Friday, 2019-04-12

seebsi still have memories of LTP test failures00:09
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armpitseebs, thats why its "Linux Test Problems" ; )01:23
seebsi think that was the test suite that had the floating point test that depended on guesses about what 1/400 is as a binary float.02:11
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keithI'm trying to add meta-python layer to my yocto image and getting a 'error parsing layer configuration':02:23
keithany ideas?02:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: Remove Packages From core-image-base <>04:55
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RPkeith: that error isn't very helpful is it :/. Is the layer matching the branch you're using for everything else?07:00
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ernstpkeith: windows line endings or something... ?08:16
lastaidi tried adding a new splash into yocto. at first the compiler was complaning but after fixing it it compiled. now i cannot find the compiled binary on my sd card. do i have to specify that this file is included in rootfs somewhere08:23
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Hello World C++ CMake Project is not able to compile a simple test program <>08:26
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lastaidok, i found the ipk file in my deploy folder. but the file is obviously not deployed. where do i specify what is installed?08:42
LetoThe2ndlastaid: add the package name to IMAGE_INSTALL of your image08:46
lastaidthe entire one?08:46
LetoThe2ndwhat "entier one"08:46
LetoThe2ndprobably, yes.08:46
lastaidand IMAGE_INSTALL is my layer.conf in this case?08:47
LetoThe2ndyou can technically do it in local.conf for testing purposes.08:47
LetoThe2ndbut the way better alternative is to create a specific image recipe that suits your needs.08:48
LetoThe2ndfor a quick check, you can add CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL = "psplash-pdix" to your local.conf08:49
LetoThe2ndand the really next thing you should take care of is a custom image.08:49
lastaidbut wait, i already have a layer08:51
lastaidwill putting it in the layer.conf also work?08:51
LetoThe2ndit would work, but its an absolutely stupid way08:52
lastaidi still only have a very rudimentary understanding of yocto08:52
LetoThe2ndthats why i said, the next thing you shall do is a custom image.08:53
lastaidwhere would i put it properly?08:53
LetoThe2ndinto a custom image.08:53
LetoThe2ndhave a look at core-image-minimal-dev, for example. copy that over into your layer, name it whatever you want.08:54
LetoThe2ndthen in there, do IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " psplash-pdix"08:54
LetoThe2ndthen it is automagically built and pulled in when you build your image.08:54
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lastaidi am not going to lie. i am building an embedded system with a raspberrypi. i moved to yocto because i had issues with the bootscreen and screen blank and because its the right direction in general. but this is a lot of effort for a boot screen09:01
lastaidyocto is really nice though09:01
LetoThe2ndits not the bootscreen that is causing your effort, its the learning curve.09:02
LetoThe2ndwe know that yocto/Oe have a really steep learning curve, but its hard to avoid that for complex and extremely powerful tools09:03
ernstpRP: asked about some mirror/fetch/unpack problems yesterday, I guess I have exactly this problem:
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RPernstp: you're using shallow tarballs?09:26
lastaid[log_check] Warn: update-alternatives: psplash has multiple providers with the same priority, i am getting this warning. i already increased the priority of the bbappend i added, without results09:27
lastaidany ideas?09:27
RPlastaid: its referring to the update-alternatives priority, no recipe priority09:30
LetoThe2ndlastaid: are you *appending* or have you actually *copied* the recipe? i mean, the package name psplash-pdix actually suggests that you added a second provider.09:30
lastaidi use bbappend ...09:36
lastaidand it creates psplash and psplash-pdix09:37
LetoThe2ndwhy does it create two things?09:37
lastaidscratch that .. it creates psplash-default and psplash-pdix09:37
lastaidthen it creates a symlink to psplash09:38
lastaidbecause the meta-raspberry or oe package contains a default splash?09:38
lastaidi could probably just replace -pdix with -default in my bbappend?09:38
LetoThe2ndappends are meant to *modify* things, changing them to whatever you need. not exactly to *add* other conflicting versions09:39
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ernstpRP: that's something you have to enable explicitly right? nope09:58
ernstpRP: I can see that I have both the git:// and clones in downloads09:59
ernstpRP: but unpack then selects the wrong one and not the one from the MIRROR10:00
