ...)?02:45
aehs29RP: believe it or not, 12 years later thats causing me a headache02:45
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zeddiiaehs29. are there variables being constructed and then expanded ?03:23
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RPaehs29: I wouldn't trust anything I did back in 2007 :)07:08
RPaehs29: (I don't remember)07:08
LetoThe2ndRP: i wouldn't trust anything i did 5minutes ago07:08
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fbreHi, yocto also builds u-boot but it's not enough because I also must use tools like 'mfg' or 'uuu' to build a bootable image. First, is it supported by yocto? Second, if yes, where are its config files?07:26
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LetoThe2ndfbre: well you already asked yesterday. it is supported just the same it is in u-boot07:26
LetoThe2ndfbre: so if a specific u-boot configuration is needed to trigger that, then make sure your u-boot recipe also selects that specific needed machine configuration07:27
LetoThe2ndfbre: if on the other hand you need some tool that is *NOT* included in u-boot, then you'll need to either find or write a recipe for it07:28
LetoThe2ndfbre: giving the layer index a quick skim for "mfg" suggests that you might want to start hunting here: http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/?q=mfg07:29
fbrehmm, I have a yocto manual of NXP for their eval board, it also uses some freescale yocto layers, but I don't find config files for the generation of bootable images. That's why I'm asking. I'm not sure if it's an NXP-related problem or if there's a general approach already in the poky layer07:30
LetoThe2ndfbre: have you actually looked at the link?07:31
fbreoh thanks, no, but thanks, I'll have a look now07:32
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fbreReading all the recipes mentioned in http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/?q=mfg is hell. What I need is a description of the concept behind. But there is nothing but tons of PDFs describing not what I want. *sigh*08:10
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fbreIt's like being stucked in an adventure, but without having cheat codes to move on... :-/08:12
LetoThe2ndfbre: well if it is hardware that you bought, then go to your supplier and demand proper support. if you're a hardware manufacturer yourself, well then this is part of your job08:13
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fbreThe supplier support is their web forum, but all I usually get after hours of multiple question/answer iterations are links to PDFs describing details over details and refer to other PDFs with details over details, but no description of the relevant main concept. I bet it's actually said in less than 10 sentences. Absolutely frustrating.08:20
varjagfbre: freescale has image recipes08:20
LetoThe2ndfbre: choose a better supplier :)08:21
fbreThe product gives the hardware price limit, and the price limit gives the supplier ;)08:22
LetoThe2ndfbre: and the price limits the support they can give you. its always the same dance. if you invest less in support to get, the more you have to do yourself08:22
varjagwe get our NXP based SOM $35 a pop and vendor support is fine08:25
varjagit has to be much cheaper than that then08:25
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LetoThe2nda direct comparison of prices is not as easy as it often seems, if you take in account lead times, batch sizes, and guaranteed pricing for extended periods of time08:27
tz(generally) unless you're building the vendor-supplied image, then it's likely you'll need to put in some work in order to get any modifications to function the way you want08:28
tzI tend to view yocto/oe as an enabler rather than an out-of-the-box solution08:28
LetoThe2ndbut generally my stance is: if you pick cheap hw with cheap support, then good luck. i don't see it as the responsibility of volunteers (like me, other paid supporters may differ, of course) to fix that support shortage08:29
fbreI see, my build-wayland/tmp/deploy/images/imx8... directory is full of files like images, u-boot, *.bin and stuff, and I also see mfg and uuu tool is somehow working by their recipes, but no idea what it's all about and how their general yocto concept is for generating bootable images. What I need is a top-down approach of docs: "What images does booting expect? What is necessary to do to get there?"08:29
LetoThe2ndfbre: call mentor, wind river, etc and they'll happily do that stuff for you.08:29
LetoThe2ndfbre: you can of course always look at the recipe, find out who submitted them and ask tehre.08:31
fbreyes, what I dislike is to purchase expansive support for things like explaining the overall concept in an understandable way which should actually be as a matter of course for every documentation08:32
LetoThe2ndwhich in the initrafs image example is otivio08:32
LetoThe2ndotavio: ^^^^^^08:32
