Wednesday, 2019-04-10

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alimonRP: hi03:42
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alimonRP: I use an IRC server message cache so feel free to write, I can take a look when I connected again03:57
OutBackDingookay... ill ask again.... seems both python and python3 are being installed in my thid image... curious why...05:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building gstreamer using Yocto <>07:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: FIle is not being copied in WORKDIR from Image recipe in Yocto <>07:47
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OutBackDingook how can i override08:14
OutBackDingou-boot to use my boot.cmd in a u-boot_%.bbappend when u-boot includes its own08:15
OutBackDingoi tried SRC_URI_append08:16
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LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: check with bitbake -e if things actually do what you expect08:20
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OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: its using its default boot.cmd and not mine08:22
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lastaidhey, i've added  IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " libsdl2" to my local.conf, but i cannot find libsdl in my /usr/lib09:36
lastaiddo i have to add anything elese09:36
LetoThe2ndusually not.09:38
LetoThe2ndwhere did you add that? have you checked that it actually is in effect?09:39
LetoThe2nd-> the image manifest file tells you if the package really got installed, for example09:39
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cyrilfrhi there11:51
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cyrilfrI enabled IPK package format for my image11:52
cyrilfrbut no Packages.gz files are generated for the "opkg update" command11:52
cyrilfr.ipk have been correctly generated11:53
cyrilfrit used to work on sumo and now I'm on thud branch11:53
cyrilfrI simply set PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_ipk" in my local.conf11:56
cyrilfrand add package-management to IMAGE_FEATURES11:56
cyrilfrin my opkg.conf I have lines like "src/gz all source-url"12:00
cyrilfrlike here:
cyrilfrbut no .gz file are beeing generated by BitBake :/12:02
lastaidi have written a service for sysv. when starting it over commandline it works12:06
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lastaidwhen i reboot it does not12:06
lastaidnever mind12:07
lastaidit does fail12:07
lastaidqt.qpa.plugin: Could not find the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in ""12:08
lastaidbut only when started by sysv12:08
lastaidis there any dependency i should be aware of?12:10
LetoThe2ndlastaid: i guess its rather some environment variable not being set12:12
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RPalimon: basically I'm wondering about the patches in
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RPkanavin: python3 is still timing out on the autobuilder and I don't know why :(12:50
RPkanavin: I increased the timeout and it didn't help and the logs don't make sense12:51
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cyrilfrI found bitbake index-packages12:57
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mckoancyrilfr: and now is it created?13:18
mckoanmcfrisk: nice13:20
mckoancyrilfr: nice13:20
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kanavinRP: I can fetch the latest master and try with that, it is possible that some other test needs blacklisting13:44
kanavinRP: any word from the kernel folks?13:45
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RPkanavin: nothing from them :(14:03
RPkanavin: I'd appreciate any help as it has my stumped. It appears to hang somewhere in test_ssl but when I have it run standalone it doesn't14:04
RPkanavin: only thing I'm now wondering about is some kind of special terminal handling causing problems when not run interactively14:04
kanavinRP: yeah, I am building an image just now14:04
kanavinRP: if test_ssl is doing socket stuff, might be the same thing. let me get to a runtime.14:05
RPkanavin: test_ssl works fine in about 18s. I might want to try that under ptest runner (alone), see if that helps14:05
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RPkanavin: note I have a few wip patches in warrior-next for various timeouts/test disabling and the -W -> -v thing14:06
* RP is going to get some exercise in the afternoon sun and come back to it with fresh eyes14:06
kanavinRP: right, actually I might go for a ride too now, will look at it later. I should have free time tomorrow as well.14:07
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LetoThe2ndRP: howdy! as we're getting the streaming things started can you spare a couple of minutes some time the next few days to do a small test run?14:17
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seebsokay, so, i came up with a trivial test case for the .NET hangs (blocking open), and tried a fix, and it... worked, I think? It doesn't hang that way anymore.16:05
seebs3fa7c853, aka pseudo master, now has that, but I'd appreciate some real testing on it before we assume it's safe.16:05
alimonRP: LGTM, only a comment, I think in the first patch, fflush(fps[1]); isn't needed because before i redirect stderr to stdout when create the pipe16:07
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LetoThe2ndanybody around at the moment?18:47
LetoThe2ndi would need a test victim for like 5 minutes or so18:49
CroftonI suppose18:54
Croftonsince I know you are doing good things18:54
LetoThe2ndCrofton: indeed18:54
LetoThe2ndCrofton: can you head over to please?18:55
Croftonwill I need to log in?18:56
LetoThe2ndprefereably, of course!18:56
LetoThe2ndand make sure to bring booze18:56
Croftoncough medecine18:56
LetoThe2ndyou there?18:57
CroftonI am not logged in though18:57
LetoThe2ndthats fine.18:58
