Thursday, 2019-04-11

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to setup a machine as a minor server for Yocto when fetching packages? <>05:51
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ernstpwhen are the gits in $DL_DIR/git2 updated? I have some old copies there that are missing newer commits08:31
RPernstp: when something references a commit which isn't there08:32
ernstpI just get fatal: reference is not a tree: 16413d71cc06b02a6d859c35a017cc49b88283f708:32
ernstpERROR: ptest-runner-2.1.1+gitAUTOINC+16413d71cc-r0 do_unpack: Function failed: base_do_unpack08:33
RPernstp: did do_fetch rerun?08:33
RPanything interesting in the do_fetch logs if so?08:34
ernstpah, could have posted that inline, only two lines...08:36
mcfriskhi, elfutils has dual GPLv2 and GPLv3 license for shared libraries, but poky recipe marks only LICENSE = "(GPLv3 & Elfutils-Exception)". Is this on purpose or are there doubts about the licensing?;a=blob;f=NEWS;h=5a06047f255e3c9a63828953759fd18a4ba9a3f3;hb=HEAD#l36208:37
RPernstp: I don't know, I'd probably clean it and try again, maybe save out a copy of the directory to debug it. That revision does look correct and is in the tree, its old, December 201708:38
RPmcfrisk: probably LICENSE just didn't get updated :(08:39
RPmcfrisk: patches welcome08:39
mcfriskRP: thanks, I will propose a patch08:40
ernstpRP: probably related to corporate network stuff... can I force https:// instead of git:// ... ?08:40
RPernstp: good question, that has an open bug :(08:41
ernstpI guess this is not kicking in git://* git://;protocol=https08:41
RPI was hoping something like that could work, if it doesn't we should find out how to tweak the fetcher to make it work08:42
ernstpright.. I can dig somemore08:42
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ernstpRP: think you can find the bug #?08:43
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yoctiBug 9738: enhancement, Medium, 2.99, richard.purdie, NEW , [PATCH] fetcher: allow git+<protocol>: syntax09:00
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RPkanavin: I limited the python3 tests just to test_ssl and have confirmed it appears to hang when run under ptest-runner over ssh :/09:38
RPkanavin: running it from the commandline on target over an interactive ssh session doesn't do this09:38
RPnow the question becomes why09:39
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lastaidhello, total noob here. i want to change the psplash logo, i am following this tutorial10:00
lastaidwhere do i need to add the bbappend file for psplash?10:00
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RPlastaid: did you create your own layer for your customisations?10:22
lastaidRP: not yet. i will do that once i have this project "ready". then take the time to learn about yocto proper10:23
RPLetoThe2nd: sorry I wasn't around last night. Sounds like I need to learn more about twitch10:23
lastaidi am using the meta-rpi package from the example10:23
RPlastaid: usually you'd create your own layer to contain your customisations and you'd put the bbappend there10:24
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lastaidwhat constitutes a layer10:25
lastaidor rather10:25
RPlastaid: directory with a conf/layer.conf file. Try "bitbake-layers create-layer"10:26
RP(as a starting point to google or command to play with)10:26
lastaidaaah. that means all the meta-x folders are layers10:26
RPlastaid: yes10:27
lastaidwhat should i choose for priority if i want my layer to overwrite the others?10:28
RPlastaid: I admit I can never remember which way those numbers sort :(10:31
lastaidlarger value is higher priority10:33
lastaidok, it worked10:33
lastaidnow i have my layer, is this layer automatically included in my next build?10:35
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RPlastaid: you can check conf/bblayers.conf, I think create-layer adds it10:37
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lastaiddid not, but i can fix that10:38
RPlastaid: bitbake-layers add-layer then :)10:39
lastaidif i just edit the file, will this break anything?10:39
RPlastaid: no10:39
RPwell, depends how you edit it I guess :)10:39
RPbut its fine to do that10:40
lastaidis there a command to add a recipe?10:41
RPlastaid: recipetool --help10:42
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LetoThe2ndRP: no problem, Crofton and fray were very helpful11:02
LetoThe2ndRP: i mean, of course it would be helpful if you can create an account and let me know so i can add you as a moderator for YP11:11