LetoThe2ndfbre: well then go to nxp and your hw vendor and claim "this should actually be a matter of every documentation"08:32
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LetoThe2ndfbre: otavio is usually around in us timezones, which means like 4 or 5hrs from now08:33
LetoThe2ndtz: perfect point of view.08:33
LetoThe2ndtz: its a tool you can get and either learn to use yourself, or pay someone to use and do the work for you.08:34
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fbreThe whole mfg tool and uuu tool stuff is spread over many recipes. Is there a way to see in a final log how it has processed step by step during bitbake?08:39
LetoThe2ndfbre: of course. just build it, and then inspect tmp/work for the rpective arch/machine and recipes08:41
LetoThe2ndfbre: there will be logs for every task of every recipe08:41
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lastaidhello there. i was wondering if anybody has a good idea on how to build an image file after building yocto for the raspberry pi. to speed up the build i created a remote VM, but i do not have a dedicated SD card slot for that one09:00
LetoThe2ndlastaid: i do not understand the question09:00
lastaidok. i followed this guide: https://jumpnowtek.com/rpi/Raspberry-Pi-Systems-with-Yocto.html09:01
lastaidit worked great and now i have all the binaries build. i am wondering now, how can i create an image file instead of copying the files to a physical SD card manually.09:02
lastaidthe build machine does not have access to an SD card reader or any peripherals09:02
lastaidi want an image i can flash with win32diskimager or dd09:02
LetoThe2ndlastaid: i personally have idea what the jumpteks are doing, but the "yocto-official" meta-raspberrypi layer provides exactly that: https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/meta-raspberrypi/about/09:06
LetoThe2nd*have no idea.09:06
jofrlastaid: i.e. use wic09:08
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lastaidjofr: what is wic?  LetoThe2nd: this is the first time i am using yocto. i am aware that i need to build my own recipe at some point, i will try the official recipe !09:16
lastaidjofr: are you refering to the sdimage-raspberrypi.wks?09:17
jofrlastaid: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/dev-manual/dev-manual.html#creating-partitioned-images-using-wic09:19
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lastaidERROR: The following build artifacts are not specified: rootfs-dir, bootimg-dir, kernel-dir, native-sysroot09:32
lastaidwic seems like exactly what i want ... do the artifact names depend on the recipe?09:33
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lastaidi have my image <3 switched from sysv to systemd, now my splash is gone :(10:25
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sveinseWhat is the scope of MACHINE_FEATURES? Where can I amend or remove items from it? In the image recipe? In the distro? In local.conf?11:27
LetoThe2ndsveinse: technically "can" is in each .conf file11:31
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rburtononly makes real sense in local.conf or your machine config11:41
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sveinseThere is a MACHINE_FEATURES_BACKFILL option qemu-usermode added by bitbake.conf. What does it do? The in-source doc is a little vague on what it does11:50
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lastaidwould you guys recommend systemd or sysv ? my main focus is fast startup12:02
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sveinseWe're using systemd and has decent boot times with it on an imx6(armv7) hw. It is a while since we changed from sysv, so I can't say comparative wise12:07
fbreLetoThe2nd: You said at 10:41 every recipe has its logging in tmp/work. Where is the logging for imx-yocto-bsp/sources/meta-fsl/bsp-release/imx/meta-bsp/recipes-bsp/imx-mkimage/imx-boot_0.2.bb? Is there a certain pattern for finding the appropriate logging of a certain .bb file?12:09
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lastaidsveinse: thanks. i do like systemd more, but now i am suffering from this issue described here https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2018-May/041037.html12:40
sveinselastaid: yeah, I've given up having a splash in the startup. Since it boots in <10 secs, this was acceptable by the product owner12:42
lastaidi'll check but i am getting around 15 seconds on my pi3. but yeah, having a around <=8 second boot time would be prefereable12:43
lastaidsveinse: last time i just wrote a quick logo to the framebuffer during boot12:44
sveinselastaid: we had a splash in the bootloader too, but in our HW the kernel does a display teardown and reinit, so the splash lasted 0.5secs :(12:45
lastaidi'll try to lower boottime then ^^12:46
rburtonlastaid: systemd can be a lot faster unless you've such a minimal system that a init service is useless and you can just straight into your app12:51
rburtonsveinse: says that qemu-user works reliably and can be used to run target code on the build host12:52