ernstpbecause of the extra .git. in the name10:04
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RPernstp: it does sound like a bug10:12
RPernstp: there are supposed to be links created for mirrors but I suspect git has magic handling of ".git" in come cases :(10:12
ernstpRP: links in $DL_DIR/git2 ?10:13
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RPernstp: well, I'm thinking of the mirror tarballs in DL_DIR. not sure the other would create them :/10:14
* RP suspects some weird git quirk with the .git suffix10:14
kanavinRP: I ran test_asyncio on 4.19 kernel, it passed. I ran it on 5.0 it failed. So it's almost certainly the same socket regression.10:14
RPkanavin: we should mention that upstream then10:15
kanavinRP: worse yet, I tried these tests on a host that has a 5.0.3 kernel, they seem to work okay :-(10:15
kanavinRP: it might be happeing only under qemu10:15
RPkanavin: good news is with our various fixes ptests look stable enough for release. That locale thing didn't seem to fix the failure though. I think ross said it was due to our "broken locale renaming"10:15
RPkanavin: ouch. That sounds nasty :(10:16
kanavinRP: that is odd, the locale fix did work for me10:16
RPkanavin: any special locale settings like changing the renaming?10:17
kanavinRP: I dont have any special settings, the test needs tr_TR.ISO8859 locale to be available, adding it to the dependencies satisfied that.10:18
RPkanavin: it is great to see the test passes going up and the failures being low :)10:19
RPand things giving consistent results10:19
ernstpRP: any plans to switch the defaults to have protocol=https ? would help us corporate drones :-)10:19
kanavinRP: yep10:20
RPernstp: I want to make the mirrors work. Mandating https everywhere isn't going to work for all repos10:20
RPernstp: all that would do is make more work, not all10:21
ernstpRP: sure, it just happens to be the most common problem I guess10:21
ernstpRP: so I think the summary of my problem is that the fetcher does stuff with mirrors, but the unpack step is not aware of that10:22
ernstpRP: and there are no links10:22
RPernstp: that is how it looks. The reality is its calling the same code10:22
RPernstp: there is no state shared between them do unpack isn't picking up the same thing fetch did though :/10:23
ernstpRP: I'm also trying to come up with a (good?) short term workaround of course...10:25
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bitbake failed with ExpansionError <>10:26
RPernstp: I appreciate that. I have a lot of people wanting me to try and fix a lot of things and we have a release to get out :(10:26
lastaidi am inserting a usb stick but cannot find the device in /dev. is there anything i should be aware of?10:29
RPlastaid: behaviour depends on systemd or sysvinit and whether you have automounter installed as well as whether you have the right kernel usb drivers10:30
RPlastaid: are the kernel modules in your image?10:30
RPdid dmesg show the device?10:31
lastaiddmesg really does not show anything after 12 seconds10:31
lastaidi was being special, sda shows up10:32
lastaidbut yeah, now i'll try to get it to automount10:32
kanavinRP: Ill check the latest master, maybe the fixup to the locale fix isnt somehow working10:32
RPkanavin: thanks10:33
* RP thinks we might be ready to build 2.710:34
RPassuming these autobuilder changes work out10:34
ernstpoh cool, 2.7 is that close, didn't realise10:40
ernstpmoving from 2.4 to 2.5 now, that's why I'm running into problems :-)10:40
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Able to publish data to IBM watson cloud through PC but unable to connect to cloud thorugh device (sierra wireless wp85 module - ARM arch) <> || Yocto: meta-debian errors for cl-som-imx7 <>10:56
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ernstpRP: more details... git:// fails, then it tries the premirror from and downloads  a git2_..tar.gz11:14
ernstpinside that git archive it says origin git://, so if it needs to update that archive in the future it will fail11:15
RPernstp: that helps a lot!11:16
ernstphowever if I clean my downloads, set PREMIRRORS="" and tries again, the MIRRORS system will work correctly, and setup a link in git211:16
RPernstp: so we need to reset the origin11:16
ernstpRP: for example11:16
ernstpRP: should we write this down before you forget it? :-) since you're busy with 2.7 right now I mean...11:17
ernstpRP: that you mentioned yesterday is not the right place...11:18
yoctiBug 9738: enhancement, Medium, 2.99, richard.purdie, NEW , [PATCH] fetcher: allow git+<protocol>: syntax11:18
RPernstp: filing a specific bug for it would be great11:19
RPernstp: creating a failing test case for bitbake-selftest would be even better!11:20
RP(then we have something to fix)11:20
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ernstpRP: this thing?