LetoThe2ndbut no hurry needed11:11
RPLetoThe2nd: I suspect fray is a good person to have for this! :)11:13
RPLetoThe2nd: will do11:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto failing to fetch URL not understood <>11:22
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kanavinRP: right, you got there first! Anything I could help with right now?11:31
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lastaidRP: can i just paste this into my recipes and modify it?11:39
lastaidor just overwrite the existing one with bbappend?11:41
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lastaid this is basically what i am looking for11:46
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kanavinRP: I got test_ssl to hang in a direct qemu session. Just testing if it is in fact the same 5.0 kernel issue.12:06
RPkanavin: how did you do that out of interest? For me it seems to be a problem with the qemu remote execution12:07
kanavinRP: runqemu kvm nographic, then python3 -m tests -W from the command promopt12:07
kanavinRP, test_session_handling (test.test_ssl.ThreadedTests) ... ^CWarning -- threading_cleanup() failed to cleanup 2 threads (count: 2, dangling: 3)12:09
kanavinDangling thread: <ThreadedEchoServer(Thread-193, started daemon 140390929786624)>12:09
kanavinDangling thread: <ConnectionHandler(Thread-196, started daemon 140391019513600)>12:09
kanavinDangling thread: <_MainThread(MainThread, started 140391056508352)>12:09
kanavin^CWarning -- threading._dangling was modified by test_ssl12:09
kanavin  Before: <_weakrefset.WeakSet object at 0x7faf552eaef0>12:09
kanavin  After:  <_weakrefset.WeakSet object at 0x7faf552f12e8>12:09
kanavinit looks exactly like the previous one12:09
kanavinjust confirming with an earlier kernel12:09
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kanavinRP: yes it is. like the previous one, succeeds sporadically for me, maybe once out of ten runs.12:19
kanavinso the existing patch needs to be expanded12:20
willie2Hi, i want to give my unit a static IP from build. So i created an .bbappend recipe with my settings (recipes-core/init-ifupdown/init-ifupdown_1.0.bbappend). The settings gets ported i can see them in /etc/network/interfaces but it is not used. i tried to bring eth0 down and up again but its still using DHCP12:20
RPkanavin: I'm not seeing that behaviour. It would be interesting to disable it and see what happens on the autobuilder I guess12:22
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kanavinRP: just confirmed that test_session_handling is the only one in test_ssl that hangs for me12:22
kanavinRP: I will run the full suite now to see if any hangs remain12:22
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willie2okay so i was a bit fast on jumping to conclussion, if i bring down eth0 and up again it works, but is it possible to get static IP without having to re-configure eth0 after each reboot?12:45
willie2lol, something litterly named conman was overriding my settings12:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to setup a machine as a mirror server for Yocto when fetching packages? <>13:22
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lastaid| failed to load "./psplash-bar.png": Couldn't recognize the image file format for file './psplash-bar.png'13:41
lastaidi get this error while trying to build psplash13:41
lastaidapparently libpng or something needs updating, how do i update the version in my recipe?13:42
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T_UNIXotavio JaMa: hey, are your working on meta-qt5?13:55
T_UNIXdoes a crossbuild of qtwebengine/warrior (hosted on arm) compile for you?13:57
T_UNIXI see that the buildtask for gn fails due to missing libstdc++ :-/13:57
T_UNIXI saw that. But I donot even get that far :-D13:58
T_UNIXgn fails to build13:58
T_UNIXI can confirm this comment though:
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T_UNIXbut since it affects the build system tools, I assume it's the same matter, right?14:01
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JaMaT_UNIX: most likely yes14:02
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ernstpso for PREFERRED_VERSION I have to do "1.2.3+git%" but I can do foo_git.bbappend , right?14:09
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T_UNIXJaMa: thanks :)14:17
T_UNIXdoes "yocto" support building 32bit so the recipe could depend in `gcc-runtime-32` or whatever?14:19
armpitzeddii, do you know off hand if we have the kfrags for ltp ?14:21