Croftonyep I hear you18:58
Croftonthis is jsut ah a few times18:58
Croftonah yes the echoes18:58
Croftonuse a headset18:58
Croftontry again?18:59
Croftonsounds OK18:59
Croftonpretty good18:59
Croftonyou shoudl "German"18:59
Croftonyou are good19:00
frayworking here..19:00
Croftonhello slide19:00
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fraytwitch is a good way to do interactive things with community -- dunno about business, since a lot of places might have twitch blocked..19:00
Croftonit burns19:01
frayyou have twitch chat up19:01
fraythe terminal window is REALLY tiny font19:02
Croftonhe does19:02
CroftonI see nothing in window19:02
Croftonsmall text maybe19:02
frayonly thing I see is a window that says sepp@jhozmayr:~ 210x9819:02
fraynothing is being updated19:02
frayok.. terminal just showed up..19:03
fraydo you have a delay enabled in OBS?19:03
fraywould be better if the font was larger..19:04
CroftonI need to go full screen19:04
frayI can read it, but have to make the screen very large19:04
CroftonI was waiting for it19:07
CroftonI think having a beer would make it seem easier19:07
CroftonCan you archive this?19:07
frayvod s are usually archived automagically19:08
* fray goes back to watching rifftrax19:08
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LetoThe2ndCrofton: yes it should be archived and accessible for replay, but i'll make sure that this one... vanishes19:09
Croftonof course19:09
frayI suggest if you do this for real, you have a mod to remove offensive content, or at least setup a bot to do it..19:10
LetoThe2ndfray: i don't have any specifc emotes or chat moderation activated by now, as my impression is yocto folks want to keep it as serious as possible19:10
LetoThe2ndyet easily accessible19:11
fraytwitch gets some nasty people in the corners and it requires active moderating19:11
fraybig problem is if you get an asshole in there, twitch can block the channel if nobody makes an attempt to moderate..19:11
LetoThe2ndfray: yeah i know. but is this needed like always, or only during streaming? i hope the latter?19:11
frayduring streaming.. there isn't much you can do otherwise..19:12
frayactive channels usually have bots auto moderating all the time, but for this channel, that likely won't be necessary..19:12
frayand I havn't heard of twitch being mad at streamers for what people do when they're not streaming19:12
LetoThe2ndfray: well, RP and ndec mostly "volunteered" to be around and working the chat while i stream19:12
LetoThe2ndso once they have their account set up they shall become mods19:13
frayya.. I'm around as well if you want..  I've not modded before.. but I use twitch a lot so I know what to do19:13
LetoThe2ndfray: you're booked.19:13
LetoThe2ndfray: i cranked up the automod filters quite a bit now19:14
LetoThe2ndfray: and would add you as a mod if you don't mind19:15
fraygo ahead..19:15
fraytalking to some mods (in higher profile channels) to get some quick pointers19:16
LetoThe2ndfray: cool! i'm actually not a big twitch user, just for corner cases, but thought its a tool we could try to leverage19:16
frayTwitch has replaced my TV watching nearly 90% at this point..19:17
frayI've spent WAY too much money subbing to channels, and related19:17
Croftonwhat do you watch there?19:18
LetoThe2ndheh then you're way more competent than i am. so when will you start spreading yocto goodness there? :P19:18
frayright now, rifftrax.. but I watch a bunch of variety gamers..  (mostly aussies for some reason)..  Loserfruit, BazzaGazza, Crayator, NovaaBerries.. Scottish streamer - Lucy...19:18
frayFortnite, GTA V RP, OSRS, and random games..19:19
frayohh and 'TheAmericanPigeon' he's a drummer.. takes requests..19:19
fray(only RiffTrax is live right now)19:19
fray(RiffTrax is like MST3k if you didn't know)19:19
LetoThe2ndi have never heard of any of there.19:20
fray"Familes: Earning and Spending" is currently on..  :)19:20
fraythis is a movie that they'd played in school from 1976.. but these guys make fun of it as it goes on..19:20
LetoThe2ndi'm just trying to find out where twitch might have archived that test19:21
fraywould be under videos19:21
fraybut you don't have any videos.. so you might not have vod enabled by default..19:21
LetoThe2ndyeah seems like its not enabled (yet)19:22
frayya, streamers I know of have it enabled -- but they're at least affiliates so they make money from it19:23
LetoThe2ndheh if YP would be making money on twitch, we should be seriously reconsidering our objectives19:23
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LetoThe2ndfray, kergoth: funny how we got the attendees reversed, basically. instead of guiding new people from twitch to here, we have guided you two from here to the twitch yccount19:36
kergothheh :)19:37
LetoThe2ndfirst real stream is slated for 23th, 17:00 CEST, by the way. feel free to recalculate your corresponging timezone :)19:38
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LetoThe2ndanyways i'll call it a day. thanks for the help!19:43
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mrk377Quick question:  I have several ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND functions.  I don't see an environment variable for $(IMAGE_ROOTFS}/lib/modules/(THE_KERNEL_DIRECTORY?).  Is there a variable for the kernel modules directory at the ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND stage?20:15
mrk377I browsed through the bitbake -e and found nothing.20:17
voyohi, my hddimage is building with syslinux, but I'd like it to be based on grub. How to change it ?20:18
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voyoand actually how to re-create my *.hddimage file ?? :/20:25
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voyolooks like 'bitbake my-image --clear-stamp=image' did the job20:31
voyobut question about replacing syslinx with grub remains...20:32
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