RPernstp: no, the command "bitbake-selftest"11:23
RPernstp: see bitbake/lib/bb/tests/fectch.py11:23
RPwithout the typos11:23
JaMaRP: no strong opinion either way, but if you need to rebuild 2.6 release, would it make sense to include the glibc fix (removal of those 2 rejected patches)?11:24
RPJaMa: if we start adding tons of changes we'll have to do another full QA round and a weeks wait11:25
RPJaMa: we could fix the systemtap issue, fix the ptest issue, add the glibc changes and so on11:25
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RPJaMa: feel free to propose it11:25
JaMaok, fair enough11:25
RPJaMa: I really don't want that boost upgrade in there11:25
RPthe rest I can live with until 2.6.311:26
JaMawe've already removed them from SRC_URI in our layer (and we don't use exact point releases), so it's not an issue for us11:26
JaMabut when it was removed from master was consider serious issue I believe11:26
JaMathat's the only reason why I've mentioned it here11:26
RPJaMa: its serious but its also not hurting anything badly afaik apart from tracing11:27
RPJaMa: QA is jammed up with 2.7 coming and 2.5 in there so I'm just trying to avoid a respin but sort boost :/11:28
RPif the right answer is full respin, we will11:28
JaMasomeone in LGE figured it out (maybe independently) about the same time as the report arrived on oe-core ML11:28
JaMaunderstood and thanks for boost11:28
RPSadly Stephen isn't going to be around for a few weeks so it looks like I get to do the things he does too :(11:31
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yoctiBug 13278: major, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , If git protocol doesn't work, you get a tar.gz clone from PREMIRROR which has git protocol origin11:38
ernstpRP: I'm thinking that it's this check that causes my issue in a way...
RPernstp: hmm, not sure I'd agree just at a glance11:41
ernstpRP: I have a that doesn't work and a newly cloned In a fresh setup without PREMIRRORS I get a symlink from the short name to the longer name11:43
ernstpbut here it's not replacing the old clone with a symlink...11:44
ernstpif os.path.exists() && os.path.islink ?11:44
ernstpsorry, and :-)11:44
RPernstp: yes, that could explain it11:45
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kanavinRP: rebuilt core-image-sato-sdk-ptest with master, the python locale test still passes11:54
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ernstpRP: ok it wasn't exactly that perhaps, but similar things a few lines below...12:12
RPkanavin: ok,I guess we'll see what the next autobuilder run does :/12:17
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lastaidif i directly start into a qt application, how can i prevent the login to show up on terminal?13:05
lastaidi got the splash, then 2 seconds of login screen, then application. i want those two seconds of login screen gone13:05
RP2.7 rc1 is building13:05
RPhalstead: sorry this will run into the maint window but I'd really prefer to have this done!13:06
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erbolastaid: you could try disabling getty on tty1. If you're using systemd that would be something like "systemctl disable getty@tty1.service".13:13
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lastaidi am using sysvinit ...13:20
lastaidwhich i am not accustomed to13:20
ernstpRP: built a small patch for ....13:21
yoctiBug 13278: major, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , If git protocol doesn't work, you get a tar.gz clone from PREMIRROR which has git protocol origin13:21
erbolastaid: maybe grep for tty1 in /etc to see if you can find where it's configured?13:23
lastaidi'll take a look13:23
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JaMadoes anyone remember why libtool-cross doesn't inherit cross? I'm looking into weird issue with libtool-cross from sstate installing utilities from db recipe as libtool scripts instead of actuall binaries and the root cause seems to be in sstate.bbclass where it checks for'cross', d) before14:24
JaMareplacing FIXMESTAGINGDIR, I can probably work around this with EXTRA_STAGING_FIXMES but it's surprising if I'm the only one seeing it14:24
JaMaluckyli we're not using db utilities at all, only reason why I've noticed this was that it triggers QA error about /bin/bash dependency from the libtool linker scripts14:29
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RPJaMa: cross is very gcc/binutils specific. I looked at this once and it didn't make sense for libtool to do it14:33