rburtonie for gobject-introspection or font cache generation12:52
lastaidrburton: i literally just need qt and the standard pi display. and sdl for timers. but for fiddling around with yocto this is ok. do you have any experience with raspberry pi boot times on yocto?12:54
guerinoniAre you using boot2qt or meta-qt?12:55
lastaidi guess meta-qt?12:55
lastaidsee i still have to find a tutorial how to set all those things up.12:56
lastaidalso, didn't boot2qt have a different license of was statically compiled?12:56
guerinoniif you have commercial license of qt you can use boot2qt12:56
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sveinseIs VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager (and the likes) a image config or a distro config? I'm trying to decide where it most naturally should live13:43
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guerinoni_I have this problem but i can't understand why...13:57
guerinoni_ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'iperf' (but /home/fg/yocto/raspberry/poky/meta-rpi/images/qt5-basic-image.bb RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)13:57
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timblechmannhi! i'm trying to run a `-native` tool while building the image, which uses the `chroot` system call. i'm running it inside a `fakeroot` task (as described in the mega manual). though it seems that the `chroot` is not complete: `realpath` seems to return the wrong path14:23
timblechmannis this a known issue or is there any other workaround (e.g. running the tool with real chroot capabilities)?14:24
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varjagis it ok to inherit useradd / add users in an image reicpe, or bad idea14:51
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varjaghm there's also 'extrausers'…15:03
rburtontimblechmann: ideally dont use a tool that needs chroot.  seebs wrote pseudo which is implementing the fake-chroot though15:03
seebspseudo can fake enough of chroot for most of the install process, but realpath will not always be tricked.15:07
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timblechmannrburton, seebs: i'd like to run my tool to see the image as root filesystem (alternatively i'll have to prefix zillinons of APIs on my side) ...15:23
timblechmannwould there be other tools/techniques that i might miss?15:23
rburtonmost things just know how to work in a subdir :)15:27
seebshmm. usually the chroot stuff provided is "good enough". I think the behavior of realpath is a compromise -- if we don't give real host-system paths, some other stuff breaks.15:27
seebswhat's the tool in question?15:28
sveinseI'm curious how realpath can sneak past the chroot jail15:28
rburtonbecause its pseudo's fake-chroot15:28
seebsit's actually intentional-ish15:29
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seebshmm. i'm not actually sure what would break if we just changed realpath. it needs to do its path resolution inside the chroot directory, but it might be sane for it to then return the path relative to that directory.15:30
sveinseaha, chroot is a privileged op, so in order for pseudo to work unprivileged it cant use real chroot15:30
seebsand we don't actually entirely want it to!15:30
seebsfor instance, if you exec /bin/sh, we want to execute the host /bin/sh, because it will actually run15:30
sveinseI see15:31
seebsit turns out the entire idea of pseudo is completely insane15:31
seebsand no one should ever have tried to do such a thing15:31
seebsit did lead to a really funny conversation, though15:31
seebsi commented on the relatively small number of string-manipulation bugs in pseudo (one i can remember, a special-case off-by-one error in the path resolution code), and someone started lecturing me on how i shouldn't have done this in C, I should have done it in Python.15:32
rburtonnot sure how one writes a preload library in python15:32
rburtonrust, however ;)15:33
seebsdid rust *exist* in 2008 or so?15:33
seebsin the medium-to-long term, i suspect pseudo's doomed -- too many things that don't always go through libc.15:34
LetoThe2ndRP: ++ on mal15:34
LetoThe2ndmail, even.15:34
sveinseI can do one worse: We had a similar system in our pre-OE build system. It created a sysroot for building using the target machine, so the "pseudo" tool depended on both chroot and on binfmt to execute armhf binaries on intel...15:35
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scottrif@> has joined #yocto15:37
RPseebs: I think pseudo has done quite well all things considered :)15:38
sveinseWell, that a bit unfair, it does work, but requires elevated privileges and is slow since some executables can be armhf binaries. It was the only way back in 2011 that I was able to compile the loads of software that blindly assume that you can run the executable which you are compiling15:38
sveinseIt is essentially containers, which has become immensely popular a few years later15:40