JaMaT_UNIX: not for host14:23
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moto-timoRP: am I right that stephen usually records the triage meetings?15:34
RPmoto-timo: don't know15:35
moto-timoRP: ok15:35
armpitrecord as in zoom? or email sent out with ARs?15:36
* armpit hehe we should give Stephen AR to show up ; )15:38
moto-timoarmpit: record as in zoom15:38
moto-timofor anybody doing data mining:
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moto-timothe back end for bitergia15:39
armpitmoto-timo, I think there is a special user "Yocto" that is present when stephen joins and that might be the account that does the recording.. Micheal might know15:41
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willie2whatever i do, connman daemon still keeps showing up? I assumed DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "connman" would be enough?15:47
moto-timoarmpit: right. as we finished the call I was noticing that special user missing. I sent stephen email.15:48
moto-timoarmpit: not a big deal, just wondered if that part of the organically grown process should be followed and captured ;)15:48
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armpitmoto-timo, I am sending on the MH.. think he set it up15:48
moto-timoarmpit: great. we'll know for sure then :)15:49
kergothwillie2: i think you're confused about what distro features is.15:50
kergothwillie2: it has nothing to do with picking packages for your image. distro features controls policy, which usually affets how multiple recipes build.15:50
moto-timoarmpit: watch this video and dream about automatic backporting
willie2kergoth, probably. first i tried to remove from my image, then conf/local.conf and finaly in the distro15:51
kergothguessing at things blindly isn't going to help15:51
kergothyour image is either installing connman, or it's installing another package that depends on connman15:51
moto-timokergoth: any interest/bandwidth in upgrading recipetool to support python3?
yoctiBug 13264: enhancement, Medium+, 2.8 M1, unassigned, NEW , Refactor recipetool/devtool to support python3 (only)15:52
willie2kergoth: Well not completely blindly, I read that remove it by distro was the way to go for testing
kergothagain, packages are not distro features15:53
kergotha distro feature is something like wayland, x11, systemd, etc15:53
kergoththey change how other recipes build, what optional dependencies they include, etc15:53
willie2kergoth: yes, so if I remove something from it, should it not complain if I'm trying to add it?15:54
kergothi don't understand the question15:54
kergothremoving something that isn't in the variable to begin with is going to do n othing at all15:54
kergothconnman wasn't in your distro features to begin with15:54
kergoth_remove just removes a word from a variable15:55
kergothit's a no-op if whatever it is wasn't already in the variable15:55
kergothand as i said like 3 times now, connman isn't a distro feature15:55
kergoththe *image* controls what packages get installed. the packagegroups installed by the image are affected by distro features, i.e. "do we support wifi" or "do we support bluetooth", but that's all15:56
kergothif you want to remove something from an image, you need to either remove it from IMAGE_INSTALL, if it was tehre, or figure out what other package is pulling it in, most likely by examining buildhistory/15:56
kergothyou can't just blindlye xclude a package from the build, because something else that's being installed may well require it15:57
willie2kergoth: would that not be a very good way to see why it is getting included?15:57
paulbarkerwillie2: Use `bitbake -g <target>` to get a dependency graph and then look for what's pulling in connman16:00
kergothmoto-timo: i was just looking at that this morning, i wouldn't mind working on it, but need to discuss it at work to see about resource availability16:01
moto-timokergoth: same here16:01
moto-timokergoth: perhaps we can tag team it16:02
* moto-timo dreams of meta-python3 (with zero python2 support)16:02
moto-timoor similar16:02
kanavinRP: I made a fix for python3s test_locale. The test_asyncio failure is the same 5.0 issue. For test_ssl and test_httplib, you have a patch in master-next. So I think we're good, except upstream isn't reacting.16:02
kergothI wonder if we should eventually add support for buildsystems for python projects and describing build dependencies. flit, pipenv, poetry, etc. would be a later enhancement, of course16:03
moto-timoI have wondered the same16:03