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RPJaMa: libtool-cross is basically a dummy recipe to generate a cross libtool and install it, that is about all its useful for14:34
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kroonI have a do_deploy() that uses files from SRC_URI. Those files seem to get wiped by rm_work inbetween rebuilds I think. Is there a way I should mark those files, so that they get re-populated by setscene tasks, or something like that ?14:34
JaMaRP: should I sent fix for morty with EXTRA_STAGING_FIXMES? I think it doesn't happen with pyro and newer since RSS14:38
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RPJaMa: realistically we can't really merge morty changes any more :(14:40
JaMaok, fair enough14:40
RPJaMa: there is no harm in sending it, just not much we could do other than perhaps a stable/XXX branch in poky-contrib14:41
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JaMaRP: OK, I'll send it, might be useful for other people using morty and olders (at least it will be archived in the ML)14:42
RPJaMa: sounds good14:42
* RP has pondered an LTS autobuilder14:43
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RPGiven I just temporarily had to take on the project programme management I can't see that happening any time soon :/14:43
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keithso strange it goes to:15:20
keith0: linux-raspberrypi-1_4.19.32+gitAUTOINC+d65a0f76d3-r0 do_fetch (pid 8472) 100% |###########################################################|15:20
keithand then says:15:20
keithWARNING: linux-raspberrypi-1_4.19.32+gitAUTOINC+d65a0f76d3-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://;protocol=git;branch=rpi-4.19.y, attempting MIRRORS if available15:20
RPkergoth: it probably fetches, can't find the revision in that branch and then fetches more from mirrors15:25
RPkeith: ^^^15:26
RPsorry kergoth :)15:26
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keithyeah, so how do i force my local.conf to use kernel 4.14? folks are saying it shouldnt use 4.19 anyways15:26
RPkeith: understanding why its using 4.19 would help answer that question...15:29
keithits default right now, but theres multiple issues posted that ask for the default to be switched back to 4.1415:29
keithso would like to use: since thats the suggestion in the issue15:30
keithhere's another issue related to this15:30
RPkeith: is there a 4.14 recipe in the tree? If so PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-raspberrypi = "4.14%" might do it15:30
* RP is just guessing15:31
keithsorry, i'm a yocto/oe newb :) thanks i'll try that!15:31
keithRP: looks like that is working: 1: linux-raspberrypi-1_4.14.98+gitAUTOINC+5d63a4595d-r0 do_fetch (pid 32306) |                              <=>                              | thanks again!15:33
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sveinseI have a sp-paths.bbclass file with lots of vars like SPDIR="/opt/sp", SPDIR_BIN="${SPDIR}/bin" and so on. I'm working on rather using the stardard linux paths, so I need to define these paths. Can I use overrides to select which of these two sets I use? If so, how?17:28
sveinseSPDIR_BIN_usesystem="/usr/bin" I suppose. But how do I activate this override?17:30
RPsveinse: OVERRIDES .= ":usessystem" (or =. I can never remember which way around)17:33
sveinseRP: thanks17:35
sveinseRP: I assume the append syntax .= is wanted since it was written ":usesystem" rather than "usesystem:" where you'd need prepend, afaics17:43
*** arielmr <arielmr!> has joined #yocto17:43
arielmrI did erase all my sstate17:44
arielmrand now Im getting strange errors17:44
arielmrld: cannot find -lgcc17:44
arielmr| collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status17:44 failed17:44
arielmrfound nothing meaningful on the internets17:44
*** cenobyte_ <cenobyte_!textual@nat/arm/x-dcnrmcoxsbajvtea> has joined #yocto17:45
cenobyte_Has anybody on here setup and used a signed fitImage with uboot for a fully secure boot? Asking here because the Poky channel seems dead...17:45
arielmron the other hand if i do bitbake -c cleanall gcc17:46
arielmrand then bitbake gcc17:46
arielmrit tries to build glibc-2.26 first17:46
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sveinsecant recall the exact sequences here, but this sounds about right18:04
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Striking7Hey all - I've sort of ghetto-rigged my local poky instance to download and report all upstream versions it can find for all recipes to a little web service I have18:20