seebsi am really pleased with how long it's stayed viable.15:40
seebsi am still very positively impressed with WR management at the time15:40
seebswe were already arguably late on our schedule, but i went to them with my argument for "no, really, we *have* to replace fakeroot", and they let me try it.15:41
seebsi think the highlight was a patch that made something like six different changes to try to make fakeroot more reliable, and appeared to help some in testing15:41
seebsand then we noticed something weird, and it turns out, four lines *above* the patch, in the makefile, there was a missing \, so *none of the changes had any effect at all*.15:42
seebsand the fact that we *could not tell this* was what finally convinced me that we had Insufficient Confidence In This Code.15:42
sveinseWhen I started with OE, I rember being impressed by pseudo. I was thinking something like "oh, that's smart. I've should've thought of that for our project." The db handling which enables multiple sessions15:42
seebsit was very much built in terms of "what is everything that has ever frustrated me even once in fakeroot"15:42
seebsi don't wanna imply that the fakeroot people are bad, btw. it's an insanely hard problem, and you have to try things to find out what works.15:43
sveinseYeah, one "side effect" is that you have to go via. tarballs rather than sharing unpacked dirs to be able to retain proper permissions unless the database of permissions can be kept15:44
*** lusus <lusus!~lusus@> has quit IRC15:45
seebsyeah. the databases are inherently not very portable. part of that is the overhead of extra tracking which exists to identify where errors are coming from.15:47
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*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto16:40
sveinseCan bb.utils.contains be used to check for whole contents? E.g. will it work to use this in a RDEPENDS list?  ${@bb.utils.contains('PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel', 'linux-dummy', '', 'kernel-dev' ,d)}16:41
scottrifThrowing this out here... With the immediate cessation of Eclipse support for YP, wondering if I should start the removal process of Eclipse from the documentation.  Or, if a "waiting" period is in order in case a "saving catch" is made and someone steps up to support the plug-in.  Opinions are appreciated. Thanks.16:43
sveinsescottrif: ooi, a recent decision?16:51
scottrifsveinse: I just learned of it today16:52
sveinsescottrif: it sounds like a sudden event/decision16:53
RPsveinse: sudden decision as we realised we have nobody to support releasing the plugin any further and builds keep breaking16:53
scottrifsveinse: I don't know the specifics behind it other than impact it would have on the user docs.16:54
RPsveinse: we have asked for help multiple times16:54
sveinseRP: ah right, thanks. I feared that is was decided to be removed for some non-technical reason, e.g. politics16:55
RPsveinse: purely down to nobody to look after it16:55
sveinseRP: I understand. (I'm not using it myself. I'm using VS Code mostly.)16:56
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sveinseIt is really convenient to make a custom distro. But man, it's boring to wait when you get a complete rebuild due to a small change in it :(16:59
RPsveinse: there are ideas for allowing workarounds for that16:59
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jrypkecQuick question: What is the correct way to pass a library to oe_runmake? ld is complaining that it can't find a library specified by DEPENDS in the recipe. Like what directory should I include (-L) for LDFLAGS for things installed by the recipe18:05
kergothjrypkec: you don't need to set anything if the other recipe installed to the right place, as long as your buildysstem is obeying our CC/LD vars18:07
kergothas we pass —sysroot=18:07
jrypkecOk thank you18:10
kergothso i'd 1) make sure the other recipe put the right files in the right place, and 2) make sure our CC/LD are being passed into the underlying buildsysstem. check the compile log18:11
sveinseI keep getting a taskhash mismatch error. Even when I'm running bitbake -c clean on the very recipe that complains about taskhash mismatch. I'd hope the clean could be sufficient18:14
sveinseI fixed it by erasing build/tmp and start over. This is the most effective way to fix taskhash mismatches. I just <3 the sstate cache mechanism. Beautiful!18:18
kergothhash mismatches usually result from the metadata changing out from u nder bitbake, which usually is caused by timestamps or reading from external files that mght or might not exist. though that's more often basehash than taskhash, admittedly18:19
sveinseyeah, I've had more than one attempt at hunting them down, but they are very elusive or cryptic unfortunately18:20
kergoththere's a bitbake patch floating around that's useful for that, it dumps the intermediate basehashes, not just the final, so you can compare18:20