moto-timothe plethora of python build systems challenge? (I'd like to say unnecessary ;)16:04
moto-timopersonally I use pipenv quite a bit16:04
kergothagreed. the lack of consensus is problematic. even if things move to e.g. pyproject.toml that doesn't help, sicne every tool gets its own section of the damn file :)16:04
kergothat least it's easier to parse than ast crap16:05
moto-timoyeah. ast. It always makes my head hurt.16:05
moto-timook. we can either add discussion on that bug or start a thread on ML. either way it would be fantastic to give recipetool/devtool a refresh on python support16:06
* moto-timo goes afk for a bit16:07
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armpitmoto-timo, why not just do those in java ; )16:09
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RPkanavin: do I understand correctly that 5.0 makes an async io test fail?16:55
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i3pdI built an image with postgreql. I see postgres in /usr/bin, but can't find psql. An ideas where that is?17:30
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rabbit9911I have a quick Q about organization. Do you usually keep all your layers inside the poky directory? Seems like it might be good to keep poky unmodified. Thoughts?17:34
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rabbit9911It seems like most projects are setup with their layers inside the poky directory.18:08
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khemrabbit9911: it depends how you want the setup there are tools to do it either way18:41
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JaMamost projects I'm involved with don't use poky18:46
CroftonI use foo/build foo/bitbake foo/oe-core foo/meta-openemebdded etc18:51
Croftonso I do not need to modify any git repos, unless I need to make changes I need to send upstream18:51
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moto-timoarmpit: nah. smalltalk and lisp19:08
CroftonTartarus, is meta-soho on github or something19:11
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TartarusCrofton: no, as it's intended to be done while walking through and you put in your actual details19:12
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CroftonI'm having a more stupid problem, not getting hostapd configed19:19
Croftonit does broadcast though19:19
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TartarusI did wave my hands on configuring hostapd itself as there's guides on that :)19:24
Tartarusand it matters which hw it is, for some options19:24
Croftonthere seems to be a ink getting the ip aaddr set for wlan019:30
CroftonI can make it work by setting manuallly19:30
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RPkanavin: success, python3 seems much happier19:52
RPkanavin: now just an intermittent e2fsprogs19:53
RPkanavin: I ran master-next and warrior-next ptest builds and got the same results between them which was nice19:53
TartarusCrofton: OK, so, hold on :)  Do you mean the bridge you're putting wlan0 on?19:54
Croftonthe guide I ran into said to give wlan0 a static ip19:56
Croftonfo rmy app, I want to use a phone to connect to the devce as a screen, no other conenctivity19:56
RPCrofton: you trust the internet?19:56
RPCrofton: I was going to say, you of all people... ;-)19:57
* RP can't do stablisation and release at the same time, this making my head hurt :(19:58
RPof course I don't mean that, which just goes to show how fried I am :/20:15
jwesselEveryone desires a stable release, but sometimes it is little appreciated as to the amount effort required.20:17
RPjwessel: everyone seems to be going full steam on version upgrades and things I can't take into warrior. That is what is making my head hurt as I have two lots of patches to keep track of20:18
jwesselWhich is why I figured you'd be releasing sooner than later.   So you can "just fork it" as they say...20:19
RPjwessel: it gets released when the release blocking issues get fixed20:20
CroftonRP, just what I have to go one, endless sea of embedded nonsense hacks. I discard all the ones that start with, install poky :)20:39
RPCrofton: bit below the belt? ;-)20:39
armpitRP we put the upgrade tool into the masses hands.. what you expect?20:51
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has quit IRC20:55
RParmpit: heh :)20:56
* RP ponders the e2fsprogs timeout. I think that really is just a slow test20:56
armpithave you timed in qemu ?20:58
RParmpit: guess what is running in the terminal20:58
armpitis it the ptest or runtime ?20:59