Striking7Of course, for packages that time out (lots of those in meta-oe it seems), that thing can take a long time with a few thousand recipes18:21
Striking7So I'd like to split up my list of recipes and query them in parallel. The problem, of course, is that the moment I fire up a second instance of my entrypoint script it blocks waiting to talk to the bitbake service18:21
RPcenobyte_: You might want to try the mailing list. People have definitely done signed boot in various forms18:22
Striking7I'm doing read-only access to bitbake18:22
Striking7Is there a way to get things like devtool to fire up their own personal bitbake service when they run?18:22
Striking7I'd really rather not split this thing up onto multiple docker nodes or the like18:23
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has quit IRC18:23
Striking7Seems like a hairy answer to the problem18:23
RPStriking7: if they all have separate build directories, sure. Only one bitbake server per build directory18:23
RPStriking7: or since bitbake is an execution engine, have it run the queries in parallel fr you18:24
RPStriking7: our own upstream version checking code does also have other ways of doing parallelism if I remember rightly18:25
Striking7Thanks RP - you always save my bacon: reading18:26
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denixRP: have you looked into wic race issue with EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS, by any chance?18:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Updating to the latest Yocto version sanity.bbclass issues <>19:28
armpitdenix, is that an open bug19:29
khemhalstead: I am seeing that my builders are not able to connect to errors yp org19:31
khemhalstead: ERROR: Could not contact server:
khemERROR: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:847)19:31
halsteadkhem, there was an issue eariler where the ssl cert renewed but the webserver was still serving the expired one.19:31
khemseems it has not gone well19:32
halsteadkhem, It's been resolved for awhile now.19:32
khemthis started to happen couple of weeks ago IIRC19:32
khemand is still happening19:32
khemon all my builders19:32
khem9am build today reported same19:33
halsteadkhem, What distro is running on your builders?19:33
khemhalstead: I have arch/ubuntu 14.04/ubuntu 18.0419:34
khemin different locations19:34
khemall fail in same way19:34
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halsteadkhem, It's been fixed since just before 9am PDT. I'm looking for failures since.19:37
halsteadkhem, But since it's been weeks it must be something else.19:38
halsteadkhem, curl and wget from milla succeed without warning now. Could the webserver reload have resolved it?19:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: Remove Packages From core-image-base [on hold] <>19:58
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khemhalstead: its failing on my desktop too which has been rebooted this morning20:16
*** agust <agust!~agust@> has joined #yocto20:17
halsteadkhem, Can you point out where the code is that's failing? Point me at a good starting point?20:17
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RPdenix: not looked into it, no, sorry20:27
denixRP: do you want me to open a bugzilla defect to track it?20:28
khemhalstead: probably report-error.bbclass20:28
RPdenix: please20:32
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khemhalstead: OE builders are fixed20:48
khemlets me rebuild on others and see if they are fixed too20:48
halsteadkhem, Excellent. Please let me know.20:49
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RPdenix: bug is good thanks. I added a quick note about a suspicion I had21:27
RPhalstead: just realised we didn't get a release email generated :(21:28
RPat least not that I've found21:29
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto21:29
RPhalstead: we're also missing build tarballs from the release directory. Perhaps we need to redo this...21:33
* RP notes a ton of nettle problems. Why is a sato image running nettle ptest anyway? :/21:42
* RP thinks rc1 may be a no go21:42
RP for anyone interested21:48
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto21:50
RP - shouldn't be there21:54
RPwill revert that nettle change21:54
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halsteadRP, I have the hashes for the missing tarballs and I can make them now. Should I go ahead?23:54

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