*** gaulishcoin <gaulishcoin!~gaulishco@anice-652-1-370-210.w83-201.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #yocto18:24
markaRP, you still sitting on my two GO patches? I am going to have to buy some plane tickets.18:26
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markamaybe a beering will help :D18:31
*** sjolley_ <sjolley_!~sjolley_@2600:1011:b11a:fe2a:a90d:9a02:ae91:fc6> has joined #yocto18:33
RPmarka: ah, yes. Need to look at and sort that18:36
markawe can arrange the beering for another time18:37
RPmarka: I'm open to beering as a method of persuasion :)18:39
*** sjolley_ <sjolley_!~sjolley_@2600:1011:b11a:fe2a:a90d:9a02:ae91:fc6> has quit IRC18:39
markahopefully we will end up at the same conference at some point18:39
markaif it helps any I have been building for x86-64, arm and aarch64 with those two GO changes for 2 weeks now, including most of the GO recipes in meta-virtualization18:42
markaI have some other changes I need to get to zeddii to allow him to do so as well, but only after those are merged to master18:43
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*** denix0 is now known as denix18:45
* zeddii accepts beer as well.18:48
RPmarka: perhaps you could sort my python3 ptest problems and I'll review your patch? :)18:48
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has joined #yocto18:49
markawoah, let's not get too friendly18:53
* marka has done hand to hand with pythong 3 from time to time as well18:54
markaand yes, it is pythong, that is how it always comes out when I type it18:54
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RPmarka: I keep needing to type unbuffer in relation to ptest but the f and g keys are close...19:06
RPsomething else seems more appropriate19:07
markaI lived in Aus for just under 2 years, so I understand the bugger19:07
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sveinseI thought local.conf had the highest authority on vars, but apparently not. I'm trying to unset a variable, but the overrides kills my efforts https://bpaste.net/show/eb02ac78c47f Any ideas guys?20:11
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kergothmachine .conf and distro .conf are parsed afte rlocal.conf, as DISTRO and MACHINE are generally set there, so it's not viable to do otherwise20:13
kergotheither the machine .conf or distro .conf need to use ?= or ??=, or you'll have to use an override, i..e forcevariable20:14
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sveinsekergoth: how do I do the latter?20:14
kergothFOO_forcevariable = "1"20:14
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has joined #yocto20:14
kergothsame as with any otehr override20:15
kergothsee the yocto project docs or bitbake user manual for how overrides work20:15
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has quit IRC20:15
sveinseThanks. I've read the docs about this a few times, but I have a really hard time grasping it. I must be slow20:16
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has joined #yocto20:17
kergothit's just a way to allow more specific information to be used in preference to less specific information. info about a board is better than info about its architecture which is better than the global defaults20:18
kergothconceptually it's almost a layering mechanism, though not our layers20:19
kergothit's reflected both in OVERRIDES (see bitbake.conf) and the order the files are included in bitbake.conf (where viable, also see bitbake.conf)20:19
sveinseProblem is that it is combined with scoping and operator declarations too e.g.  PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtbase20:20
kergothit's just a conditional20:25
kergothappend/prepend/remove if this condition is true20:25
sveinseAs for the above problem: it worked putting PACKAGECONFIG_GL_pn-qtbase_forcevariable = "", but I don't understand why PACKAGECONFIG_GL_pn-qtbase = "" won't. And what is "forcevariable"? I understand it an arbitrary override name, but it isn't declared or set anywhere so why did it take effect?20:25
kergothno more complex than an if statement20:25
kergothmost likely a machine or distro config was setting PACKAGECONFIG_GL_pn-qtbase already, after you set yours20:25
kergothforcevariable *is* declared somewhere, in OVERRIDES, as i said earlier20:26
kergothits purpose is exactly this, to let the user override something from local.conf regardless of any other overrides in play, as it's the highest priority one20:26
sveinseoh, is is, yeah. lots of it in the sources20:26
kergothit's purely brute force, ideally we woudln't have to use it, but it's useful for working around casese where someone forgot to use ?= in machine .conf or distro .conf20:27
sveinseI can't origin from the machine nor the distro, as I'm controlling both20:27
kergothuse bitbake -e.20:27
sveinseit can't20:27
kergothnot only does it show you the value, but it shows you the history of varaible changes20:27
kergothwhat lines in what files set it the way it is20:27
sveinseDid you see the my paste above?20:27