RParmpit: its the e2fsprogs ptest. I think there is a slow individual test20:59
TartarusCrofton: Ah, if you aren't bridging then yeah, ok, that makes sense.  And then yes, hostapd won't give wlan0 an IP, that's not its job.  systemd/whatever can do that :)21:00
armpitI have slower systems than the AB so I can fire on a simple test at home21:00
CroftonTartarus, and it fials miserable at its job21:01
Croftonbot do it by hand and poof, works21:01
TartarusCrofton: systemd?21:01
armpitRP, I am almost done with runtime ltp with json results21:01
Tartaruswhat do your network units look like?21:01
RParmpit: I'm just trying /usr/lib/e2fsprogs/ptest/run-ptest | while IFS= read -r line; do printf '[%s] %s\n' "$(date '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')" "$line"; done21:01
RParmpit: that sounds good, is that into ptest format?21:02
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto21:02
armpitin the scene each LTP is listed separately with pass/fail.. there is no timing info21:03
RParmpit: are they listed as separate tests or separate ptest results?21:04
RParmpit: timing info is nice but not essential21:04
armpitthe syscalls in their individual test fork etc.. the standard ltp human readable format21:04
armpitits bloody long21:05
armpitalso qemu will need more space21:05
RParmpit: I don't think I follow what you mean :(21:05
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*** camus is now known as kaspter21:05
TartarusCrofton: OK, I think /24 on the end is valid, but I don't usually do that.  And I don't know if we build systemd such that the build-in dhcp server works either, honestly.21:07
armpitRP, do you mean the test naming convention  in the json file?21:07
armpitthen yes21:07
armpitthe raw logs are like:21:07
armpitTestcase                                           Result     Exit Value21:07
armpit--------                                           ------     ----------21:07
armpitabs01                                              PASS       021:07
armpitatof01                                             PASS       021:07
armpitfloat_bessel                                       FAIL       13421:07
armpitfloat_exp_log                                      FAIL       13421:07
armpitwhat one can do on long flights21:08
RParmpit: so are you turning this into a ptest or something else?21:08
Croftonthe built server seems to work, just can;t get it to set address, with or without th e2421:08
Croftonnext week21:08
Croftoncow field weekend21:08
armpitRP,  sort of.. On main executor that loops through a list of test group.. I did not launch the test all21:10
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has quit IRC21:10
RParmpit: ok, so we could trigger this through ptest-runner?21:11
armpitso each group with run and then I grab the log.21:11
armpitI launch "runltp"21:11
*** bluelightning_ <bluelightning_!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto21:12
RParmpit: from where? :)21:12
RParmpit: this is a new runtime test then?21:12
armpityes, a new runtime21:12
RParmpit: I'm wondering how this integrates into our automated testing21:12
RParmpit: so a new lib/oeqa/runtime/cases/ ?21:13
RParmpit: out of interest why that and not a ptest?21:13
armpitits not a ptest21:14
armpitits a system test21:14
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has quit IRC21:14
RParmpit: My worry is more how we process the results21:15
RParmpit: I'd have thought ltp would fit our ptest model of "pass/fail/skip" stats and compare for regressions rather than our runtime model of pass/fail21:15
armpitoh, well then that would be the problem for the person sending the patch21:15
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC21:15
RParmpit: you're not planning to send a patch?21:16
armpitltp is still running 5 hours so far.. you really want that bundled into ptest?21:16
armpityes, I am .. so I would have to make sure the test out it in compliance21:17
RParmpit: I think the results processing model matches ptest. How we trigger slower tests, good question21:17
armpit            "ltpresult.math.abs01": {21:17
armpit                "status": "PASSED"21:17
armpit            },21:17
armpit            "ltpresult.math.atof01": {21:17
armpit                "status": "PASSED"21:17
armpitjson format21:17
RPI think we may need to tweak that to look like a ptest result, then the ptest result processing code would handle it21:18
RP(it doesn't matter if really was a ptest or not)21:18
RPits a detail we can figure out21:18