kergothso drop the _forcevariable, use bitbake -e and20:27
sveinseThere is the history of it20:28
kergothsee where the value is coming from20:28
kergothyep, i see it now. what you're missing is that overrides have a priority20:28
kergoththis is how we implement specificity20:28
kergothboth arm and ${MACHINE} are in overrides, but if both are set, the latter wins20:28
kergothit's the order of items in OVERRIDES, much like the order in PATH20:29
sveinsegot it20:29
kergothit's complex, but we had to have a way to allow this sort of layering of information across all the metadata everywhere, regardless of where it was coming from20:29
kergoth(thinkingn back to the original design discussions)20:29
kergoththe alternative would have been to implement actual conditionals in the file format, but taht's more imperative, and order of operations becomes much more critical in that sort of setup20:30
sveinseIt's an odd assumption made by the machine layer vendor: Assuming that you the machine has opengl support you definitely want to compile qt5 with opengl. But I don't...20:30
kergoth(i.e. if this; foo=bar; endif)20:30
kergoththat is weird indeed20:30
sveinseIn the bpaste, there is a bunch of qtbase_%.bbappends20:31
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sveinseas to the design discussion yes: I see the purpose of it. And it is powerful. But implicit syntax, rather than declarative, is very difficult to trace. Just look at m4 or tex. However, the bitbake -e function is a lifesaver in terms of determining the lifecycle of the var20:33
sveinseThat said, I didn't understand from the -e output why my var was overwridden by an override. I had to seek advice for it.20:34
miikeHello there... I was just reading about RCONFLICTS in the yocto reference (https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.6.1/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#var-RCONFLICTS) and the example even though it's probably wrong confirms my suspicion, that RCONFLICTS has also the effect of  RDEPENDS. Is this really the case?20:38
miikeRCONFLICTS_${PN} = foo (< 1.0) is equal to RDEPENDS_${PN} = foo(>=1.0) ?20:40
miikemaybe not equal but similar20:41
kergothsveinse: hmm, yes, it shows the override values being set, but not why it chose one over another. arguably that's a bug in bitbake -e, it should show something about the overrides priority. could open a bug?20:49
sveinseI'm on older rocko thou, perhaps this has been fixed to newer versions20:51
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RPzeddii: wish you used error on dangling bbappend :)21:09
RPzeddii: (meta-yocto-bsp still had a 4.18 append)21:09
RPalimon: around?21:10
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RPmarka: still there?21:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: imx6ul - how to select the right dts for sdcard image? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55602141/imx6ul-how-to-select-the-right-dts-for-sdcard-image>22:46
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zeddiiRP: ahahah. yah, I have some layers that have danglers by design, so I always have it inhibited :(23:09
RPzeddii: We need a better API for that23:10
zeddiiI assume you've squashed it now, and don't need a patch from me.23:10
RPzeddii: yes, I just removed it23:11
zeddiiindeed. I wish I could whitelist for some of my things, but fail on others, etc.23:11
RPzeddii: I bet we could enhance bitbake to do that23:11
Croftonbitbake becomes self aware23:12
sveinsethen it sends back a T800 to 1984?23:13
* zeddii scratches out a note to look into something like that23:14
RPzeddii: we should put an ehancement in the bz23:14
RPI have good and bad news re: pseudo :/23:14
zeddiiI can do that.23:14
RPthe good news is we understand why it breaks. The bad news is we need to fix this before release as new versions of coreutils will cause problems23:14
zeddiisounds like it was fun to debug.23:15
* RP really appreciates seebs' help23:15
RPand otavio's help too23:15
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seebsi should totally figure out how to get someone to throw me money for working on this sometimes. :)23:19
RPseebs: yes, I wish I could figure that one out...23:20
zeddiirumour is it that people get paid for software work. unless your name rimes with beebs23:20
seebswell i mean, i do get paid for software work, just not this specific software work, since there's no clearly defined entity that has a business case for funding it23:21
RPseebs: its hard, I know the "fun" I've had trying to stay on the project23:22
seebs$dayjob will probably let me get away with it, they're pretty cool23:22
*** la_croix <la_croix!~la_croix@cpc97624-walt24-2-0-cust98.13-2.cable.virginm.net> has quit IRC23:23
RPseebs: that is cool :)23:25
RP(and much appreciated as I'd never have found the other path bug)23:25
RPseebs: I've pointed someone else at pseudo master who was having pseudo errors23:26
* RP -> Zzzz23:26
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