RPI'm just thinking out loud, I would love any step forward in getting ltp results into our system21:19
* RP really isn't trying to be negative21:19
armpitRP, that is what I modeled it after21:19
RParmpit: there is magic in resulttool which understand ptest specifically. We either teach result tool about ltp|ptest or put it in that format21:20
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto21:23
armpitthat is the part I am going to look into next. I think I might need to have "section" defined..21:23
RParmpit: possibly, yes21:24
armpitif we get ltp figured out then the manual compliance test will follow21:24
armpitits neat to see this21:25
armpit"ltpresult.cve.cve-2011-0999": {21:25
armpit                "status": "PASSED"21:25
armpit            },21:25
RPyes! :)21:26
armpitbut not this21:27
armpit"ltpresult.cve.cve-2017-5754": {21:27
armpit                "status": "FAILED"21:27
armpit            },21:27
armpitso I am hoping to have a section in the result tool like "There was no ptest data" if ltp is not included21:30
RParmpit: I still think ltp is a special case ptest21:31
armpitoh, you mean like have it included under the heading of "ptest"21:32
RParmpit: yes21:32
armpitah... Ill take a look that would make resulttool integration simpler???21:33
RPit would likely "just work"21:33
armpityeah.. wonder if I can just append to that section21:34
* RP doesn't see why not21:34
armpitI even have the failures save off like ptest does so the get printed at the end21:35
armpittestseries | result_id : oeqa | runtime_core-image-minimal_qemux86_2019041114113221:36
armpit    ltpresult.math.float_power21:36
RParmpit: if you put them in as ptest results it would just do that too21:36
RParmpit: do you inject the failure logs?21:37
*** awe00 <awe00!~awe00@unaffiliated/awe00> has quit IRC21:38
armpitI parse them separately like ptest does and call
RParmpit: injecting logs is a later step21:39
armpitwell then its magic.. I don't do anything special21:40
armpitI need to see what happens if I have a ptest and ltp both included21:40
RParmpit: right, you may need to teach them to be nice to one another21:41
armpitdid you mean the log file under logs/oeqa/ptest* ?21:42
armpitI place ltp in its own21:42
RParmpit: I mean the extras['ptestresult.rawlogs'] = {'log': output}21:43
*** gaulishcoin <gaulishcoin!> has quit IRC21:43
armpithmm, I do capture the raw logs but the format is completely different21:44
armpitI let ltp generate the human readable format21:45
RParmpit: We just inject the logs into the json output so it can be debugged later21:45
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC21:45
armpitk, got that info21:45
RParmpit: there is code somewhere which splits the logs per ptest21:45
RParmpit: can't quite spot it atm :/21:46
armpitthe logparser21:46
RParmpit: yes!21:46
armpitcore/utils/ ?21:46
armpitI have add a class there for ltp21:46
RPok, makes sense21:47
RPI did plan to drop the rawlogs once I was convinced the parser worked21:47
* RP notes that skipping the slow e2fsprogs tests makes things a lot happier21:48
armpitthe ltp raw logs don't mark "FAIL or ERROR" so they are useless to parse21:49
RParmpit: right, something to mention to upstream perhaps21:49
armpitthey have a human readable flag21:50
armpitit puts them in the listing i posted earlier21:50
RParmpit: ok, fair enough21:50
*** rabbit9911 <rabbit9911!ad2e404a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto21:50
armpitthe raw log shows the test # within the test, ie fork10 may have 6 testcases21:51
armpitso fork10-1 fork10-2 etc21:52
RPright, makes sense21:52
RPas long as its something which can be traced back to a test within ltp its fine as a name :)21:52
* RP thinks we may now have all the release blocking bits in warrior-next21:53
* armpit 6 hours and still running21:56
rabbit9911 Whats a good method to say collect and upload symbols for select packages? Thinking maybe making bbclass and adding to USER_CLASSES. Maybe add variable to append package names to which I want to collected debug symbols for.21:56
RParmpit: assuming a 10min/mile pace thats well over a marathon distance, you should probably stop ;-)21:57
RPrabbit9911: that could certainly work21:58
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* armpit ltp is a special case ptest which itself is a special case runtime test22:12
RParmpit: special cases all around!22:31
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* armpit ah.. more work needed..23:13
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